Top 20 Best Face Moisturizers – Reviews and Buying Guide

Top Best Face Moisturizers Reviews and Buying Guide

Skin moisturizing should be part of your daily routine. This rule applies to all skin types. When it comes to individuals with dry skin, it becomes even more important. The reason is that moisturizing will rehydrate your skin and will give it a smoother and softer feel. When you keep your facial skin hydrated, it will help with retaining the elasticity for longer. Even, it will help with staving off the signs of aging for longer.

So, irrespective of your skin type, you now know that a face moisturizer is essential. With these things known, let us identify the top 20 face moisturizers available in the market:

#1 The Moisturizing Cream from La Mer

This anti-aging and skin-lightening moisturizing cream will suit individuals with combination and dry skin. La Mer has infused this product with nutrient-rich Miracle Broth. The fermented Miracle Broth is known for its anti-inflammatory properties. Inflammation leads to many skin issues like redness, irritation, and puffiness. So, when the inflammation is addressed, the skin will look fine.

The seaweed fermented for creating the Miracle Broth is known for its hydrating benefits. Irrespective of your skin type, this product will penetrate deep into your skin to replenish the moisture level and to strengthen the skin. Your skin will get radiance youthfulness with the regular use of this face moisturizer claims many users of this product.

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#2 Nutritious Vitality8 Estee Lauder Radiant Moisture Crème

This product from Estee Lauder contains ingredients that will give an instant infusion of hydration to your dry skin all day long. It will help with neutralizing the ill effects of the environmental stressors on your skin. It happens because of the lasting anti-oxidant power of the key ingredients used in this product.

This face moisturizer has been formulated by Estee Lauder with a dedicated Pomegranate8Complex. The purpose of this formula is to activate the eight important dimensions of the skin. This formula helps this cream to provide an instant infusion of intense hydration keeping your skin hydrated the entire day. Dimethicone used as a key ingredient functions as an emollient, which means that it will soften the skin. The other key ingredient Cetearyl Alcohol helps with viscosity control.

Your skin will look and feel radiant, hydrated, nourished, and energized as claimed by many users of this product.

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#3 Ecological Compound from Sisley with Pump

This face moisturizer from Sisley Paris is to provide balancing, moisturizing, and revitalizing treatment to your skin. Sisley has created this product as a moisturizer for all skin types. The product is formulated with the right combination of complex plant extracts. Plants like horsetail hops, rosemary along with ginseng are used as ingredients in this product for stimulating and revitalizing the skin.

The key ingredient ginseng in this product is known for its effectiveness in increasing collagen production in the dermis layer of the skin. Also, it is known for its properties to plump, tone, and firm and skin by reducing fine lines and wrinkles. In addition to this key ingredient, other skin-friendly ingredients make this product the best face moisturizer.

Many users of this product claim that they have been using this product for long due to its effectiveness in skincare.

#4 Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion from Clinique

Suitable for dry skin, this anti-aging lotion work by increasing the moisture content in your skin. This product also suits combination skin. This dermatologist-developed face moisturizer helps with improving, smoothening, and softening the skin. The silky texture of the lotion helps with delivering 8 hours of hydration. It slips on with ease and gets absorbed by the skin quickly. It helps with strengthening the moisture barrier of the skin. It means that the natural moisture in your skin will stay. In turn, you will get a youthful-looking glow.

The product encompasses cucumber fruit extract that helps with strengthening the skin’s barrier. Also, the barley extract used in this product helps with improving the resiliency of the skin. The sunflower seed cake helps with retaining and balancing the moisture levels. Hyaluronic acid in this product acts as the natural moisture magnet.

Many users of this product stated that a little lotion goes a long way in moisturizing their skin.

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#5 Ultra Facial Cream from Kiehl’s

This product from Kiehl’s suits different skin types and it is mainly to address aging skin. This face moisturizer has been created as a 24-hour hydrating formula. It has a unique combination of ingredients that help with bringing down moisture loss by attracting and absorbing moisture from the air.

