Top 10 Best Foods For Glowing Skin

Top 10 Best Foods For Glowing Skin

Skincare products range from facial cleansers to creams, essences, lotions, and more. However, while these might work for your skin, they inevitably contain additives like preservatives, fragrances, moisturizers, and other agents. These might end up damaging your nervous system, kidneys, liver, and other parts of the body. However, by eating the right foods, you can naturally look great and achieve glowing skin. In this post, we consider a few of the best beauty food.

What Are The Best Beauty Foods?

Nutrition is vital to good health. If you eat unhealthily, it can damage several things, including your metabolism and other organs. What you eat also has an effect on your skin.

It is clear, from research, that what you eat can affect the health, appearance, and aging of your skin. In this post, we consider some of the best foods that you can eat to keep your skin looking beautiful even as you get older.

1. Fatty Fish

You might have suspected that fish can help you to look great. If you did, then you’d be correct. Fatty fish is rich in several nutrients that will have an incredible effect on your skin.

For one, these fish are very rich in Omega 3 fatty acids. These acids have been found to improve the health of the skin. They are needed to keep your skin looking moisturized, supple, and glowing – just like a fish in water. The importance of omega3 acid is seen in the fact that not having enough of this acid in the body can lead to dry skin.

Apart from preventing dry skin, this fish also contains nutrients that help to lower inflammation. The benefit here is that you don’t suffer from acne or redness as before. When taken in the right amount, it can even work as an internal way of keeping out UV radiation from your skin.

In addition, fatty fish is a rich source of vitamin E, which is an important antioxidant that will benefit your skin. Apart from vitamin E, it is also rich in protein, which works to improve the production of collagen in the skin.

Finally, fatty fish is rich in zinc – a nutrient that is known for its healing properties on the skin.

2. Avocado

Avocados are another beauty food that is great for the health of your skin. It is very high in healthy fats, and these fats work to ensure that your skin is supple, moisturized, and flexible. Studies reveal that women that eat avocados regularly enjoy supple, strong skin.

Apart from the fats, avocados have also been found to have certain compounds that work to reduce the effect of UV radiation on the skin. They also contain a reasonable amount of vitamin E that works as an antioxidant on the skin.

Another nutrient that you will find here is Vitamin C. It is also good as an antioxidant and will clear out impurities from the skin.

3. Walnuts

If you are looking for great skin, then keep in mind that walnuts are another excellent source of nutrients. They come with several characteristics that your skin will find very useful. Just like fatty fish, walnuts also contain fatty acids, which are necessary for good skin.

While nuts, in general, contain some omega 3 and 6 acids, walnuts contain an even greater amount than most other nuts in nature.

Walnuts contain a good combination of these two fatty acids, thus balancing the skin and ensuring your skin functions well and remains healthy.

Interestingly, walnut also contains zinc. This works as a barrier from harmful things as well as helping your skin heal from injuries. You will also find vitamin E and selenium.

4. Sunflower Seeds

Nuts and seeds are really great for the skin, and sunflower seeds are some of the best of their kind. An ounce of these seeds contains loads of nutrients like Vitamin E, zinc, selenium, and proteins.

Therefore, it works as an excellent antioxidant for the skin.

5. Broccoli

Vegetables are important to health in general; therefore, it is not surprising to find that vegetables are also great for your skin. One of such vegetables is broccoli. This vegetable is a veritable source of vitamins and minerals that improve the skin’s health. Some of these nutrients include zinc, vitamin A and C.

But that is not all, as broccoli is also rich in lutein. This is a carotenoid that is very similar to beta carotene. With this nutrient passing through your body, you enjoy better protection from damage from oxidation. Therefore, you can relax knowing that your skin will look fresh and smooth.

Apart from the physical benefits from this beauty food, another benefit is that broccoli has sulforaphane that has been revealed to help in preventing certain skin cancers while maintaining the collagen levels of your skin.

6. Bean Products

There are plenty of benefits from bean products. One of the best types of beans is soy. This bean contains isoflavones that increase or restrict the production of estrogen in the system. It works depending on what you need, and it benefits your skin.

Eating soy and other bean products has been found to help to reduce wrinkles and make your skin more elastic.

If you are in menopause, you will find that these beans can help to make your skin less dry while boosting the production of collagen in the skin. The bottom line is that it ensures that your skin is smooth and strong.

Apart from being great in postmenopausal women, it is great for women in general and will help to protect you from UV radiation.

7. Spinach

Leafy vegetables are excellent when it comes to being beauty food. Some of the types of leafy vegetables that you should look to eat include kale, collard greens, and of course, spinach. This vegetable is very rich in Vitamin K. Vitamin K is known for its excellent help when it comes to improving the circulation of blood in the body.

Also, you will enjoy the zinc content that helps to lower inflammation and deal with acne breakouts on the skin. With spinach, the antioxidants will help to even out your skin tone.

8. Green Tea

Most women suppose that green tea helps to lose weight, and while that effect is highly debatable, what is confirmed is that green tea can help your skin. In fact, it can work to reduce the damage and aging of your skin.

Green tea is rich in catechins, which have been found to help the skin. Since it is also rich in antioxidants, it cleanses your skin and will keep the skin from UV radiation damage. Drinking green tea regularly can help to reduce inflammation and redness of the skin due to the sun’s rays.

Furthermore, research shows that it works to boost moisture, elasticity, and thickness of the skin. However, while you want to drink green tea, it is advised that you don’t use it with milk. Some studies have postulated that taking milk with your green tea can reduce the potency of its nutrients and benefits for your skin.

9. Red Dates and Grapes

Red grapes are known not only for their distinctive color but also for containing resveratrol. This compound is extracted from the skin of these grapes. There are loads of benefits that come along with this compound. For example, it has been found to assist in reducing the effects of aging on the skin.

Some dermatologists have also said that this compound can reduce the production of hazardous free radicals that have a bad effect on the skin.

While you can find this compound in wine made from red grapes, it is not recommended to drink it to help your skin because of the effect of alcohol.

10. Kiwis

While it might not be as popular as some of the other foods on this list, kiwis have been found to be excellent beauty foods. Oranges are known for their high vitamin C content, but did you know that kiwis contain even more vitamin C than oranges?

Well, they do, and eating it can help to remove free radicals in your skin cells. It can also help to keep you safe from UV radiation damage, boost collagen production, and make your skin moisturized.

11. Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are a rich source of Beta carotene, which is converted into Vitamin A when it is in the body.

A small serving of this food contains a healthy concentration of this compound. The beta carotene is great because it works as a natural means of blocking the radiation from the skin.

Thus, you will not suffer from wrinkled skin, sunburn, and similar effects.


You are what you eat, and the foods that you eat will affect the health of your skin. Therefore, check out these foods that we have considered so far. All of these options are good for the skin and are bound to make your skin supple, beautiful, healthy, and strong.

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