Top 10 Best Face Rollers – Reviews and Buying Guide

Top Best Face Rollers Reviews and Buying Guide

Facial rollers otherwise called face rollers are similar to the paint rollers that we use for the wall. Yes, these are rollers for the skin. They help with applying any skincare cream or lotion evenly all through the face. They aid in improving blood circulation. They help any skin care cream or lotion to get easily absorbed by the skin. They aid in bringing down skin puffiness that occurs as a result of lymphatic channels. Similar to other skincare products, face rollers are also available in different models from different brands in the market.

To get the best skincare benefits, you should choose one of the best face rollers. To help you with this selection, we have shortlisted the top 10 options available in the market:

#1 Facial Roller Massager

This platinum electronic roller has been designed to promote younger-looking, radiant and toned skin. This hand-held massage roller has been formulated by MTG to mimic the delicate fingertips of a beautician. This device works by generating a mild microcurrent through a solar panel present in the handle. It attracts the light to activate. The tool has been designed for facial use.

When using it, you can focus on areas that are prone to slackening like forehead, lip area and eye contour. The deep-kneading action that this tool follows helps with a refreshing and rejuvenating the skin to bring up facial beauty.

Many users of this face roller stated that they feel highly comfortable in using this tool.

#2 ReFa CARAT Ray from MTG

The deep kneading motion that is possible with this tool from MTG provides a sensational way to take your skin to the right path to achieve brilliant beauty. The product has a streamlined with a flowing form that rightly fits your hand. Also, the design of this tool has a larger solar panel to generate microcurrent.

This tool has been designed with double drainage rollers. They provide the grip and gliding similar to the kneading manipulations done by a beautician to help with tightening and firming the skin to brilliance.

Many users are highly satisfied that this product has an IPX7 waterproof rating. This rating makes it comfortable for them to use the product even when they are in the bathroom.

#3 3D Microcurrent Facial Roller from Multifun

Not just to improve skin contour, this product has been designed to bring anti-aging benefits to the users. Many users of this product stated that their face gets smoother and firmer day after day with this tool. It helps with improving facial contour and also skin tone. For those looking for ways to smoothen their dimples and turn their body skin firm, this product from Multifun can help.

The product has an innovative design with an ergonomically designed handle to easily accommodate and create more than one or two pressurized spots. In turn, the skin in different areas of the face gets tight.

Without any on and off switch, this tool starts working as soon as it touches the skin. This is felt to be a convenient operation method for many users.


This face roller fromROSELYNBOUTIQUE will bring you visible transformation by relieving your skin from large pores and wrinkles. This derma roller promotes youthfully vibrant, luminous, and healthy-looking skin complexion.

When reading the name of this product, you might fear pain from needling. But, you need not have to worry claims many users. The reason is that this beautician-recommended microneedle length of just 0.25 mm needs just a firm and gentle pressure to reduce discomfort and enhance usage to bring the best results. When you use this face roller with the best skin care products for topical application, your skin will continue to look at its utmost beauty for long. This product effectively gets rid of dead skin cells by exfoliating the skin.

Many users of this product stated that this tool helped with minimizing the scars in their faces with regular use.

#5 Lumina Flawless Contour Vibrating Facial Roller from Finishing Touch

Suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin, this pack encompasses not just a facial roller, but also an under eye press. This press helps with bringing down the dark circles and puffy eyes. The face roller has been designed to help users improve blood circulation in the face.

The roller heads are made using genuine rose quartz stones. This tool combines a controlled vibrating technology with a genuine rose quartz stone. For operating, this tool uses an AA Battery.

 it promotes collagen production and helps with bringing down wrinkles and fine lines as stated by many users. Many users of this product expressed that in addition to being easy to use, this tool brings a cooling sensation to their faces.

#6 Derma Roller 0.25mm from Lolysenta

This derma roller from Lolysenta brings about a difference in skincare. It can effectively complement your skincare routine. It works by improving the absorption of your skincare products.

This microneedle roller suits different skin types. The 0.25 mm needle size makes this product safe and painless to use. The length of this product makes it the best choice not just for beginners, but also for professionals. The needles in this product are titanium needles. The strength of this material along with its durability and corrosion resistance will allow you to use this product for many months. For easy storage after use, this tool also comes with a case. 

You will feel that your skin gets awakened, soft and fresh when you start using this roller. This is what many users of this product experienced themselves.

#7 Gua Sha Set and Jade Roller from Roselyn Boutique

This product comes as an essential beauty set. Roselyn Boutique offers a facial skin massager roller for neck, eyes, body and face. It will help with relaxing, tightening and cooling your skin.

Also, the product includes a handcrafted real natural jade stone. This original stone will help with achieving ultra-smooth surface texture. The guasha scraper that is part of this set is known for its efficient and simple healing properties. You can expect visible results with this scraper. It stimulates collagen production. It reduces cell turnover time and plumps fine lines.