The potassium compound is the key ingredient in this product. It helps with adjusting the pH level in the skin and acts as a pH adjuster. With the best ingredients, this product helps with ongoing water replenishment all through the day.

It makes the skin healthy-looking and smoothens as claimed by many users. Many users of this product stated that it is very much moisturizing and helps to keep their skin soft.

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#6 R.N.A.POWER Radical New Age Cream from SK-II

For those concerned about the signs of aging in their face, this product from SK-II works by increasing the moisture content. It has been designed to work on all skin types.

With the use of shea butter as one of the key ingredients, this product helps to ensure long-lasting moisture. The product also includes the signature ingredient of SK-II called Pitera. This ingredient helps with deeply hydrating the skin. Even, it helps with reducing the chances of wrinkles.

Many users of this product exclaimed that this product quickly turned their skin very soft and shiny. Even, many claimed that they were able to make their skin clear with this face moisturizer.

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#7 Exage Moist Advance Milk III from Albion

This product suits dry skin and with its mild and fresh consistency, this product penetrates into the skin quickly. In turn, you will be able to achieve supple and plumped skin.

To make sure that your skin will achieve the utmost moisture balance, the product works by increasing the NMF in the stratum corneum of the skin. Even, it works by replenishing the mild oils. Also, it improves the power of stratum corneum in your skin to retain and to attract moisture. In turn, your skin will stay well-hydrated.

Many users claimed that this product conditioned their skin to a great extent.

#8 Primrose Facial Hydrating Cream from Aesop

The right combination of nourishing fatty acids in this product will help with hydrating and softening your dry skin. The product has been hydrated and nourished with a dewy finish to help with the hydration of dry skin. The deeply penetrating and fast-absorbing formula helps with preventing skin dryness right from the internal layers of your skin.

This face moisturizer with its richness is gamma linoleic acids help with effectively addressing the dryness in your skin. The vitamin E present in this product helps with fighting the free radical damage on your skin. The sage herb usage in this product enhances its wound-healing properties.

Many users of this moisturizer stated that it smells organic and natural. Also, many users suggested that any person with dry skin will benefit from this product.

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#9 Essential Balancing Emulsion fro Sulwhasoo

The brand Sulwhasoo has formulated this product with Korean medicinal herbs as a product suitable for all skin types. With its lightweight texture, the cream penetrates into the skin quickly. It encompasses mountain peony as the key ingredient for softening the skin texture. The product has been ranked in the first position in the emulsion and toner category consecutively for four years.

Also, according to the records of Sulwhasoo, this product is in the top position among its products with the best repurchasing rate. To refine and soften the skin texture, the product uses Schizophyllum commune as one of the essential ingredients.

When talking about the texture of this product, many people stated that it spreads with ease over the surface of the skin. Even, it gets completely absorbed by the skin, thereby leaving it supple and soft stated many users.

#10 Rose Deep Hydration Face Cream from Fresh

This product from Fresh is a superior gel cream. It is created to deliver penetrating 24-hour moisturization. It has been fueled by a combination of time-release hydropatches and hyaluronic acids. In turn, users can expect petal-soft skin.

The plum seed oil used as a key ingredient in this product helps with hydrating and maintaining a healthy-looking complexion. Rosewater is another ingredient in this product that helps with smoothening the skin. The combination of hyaluronic acid helps with attracting and increasing moisture to ensure deep hydration. To retain moisture in the skin, the product uses Angelica leaf as another essential ingredient. In the same way, the hydropatches in this product form a protective moisturizing veil to retain and even attract moisture from external sources.

Nearly 94% of users of this product stated that their skin turned smooth and supple with this best face moisturizer.

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#11 Anti-Aging La Prairie Night Cream

Men are rarely concerned about maintaining their skin. But, this face moisturizer helps their hard facial skin as well. It helps with preventing the appearance of wrinkles from deep within the skin. Also, it smoothens the skin as an anti-aging night cream.

