Top 15 Best Nu Skin Products Reviews

Top 15 Best Nu Skin Products Reviews

Have you heard about Nu Skin Products? If so, you might be interested in learning more about this brand before trying out its products. The first thing you should know is that the brand is experienced. It was established in 1984 in Utah in the United States. From thereon, the brand has grown to be one of the largest direct-selling companies for skincare products in the world.

Right from the beginning, the brand is attached to its core values. Its focus is to improve the lives of people and a spirit of innovation. From thereon, the brand started to gather like-minded people and made them part of the team.

What Makes Products from Nu Skin Special?

You might have heard that the brand makes the best Nu Skin products. But, you will be interested in learning what makes products from this brand special. Here are some details to know concerning this:

  • The brand is focused on the guiding principles of “All of the good”. Based on this principle, the brand has distinguished itself from other companies in this domain. The brand has done it by paying attention to finding the best ingredients possible for its products and keeping away from harmful fillers. Right from its establishment, the brand has been producing the best quality personal care products using innovative technology and natural ingredients.
  • Also, the brand makes sure to combine science and nature in making its products. This is one of the important reasons for many positive Nu Skin reviews you come across.
  • Further, the brand uses more than 100 varied botanicals that perform a wide range of functions that include skin protectors, humectants, emollients, cleansing agents, antioxidants, and skin-soothing agents.

What Are the Best Nu Skin Products?

Now, with this knowledge about the brand, you might have gained confidence in Nu Skin Products. But, how to identify the best products from this brand? To help you, here are the reviews of the top 15 products from this brand:

1. Sunright Insta Glow from Nu Skin

This best Nu Skin product has been created to bring a glow both for the face and body. It has been created as a tinted gel that builds over time, thereby giving users a natural-looking and deeper tan when it develops fully. The product has a very low odor and it glides effortlessly onto the skin for even and smooth application.

The product uses Vitamin E as a key ingredient to provideing antioxidant protection. To keep the skin look glowing and radiant, the product uses amino acids, sodium hyaluronate, sodium PCA, avocado oil and dimethicone. The low-odor DHA in this product blends with natural components on the skin to provide a sun-kissed and attractive look.

In their review, many users expressed that this product brings a bronze color to the skin that makes it look attractive. Also, many stated that they are simply obsessed with this product.

2. AP 24 Whitening Flouride Toothpaste from Nu Skin

This product is part of our Nu Skin review of the best products because the brand has created this product as whitening fluoride toothpaste.

The good thing about this toothpaste is that it lightens teeth without the use of peroxide. Above all, it prevents plaque formation and cavities. The gentle, mint vanilla flavor that this toothpaste carries helps with freshening the breath. Furthermore, it brings a just-brushed and clean feeling that lasts longer in the oral health category.

In their review, many users stated that this product whitened their dental line effectively. Many also stated that it freshens the breath and keeps the freshness for longer.

3. Ageloc Dermatic Effects Body Contouring Lotion from Nu Skin

This Nu Skin product aims at bringing down the appearance of cellulite. Also, it works to improve skin firmness and improves skin smoothness. It addresses the signs of aging by making the skin smooth. It also aids with retaining the moisture content in the skin.

Hyaluronic acid is one of the key ingredients in this product. This ingredient ensures that the skin maintains the optimal moisture level. Honey extract is another ingredient in this product and its role is to make the skin soft. To inhibit the appearance of cellulite and to calm free radicals, this product uses hibiscus Abelmoschus extract. Also, the product uses ageLoc, which is a proprietary ingredient from this brand. It targets the sources of skin aging and addresses them.

Many users are happy with the performance of this product in making their skin look younger. So, they recommend this product to others as well.

4. AgeLOC LumiSpa Device from Nu Skin

This handheld device helps with smoothening the texture of the skin. Also, it improves radiance and skin clarity. It has been dermatologist tested to be safe to use.

The unique feature of this rechargeable handheld personal skincare device is that it has been designed as a waterproof device. Above all, this best Nu Skin product carries a dual-action skincare system. This system ensures deep cleaning besides bringing dramatic skin renewal.

In their review, many users expressed that this tool is very gentle on their skin. Many also stated that they were able to see results just within a couple of days of using this tool.

5. Face Lift Powder with Activator from Nu Skin

The purpose of this product is to bring a temporary lift to the skin and it does it by tightening the skin immediately. It brings a youthful appearance by temporarily lifting not just the face but also the neck. It works by temporarily reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

The product has been made with albumen as the key ingredient. It brings firmness to the skin instantly within minutes. Albumen has been derived from egg whites. Also, from our Nu Skin review, we found that the product uses other ingredients like fucus vesiculosus extract, panthenol, allantoin and aloe barbadensis leaf juice. These ingredients jointly work to soothe mature skin.

Many users of this product expressed that this product works by bringing an instant lift to the overall looks. Many claim that they use this product whenever they need an immediate improvement in their looks.

6. Ultra Tru Face Essence ageLOC from Nu Skin

This product aims at bringing younger-looking and firmer skin. This product has been created as a firming powerhouse that features scientifically validated and exclusive Tru Face FirmPlex Technology for delivering visibly defined, lifted and contoured skin.

This Nu Skin product brings together two scientific technologies from the brand. They are ageLOC and FirmPlex. Together they help with firming the skin and address the signs of skin aging. In turn, make the skin look youthful and elastic.

