Top 11 Best Lip Balms For Men – Reviews and Buying Guide

Top Best Lip Balms For Men Reviews and Buying Guide

Not just women, but men too face chapping and cracking of lips with seasonal changes and other reasons. So, they should use the best lip balm for men that has been designed especially for them. With these lip balms, not just the cracking and chapping but even the darkness in lips that arises as a result of continuous smoking can be addressed by men. Now, let us delve into the top choices when it comes to the right lip balm for men here:

#1 Lip Balm from Kiehl’s

This lip balm has been formulated with antioxidant Vitamin E and Squalane not just to moisturize, but also to comfort and soften the dry lips.

The key ingredient squalene used in this product has been derived from olives. It has an exceptional affinity to the skin and it gets quickly absorbed with the ability to replenish the skin’s barrier keeping it moisturized, supple and soft. To bring the best benefits to the lips, the product also includes aloe vera and vitamin E as ingredients.

Many users of this product have stated that after they started using this product, there are no more chapping lips. Also, many stated that it effectively takes care of sensitive lips. Suitable for all skin types, this product helps with soothing and softening dry lips effectively.

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#2 Pro Ls Lip Tech by Lab Series

This lip balm for men has been created to provide no-shine and natural finish to the lips. The nourishing formula helps with a refreshing, softening and conditioning the lips visibly. This product has been created as a multi-benefit hydrating balm that delivers instant moisture to the lips.

With squalene, shea butter and hydrogenated vegetable oil, this lip balm make the lips soft. For instance, shea butter is a rich source of healthy fatty acids and antioxidants. It is known for its anti-inflammatory properties and in addition to curing chapped lips, it also prevents the lips from chapping.

Many users have experienced that this lip balm makes their lips soft.

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#3 Smoothness Lip Care from Nivea

In addition to safeguarding the lip from chapping, this product from Nivea helps with safeguarding the skin from the harmful UVA and UVB Rays. It has been enriched with shea butter to prevent the signs of aging in lips and even to safeguard the lips from free radical damage as it has antioxidant properties.

In addition to lip softening and hydrating ingredients like shea butter and glycerine, this product also encompasses sunscreen ingredients like octocrylene, avobenzone and octinoxate for safeguarding the lips from the UVA and UVB Rays. The product comes in different flavors like milk & honey, cherry, peach, strawberry, vanilla and watermelon to help men choose one based on their preference.

Many users of this lip balm have stated that they were able to get all-day moisture to their lips once they use this product in the morning.

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#4 Ointment with Lip Applicator from Lucas Papaw

This product has been made using pure Australian papaws in Australia. Not just for lips, this product can be used for local topical application for splinters and thorns, insect bites, nappy rashes and chafing, gravel cuts and rashes, minor open wounds, sunburn, and minor scalds and burns. This product addresses these issues with its antimicrobial and antibacterial properties.

Many users have stated that this lip balm is effective in curing severely chapped lips. As the product has been made using 100% natural papaya, the enzymes in this fruit work to naturally soften the lips and enhancing the skin renewal process.

#5 Cold Cream Nourishing Lip Balm With Shea Butter from Eau Thermale Avène

With Avène thermal spring water as the key ingredient, this product helps with bringing instant comfort to your lips with its softening and soothing properties. Suitable for individuals with normal, dry, and sensitive skin, this lip balm can be used in the skin as well. The emollient lip care offers quick and immediate relief and protection against cracked, flaky, and chapped lips. This moisturizing and rich cream includes pharmaceutical-grade paraffin oil and pure white beeswax to safeguard, nourish, and moisturize the skin.

The natural pure white beeswax in this product offers emollient properties to hydrate, soften and soothe the skin. The pharmaceutical-grade mineral oil is the effective hydrating ingredient in this men’s lip balm.

Many users feel that this cream safeguards their skin from the drying effects of environmental aggressors.

