Top 10 Best Laura Geller Products

Top 10 Best Laura Geller Products

Laura Geller aims at putting your best face forward. Of course, there are many makeup brands out there. But, you might be wondering why to choose products from this brand, while many other makeup brands are available. The good thing about this brand is that it makes makeup products that are easy to use. Also, the products provide an almost foolproof method to quickly and easily apply makeup.

About the Founder:

From a very young age, the founder of this brand Laura Geller has had a love for beauty. Her passion for beauty led her to turn into a successful make-up artist. Her success in this domain can be understood from the fact that she has worked as a makeup artist behind the scenes with socialites and celebrities. However, her devotion to make-up made her create makeup products for women in real life.

Laura believes that beauty is for all and should be fun, mistake-proof and uncomplicated. She is a teacher at heart and each time she is on air, she conducts a master make-up class with her inviting and uniquely warm approach. She translates professional application into techniques that work for real women each day. She explains how fun and easy the transformation of beauty can be. She is a pioneer in bringing primer into the makeup routine of every woman. Her brand is popular for cosmetics handmade in Italy that has turned cult-favorites for women for more than a decade.

What Are the Best Products from Laura Geller?

Now, to help you choose the best Laura Geller product for your makeup and skincare needs, we have shortlisted the top 10 products from this brand. Here is a review of each one of these top products:

1. Balance-N-Brighten Color Correcting Foundation from Laura Geller

The aim of this product from Laura Geller is to brighten your day by balancing your skin tone. With this product, you will find the right shade that matches your skin tone with ease. To make this foundation, swirls that correct color of multicolored liquid pigments are baked for a day on terracotta tiles. These colors are then hand-finished in Italy by the brand. The outcome is creamy and weightless coverage that self-adjusts to leave your skin looking not just attractively radiant, but also flawless and even.

The unique feature of this foundation is that it has been made by the brand without adding any fillers. So, as compared to traditional powders, this foundation covers a greater area of your skin even when you take a little quantity for applying. Further, to provide you with luminous-perfecting coverage, the product uses white tea and Centella Asiatica extracts.

Many users of this foundation are happy that it never leaves a creamy or cakey texture. Also, many stated that it brings a weightless feel and light coverage and these features make it their lovable product.

2. Baked Balance-N-Glow Illuminating Foundation from Laura Geller New York

This best Laura Geller product is offered as a foundation and highlighter in one. This weightless creamy foundation adjusts itself to match your tone. It color-corrects, illuminates and brightens your skin for a flawless glow.

The unique feature of this foundation is that it is heated on terracotta tiles for a day and it has been hand-finished by Italian artisans. Further, the foundation has been enriched with vitamin C that adjusts to the skin tone. Also, this ingredient helps with boosting the natural radiance and even safeguards the skin. Above all, the product encompasses 5% pearl that blurs imperfections for the creation of a subtle and luminous finish. Further, the product also encompasses white tea and green tea extracts that are rich in antioxidants to safeguard against environmental stressors.

Many users of this foundation are happy about the medium coverage it provides. Also, many stated that all members of their family use this foundation as it has shades that suit all skin tones and skin types.

3. Baked Blush-N-Brighten Buttercream Pink from Laura Geller

This best Laura Geller product helps you even your cheeks instantly with its soft baked blush. This product has been produced artisans from Italy and has been heated on terracotta tiles a day. It brings renewed color for individuals with all skin tones. Irrespective of the season, it helps users with dull and mature skin get a gorgeous glow.

The unique formula safeguards your face with its anti-inflammatory ingredients. Further, it encompasses white and green tea extracts that provide antioxidant protection to the skin from environmental aggressors. It has self-adjusting pigments that provide smooth and long coverage.

When talking about their experience with this product, many users stated that they love the self-adjusting pigments in this product. Also, many stated that whenever they use this foundation, they get a weightless feel, while some stated that they love the creamy texture of this product.

4. Hydrating Italian Marble Lightweight Long Lasting Lipstick from Laura Geller

This hydrating lipstick is one of the best Laura Geller products because it has been handmade by Italian artisans. It has been created as a comfortable and lightweight lipstick for all-day wear.