For conditioning, the product includes Palmitoyl Tripeptide-8 and Chlorella Vulgaris Extract. In the same way, ingredients that can deeply hydrate the skin are part of this product to help users get the best hydration.

It helps with increasing the moisture content in the skin. Even, it helps with neutralizing the daily damage as claimed by many users of this product.

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#12 Essential Energy Moisturizing Cream from Shiseido

This dewy fresh gel has been created using ReNeura Technology. It helps with counteracting the dryness, dullness, and also appearance of dark spots in the skin. The product suits different skin types and it is paraben-free, mineral-oil free, dermatologist-tested, and also non-comedogenic.

ReNeura Technology that this product uses helps with reawakening the sensors of the skin. It will help with rebooting the skin and turn it more responsive to the daily skincare regimen.

Many users of this product stated that it helped them turn their skin vibrant and hydrated. Ashitaba is the key ingredient in this product that is known for its regenerative powers. This vitamin-packed plant safeguards the mitochondria from damage.

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#13 Perfecting Hydra-Filler Moisturizer Hyaluronic Acid Gel Balm from Filorga

Suitable for normal to dry skin types, this product from Filorga Laboratories is meant for providing pro-youth moisturizing care. The product has been created using the power of Hyaluronic acid to intensely replenish the skin.

The product encompasses bio-active extract for restoring the natural moisture barrier of the skin to restrict dehydration all through the day. This face moisturizer functions as a collagen-boosting formula for addressing the micro-cracks in the skin and it reduces wrinkles as well.

Many users of this product are impressed with its texture and how it helps to retain the moisture in their dry skin.

#14 Deep Moisturizer Lotion from HABA

This product from HABA, a Japanese brand has been created to help individuals with sensitive skin. It helps with restoring the damaged cells in the skin. It makes the skin firm, smooth and the skin will get more elasticity with this face moisturizer. The platinum nanoparticles that this product uses are popular for anti-aging properties. The product uses cactus extract for safeguarding the skin against UV rays.

To improve skin texture, hydroxyproline has been used as a key ingredient in this product. Further, the rice bran extract used in this product helps with evening the complexion. The hyaluronic acid in this product functions as a natural moisturizer. It tightens the skin, while the citrulline used in this product helps with cell regeneration.

With continuous use, the ingredients used in this product have a cumulative effect on the skin. This is the unique feature of this product as claimed by many of its users.

#15 Green Tea Seed Cream from Innisfree

This product has been made with freshly crushed green tea seeds and Jeju green tea. To nourish, replenish, moisturize and to firm the skin, this product uses green tea seeds formulated with freshly squeezed Jeju green tea.

With 100% green tea, the product provides the best freshness and moisture to the skin. This ingredient is rich in minerals and amino acids and they help with deeply hydrating the skin. The product uses Dual Moisture-Rising Technology derived from Green Tea Seed Oil and Green Tea.

Many users of this product feel that this product quenches the thirst of their skin by leaving dewy moisture.

#16 Aquasource 48H Continuous Release Hydration Gel from Biotherm

This product has been created by Biotherm to bring breakthrough hydration to the skin. The purpose of this product is to help individuals with dry skin. With this product, individuals with dry skin can make their skin healthier from day to night. The product is rich in Mannose and Life Plankton from Bioterham. It provides nutritive deep moisture, long-lasting hydration and replenishes moisture for normal and combination skin apart from dry skin.

Many users of this product claimed that this is a lightweight moisturizer and an ideal remedy for the summer season.

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#17 Moistfull Collagen Cream from Etude House

The Etude House has used small super collagen water particles in this product. They help with keeping your skin hydrated and leave it feeling like jelly. It offers 120 hours of super collagen water effect and improvement on the skin layers with its excellent hydrating level that you can experience within 5 days of using this product.