#6 Lip Balm from Mario Badescu Skin Care

Mario Badescu Skin Care has created this product with the ability to nourish and soften dry lips.

Cocoa butter used as a key ingredient in this product helps with functioning as a great source of natural antioxidants. Even, it adds a layer of protection to the lips, thereby safeguarding the lips from extreme temperature changes. The sweet almond oil used in this product helps with moisturizing and plumping the lips. Further, vitamin E in this product with antioxidant properties aids with fighting signs of aging in the lips.

Many users are highly impressed with the delicate rose-fragrance from this lip balm. The product has been made using moisturizing oils and nutrient-dense butter. Apart from deeply nourishing the dry lips, this product helps with smoothing and softening the lips.

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#7 Medicated Lip Balm from Blistex

This medicated lip balm from Blistex prevents chapping and dryness in the lips. To soothe irritated lips, the product uses an easy glide formula. The active ingredients in this product include lip-protecting ingredients and sunscreens. So, it will safeguard the skin from ultraviolet rays.

 Dimethicone is the lip-protecting ingredient, while octinoxate and octisalate are sunscreen ingredients in this product. The inactive ingredients in this product include beeswax, camphor, and many other ingredients.

Many users have stated that this product temporarily relieves cracked and chapped lips. Even, it prevents the lips from sunburn. The sunscreen rating of this product is SPF15. It seals in the moisture for soothing and even for preventing dry lips. Many users of this product have stated that it is the greatest medicated lip moisturizer on the market.

#8  Natural Moisturizing Lip Balm from Burt’s Bees

This Lib Balm for men from Burt’s Bee comes in four naturally nourishing flavors that include vanilla bean, pear & coconut, strawberry, and beeswax. It helps with soothing and hydrating dry lips with beeswax as the key ingredient. The product has powerful fruit extracts as ingredients to condition the lips. The product has been created as a natural lip balm without any SLS, petroleum, phthalates, and parabens.

Many users of Burt’s Bees lip balm have stated that the men’s lip balm functions as a drop of sunshine in their lips. Irrespective of the flavor, a person chooses, he will find that sunflower seed oil is used as one of the key ingredients. This ingredient helps with soothing the lips and prevents the aging signs in lips as well.

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#9 Intense Therapy Lip Balm from Jack Black

This product from Jack Black uses moisturizing avocado and shea butter as key ingredients. To ensure easy on-the-go use, the tube is small enough and great to carry in golf bags and gym bags for men. To make sure that men can safeguard their lips from the harmful UV rays, the product comes with SPF 15 protection. The different options offered when it comes to flavors include natural mint & shea butter, black tea & blackberry, grapefruit & ginger, lemon & shea butter, and pineapple mint.

To help customers looking to try different flavors before deciding on one, the product also comes as a set with different flavors together. Most flavors use skin-friendly ingredients like Vitamin E to soften the lips and even sun-protecting ingredients.

Many men, who have tried this lip balm say that hands down, this is the best lip balm for men, they have ever used.

#10 No Shine Lip Balm for Men from Brickell Men’s Products

This lip balm from Brickell Men’s Products suits different skin types like normal, dry, combination, and oily skin. With SPF 15, the lip balm for men helps men with safeguarding their skin from the harmful UV rays.

The certified and natural organic ingredients in this product include SPF 15, vitamin E, olive oil and beeswax. The product provides long-lasting moisture to the skin as claimed by many users. The organic vitamin E and olive oil in this product help with hydrating and nourishing the lips.

With light mint flavor, many men, who have tried this product are highly satisfied with the aroma of this lip balm. This product suits men of any age group looking to safeguard and restore cracked and chapped lips as claimed by many users.

#11 Medicated Lip Balm SPF 15 from Mentholatum

The product provides sun protection with SPF 15 along with protecting the lip. It helps with protecting, cooling, soothing, and healing the skin as claimed by many users of this product from Mentholatum.

