Top 10 Best Pregnancy Safe Face Serums Reviews and Buying Guide

Top Best Pregnancy Safe Face Serums Reviews

Serum is a skincare product that is known for its powerful ingredients applied to the skin directly. Serums are generally applied before moisturizing and after face cleansing. Serums for face are designed to address skin concerns like dehydration, clogged pores, acne, hyperpigmentation, dark spots, anti-aging, sensitivity, redness, and uneven skin tone. It is quite natural for pregnant women to get some of these issues with their skin. However, they should be highly particular about selecting the serum with ingredients that are safe for use by an expectant mother.

Why You Should Choose Pregnancy Safe Face Serums?

It is natural that expectant moms will face some changes in the looks of their skin. For instance, on the positive side, they get what is called pregnancy glow. Yes, when a woman conceives, the quantity of blood that courses through her veins will increase by about 50 percent. This is why the face of a carrying mom will look glowing.

But, the negative side is that most women face what is called pregnancy acne. The reason is the related hormonal changes happening in her body will increase oil production. In turn, the breakouts will be frequent.

Also, some women face skin darkening, while some will experience an increased sensitivity on their skin. Irrespective of the changes, carrying moms should be highly careful about selecting the best pregnancy-safe face serum.

How to Choose the Right Face Serums During Pregnancy?

Pregnant women cannot choose a skincare product just like that. They should have an eye on the ingredients used. Some common skincare ingredients are better to avoid when carrying. So, the safety of ingredients in the serum should be evaluated before selecting a product. To help carrying moms with the selection of the best pregnancy-safe face serums, here are the top 10 options available:

#1 Deep Rose Hydration Face Serum from Fresh

Cucumber extract is the main ingredient in this pregnancy-safe face serum. In general, cucumber is known for its high water content. So, this face serum is meant for effectively hydrating the skin.

To seal moisture, this product uses angelica leaf extract as an ingredient. Pregnant women are recommended to keep away from angelica leaves for taking internally. The reason is that it can cause uterine contractions. But, they can use it externally to seal the moisture in their skin.

Many pregnant women, who have tried this serum have stated that their skin absorbs this serum quickly as it has a fluid texture.

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#2 Balancing Face Oil from Jurlique

Suitable for mature and acne-prone skin, this pregnancy-safe face serum helps with nourishing the skin. Shea butter is one of the key ingredients in this face serum for pregnancy. It is known to be a safe and natural remedy when it comes to skincare for an expectant mother.

Safflower oil, avocado oil, rosehip oil, and macadamia seed oil are other ingredients that are safe for carrying moms as they are natural ingredients and not chemical-based. This product has been designed to address moisture loss and signs of uneven texture. Safflower oil in this product helps with fighting acne that many carrying moms face. Rosehip oil extracted from organic roses provides safe wrinkle reduction and hydration for pregnant women. The avocado oil in this product helps with fighting many skin-related issues.

Many users have stated that the flowery scent of this pregnancy-safe face serum is soothing and it brings safe skincare during pregnancy.

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#3 Black Tea Age-Delay Firming Serum from Fresh

Pregnancy can quicken the skin aging process in many women. To avoid this from happening, this best pregnancy-safe face serum can come in handy for them. Carrying moms might have been recommended by their gynos to avoid black tea. However, using black tea on the face will bring the same old benefits like helping with skin regeneration, bringing down the risk of blemishes, and safeguarding from UV radiation.

Again, blackberry is rich in antioxidants and vitamins, which are again safe for pregnant women to use in their skin. This ingredient in this face serum for pregnancy will help with soothing, brightening, freshening, and calming the skin.

Many carrying moms, who have tried this product have stated that it is a great buy.

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#4 Pregnancy Safe Face Serum from Bella B

This serum has been designed to replenish, bring up youthfulness and smoothen the skin. This pregnancy-safe face serum provides all-day moisture for radiant and healthy glowing skin.

To make it safe for pregnant women, this serum encompasses natural ocean plant extract for helping against infrared and blue light rays. Further, it hydrates the skin with natural oils, plant extracts, and fruit extracts. It also helps with maintaining skin firmness for carrying moms with these natural oils.