The New Aqua Stream Complex in this product includes newly developed ingredients that provide the skin with super collagen water. The super collagen water used in this product helps with reducing the size of collagen particles into as small pieces as possible to make the enzyme treatment possible. The baobab oil used in this product helps with improving the water-retaining properties of your skin.

Many users feel that the gloss of the skin remains even after 12 hours of applying this cream. Suitable for different skin types, this product brings long-lasting moisture effect to the skin.

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#18 Redness Relieving Night Moisturizer from Cetaphil

Dry skin can be highly problematic. Understanding this, Cetaphil has created this night moisturizer. For individuals with dry skin, the dryness turns the skin red and this problem is effectively removed by this face moisturizer. It also relieves the irritation caused by dry skin. It immediately calms dry skin and provides continuous moisture all through the night. By doing this, the product brings down the dryness and redness in sensitive skin.

This face moisturizer has been formulated with caffeine, allantoin, and licorice extract. All these ingredients jointly help with soothing and calming the skin that is prone to redness.

Many users feel that this product perfectly addresses the redness caused by sensitive skin. Even, some people feel that it works well for treating rosacea. Even, some love the thick texture of this moisturizer making it easy to apply and to ensure that it stays in the skin overnight.

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#19 Toleriane Double Repair Face Moisturizer from La Roche-Posay

This product suits all skin types including sensitive skin. The purpose of this product is to address dryness and sensitivity. This lightweight cream helps with replenishing the moisture content in the skin for up to 48 hours. It helps with restoring the natural protective barrier of the skin.

This face moisturizer works in two ways. Initially, it replenishes the moisture content in the skin and provides hydration for up to 48 hours. The second way in which it works is that it restores the natural protective barrier of the skin after one hour.

The key ingredients like water and glycerin in this product help with replenishing the moisture content in the skin. Ceramides are also key ingredients and they help to strengthen the natural moisture barrier of the skin and lock the moisture from escaping.

Many users of this product feel that it is a magically repairing face lotion.

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#20 Sterile Face Moisturizer for Sensitive Skin from Eau Thermale Avene

To ensure maximum tolerance, this product has been formulated with minimal ingredients to soothe and rebalance hypersensitive skin. This product is created as a revolution for sensitive skin. It is a completely sterile re-balancing, protective and soothing care product for irritated and hypersensitive skin.

To make it suitable for sensitive skin, the product has been created non-comedogenic and it is free of fragrance, coloring agent, preservatives, and paraben. The product has been designed to help individuals with skin prone to dryness, irritation, itching, stinging, and burning. Avene thermal spring water is the key ingredient in this product. This makes this product address many skin problems like dermatitis, psoriasis, and eczema. With this ingredient, the product helps with speeding the healing process, relieves irritation, and reduces inflammation.

Many users, who have tried this product, praised it for not being sticky and greasy besides adding excellent moisture to the skin.

Benefits of Face Moisturizers

Face Moisturizer Reviews

A face moisturizer is extremely essential for your skin if you want to moisturize, lubricate, and protect it. The following benefits make face moisturizer a must-have skincare product for both men and women! 

1. Reduced risks of skin issues

It is pretty simple to maintain a young and charming appeal. You just need to moisturize your skin at least twice a day. A face moisturizer maintains moist and soft skin throughout the day. The right type of moisturizer can heal dry and oily skin issues. It can prevent further discomfort due to dryness and oiliness. 

You must apply the moisturizer after cleansing your face. Make sure is perfect for your skin type to avoid adverse effects. You can apply it all over your body to have soft and well-nourished skin. 

2. It is quite essential for younger appeal

Regular use of face moisturizer prevents premature ageing and various other skin problems. Are fine lines appearing on your neck and forehead? Are there wrinkles making you look like a 40+ years old person? These are the biggest threats to your natural charm. 