Many users of this product have stated that this product brings great value for their money. Also, many stated that it brings great value for the flu and cold season. The active sun-protecting ingredients in this product are octisalate and octinoxate, while lip protection is taken care of by dimethicone.

Benefits of Lip Balm for Men

A lip balm prevents the delicate skin of your lips from damage caused by cold skin. This post reveals the key benefits of lip balm for men and how to pick the best product for smooth lips.

Men seem puzzled when it comes to using certain skincare products. They wonder whether those products will affect their appeal as a man or not. 

You shouldn’t have second thoughts in your mind when it comes to protecting your skin. Dry lips can severely affect your appearance and you must try a lip balm to protect them. 

You will experience the following benefits if you use a lip balm daily:

1. Well-moisturized lips

Chapped lips can be painful and quite unappealing. Men often peel chapped lips to maintain a smooth appearance. It causes cracks in the lips and there might be bleeding as well! You can experience severe irritation and itching if you don’t heal your lips. 

Most men experience chapped lip issues during the winter season. Therefore, it is important to protect the delicate skin of lips with a nourishing lip balm. 

A lip balm moisturizes your skin and protects the surface from cracks. You can maintain smooth and shiny lips throughout the year if you got the right lip balm! 

2. It’s the best preventive solution

Top-rated lip balms contain ingredients that not only make your lips shiny but also heal them. The damage repair process initiates immediately. Your lips get protected against further damage and heal faster. 

Some lip balms also come with SPF that protects your lips against sun damage. So, if you work in outdoor locations, you can maintain the natural tone of your lips forever. All you have to do is apply the lip balm before moving out!  

It is the best preventive care against all sorts of skin-damaging elements. That’s why men must use a lip balm to protect lips! 

3. It improves the overall appearance of your face

You can look more handsome if your lips are smooth and shiny. Every man wishes to look responsible and attractive. Chapped and cracked lips can affect your appeal and you may look a bit careless! 

Do not take such risks if you work in an industry where appearance matters. Get a lip balm, use it daily, and thus you can present yourself in a better way. 

4. It is affordable protection against all sorts of lip problems

Most men are not fond of skincare products. They rarely invest in products like lip balm. Being an affordable skincare product, a lip balm is easy to find in any cosmetic store. You can buy a product manufactured specifically for men.

It will be the best skincare decision if you choose to apply a lip balm. You can pick the type of look for lips. There are lip balms that make lips shiny or mattify their appearance. So, you can maintain the perfect look and texture of your lips by spending just a few bucks. 

How to Pick the Best Lip Balm for Men?

There are numerous lip balms available for both men and women. Such a wide range of options make it pretty daunting to select the best product for your skin.

Your goal should be to choose a lip balm that contains beneficial ingredients to protect and heal your skin. So, look for the following factors when buying a lip balm for men:

1. Lip gloss or lip balm

Lip balms and lip glosses are two different products. A lip balm is produced to nourish the user’s lips and protect them against chapping, cracks, and dryness. It is useful when you want to maintain smooth and plump lips forever. 

A lip gloss is formulated to make the user’s lips shine. This product makes your lips look more appealing. It does not do anything to nourish or protect your lips. Therefore, it is not an ideal pick if you got cracked or chapped lips. Do not mistake a lip gloss for the lip balm! 

2. Assess what your lips need

Every man experiences a different type of issue. You have to make sure the chosen lip balm heals the problems you are experiencing. We have some recommendations based on the most common issues. 

  • A lip balm to prevent sun damage and dryness

Some lip balms are produced specifically to prevent lips from sun damage and dryness. Products like aloe butter, avocado lavender, and cream shea lip balms provide the best protection against sun damage. 

This type of lip balm is quite easy to apply. The product melts on your lips as you apply it and hydrates your skin. You can prevent dryness and sunburn just by applying this lip balm. It will reverse the effects of sun damage and prevent future issues. That’s why it’s a perfect pick for you if you need sun protection. 

