Top 10 Best Moon Juice Products Reviews

Top 10 Best Moon Juice Products Reviews

When hearing the term “Moon Juice”, you might have wondered what it is at the first instance. Then, you might have understood that this brand makes many skincare products. But, you might be wondering why you should choose products from the brand. Yes, you are right! Many established brands make skincare products these days. When this is the case, why selecting products from this brand would be a good idea? Let us find out here:

What Makes Moon Juice Products Special?

The best Moon Juice product has become a reality! The reason is that the brand was born from the experience of the founder Amanda Chantal Bacon. Once she was told by her doctors that she has an autoimmune condition and remission of this condition is not possible. But, with a commitment to get herself out of the condition, she started her journey.

She started to get help from experts and educated herself on different areas like traditional wisdom, spirit, lifestyle and diet. When she started implementing what she learned, she was able to experience radical changes in her hormone and blood panels.  She also started to notice that she is turning biologically younger as compared to how she looked a decade ago. She started to wonder how those simple changes in practices brought big changes to her body and mind.

What she discovered in her kitchen has developed into a global source following the birth of Moon Juice. To bring functional benefits, this brand bridges the gap between the world of biology and alchemy. Everything that this brand makes irrespective of whether they are eatables, skincare products, supplements or adaptogenic, they are inspired by a need. Purity is the main focus of the brand.

What Are the Best Moon Juice Products?

The Moon Juice idea might have inspired you. But, again your question will be about the best Moon Juice products. We are here to review the top 10 products from this brand:

1. Super Hair from Moon Juice

This best Moon Juice product is a hair supplement. These capsules have been clinically proven to replenish your deficiencies using multiple vitamins. Further, they aid with safeguarding your hair follicles with the help of botanicals. Also, the micronutrients in this product will help with strengthening your hair.

To replenish nutritional deficiencies in your hair, this product has been made using a multivitamin complex. It has vitamins like K2, E, D3, C, B12, B6, B3, B2, B1 and A vitamins. Further, organic ashwagandha that is part of this product aids with balancing stress hormones and brings down the effects of oxidative stress. Above all, the product has been made with wildcrafted saw palmetto that aids with inhibiting the DHT hormone that is known to destroy the hair. The iodine from harvested kelp in this product brings thyroid and endocrine hormone balance as an imbalance in these hormones leads to hair loss in some people.

Many users of this product appreciated that their hair started to grow after they started using it. Many claim that they are able to see a lot of baby hair growing to improve the overall thickness of their hair.

2. Sex Dust from Moon Juice

Moon Juice has created this product to ensure healthy hormonal balance and juiciness. It improves libido by strengthening sensation and igniting desire. It works by improving the flow of energy and blood. Above all, it supports energy, mood and healthy sexual function.

This product is a stimulating blend of natural ingredients like maca, cacao, Schisandra, epimedium, shilajit and Shatavari that helps with targeting stress for supporting healthy hormonal balance. These healthy adaptogenic ingredients apart from igniting creative energy in the bedroom ensure that the energy is maintained even out of the bedroom.

Many men and women, who have tried this product expressed their gratitude for the product. The reason is that it helped them get consistent energy levels. Many claim that they kickstart their day with complete energy by adding one spoon of Sex Dust to their morning coffee.

3. The Full Moon from Moon Juice

This product has been created to target stress for transforming the dream, spirit, power, sex, brain and beauty of every user. This herbal supplement pack encompasses 12 sachets of adaptogenic blends that aids with regulating stress hormones to provide total mind and body support. This pack works by combating quickening aging, improving skin clarity and safeguarding from free radicals to name a few.

This sampler pack encompasses two sachets each of Brain Dust, Dream Dust, Power Dust, Sex Dust, Spirit Dust and Beauty Dust. Each of them has been made with different ingredients that are effective in their own way. For instance, the Sex Dust encompasses ingredients that can boost libido and energy, while the Beauty Dust has ingredients like pearl and goji that contribute to the best beauty from Moon Juice.

Many users of this product recommend this pack to others interested in trying out different dusts that are effective in their own function from this brand.