The brand has formulated this product with castor seed oil and Vitamin E. These ingredients provide intense hydration. Further, the unique feature of this lipstick is that it won’t feather or migrate. The marble formula creates a dimension that brings fuller-looking lips to users.

Many users have expressed that they love the different flavors in which this product comes. Also, many users stated that the color they have chosen is perfect for their complexion. Many users also stated that it goes on smooth on the lips and stays longer.

5. Baked Body Frosting Face & Body Glow Bronzer Makeup from Laura Geller

This Laura Geller product is a silky smooth moisturizing powder that adds the warmth of pearly and bronze luminosity. It leaves the skin polished to perfection. It provides a naturally sun-kissed look and never makes the skin orange.

The unique feature of this powder is that it provides buildable coverage. Above all, you can apply it either on wet or dry skin. It brings a subtle hint of satin-sleep radiance and luminosity.

Many users call this product to be the best tanner they have ever used. Also, many women, who have tried this powder, stated that it did not turn their skin orange and this is one of the reasons why they love this product.

6. Kabuki Brush for Powder, Cream and Liquid Face Makeup from Laura Geller

The purpose of this best Laura Geller product is to help users achieve a flawless canvas on the go. It is offered as an angled brush and so the application of different forms of makeup products be it a liquid, cream or powder is easy with this retractable brush.

The unique feature of this makeup brush is that it buffs off for impeccable and smooth application and coverage. Also, it is an ideal travel companion with its ability to retract when not in use. So, it helps users get the required coverage on the go.

Many users have stated that they love this brush that features densely packed bristles to achieve ideally buff and blend for flawless and buildable coverage. Above all, many stated that they have been using this brush for a long and it has never shed so far.

7. French Vanilla Original Backed Highlighter Makeup from Laura Geller

This Laura Geller product is a baked highlighter powder in French Vanilla. It offers a sheer beige shade and its production journey started not as a powder but as a cream. The cream is then baked for a day on a terracotta tile. Finally, the product was infused by hands by Italian artisans to end up as a luscious dome of powder.

The unique feature of this powder is that it is free of paraben and mineral oil. It adds a gentle glow to the skin, thereby creating a youthful luminosity.

Many users appreciated this product stating that they are able to use it on both dry and wet skin and it brings the same gentle sheen in both cases. Many also recommended trying this product on the high points of the face to get the best looks.

8. Baked-N-Brighten Bronzer from Laura Geller

This product aims at helping users achieve an attractively bronzed glow all through the year. It brings sun-kissed color, but does not create a dash of orange for a matte and natural finish. It is usable for contouring the face or even as an all-over face powder bronzer to achieve a glowing and sun-kissed look.

The unique feature of this best Laura Geller product is that it uses terracotta swirls of liquid pigment in this powder that adjusts itself to match the skin tone of every user to aid with achieving a customized match. Also, it protects the skin from free radical damage due to its richness in free radicals.

Many users are happy about the weightless feel they get when applying this powder to their skin.

9. Spackle Skin-Perfecting Golden Sheek Makeup Primer from Laura Geller

This Laura Geller product intends to smoothen the skin texture for users with dull and mature skin. This skin type needs a natural and radiant glow without makeup and this is what this product promises to help them achieve.

The brand has created this product as a weightless formula with aloe vera for perfecting the skin. Further, it has been infused with marine fennel, rice extract to help brighten the skin, while hyaluronic acid helps to condition the skin. Also, the skin gets soft with the squalane present in this product.

Many users call this product to be an amazing discovery as it brings a glow to their aging skin.

10. Double Take Baked Versatile Powder from Laura Geller

This powder has a velvety and creamy texture and it has been formulated to provide high-impact coverage with neutral beige and medium coverage with soft peachy undertones.

The product has been created with ActivMesh Technology. This technology empowers the formula to be water and sweat-resistant for all-day wear.

Many users stated that they love this product and the applicator that comes along that makes even application possible.

Final Verdict

Yes, you intend to choose the best Laura Geller product. So, here is again a shortlist of products to help you choose one:

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