Many users are highly satisfied with the performance of the product in addressing the signs of aging.

7. AgeLoc Lumispa Treatment Cleanser (Normal/Combo) from Nu Skin

This product has been created as a gel-based cleanser for acne-prone skin. Besides cleansing the skin, this product ensures that the natural moisture barrier of the skin is protected. Also, it provides antioxidant protection to fight free radical damage to the skin.

This product encompasses milk thistle as the key ingredient. This ingredient along with Nannochloropsis Oculata and Porphyra umbilicalis extracts helps with maintaining the natural moisture barrier of the skin. Also, Rhododendron extract in this product provides antioxidant protection to the skin.

Many users of this best Nu Skin product feel that this product is worth every penny. They are able to see visible differences in the overall looks of their skin.

8. Body Shaping ageLOC Gel from Nu Skin

This product has been created to help users achieve smoother, firmer and more contoured skin. It improves the firmness of the skin and smoothens the appearance of cellulite and fat.

This product has been made with theobromine or theobroma cacao extract as one of the key ingredients. It can inhibit certain enzymes present in fat cells. In turn, it activates the dermatic fat breakdown. As a result, you can expect a smoother appearance and slimmer figure. Laminaria Digitata is another ingredient that aids with improving the overall appearance of the skin. Further, it contains ageLOC, which is a proprietary technology from the brand with particular ingredients that target supermarkers that are identified as sources of aging.

Many users have in their Nu Skin review expressed their gratitude to this brand claiming that it cleared their cellulite. Many also stated that their skin turned soft and smoother because of this wonderful product.

9. Tru Face Line Corrector from Nu Skin

This product aims at addressing the most aggressive signs of aging. This product has been created as a peptide refining gel. It reduces the fine lines and wrinkles around the forehead and mouth. It reduces and smoothens the appearance of crow’s feet.

The product has been made with a unique blend of peptides and centella asiatica extract. Both these ingredients together help with bringing down the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. To visibly soften and smoothen the skin, the product uses sweet almond extract and glycerin as other essential ingredients.

Many users are highly happy with how effectively this Nu Skin product reduces the signs of aging in their faces. Many recommend this product for those looking for ways to address the signs of aging.

10. Rejuvenating Cream from Nu Skin

This best Nu Skin cream helps with reinforcing cell membranes and restores flexibility. The brand has formulated this product to meet the specific needs of dry skin. It works by drenching skin in soothing moisture. Also, it improves the capabilities of the skin to bind moisture.

To bring moisturization benefits, this product uses the moisturizing ability of hyaluronic acid.

In their review, many users of this product claim that they have been using it for a long and it brings the best hydration to the skin.

11. AgeLOC Facial Gels from Nu Skin

We have included this product in our Nu Skin review of the best products because it is a pack that encompasses four vials. They aim at revealing the natural vibrancy of the skin by getting rid of impurities and they help with promoting cellular energy as well. The pre-treatment gel in this product works by getting rid of impurities, thereby providing a chance for pores to breathe. Also, this gel conditions and soothes the skin. The treatment gel slows down the visible signs of aging.

These gels use AgeLoc Technology from the brand. This technology has been created with a revolutionary blend of anti-aging ingredients. They help with getting rid of stress. Also, they invigorate and revitalize tired skin by promoting cellular energy.

Many users call this product to be the best skin cleansing product that works. Many users love this product because of its effectiveness.

12. NaPCA Moisturizer from Nu Skin

This Nu Skin product suits all skin tones and has been created for oily and normal skin types. It is a moisturizer.

The humectants in this product help the skin hold moisture. Also, the product uses vitamin E as one of the ingredients to bring other benefits to the skin.

In their review, many users expressed that they love this moisturizer because it gets quickly absorbed by the skin. Also, many stated that it keeps the skin hydrated for long.

13. Moisture Restore – Dew All Day Moisturizer from Nu Skin

This product has been created to provide intense moisturization to the skin. Also, it works by restoring the loss of moisture in individuals with dry skin.

This best Nu Skin Product uses Nutricentials Bioadaptive Skin Care system that aids the skin to adapt to environmental stressors like pollution and late-night wakes. Further, it safeguards the skin against UV rays to help users achieve balanced and better skin every day.

Many users stated that they were able to experience that the lost hydration came back to their skin after they started using this product.

14. Body Bar from Nu Skin

This pack has five body bars. These bars are soap-free and they suit the entire family. These bars help with getting rid of impurities and dirt from the skin. Also, it leaves the skin clean and fresh.

These bars are part of our Nu Skin review of the best products because they carry the skin-soothing benefits of aloe vera and soft grapefruit scent.

In their review, many users stated that they simply love the aroma of this bar. Also, many stated that it turned their skin soft.

15. Rich Conditioner from Nu Skin

This conditioner has been created to condition the hair by repairing the damaged hair. It also prevents the weakening and breaking of hair such that the hair looks, feels and behaves shinier and younger.

The Nu Skin product uses shea butter as a key ingredient that drenches the hair with lipids. Also, it mimics natural oils, while meadowfoam in this product repairs damaged hair.

In their review, many users stated that they were able to see visible improvement in how their hair looks just within a week of using this product.

Final Verdict

With these many best Nu Skin products, you might be wondering which one to choose. The solution relies on what you expect. Here are some choices:

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