Top 9 Best Face Steamers – Reviews and Buying Guide

Top Best Face Steamers Reviews and Buying Guide

You might have experienced how relaxing and soothing when hot steam brushes your face. In general, beauticians use steaming as a step when they do a facial treatment. Many skin experts know how beneficial steaming is to the skin. However, many of us have the questions on whether it is really beneficial or does it have any side-effects. The thing to know is that experts recommend that steaming brings many benefits to the skin. Steaming involves the use of hot steam or mist for opening the skin pores. Nowadays, you can do face steaming at home. Thanks to the face steamers available in the market designed for home use!

Steaming does a lot to your skin. It cleanses, promotes blood circulation, releases acne-causing bacteria, releases trapped sebum and is hydrating as well. Also, with the right face steamer, you can ensure that your skin will absorb the skincare products better. It also promotes elastin and collagen production in your skin and it is soothing as well. Even, it helps with sinus congestion besides being an accessible and affordable skincare technique.

Now, we know that you are interested in buying the best face steamer for your home use. We have picked up some of the best options available for you.

#1 Pro Facial Steamer from Dr. Dennis Gross

With this face steamer, you can bring a spa to your home. This steamer is designed to suit all skin types. However, those with enlarged pores and dehydrated skin will find this steamer helpful. When the micro-steam technology from this steamer hydrates and purifies your skin, you can relax yourself. At the end of just 9 minutes of steaming with this unit, you will see that your face shows up a soothed and dewy complexion.

This device delivers micro-steam technology for infusing skin with the required hydration. It detoxes the skin and clarifies the complexion and leaves skin with healthy radiance as claimed by many users.

For individuals with oily skin, they can use this steamer for about 15-20 minutes per session. For individuals with combination skin, the time is 12-15 minutes, while for those with dehydrated and dry skin, the ideal time to use is between 8 and 12 minutes.

#2 Facial Steamer Nano Ionic Hot Mist Face Steamer

This steamer is a new nano-ionic device that brings together a new ultrasonic design along with the PTC warming component. Both these produce a nano fog with negatively powered ionic elements. The device generates superfine steam particles that suit different skin types. It brings 1040F non-stop spraying. You can make sure to prevent skin burning as it features boil-dry protection that will automatically shut off when the tank is out of water. To prolong its service life, the product uses nano-coating on the circuit board. It will safeguard the device from damage.

The steam produced by this steamer is 4000 times finer compared to ordinary steamers. It replenishes natural moisture and provides deep hydration to the skin as claimed by many users.

#3 Spa-Quality Facial Steamer EH-SA31VP from Panasonic

This product from Panasonic has been designed to get pre and post makeup facial steaming. Also, the product provides spa-like facial steam treatment and it is shown to increase skin moisture. The compact and stylish lightweight design attracted many users of this product greatly. With a simple 6-minute steam cycle, this steamer helps with refreshing and soothing the skin. As this device generates nano-sized steam particles, the steam penetrates deep into the skin to considerably increase skin moisture.

Also, the deep-cleaning moisture helps with gently and quickly getting rid of makeup, dirt, and other skin impurities to improve a natural glow. The simple one-touch operation also was appreciated by many users.

Also, the water reservoir in this unit is easy to fill as claimed by many users, who are happy that they are able to get attractive complexion every time they use the steamer.

#4 NanoSteamer Large 3-in-1 Ionic Nano Steamer from Pure Daily Care

This three-in-one unit comes with an easy-to-use water pouring cup and a power cord. Also, it comes as a kit with 5 pieces of pf stainless steel blemish extractor and blackhead removing tools. After your steaming session, you can use the tools in this kit to get rid of blemishes, blackheads, and unclogging pores without any effort.

The ionic channeling technology used by this product helps with considerably boosting the absorption of your favorite masks, serums, and creams. In turn, you can expect the utmost effect of your beauty products.

This unit has a larger tank of 200 ml capacity. It means that you can get a relaxing steaming session that can last for 30 minutes. Most importantly, the completely silent operation is highly relaxing as stated by many users.

#5 NanoSteamer PRO Professional 4-in-1 Nano Ionic Facial Steamer

This device combines ionic water particles and nano steam technology. So, this steamer can produce steam that can penetrate 10 times more effective as compared to any other face steamer. It will help with improving skin tone and can unblock the pores. You can get full-powered steam only within 30 seconds. This device will turn clean water into micro-fine particles for producing consistent and powerful mist. You can witness the excellent transformation from different skin problems like pigmentation, dry skin, allergy, fine lines, and oil/acne-prone skin.

Many users are highly satisfied that this unit does not produce any plastic smell that they experience in many other steamers in the market. The device comes with a free blackhead remover kit and a hairband.

#6 Nano Portable Mini Facial Mister

With features like a 50ML Big capacity water tank, water input hole with a rubber stopper to prevent leakage and easy to use power button, this steamer can be a healthy beauty product for your home use. With the USB charging port, you can charge this face steamer at your convenience.