Start applying an anti-ageing moisturizing lotion. This product will boost the cell turnover rate, stimulate collagen production, tighten pores, and nourish your skin. Consequently, ageing signs will disappear and you will look much younger. 

3. It offers the fresh and healthy appearance

You feel more confident when you look attractive. If your eyes look exhausted, the skin is dull, and hyperpigmentation is causing troubles, it will affect your personality. These are avoidable skin issues and moisturizers can keep such issues at bay for years. 

Ageing skin is not great at healing itself. Reduced collagen production can cause wrinkles, lines, and make scars more visible. Nutrient-rich moisturizers not only hydrate your skin but also boost collagen production. Consequently, you look gorgeous because your skin looks plump and fresh all the time.  

4. It protects your skin against toxins and UV rays

It is your skin’s lipid barrier that keeps toxins at bay. Toxins, harmful pollutants, dirt particles, and UV rays will easily damage your skin if there is no protective layer on the skin. Those toxins and pollutants attack living skin cells to cause irritation, infection, and other problems. 

Apply the moisturizer to create a protective layer on your skin. Let it heal the lipid barrier so that no toxins and pollutants can affect healthy skin cells. Choose moisturizers containing glycerin, hyaluronic acid, or mineral oil. It will be the right pick to prevent toxins attack on the skin. 

Some moisturizers are also tested to protect the skin against UV rays. If your moisturizer got this attribute, it’s probably the most beneficial skincare product in your makeup kit! 

5. It can instantly heal skin irritation and inflammation

People with dry skin often deal with issues like skin irritation, inflammation, rashes, and infection. A simple solution to all these issues is a face moisturizer. You just need to apply the moisturizer daily after cleansing your face. Exfoliate your skin and then protect it with a thin layer of moisturizer. It will prevent inflammation, irritation, and infections as long as your skin is hydrated. 

How to Pick the Right Face Moisturizer?

Assess the following factors while searching for the right face moisturizer!

1. Which moisturizer is right for your skin type?

There is a different type of moisturizer for every skin type. Pay attention to the following points to find out what type of moisturizer you should buy to get the best result! 

  • Dry skin

Users with dry skin should invest their bucks in a thicker moisturizer. It should be an oil-based product delivering hydrating ingredients to maintain that smoothness.  

  • Oily skin

Avoid thick and heavy moisturizers if you got oily skin. You should choose a water-based formula to maintain a cleaner texture. It will prevent excess oil production and make your face look cleaner and drier!  

  • Combination/normal skin

If there are some spots on your face where your skin gets oily, you can use a light moisturizer. A water-based moisturizer is ideal for normal and combination skin. It hydrates your skin and protects it in all weather conditions. 

  • Mature skin

Mature skin starts showing ageing signs. Wrinkles, fine lines, stretch marks, etc. can severely affect your natural beauty. Try a face moisturizer that is packed with antioxidants, hydrating nutrients, and ingredients that improve skin elasticity. It will help you hide ageing signs and look more attractive. 

Suppose you cannot decide what type of skin you got, patch test different types of moisturizers. Pick a product that keeps your skin clean, moisturized, and healthy after 24 hours! Or, you can learn how to identify the skin type to pick the right face moisturizer in the first attempt. 

2. Target the issue bugging you the most

It is extremely tough to preserve the younger and smoother appeal of the skin forever. Sun damage, hormonal changes, health issues, toxic chemicals, all these things take a toll on your skin. Consequently, skin imperfections get visible after the age of 35-40 years. 

What should you do to look attractive at this age? Choose the moisturizer to attack issues concerning you the most. Do you want to get rid of wrinkles, fine lines, and saggy skin? Try a moisturizer formulated to offer anti-ageing benefits. 

If ageing is not what concerns you, then assess other needs. There are products to lighten dark spots, vanish dark circles, cure hyperpigmentation, etc. You should carefully assess product benefits before placing the order. Check ingredients and you will learn what sorts of benefits a moisturizer can offer! 