To make it further safe, it is free of paraben and mineral oil. It does not contain any artificial fragrance and is hypoallergenic as well.

Many women have stated that they started using this serum when they were pregnant and continue to use them even after childbirth due to its safe and useful benefits to the skin.

#5 Intensive Serum with Tropical Resins from SISLEY

Suitable for combination skin, this pregnancy-safe face serum helps with visibly bringing down skin imperfections because of its soothing effects on the skin. It helps to brighten the skin without clogging the pores and also refines the texture of the skin effectively.

Panthenol is the key ingredient in this product that helps with reducing sebum production. It is generally considered a safe-to-use ingredient in skincare products for expecting moms. It is an ingredient that is brought under the category of “likely safe” for carrying moms.

Many pregnant women, who have tried this face serum for pregnancy have stated that it is an excellent product for skin safety.

#6 Parsley Seed Antioxidant Serum from Aesop

This pregnancy-safe face serum suits dry, sensitive, and combination skin types. As parsley seed antioxidant is the key ingredient in this product it suits carrying mom safely without causing any ill-effects. It has been loaded with fresh vegetables and fruits that effectively bringing down the harmful influence of free radicals. In turn, it offers powerful protection and helps the skin to achieve balanced moisture to the skin. To make it safe for expecting mothers, this product uses lavish anti-oxidant as the key ingredient.

Many carrying moms have stated that they have been using this serum right from the initial stages of their pregnancy and will continue to use it for its safety features.

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#7 A-Oxitive Antioxidant Defense Serum from Eau Thermale Avene

Suitable for the normal skin type, this product works well for pregnant women because it uses stable forms of Vitamin E and C that works to provide antioxidant protection. These ingredients together provide antioxidant protection to the skin of carrying moms safely.

Many pregnant women, who have been using this pregnancy-safe face serum have expressed that this serum helped their skin to stay hydrated, visibly plumped and comfortable. It works by boosting the skin’s defense to bring up a brighter complexion. Some pregnant women when talking about this face serum stated that their dermatologist recommended it for them.

#8 Effaclar Pore-Refining Serum With Glycolic Acid from La Roche-Posay

In general, glycolic acid is recommended as a skincare ingredient for pregnant women. So, this face serum for pregnancy uses not just this ingredient but also thermal water, which is another safe ingredient for carrying moms.

To make it further safe, it is free of any fragrance. When thermal water will take care of the skin hydration, glycolic acid will take care of different skin concerns like age spots, melasma, dark patches and acne scars for pregnant women.

Further, it will help with addressing wrinkles, fine lines, scarring and pigmentation issues. It suits oily and combination skin types.

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#9 Mega-Mushroom Face Serum from Origins

In general, a mushroom is safe to consume for pregnant women with its richness in vitamins and minerals. In the same way, it is safe to use for external applications as well for them.

Origins have made this pregnancy-safe face serum with mega-mushroom as the key ingredient. This serum functions as a resilience-boosting and soothing serum for expecting mothers.

Fermented chaga and sea buckthorn are other safe ingredients for pregnant women in this product that delivers skin-loving superfoods to the skin to keep it healthy and safe.

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#10 Vitamin C Serum from Claireity Skincare

This face serum for pregnancy encompasses vitamin C and hyaluronic acid as the key ingredients that are always identified as safe ingredients for carrying women. Further, the product uses gentle aloe vera as another highly-effective and gentle ingredient.

Claireity Skincare uses only botanical-based highest-quality ingredients without any animal-testing, alcohol, and parabens. Vitamin C helps to achieve anti-aging benefits.

Further, the other safe ingredients in this product are organic green tea, aloe vera, and vitamin E known to bring many skin-friendly outcomes that are too safe for pregnant women.

Many pregnant women, who have tried this face serum have stated that this product provided the best pampering to their skin.

What are the Advantages of Face Serum for Pregnancy?

Being the taskmaster of the skincare routine, the face serum offers everything you demand to look beautiful. Let’s reveal the main advantages of face serum for your skin and how to pick the right face serum for pregnancy! 