For individuals with dry skin, this device helps with deeply and quickly moisturizing their skin. For those with oily skin, it solves the issue by maintaining a balance between the water and the oil in the skin. For those with sensitive skin, this product quickly soothes allergies.

Many users when talking about this product appreciated the compact size and portable design. Also, many of them stated that they are able to easily carry it in their pocket or purse. Further, many users stated that it takes only 40 minutes for complete charging and it does not need any battery change.

#7 Ozone Spa Face Steamer With Extendable Arm from Kingsteam

With an advanced PTC Ceramic heating element, this face steamer from Kingsteam helps with deep moisturization. It helps with vaporizing clean water and producing consistent and abundant hot mists within a few seconds. The technology used by this device helps with easier penetration into the skin barrier.

Also, this device helps with skin moisturization at a faster pace. Further, the nutritional essence absorption happens in a more efficient manner with this device. The device comes with a UV light inside that helps with sterilizing the steam coming out of this unit. In turn, you can ensure that your skin gets only the safest steam.

Many users are highly satisfied that they are able to adjust the length of the arm and they are able to angle the sprayer as per their requirements. Also, the aromatherapy diffuser brings stress relief as claimed by many users.

#8 Microderm GLO Store Facial Steamer SPA+

With features like a one-touch sensor, SecureStay suction feet, easy refill, and adjustable nozzle, this device from Microderm GLO makes face sauna treatment at home possible. It works by providing nano ionic mist to your neck and face. In turn, you will get a radiant and squeaky clean complexion. It helps with cleaning out debris and oil buildup. In turn, you can expect the cleanest and brightest skin ever with this face steamer.

The product has been designed to provide 320% deeper hydration for thirsty skin. It increases blood flow to the neck and face and opens up pores for the utmost absorption of your favorite creams, moisturizers, serums, and peptides.

Many users have stated that even after every use, they are able to see smaller pores and softer skin with the help of this face steamer.

#9 Nano Ionic Warm Mist Facial Steamer from EC VISION

The purified water you feed into the water tank in this unit passes through 6 stages to reach your face. Initially, it passes through the PTC ceramic heating element. Then, it moves on to the powered steam and then to the internal circulatory system. After this stage, it gets converted into gentle steam. Then, the UV lamp sterilizes the steam and sends it to the nano ionic atomizer before it gets out of the steam opening to reach your face. All these stages ensure that your face gets the safest steam.

Many users are highly satisfied with the blackhead remover kit that comes with this unit.

Benefits of Face Steamer

face steamer reviews

A face steamer is a wonderful device for those looking for a simple way of cleansing skin, unclogging pores, and restoring a natural glow. Read this post to reveal some rarely known benefits of a face steamer and how to choose the best device. 

Below listed benefits prove that everyone needs a face steamer to look impressive:

1. It helps cosmetic products penetrate deeper

Moisturizers, serums, and toners contain many skin-nourishing ingredients. These ingredients fail to penetrate deeper into your skin if you simply cleanse your face. Face steamers open clogged pores and make your skin much softer. As a result, skincare product ingredients get deeper into your skin. 

You can experience the most advantages claimed by skincare product brands if your skin receives the required nourishment. Your skin becomes more permeable after the steaming session. Therefore, face steaming is important. 

2. It makes it quite easy to get rid of blackheads 

Blackheads occur when hair follicles are clogged under the skin. These skin bumps can look pretty ugly and you will like to get rid of them as soon as possible. A regular blackhead removal treatment can be painful and quite irritating. Combine it with face steaming to get rid of all the blackheads without any trouble. 

Face steamers constantly produce steam to soften your skin. It helps you loosen dirt clogging pores. You can target and remove blackheads at home if you got the right tool for the job. Face steaming will make it much easier and less painful and you will have much smoother skin. 

3. It’s a perfect way of hydrating skin

Your skin needs water to stay well-hydrated. You have to drink a lot of water throughout the day to stay well-hydrated, but your skin may still look dehydrated. What should you do in such conditions? Use a face steamer! 

Face steamers supply enough steam to hydrate every skin cell. Complete the procedure by applying moisture-locking toner or serum and then use a moisturizer. Your skin will appear plump and much softer than it was before! 

4. It increases blood circulation

Face steaming is one of the best methods to dilate blood vessels. Your blood vessels get slightly wider and more blood flows towards your face. 

There is no need to tell how beneficial blood circulation is for making your face looks more impressive. Your skin receives more oxygen and nutrients and skin cells get much healthier. You gain a natural glow after face steaming without applying an expensive skincare product. 

5. It helps you release trapped sebum and bacteria

Even though you don’t realize it, many bacteria get trapped in skin pores along with sebum and dirt. These bacteria cause acne and pimples. Use the face steamer twice or thrice a week to unclog all skin pores. Thus, you will release sebum along with bacteria. It will significantly reduce the risk of acne and your face will appear much cleaner. 

How to Pick the Right Face Steamer?