3. Look for a moisturizer with natural ingredients 

You should never buy a moisturizing lotion without checking the ingredient list. Brands use a wide variety of ingredients to produce skin-nourishing moisturizers. You should look for a product made of natural ingredients. 

Ingredients rich in antioxidants are quite beneficial for your skin. Try to look for a moisturizer containing green tea extracts, Vitamin E, and other such ingredients. An antioxidant-rich moisturizer can eliminate free radicals and provide healthier skin. 

Not all organic ingredients are beneficial for your skin. Do not blindly trust the packaging, check some reviews, and then try a product. 

4. Strictly avoid harsh chemicals

Do not risk permanent damage for short-term benefits. Your moisturizer should be fragrance-free or at least low in fragrance. It’s not an issue if it smells like a natural ingredient, such as rosemary or lavender. 

Artificial fragrances can cause irritation and inflammation on the skin. Regular use of moisturizers with artificial fragrances can be extremely dangerous. Your skin will get drier and dull after a few hours. 

If you are not sure how to assess natural scents, avoid all the scented products. Breakouts, ageing, cracking, all these issues can affect your skin due to artificial fragrances. Check the label for FDA approved ingredients and then buy it. 

5. Try a hypoallergenic product if you got sensitive skin

Hypoallergenic moisturizers are formulated to cause minimal allergic reactions. You cannot blindly apply a skincare product if you are allergic to certain substances. A hypoallergenic moisturizer will ensure you experience no skin issues after moisturizing your skin. 

Don’t blindly trust the “Hypoallergenic” label written on the packaging. Meet your dermatologist to find an ideal moisturizer or patch test the best product. 

Apply a tiny amount of moisturizer on your skin and wait for at least 12 hours. Make that product a part of your daily skincare routine if it doesn’t cause redness, irritation, or other reactions. Avoid it if you experience skin issues! 

6. Check SPF

SPF or sun protection factor describes how effectively a skincare product can protect your skin against sun damage. Do you use sunscreen regularly before moving out of the house? Your skin is at risk if your answer is no. You should at least choose a moisturizer that blocks damaging UV rays and protects the skin. 

You should buy a moisturizer with SPF 15 or higher. It will effectively block UV rays and prevent sun damage. 

7. Things to avoid when buying the moisturizer

First of all, you should never buy a moisturizer unsuitable for your skin type. Say no to outdated products if you want to prevent skin reactions. Avoid the face moisturizer if it contains the following two things!

  • Parabens

Brands use parabens to maximize the shelf life of skincare products. They use propylparaben, methylparaben, and butylparaben to keep the product on the shelf for years. Even though these chemicals are great for products brands, they are extremely harmful to your skin. 

Researchers found that parabens can increase the risk of cancer! Therefore, it’s not safe to use a cosmetic product containing these preservatives. 

  • Phthalates 

A wide range of products contains phthalates. These are available in deodorants, perfumes, toys, skincare products, and also in food packaging materials. Users became aware of potential health risks posed by phthalates. These substances can also increase the risk of cancer in certain people. Therefore, it should not be present in your moisturizer. 

You will easily shortlist the best products if you consider your skin type. Check ingredients, go for organic moisturizing products, and thus you will pick the right face moisturizer. 


Now, you know that face moisturizers suitable for different skin types are available in the market. So, you should first know your skin type to choose the best face moisturizer that will suit your skin. If you do not know your skin type no worries though! The reason is that some of the products that we have identified as the best face moisturizers suit all skin types. Here is our recommendation for the best face moisturizer for different skin types:

For our review, we talked to people with different skin types and found that they state the above-mentioned products as the best face moisturizer for their skin type. In addition to the skin type, it is better to check that the product uses safe ingredients before you buy any face moisturizer. Even, these products win in this ground as well. The right moisturizer will replenish and will bring out the youthfulness in your skin for sure!

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