Many users of this tool stated that it helped them close and reduce enlarged pores. Also, many users stated that this tool helped them to firm and tighten the skin. It works by boosting elastin production. It reduces spots around the jawline and chin that arises due to toxin build-up on facial muscles.

#8 Ice Roller for Eyes and Face from Esarora

For those concerned about their facial dropsy, massaging before applying makeup with this tool from Esarora will help. It will help by calming the skin and shrinking the pores. It helps with preventing wrinkles besides improving dry skin as claimed by many users. Even, whenever they feel fatigued, for relief, some users use this tool for massaging the temples and eye socket to get the best relief. It reduces the burning sensation in the skin after sun exposure.

Many women in their menopause phase stated that this product helped them to alleviate their facial and neck redness and fever-like symptoms. This product is available in different colors to choose from.

#9 Germanium Stone Radiance Roller from Youthlab

This product is not just a face roller. But, it can be used as an eye and body massager as well. It has been designed as a tool for skin firming and tightening. It will help with tension relief and as an anti-aging remedy. It can also de-puff the eyes to improve their glow. Not only the under-eye area but also it de-puffs the skin in other body parts by promoting lymphatic drainage.  

Many users expressed that for added benefit, they refrigerate this tool for a few hours before using it. The massaging action of this roller helps with firming and tightening the facial muscles. It helps with enhancing the natural contours of the face and reduces wrinkles and fine line appearance. 

#10 2-IN-1 Face Massager Roller from Yeamon

This product comes as a kit with two types of face rollers. One of them is a T-shaped electric energy tool, while the other is a 3D Roller face massager. To find the whole-body tightening curve, the second tool has a surface diamond-grade cut in a small diamond shape.

Also, its unique 3D type design makes it the best tool for all body parts massaging. The T-shaped head of the other tool is designed for 6000 vibrations per minute and it helps with skin tightening.

Many users suggest that the daily use of the 3D roller will make your skin and face look not just younger but also healthier. It does it by removing dark circles and reducing wrinkles.

Benefits of Face Roller

face roller reviews

Some call it a facial tool and some use it as a massager, the face roller has been around for centuries. This roller is made of jade or other crystals to massage your face and offer beauty benefits. 

A face roller is not another fancy tool to decorate the dressing table. It can be pretty helpful if you want to improve your facial charm. The following benefits make it a must-have beauty tool in your makeup kit. 

1. It improves blood circulation

The face roller makes it quite simple to boost blood circulation in the face. As found in a 2018 study, a 5-minute massage is enough to flow more blood towards your face. You have to place it on different areas of your face and roll it. That’s enough to experience increased blood flow. 

Unlike face massaging machines, the face roller does not require power to operate. It’s pretty lightweight and easy to maneuver. Therefore, you can target all the important areas of your face, get more blood flowing, and improve skin health. 

2. It tightens your facial skin

You must massage your face daily if you want to maintain a firmer texture of your skin. Many studies support the claim that face massage is quite beneficial when it comes to improving skin firmness. The amount of protein boosts skin cells which makes them healthier with each massage. 

You can easily get rid of ageing signs if you massage your face and then apply an anti-ageing cream. Wrinkles and fine lines get less visible and your face looks much younger.  

Experts even recommend applying anti-ageing products with a face roller. It will massage your face, spread the product across your face, and offer anti-ageing benefits. Therefore, you should try it for younger-looking skin. 

3. It reduces puffiness

Many users have admitted that face rollers have helped them in reducing puffiness. It works like a magical tool when it comes to reducing puffiness around the eyes. Roll the roller around areas where fluid is accumulating under your skin. It will disperse that fluid to restore the natural shape of your face. You won’t need an expensive product after using the face roller daily on puffed areas. 

Experts recommend storing the face roller in a freezer and then rolling it over the face to have better effects. Its icy-cold touch will ensure your eyes look well-rested and more appealing. The cold touch of the roller will also help you tighten enlarged skin pores. 

4. Try it to feel positive in the morning

Do you want to kick-start your day with a positive mindset? Roll the face roller for a few minutes on your face after the cleansing routine. Its massage will quickly boost your mood and make you feel much better about upcoming events. 

Facial massage is known to activate the sympathetic nervous system. It offers all the beauty benefits along with a positive mindset. You get more alert, positive, and your confidence levels boost instantly. 

It’s a great way of embracing new challenges you may face during the day. You will have a positive approach along with a beautiful face to cope with adverse situations. 

How to Choose the Right Face Roller?

A face roller might be a new beauty tool for you. Even though it has been around for a long time, it’s something new for western users. This Chinese beauty tool has proven its effectiveness and therefore many companies are producing it. 