Focus on the following points to pick the best face steamer:

1. What type of face steamer is best for your skin?

There are mainly four types of face steamers:

  • In-house face steamers

As the name suggests, these steamers are designed for personal use. It’s the most common product people buy when they wish to try in-house face steaming treatment. These devices work flawlessly and provide enough steam to boost your glow. 

You will find two types of face steamers in this category, flared facial steamers and flower design steamers. A flared steamer provides a wide opening to fit your face for steaming. Turn on the device and get your face inside the cone-shaped opening. The steam will be released shortly to treat your face. 

Flower design steamers have a smaller opening. It’s a perfect desktop device and it directs steam towards your face with pressure. Steam tickles your skin and offers all the steaming benefits to meet your skincare needs. 

Check both designs and assess their pros and cons to buy a perfect desktop steamer for your house. 

  • Professional-grade steamers

These steam producing devices are widely used in spas, salons, and dermatologist clinics. It’s not an ideal pick for in-house use. These devices are expensive and somewhat bulkier than desktop steamers. Many professional-grade steamers are designed specifically for certified professionals. You may not even buy them if you want!

Brands provide this type of steamers in various designs. Some steamers are large and their steam producing capacity is much better than ordinary models. So, consider this type of face steamer if you are looking for a professional-grade steaming device.  

  • Face steamer with magnifying lamp

It is also professional-level equipment, but its design is quite different. This device is equipped with a magnifying lamp and that makes it more expensive than other professional-grade steamers. 

The magnifying lamp is equipped to offer UV sterilization. It is quite beneficial for your skin because UV sterilization helps you get rid of 90% of germs accumulated on your skin. There won’t be any acne breakout if you use this machine to steam your face. 

You need to learn how to use the magnifying lamp correctly to get the full benefit of this device. Brands provide a manual and user guide to help you use this device perfectly. You should buy it if you are looking for additional benefits promised by this type of face steamer. 

  • Portable face steamers

It is what you need if you are looking for an affordable face steaming device. It weighs much less than other devices endorsed in this post. You can fill a few cups of clean water and then turn on the device to produce steam. 

A portable face steamer is perfect for frequent travellers. You can pack it in a backpack and carry it with you wherever you go. Some battery-powered devices also help you get steam in remote areas with no electricity. 

You can enjoy a soothing steaming session anywhere in the world if you got this device. Buy it if you don’t need a bulky face steamer! 

2. Assess the volume and capacity

Once the right type of face steamer, you have to check its tank capacity. Every face steamer comes with a different capacity tank. Suppose you are buying the steamer for in-house use, a device with a 90-100ml capacity water tank will be perfect. It will provide a steady supply of steam for 15-20 minutes.  

Look for a larger variant if you want a larger capacity face steamer. Professional grade face steamers come with much larger tanks. Multiple users can use that device to steam facial skin. 

3. Look for a steamer with a vaporizer

You should buy a face steamer that uses a vaporizer to generate steam. It will provide high-quality steam with fine droplets. Your skin will soak this steam much better and it will have much better glowing effects. 

4. Can you use it with essential oils?

Not all face steamers are compatible with essential oils. If you want to produce skin-nourishing steam, you should choose a steamer that contains a special compartment for essential oils. It will blend the steam with your skin care product and then release it on your face. Thus, you will get flavored and soothing steam to treat skin problems. 

5. Is it fast or a sluggish face steamer?

A top-quality face steamer never takes too long to produce steam. It will operate fast and provide high-quality steam within a few seconds. You should look for a fast operating device if you don’t want to wait too long. 

Large size steamers are great at this job. They vaporize the water within a minute and you receive quality steam through the opening. Some small size and portable steamers also work fast. Check user reviews to ensure you are buying a fast and reliable device. 

6. Number of modes

An ordinary in-house steamer does not provide any special mode. You have to search for a good-quality model if you want different modes. Such as there will be a mode to open pores. You can use it when wearing masks, serums, or other products. 

A cold mode will be useful to tighten your skin and lock moisture in your skin cells. Some steamers also provide the hydration mode. It turns dull-looking skin into glowing skin within a few seconds. 

You can also find steamers with special modes, such as oil control mode. You can unclog pores, improve oil balance in your skin, and get naturally glowing skin. Different brands use different names to define operating modes. Check all the available modes before buying the device. Thus, you will pick a steamer that provides everything with your skin needs. 

7. Can it produce cold mist?

Some face steamers are also capable of spraying cold mist. It is not a standard feature, but top-rated models offer it. So, you can use cold mist after makeup to have soft and smooth skin. It can also be helpful if you do not like to wait because the steamer will throw refreshing mist to cleanse your face. 

Look for all the recommended features and you will certainly buy a high-quality and feature-rich steamer for your home. 


The best face steamer will help with improving the effectiveness of your skincare products. You can get the best results when you use a steamer on your clean skin. Among the best 9 face steamers we have stated here, our choice of the best face steamers for different purposes are listed below:

You can choose one of these steamers based on your specific needs to get the best outcome. Even, steamers can bring other benefits as well!

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