Top 15 Best Face Serums Reviews

Top 15 Best Face Serums Reviews2

Why Should You Consider Buying Face Serums?

Face serums are nothing but moisturizers. But, how are they different from regular moisturizers? They are lightweight. Also, they contain a high concentration of ingredients like Vitamin C, Glycolic Acid, and Hyaluronic Acid. They are mostly used for addressing specific skincare concerns like wrinkles. A serum will generally be thinner in consistency as compared to a moisturizer. So, they are the perfect choice when it comes to layering. When it comes to serums, they come in different formulas. They can be light creams, oils, and gels. Even, some products will have water-like consistency.

You should include the best face serum in your skincare regimen for the following reasons:

  • To reduce the dark spots in your face
  • To brighten your dull skin
  • To reduce wrinkles and to plump up your skin
  • To replenish volume and moisture retention in some areas of your facial skin
  • To manage acne-prone skin
  • To exfoliate your skin and to hydrate

So now, you know that the best face serum can do wonders in your skin. But, with many serums available in the face-products market, how to choose one will be your question. To help you, we have shortlisted some of the best serums available in the market:

#1 Estee Lauder – Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex II

You will be surprised to know that this product is shortly called as ANR by beauty enthusiasts. The excellent thing about this product is that it works overnight to hydrate your skin. With ingredients like antioxidants, squalene, and hyaluronic acid, this product helps with brightening your face. Many users claim that just applying a few drops before bedtime will help you wake up with bright complexion the next day. This face serum suits all skin types.

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#2 Elizabeth Arden Advanced Ceramide Capsules Daily Youth Restoring Serum

With anti-aging and collagen-boosting properties, this product has been created by Elizabeth Arden to suit all types of skin. With an improved complex of ceramides, this product helps with strengthening the reliability of the moisture barrier of your skin. It helps with supporting natural collagen production in the skin. In turn, you will get a firmer look in your skin. Ingredients like Tsubaki Oil, Oleic Acid, vitamins and fatty acids help you get a glowing skin. Fatty acids present in this product helps with maintaining the natural moisture barrier in the skin to make sure that you can get healthy-looking skin. Many users expressed that this product works for winter and autumn seasons.

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#3 Aesop Parsley Seed Anti-Oxidant Serum

Do you have normal or combination skin? Are you looking for the best face serum, you can consider this product. It suits normal to combination skin types. Also, it moisturizes and safeguards your skin from harmful toxins. With rich and soothing ingredients like grape seed and parsley seed, this product will improve the softness of your facial skin. This face serum can turn out to be a perfect addition to your skincare regimen. Many users feel that this product brought improvement in the texture of their skin. Also, many stated that the product has a soothing smell.

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#4 Lancome Advanced Genifique Youth Activating Concentrate

This brightening face serum from Lancome pays attention to the key signs of youthful-looking skin. The signs it can handle include clarity, radiance, wrinkles, fine lines and even texture. You will get glowing and younger-looking skin as claimed by many users of this product. The serum has a light texture. So, it is getting absorbed by the skin quickly without leaving any residue. Dimethicone is the main ingredient in this serum that safeguards your skin against irritants. Of course, the product contains other ingredients like sodium hyaluronate that retain the moisture content in your skin.

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#5 Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate

If you are looking for a skin-quenching serum, this product will help you with its rich hydrating properties. The product is made using omega oils that will moisturize and plump your skin. The good thing about this product as claimed by most users is that it works with the natural nocturnal activity of the skin. If you feel that your skin is most receptive to repair itself, you can try this product. The un-responsiveness of the skin is not a problem as it can arise due to daily aggressors.

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#6 Shiseido Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate

Are you a frequent party-goer? If so, you know how important it is for you to ensure the utmost attractiveness of your skin. So, you can confidently try this product out. If you do not have time to do a facial before the party, this product will relieve you as claimed by many users. This lightweight serum will leave your skin not just hydrated but also plump. The product uses the exclusive ImuGeneration Technology that encompasses efficient natural extracts to motivate the natural ability of your skin to defend itself. This will happen even under extremely stressful conditions that you undergo. Phenoxyethanol is the main ingredient in this product not just to improve its shelf-life but also to safeguard your skin from any sort of bacterial infection.