  • A lip balm to prevent inflammation and lip sores

You should buy coconut cream, honey butter, or a vanilla bean lip balm to prevent inflammation on your lips. 

Ingredients present in your lip balm will promote new skin growth, prevent infection, and make your lips softer. The right product will deliver and seal the moisture in your lip skin to make it plump. You can quickly treat dry and chapped lips if you use this type of lip balm. 

  • A lip balm for badly chapped lips

You need a lip balm to heal your lips if both lips are badly chapped. Herbal, honey butter, avocado cream, and aloe butter lip balms are the best for your needs. These lip balms deliver anti-inflammatory ingredients to prevent irritation. 

You will get ingredients to exterminate microbes damaging the cracked skin. Healing lip balms nourish your lips and speed up the cure. Different brands use different types of herbs to cure chapped lips. Choose one that works fast and prevents future issues. 

  • Lip balms for cold sores

Can you use a lip balm to cure cold sores? Yes, you can get a product containing tea tree and lemongrass essential oils. Many studies reveal that this type of lip balm cures cold sores by killing viruses responsible for this irritating skin issue. 

3. Carefully check the ingredient list before buying the product

You won’t like to take a risk of buying a product that will make your lips drier. Some cheap quality balms moisturize lips for a while and then dehydrate the skin. You must avoid this type of product if you don’t want to apply a lip balm forever! 

You should ensure the product contains nourishing and hydrating ingredients. It should not contain anything to make the problem worse. Do not go for a short-term solution! Always choose a product that heals lip issues and prevents their occurrence in the future. 

Some lip balms are good for occasional use and some are formulated for daily use. Regular use lip balms contain mild ingredients to provide the right protection. Chapped and cracked lips healing lip balms are formulated to treat skin issues within a few days. They are more powerful and not perfect for daily use! 

4. Should you use a flavored lip balm?

Many brands offer flavored lip balms that taste great. Many buyers prefer flavored products over regular balm. You should look for natural flavors if you like to apply a flavored balm. 

Products like vanilla bean, mocha java, coconut cream, aloe Doublemint, and avocado cream lavender lip balms taste great. They deliver the natural flavor of ingredients used to produce a skin-nourishing formula. 

Such a type of lip balm does not cause any damage to your skin. Your lips look more beautiful, attractive, and well-nourished throughout the day. That’s why most experts recommend organically flavored lip balms to protect lips. 

5. Is SPF necessary?

Moving out in the sunlight without applying sunscreen is not a wise thing. UV rays can severely damage your skin, cause tanning, dryness, and various other problems. Your lips also need sun protection because the lip skin is much thinner and sensitive. It gets dry and cracked due to excess sun exposure. 

If you are someone who spends hours in outdoor locations, your lips need sun protection. Apply a lip balm with SPF. It will block harmful UV rays and maintain the smooth texture of your lips. You must try this solution if you want to maintain the natural tone of your lips! 

6. Ingredients you must avoid

Not every lip balm is equally good! Cheap-quality products contain ingredients that dehydrate the skin and cause long-lasting damage! 

Artificial colors and fragrances can cause lip irritation. Avoid poor-quality balms with such ingredients. Your lip balm should not contain alcohol because it will make your lips dry. Some lip balms also contain camphor, which is another lip drying ingredient. It dehydrates your lips and causes severe inflammation. 

Other ingredients, such as mineral oil, parabens, etc. are also bad for your lips. Check the ingredient list and reject the product if it contains any skin-irritating ingredient. 

Products that contain top-quality organic ingredients are perfect for both men and women. The right lip balm for men nourishes the skin, maintains its moisture, soft texture, and natural tone. Follow the guide shared in this post to buy the best lip balm for your skin. 


Men looking for the best men’s lip balm can choose one of the products listed above. However, we have further shortlisted even better than the best products:

Choosing one of these products based on their lip care needs will help men.

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