4. Acid Potion from Moon Juice

This product is an exfoliator. It helps with resurfacing the skin and unclogging the pores with suitable ingredients for dry skin. This Acid Potion can be used for gentle skin exfoliation for three nights in a row. Otherwise, it is usable every night as well.

This best Moon Juice product has been made with AHA and BHA Complex along with niacinamide, salicylic acid, lactic acid and glycolic acid as ingredients. Niacinamide aids with restoring and resurfacing the skin, while salicylic acid fights acne and other skin blemishes. Lactic acid can address age spots and skin pigmentation, while glycolic acid aids in making the skin soft and smooth. It is also known for its anti-aging potential.

Many users expressed their thanks to this product because it eliminated the need for face scrubs as it effectively takes care of the skin exfoliation process. Many call this a marvelous potion as it regenerates the skin and makes it look youthful.

5. Collagen Protect Powder Supplement from Moon Juice

This product is a powder made using collagen. It helps with improving the overall health of skin, hair and nails in users. This plant-based solution helps with achieving youthful and supple skin. Further, this product helps with bringing down the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Moreover, it safeguards the skin from free radical damage.

This product encompasses only three ingredients. They are hyaluronic acid, tacos and Silver Ear Mushrooms. These ingredients provide essential nutrition to the cells to aid in promoting the natural collagen production of the body. Also, they aid with hydrating the skin from the inside out.

In their review of this Moon Juice product, many users have expressed that apart from reducing their appetite, this product helped with making their skin fresh. Also, many stated that their fine lines were reduced and it worked magically for their under-eye area as well.

6. Organic Ashwagandha Root Powder Extract from Moon Juice

This powder extract has been proven to bring down stress and even it works by regulating cortisol levels. It brings down stress-related cravings, irritability and improves mental stamina and focus.

The only ingredient in this product is ashwagandha root powder. Ashwagandha root is highly popular for addressing stress. It also improves energy levels. Also, this product is non-GMO and gluten-free.

Many users in their review expressed that this best Moon Juice product improves their energy levels to a great extent. Many stated that they add it regularly to their smoothies and it is more concentrated as well.

7. Plump Jelly Vegan Hyaluronic Serum from Moon Juice

This product from Moon Juice aims at improving skin elasticity. It does the work by providing your skin with the best hydration. In addition to providing hydration, it locks the hydration into the cells to prevent skin aging due to lack of hydration.

To hydrate the skin effectively, this product uses hyaluronic acid as the key ingredient. Along with this ingredient, it uses silver ear mushroom and beet amino acids.

In their review, many users have expressed that they use this product either during the day or night. Wherever they apply, they are applying three pumps of this serum onto their skin after complete cleansing. Also, by this way of applying, many claim that they are able to get the best hydration results. Many users stated that their skin looks fresh at all times due to the best hydration.

8. Brain Dust from Moon Juice

This best Moon Juice product has been designed to target stress for supporting concentration, alertness and mental stamina.

This product has been created as an adaptogenic blend. It has been made using super mushrooms and superherbs that aids with combating the effects of stress. The ingredients include organic maca, astragalus, ashwagandha, Rhodiola, ginkgo and Lion’s Mane. All these ingredients help with promoting mental clarity and focus.

Many users in their review stated that this product never fails to bring a mood improvement in them whenever they take it.

9. Cosmic Cream from Moon Juice

This collagen-protecting moisturizer helps the skin get heavenly hydration. Apart from improving the elasticity of the skin, it also improves skin firmness.

This Moon Juice product uses collagen, hyaluronic acid and silver ear mushroom to deeply hydrate the skin. Even, these ingredients help with bringing deep nourishment, besides bringing down the appearance of lines and hydrating the skin.

In their review, many users stated that this product brought complete rejuvenation to their skin.

10. Blue Beauty from Moon Juice

The main role of this product is to bring excellent support to your energy levels. In addition to improving energy levels, it also improves mood and overall skin health.

To bring the best skin benefits and energy boost besides mood improvement, this product uses blue spirulina, amla and ashwagandha as key ingredients.

Many users of this best Moon Juice product recommend this product for those looking for ways to improve their wellness through diet.

Final Verdict

So, which is the best Moon Juice product of these 10 will be your question now, isn’t it? The answer relies on what you need. Here are some choices:

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