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#7 Jurlique Herbal Recovery Signature Serum

If you are looking for the best face serum to fight the signs of aging, you can consider opting for this product from Jurlique. This product has been created as a youth-restoring serum. It means that it will help your skin face multiple signs of aging. In turn, it will help with transforming the overall appearance of your skin. Pure Viola obtained from the organic farms in South Australian Hills helps with hydrating the skin. Jurlique brand grows red clover flowers on its own farm. The extract of this plant is used in this product. This ingredient has been scientifically proven to improve the hydrating role played by hyaluronic Acid. Many users expressed that this serum gets absorbed by the skin very quickly.

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#8 SK-II RNA New Age Essence

If you are concerned about the wrinkles and pores in your skin, you can rely on this product as the best face serum. It will help with reducing your wrinkles and skin pores, thereby giving a fresh feel to your skin. Your skin will become too smooth and even tingled. When you apply at the night before going to bed, you will see this difference the next morning in your face when you wake up. Each drop of this serum helps with filling the gaps in your skin. Pitera is a bio-ingredient used in this product. It is rich in amino acids, minerals and organic acids. They work together to contribute to improved skin cell renewal.

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#9 CLARINS Double Serum

If you are worried that your facial skin looks older, you can choose this product. The product is suitable for all ages and also all skin types. This product is powered by 20 pure potent plant extracts. The dual-chamber system in this product encompasses a couple of age-defying formulas into a single useful serum. The product has been created to reactivate the vital functions of your skin. Within 4 weeks of using this product, you will get firmer skin with reduced wrinkles. Turmeric has been added for its anti-aging property, Callicarpa extract ensures that the skin radiance is revived. Many users feel that they were able to see visible changes in the suppleness of their skin after they started using this product.

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#10 Guerlain Abeille Royale Daily Repair Serum

The unique texture of this face serum as the name implies repairs every layer of your skin. In turn, the product aims at bringing complete firmness in your skin. You will experience that the skin becomes plumper with the help of this product. But, it will happen not just in your exterior most skin, but also in your interior most skin. Many users of this product claimed that this product helped their skin to recapture youthfulness. The product uses exclusive royal jelly and honey from Quessant island as ingredients. The honeyed scent in this product as claimed by many users keep them refreshing.

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#11 La Mer The Lifting Contour Serum

Are you looking for ways to transform your facial definition? Yes, what you have read is right! This face serum from La Mer will help you with this. This is a sculpting serum meant for visibly evaluating and transforming your facial definition. Seaweed is one of the active ingredients in this product. It plays a major role in keeping your skin young and plumping. Even, it will support irrespective of your skin texture and type. La Mer has gained a reputation skincare domain and they have not failed in this product as well claims many users of this product.

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#12 Olay Collagen Peptides Wrinkle Correction Serum

The good thing about this product is that it encompasses ingredients that penetrate deep into the surface of the skin to treat wrinkles right from the base. Olay has created this face serum as a fragrance-free serum. It has been crafted to quickly get absorbed by the skin. Further, the product is free of synthetic dyes, mineral oils, phthalates and parabens. So, you can stay confident about using a product that will be friendly to your skin without any irritants. Vitamin D in this product helps with preventing premature aging of the skin.

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#13 Clinique Smart Custom Repair Serum

Are you worried that you do not know your skin type? Then, you should go for a face serum that suits all skin types. This product from Clinique has been created to help people like you, who do not know their skin type. The reason is that it suits all skin types. As the name of this product denotes, it is created for repairing many types of skin issues. You will get younger-looking skin with the regular use of this product. Morus Nigra Root Extract helps with conditioning the skin, while Triticum Vulgare (Wheat) Germ Extract acts as a bleaching agent for the skin.

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#14 COSME DECORTE Moisture Liposome Essence

As the name of this product denotes, this face serum from Cosme Decorte helps with retaining the moisture level in your skin. It gets into the surface skin cells entirely. Then, it continues to retain the moisture level in your skin by addressing chapped, dry or problematic skin. The glycerin in this product helps to moisturize your skin, while the acetyl glutamine acts as an emollient. Also, for fragrance, the brand has added Betula Alba Bark Extract in this product. The satisfactory performance of the product was appreciated by many users.

#15 Helena Rubinstein Powercell Skinmunity The Serum

As against some products that are made for a specific type of skin, this product suits all skin types. As the name of this product very well denotes, it will help with improving the immunity of your skin. It is an anti-aging facial serum that is super-charged with the best ingredients to help you get and retain young-looking skin. Sea Fennel used in this face serum boosts collagen, unclogs pores, and reduces fine lines. It plays a major role in helping the epidermis layer of your skin to regain its youth. Milk Thistle is yet another major ingredient in this product. It helps with promoting healthy skin. A study shows that it helped with improving inflammatory conditions in the skin. Even, it is known for its anti-aging and antioxidant properties to fight aging.