You should be a bit choosy when buying a face massaging roller. Assess key features before buying the product to pick the right product. Consider the following things to invest your money in a genuine face roller. 

1. Which type of face roller will benefit your skin?

There are more than five types of face rollers and each offers some unique benefits. 

Jade roller

Jade has been used in Chinese medicine for centuries. It is called the stone of heaven and people believe it offers better health, longevity, wealth, and prosperity. Chinese believe that jade can draw negative energy out of your life. 

This stone is used to craft decorative pieces and many face rollers feature this stone. The jade roller can reduce skin redness, inflammation, and infection. It’s the best roller for restoring natural face complexion. 

Since jade gua sha blades are thinner, you can easily hold and maneuver them while moving the roller. Besides, this stone is famous for lymphatic drainage and therefore it’s the best massager for your skin. 

Rose quartz roller

It is probably the most popular type of face roller. It looks appealing due to its pinkish tone and it can hold the temperature as a cold or hot stone. 

This roller is ideal for users, who like to enjoy prolonged face massage. Keep it in the freezer to enjoy a cold massage. It will stay cold for several minutes and allow you to stimulate blood circulation in your face. 

Experts believe the rose quartz roller can help your remove toxins from your face. Its healing properties make it a wonderful solution for issues severely affecting your facial charm. 

Amethyst roller

If you are dealing with issues like pimples and acne, you should give the Amethyst roller a try. It soothes skin inflammation and prevents acne-causing bacteria from affecting your skin. Rub this roller gently against your skin twice a day. You will soon experience positive effects and acne won’t appear on your skin. 

Fire agate is also a good alternative for soothing acne-prone skin. You can try face rollers containing both amethyst and fire agate stones to prevent acne and have smooth skin. 

Metal roller

If you wish to use a cold massager without keeping it in the freezer, try a metal roller. It got natural cooling properties that make it identical to the jade roller. Consider it a perfect cure for puffy eyes and tense skin. 

The metal roller will release skin tension, soothe inflammation, and offer a comforting feeling. You should try it if you are looking for a face roller for daily face massage. 

Ice roller

The ice roller is very different from crystal rollers. You can fill it with gel or water and then roll it over facial skin. Experts recommend this roller for better absorption of skincare products. Suppose you have applied day cream, roll the ice roller over your face. It will help ingredients penetrate deeper into your skin. 

Derma roller

A derma roller is quite different from all the face rollers featured in this post. It comes with tiny pinpricks that roll as you move the roller. Do not get frightened because it won’t hurt your skin. This roller acts like a spiked massager. 

People choose derma roller to hide skin blemishes, ugly scars and have tight and plump skin. This roller boosts collagen production in your skin to remove marks, scars, and make you look younger. It is quite different from traditional face rollers, but it’s extremely effective.  

2. Determine the needs of your skin

Every person copes with different skin problems and requires a different type of cure for those problems. What problems are troubling you recently? Know what kind of nourishment and care your skin needs to pick the right face roller. 

We have listed and explained all types of face rollers to help you determine the right face massaging roller. Determine which roller will cure skin problems you are facing and then buy it. 

3. Is it a durable face massaging tool?

Most face rollers feature crystals and stones that massage the skin. You would love to use this tool for years once you start experiencing benefits. Did you choose a tool that is durable enough to serve for years? Is it easy to clean and maintain? 

Check these aspects of the face roller before you place the order. The massage head should roll smoothly on your skin and it should not come off if you apply extra pressure. Check some buyer reviews to ensure you are choosing a durable and reliable tool! 

4. Will you receive a genuine product?

Are you buying the face roller for the first time? It will be tough to recognize genuine jade, rose quartz, fire agate, or amethyst roller just by checking its picture. Many people can’t recognize it if they pick it off the shelf. 

Learn how to recognize it’s a genuine crystal and not a fake product. Use your knowledge to assess the chosen product and then buy it. Thus, you won’t end up with a fake roller that offers no skincare benefits. 

5. Is it easy to maintain?

Your face roller will catch dirt, pollutants, dead skin cells, and other impurities from your face. You will have to clean it before using it and store it in a clean environment to avoid skin infections. Can you clean it easily or it requires special care to maintain its shape?

Check the maintenance tips for the chosen face roller. Buy it only if you can maintain it without any trouble. Make sure it won’t break or damage due to regular cleaning otherwise it’s just a waste of money. 


Without any doubt, face rollers are effective tools to rejuvenate your skin. As against using just your fingers for applying any skin cream or lotion when you use the best face rollers, the tools will ensure that the skincare regimen will reach the intended layer of the skin. From our review, we have shortlisted the following as the best face rollers:

So, you can choose the right face roller based on your skincare requirement. Wishing you healthy facial skincare!

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