The popularity of face serums has grown exponentially. It is proof that people are looking for a more potent solution for their skin issues. The serum offers a concentrated amount of skin-nourishing ingredients to cure skin issues. 

It can instantly hydrate your skin and lock the moisture to retain the natural smoothness of the skin. Packed with the best active ingredients, the face serum for pregnancy offers the following benefits!  

1. Instant hydration

Does your face feel dried 10-15 minutes after applying the moisturizing cream? Are you tired of treating dry and itchy skin? Try a hydrating face serum. The right product can moisturize your skin instantly and keep it soft throughout the day. 

Serums are much lighter than moisturizers and night cream. The skin absorbs this product instantly and you can feel the plumpness on your face. A well-hydrating face serum can be way more beneficial than a thick moisturizer or night cream. You can maximize its efficiency by applying your favorite day cream! 

2. Quick relief from irritation and inflammation

Skin irritation and sensitivity problems trouble many pregnant women. Frequent use of moisturizer also does not make any difference due to constant itching. Certain face serums contain soothing ingredients to offer instant relief from itching. 

Pick the right product to comfort irritating patches of your facial skin. Cleanse your skin properly and then treat it with serum and moisturizer. It will prevent the outbreak of pimples, cleanse pores, and soothe inflammation as well. Therefore, you must try face serums to avoid the itching problem. 

3. Guards the skin against environmental aggressors 

The face serum acts as a shield against environmental threats. It forms a protective layer on your face to block pollutants, dirt, and other skin-damaging elements. Certain face serums also contain ingredients to exterminate germs to prevent acne. Such products are extremely useful for users with oily and acne-prone skin. 

Look for antioxidant-rich face serum to reduce free radicals, boost collagen production, and hydrate your skin. Premature ageing will never affect your appearance if you follow this tip! 

4. It boosts collagen production

Users do not worry about reduced collagen production until they reach their 30s. Sun damage and certain bad lifestyle choices can lead to premature ageing. Serums that contain quality anti-ageing ingredients, help slow down the ageing process. 

Face serums contain retinol, peptides, and other such ingredients to enhance collagen production. Boosted collagen and elastin production makes wrinkles and fine lines fade away. You look younger and more attractive. Continue the use of serums and people won’t be able to judge that you have become a mom! 

5. Beneficial for all skin types

Face serums offer a perfect blend of skin-nurturing ingredients that meet the nourishment needs of all skin types. You can easily pick a product for dry, oily, combination, and sensitive skin types. We have shared a comprehensive guide to lead you to a perfect product for your skin type. 

You can remove blemishes, acne, and maintain soft and plump skin for years. Serums delay the appearance of ageing signs and therefore pregnant women should also try these products! 

How to Choose the Best Face Serum for Pregnancy?

Do not pick and buy any face serum from the supermarket shelf! Consider the following things to ensure the product provides the best nourishment to maintain healthy skin. 

1. Is it the right product for your facial skin concerns?

The pregnancy period is a daunting period for most women. Hormonal changes can affect your skin texture and trigger some problematic skin problems. Let’s find out what type of face serum you should buy for a targeted cure. 

  • Hormonal acne

Ovaries start releasing progesterone hormone that triggers excess sebum production. This situation causes hormonal acne and many pregnant women experience irritation and inflammation due to this problem. Hormonal acne can occur across your body, but black acne and blemishes can appear on your face. 

Start applying anti-acne face serum from the early days of pregnancy. It will cleanse pores and prevent acne by controlling sebum production. The serum may contain AHAs and BHAs, so make sure it has pregnancy-safe ingredients. 

  • Hyperpigmentation

Hyperpigmentation is one of the most common skin issues that trouble millions of pregnant women. This problem occurs because the body starts releasing more oestrogen. This out of order hormone production and excessive photosensitivity can start discoloration of the skin. 

Discolored or darker patches appear on the skin that can affect your looks. You can find a safer alternative to a regular face serum used to prevent hyperpigmentation. It may not completely prevent the problem, but there won’t be too many darker spots on your face. 

  • Sensitive skin

You may presume that you don’t need to worry about sensitive skin because you got normal skin. The hormonal changes in your body can make your skin more sensitive. If you unknowingly apply a harsh or abrasive cleanser and poor quality skin care products, it will make the problem worse for you! 