How to Apply Face Serum?

How to Apply Face Serum

The face serum is formulated to transform the user’s skin and make it look more youthful, radiant, spot-free, and more beautiful. Follow the below-given steps to learn how to apply the serum.

Step 1: Exfoliate your skin

Choose a face scrub or a face wash to clean your face before applying the serum. Get your face wet and then apply exfoliating face wash. Now, gently massage your forehead, nose, cheeks, chin, and neck.

Gently move your fingers in a circular motion to get the best cleaning results. Now, rinse away the face wash and use a clean towel to remove excess water. It will ensure there is no dirt or oil on your face when applying the serum.

Step 2: Apply a few drops of serum to your face

Face serum comes in tiny vials. You should get one drop of the serum on your hand and then apply it on each side of your face. You won’t need too much serum if it is thin and easy to apply. Take a drop on your finger and apply it to your forehead. Use one drop to cover the nose, cheeks, chin, and neck.  

Step 3: Warm-up thick serum before applying it to your face

Suppose you got denser serum, it won’t that easy to apply. Take a few drops on your hands and rub your hands to warm up the serum. Now, apply the serum over your face. Maintain a gentle sweeping motion to get the product into your skin pores.

Step 4: Gently tap your face for a minute

The face may feel a little wet after applying the serum. Gently tap fingers over your forehead, nose, chin, and cheeks to help the skin absorb the product perfectly.

Step 5: Apply moisturizing lotion

The serum will take about a minute to dissolve properly into your facial skin. Now, apply the moisturizer to ensure your skin looks glowing and smooth. Suppose you are getting ready for an event, apply the moisturizer and then apply makeup to get the best result.

What You Can Expect From Face Serum?

Face serum is one of the most confusing beauty products for many women because they aren’t aware of the following benefits of face serum.

It’s an ideal product to hydrate your skin

Face serum has become the new must-have skincare product. It is quite vital because most people can’t drink enough water to maintain well-hydrated skin. The face serum moisturizes dry skin and keeps it locked for hours.

It has become a must-have beauty product due to its ability to make dull skin look well-nourished and healthier. The serum uses hyaluronic acid to keep the moisture locked into your skin. Consequently, you get soft and fresh-looking skin within a minute.  

Apply the serum twice a day to hydrate your skin and maintain its natural charm throughout the day!

It removes excess oil and prevents skin breakouts

Most users avoid oily skincare products if they have oily skin. You may also avoid oily serum believing it will make your face look oilier. You may wonder it will trigger more pimples and acne, but you should not worry about these issues.

Even though you got oily skin, you can use the serum to improve your appearance. High-quality serums are prepared from oil-reducing ingredients, such as salicylic acid, tea tree oil, and strawberry extract to make the skin look less oily and attractive.

The face serum mattifies your face to ensure you look fresh and charming. Even if you only apply the moisturizer, your face will look rejuvenated.  

It prevents skin irritation

Users with sensitive skin are quite choosy about what they apply to the face. Issues like rashes, itchiness, redness, and irritation prevent them from doing too many experiments with skincare products.

You should not be afraid of applying face serum if you got sensitive skin. This product plays an important role in preventing skin irritation, inflammation, and it calms your skin.

Top-quality face serum contains ingredients, such as zinc, glycerin, aloe vera, shea butter, and arnica to treat skin irritation. It can also work as a treatment against rash if you apply it twice a day!  

Shrinks pores

People with oily skin have visible pores that reduce the charm and cause issues like acne and pimples. Face serum comes with another hidden benefit, which is shrinking larger pores. The serum improves cell turners to further reduce the size of pores.

Suppose you got clogged pores, apply the serum twice a day. This product will unclog pores with the help of exfoliating acids and antioxidants. Eventually, pores will get tighter and your skin will get smoother.

Do not worry about pore congesting because your skin will absorb this product pretty quickly.  

No more skin blemishes

Acne scars, blemishes, pigmentation, red spots, and dark circles make you look old and unattractive. If you have tried various products and nothing has worked yet, you should try face serum.

Face serum’s ingredients, such as vitamins, plant concentrates, etc. treat scar blemishes. This product makes the skin brighter so that scar blemishes get less visible. It’s the best product to regenerate and repair skin cells and heal scars. Therefore, it should be a part of your daily skincare routine.

You look younger!

If you got dull skin and aging signs like fine lines, wrinkles, and cow’s foot reducing your charm, try the face serum! Choose a product designed to cure aging signs. Retinol, antioxidants, vitamin C, and reservatrol will hide fine lines and wrinkles. You will look younger, fresher, and more attractive.

How to Pick the Best Face Serum?

How to Pick the Best Face Serum

Consider the following points to pick the right face serum for you!

Check what type of ingredients present in the serum

Carefully assess the ingredients list before buying the serum. Choose a serum containing hydrator, humectants, and antioxidants. These types of ingredients ensure your skin heals, glows, stay well-moisturized throughout the day.

Is it formulated to hydrate your skin?

Does your skin look dry and dull due to lack of moisture? You should choose hydrating serum to gain that extra layer of moisture underneath the moisturizer and makeup. It will nourish your skin to lock moisture and rejuvenate dull-looking skin.

The hydrating serum consists of glycerin, hyaluronic acid, snail mucin, aloe vera, and other hydrating ingredients. These ingredients do not cause any side effects and keep your skin well-moisturized the entire day. This type’s serums are perfect for all skin types and you should try them!

Can it prevent environmental damage on the skin

Antioxidant-rich face serum can effectively prevent environmental damage on the skin. Choose a vitamin C-rich serum because it doesn’t cause an irritating skin reaction. The serum will target blemishes, pimple scars, and lighten dark circles pretty quickly.  

Although the antioxidant-rich serum is mainly used to brighten and rejuvenate the skin, its anti-aging properties lure thousands of users. Try it if you want to experience all the advantages such face serums offer!

Can it clear dead skin cell buildup?

Retexturizing or resurfacing serums are great at fighting dead skin cell buildup. They are perfect for exfoliating treatment. You get a blend of both AHAs and BHAs to soften and remove dead skin cells. The skin gets much smoother and cleaner than before.

Some beauty experts recommend toners for resurfacing, but they can be much harsher. Resurfacing serums are much milder and perfectly suited for sensitive skin. Ingredients, such as salicylic acid, lactic acid, and glycolic acid cause no harm to your skin while dealing with dead skin cells!

Can it reduce pigmentation and dark spots?

You need a brightening serum if you wish to increase glow, even the skin tone, and remove dark spots. If there are post-acne marks on your face, you should try this product now. It will work like magic to hide those irritating dark spots and make you look more attractive.

Brightening serum contains niacinamide, vitamin C, tranexamic acid, kojic acid, hydroxyl acids, and alpha arbutin. It can effectively reduce the signs of hyperpigmentation, dullness, and dark spots.  

Does it prevent skin breakouts?

Some serums are perfect at preventing skin breakout and excess oil production. You can also use them for blemish clearing because they contain BHAs to cleanse pores. Oil production regulates when you daily apply this product and you get clearer-looking skin.

There won’t be skin reactions because willow bark extract, salicylic acid, zinc, and niacinamide will repair and protect your skin. You won’t suffer from acne due to clogged pores!

Can it hide aging signs?

Are you tired of hearing people’s remarks about your age? Do you want to look younger? Try anti-aging face serum that contains peptides, retinoids, bakuchiol, hydroxyl acids, and vitamin C. It will cure dark spots, dullness, pigmentation, and aging signs like wrinkles and fine lines. Collagen formation will increase underneath the skin if you apply the serum daily.

Can it minimize pores?

Do you avoid parties and events due to those large pores on your cheeks? Look for serums containing salicylic acid, niacinamide, mushroom extract, and other such pore-tightening ingredients.

This type’s skin serums exfoliate deep inside pores to unclog them and tighten them. Regular use of such a serum can gradually reduce the appearance of large pores.


From our review of different face serums, we found Herbal Recovery Signature Serum From Jurlique as the best when we talked to the users. We also feel that this herbal remedy safely rejuvenates the skin. Above all, it suits all skin types.

Just in case, you have combination skin that is sometimes oily and sometimes dry, you can consider choosing Aesop Parsley Seed Anti-Oxidant Serum. The product gets absorbed by the skin to quickly bring you a soothing feel.

If you have dry skin, it can never be harder to maintain anymore. The reason is that you can rely on the best face serum called Midnight Recovery Concentrate from Kiehl’s to suit your skin type.

If you are worried that your skin is highly sensitive, you can consider The Lifting Contour Serum From La Mer.

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