Red spots, dehydration, and inflammation might become common issues during pregnancy. Try a face serum produced specifically to nourish sensitive skin. It should soothe inflammation, moisturize your skin, and cure red spots and dry patches!  

  • Ageing signs

Pregnancy causes sleepless nights, temperament issues, physical and hormonal changes. All these things take a toll on the mother’s body. Does it cause pregnant women to age early? Recent studies show that pregnancy can make you look older! 

Try a face serum for pregnancy to delay the appearance of ageing signs on your face. Give it a try and choose one with plant-based anti-ageing ingredients. It will prevent issues like wrinkles, fine lines, and crow’s feet. You won’t look old after bringing your child into this world! 

2. Ingredients you must check on the product label

You can find a long list of ingredients on the label of face serum. Be vigilant and carefully pick the right blend of ingredients to nourish your skin. Beneficial ingredients for your skin:

  • Hyaluronic acid:

Hyaluronic acid (HA) is the most important ingredient to seek in your face serum. Even though it’s naturally present in the skin, you need more to hydrate deeper layers. This ingredient instantly hydrates facial skin to make look plump and dewy. Being a powerful humectant, hyaluronic acid is essential for instant hydration and it is safe! 

  • Salicylic acid

Salicylic acid is present in most acne-fighting skincare products. Is it safe to apply on your skin during pregnancy? Yes, it is safe if your product contains this ingredient in a small concentration. Excess use of this ingredient can trigger salicylism and it might harm the unborn child! You can do online research and learn that the right concentration of salicylic acid does not affect the mom or the child. It cleanses pores and kills acne-causing bacteria if combined with benzoyl peroxide. 

  • Glycolic acid

This ingredient is going to exfoliate your skin, clear pores, and prevent pigmentation. Do you want the best face serum to cure hyperpigmentation? Choose a face serum that contains glycolic acid. Many pregnancy-safe face serums contain this ingredient because it cures several skin issues! 

  • Vitamin C

Most buyers go for vitamin C serums to look young, fight blemishes, and brighten up their complexion. Is a vitamin C-based serum safe for pregnant women? Yes, vitamin C is an antioxidant that does not affect your or the baby’s health. Vitamin C fights free radicals and indirectly boosts collagen production in your skin. Several other benefits make it a superstar ingredient for face serums. You won’t need an expensive vitamin C face cream if you got the serum! 

Harmful serum ingredients that you must avoid during pregnancy

  • Retinol

Retinol can be quite helpful in delaying the appearance of ageing signs. Unfortunately, it is not safe to apply on the skin during the pregnancy period. This ingredient can get into your bloodstream and cause birth defects! Ask any dermatologist or health experts, they all suggest not using retinol containing skincare products. 

  • Hydroquinone

Many brands blend this ingredient in their face serums because it is an excellent pick for spot treatments. This ingredient can lighten dark spots and help you maintain clearer skin. Unfortunately, it is also considered harmful during the pregnancy period. Do not buy a product if it contains hydroquinone! 

  • Artificial fragrances and colors

If you have dry skin or sensitive skin, reject all products that contain artificial fragrances and colors. Go for a natural blend of ingredients to nurture your skin without affecting healthy cells. Fragrances and colors can cause dehydration. You may soon spot dry patches on your face caused by those ingredients. So, pay extra attention to the ingredients list. 

Face serums with the right blend of organic and skin-nourishing ingredients can assure long-lasting relief from all your skin concerns. So, follow the guide and pick the best you can find in the market. 


Undoubtedly, pregnant women should be highly particular about buying the best pregnancy-safe face serum. Here, we have further shortlisted some of them:

Serum with natural ingredients: Balancing Face Oil from Jurlique

Oily Skin: Effaclar Pore-Refining Serum With Glycolic Acid from La Roche-Posay

Dry Skin: Parsley Seed Antioxidant Serum from Aesop

Combination Skin: Intensive Serum with Tropical Resins from SISLEY

So, the right safety measures with one of these serums can make the skin shiny for carrying moms.

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