Top 9 Best Face Massagers – Reviews and Buying Guide

Top Best Face Massagers Reviews and Buying Guide

You might have heard that massaging help with relaxing our body. In the same way, the right facial massage will relax your facial muscles. Even, the right facial massager will help with revealing your inner beauty. With different face massagers available in the market, the purpose of this tool is to bring anti-aging benefits to the users. One of the biggest benefits of using the best face massagers is that they help with improving the overall appearance of your face. Also, they bring other benefits like:

  • Improves blood flow to the face
  • Anti-Acne Action
  • Releases sinus pressure
  • Facial rejuvenation
  • Managing scar tissues
  • Anti-wrinkle action

To get all these benefits or the specific benefits that you are looking for, you should choose one of the best face massagers. To help you with this selection, we have shortlisted some of the choices available in the market:

#1 Mini Petite Facial Toning Device from NuFace

This device has been designed as a travel-size microcurrent skincare device for toning the skin. It helps with lifting and contouring the neck and face for rejuvenated and younger skin. In addition to bringing instant results for firming the skin, it also brings long-term results with regular use as claimed by many users of this device. Microcurrent that this device uses for soothing the skin is a low-level soothing current that looks like the natural current of the body.

Many users appreciated the small size that makes this device travel-friendly. Also, many users are happy that it gives a facial lift within just 5 minutes of usage.

#2 ReFa CARAT Platinum-coated Multiangular Facial Roller

This tool from MTG has been designed to promote younger-looking, radiant and toned skin. It is a hand-held massage roller that will give a massage that feels similar to a massage from a beautician. This device works by generating microcurrents. The current generation happens through the solar panel present in the handle. It attracts light to activate.

When used for massage, this tool helps with youth-looking and taut skin. This precise and slim tool has been designed for use in the face. You can pay more attention to the areas that are prone to slackenings like the forehead, lip area, and eye contour.

Many users of this tool have stated that this tool helped their skin to turn relieved, rejuvenated, and firm.  Also, many users stated that they feel comfortable using this handy tool.

#3 LYFT 2.0 from Nurysh Store

The purpose of this tool is to help users get professional facial lifting and firming results at home. It is meant for use in the acupressure points in the face in a circular motion. In turn, it will get rid of unnecessary wrinkles and will tone sagging facial muscles.

Except in the face lifting mode, the device does not vibrate and functions using Galvanic Technology. This Technology uses positive and negative forces to work for creating a magnet-like effect. The ion function will relieve dirt and other debris from deep within the pores of the skin. Also, this function will push the active ingredients in the skincare cream and lotion you use. In turn, the effectiveness of your favorite products will improve.

Many users stated that they find it easy to handle wrinkles at home with this tool.

#4 Portable Handheld High-Frequency Skin Therapy Wand NuDerma

Shortly called ATP, Adenosine Tri-Phosphate provides energy to all cells in the human body. When we get old, the production of ATP slows down. In turn, we get to see visible signs of aging in our face and other body parts. For instance, we start experiencing age spots, hair loss, and other types of skin imperfections. This face massager helps with amplifying your cell turnover by supercharging ATP synthesis to slow down. In turn, the process of aging in your face will be reversed and you will get younger-looking skin with this tool.

Even, the spot treatment tip in this tool helps with quickly treating acne and acne scars as claimed by many users. The high-frequency treatment provided by this tool helps with directly killing the bacteria beneath besides providing a natural boost to the cellular energy at the same time. It means that it will address inflammation besides killing the infection-causing bacteria.

Many aged users of this product stated that it helped with visibly reducing fine lines.

#5 Caytraill Facial Cleansing Brush

This face cleansing brush from Caytraill has been designed to bring glowing skin to the users. The product helps to achieve a better glow by providing the opportunity to cleanse better. The tool encompasses a three-in-one charged scrubber for the face with improved micro-firming vibrations. Users can just add their facial cleanser to the aqua sonic face brush that is part of this product. Once they add, they can use this tool on their face and can get a deep cleanse within 60 seconds.

This tool has nearly 2000 ultra-soft touchpoints. They help with removing more oil and dirt, makeup, and blackheads. This action will bring better results compared to a brush that functions manually. In addition to cleansing benefits, the product also brings exfoliation and anti-aging benefits as claimed by many users.

#6 Jade Roller and Gua Sha Set for Beautiful Skin Detox

This face massager comes as an essential beauty set. The product uses handcrafted real natural jade to massage the neck, eyes, body, and face to achieve a cooling effect and to tighten. The genuine jade stone used in this product has an ultra-smooth texture to make it safe to use on the face.

You can use the jade roller with your face cream. In turn, your face cream will be quickly absorbed by your skin to bring out the best shine in your face. The Gua Sha scraper, which is another tool in this set will help with effectively healing your skin. It will stimulate collagen production and will reduce cell turnover time besides plumping fine lines.

It is easy to care for, long-lasting and smooth to touch as well as claimed by many users. Many users stated that it helped with firming and tightening their skin to a great extent. This benefit becomes possible because the product boosts the elastin product as well.

#7 Golden Face Massager Roller from Feamens

You know that anything in the golden color will have an attractive look. The same rule applies to face massagers as well. This golden face massager kit from Feamens comes with face massagers in two different shapes. One of them is a T-Shape Electric 24K beauty bar, while the other is a 3D Roller Face Massager. If you are looking for a face massager to fight wrinkles, you will find this product useful.

In addition to addressing fine lines and wrinkles, this tool helps with increasing skin metabolism as well. It does it by stimulating blood circulation. In turn, you can expect an instant facelift. Also, it will ensure better absorption of your skincare products.

The good thing about these tools that are part of this set is that you can use them when you are in the bathroom as well. They come with a water-proof design. Many users are highly satisfied with the golden touch they get from this skincare tool.

#8 Ice Roller for Eyes and Face from ESARORA

In addition to being a face massager, this tool can function as an eye massager as well. Yes, it has been designed to address puffiness around the eyes. It works by calming the skin and you can use it during mask caring of your face to shrink pores. It will improve dry skin and will prevent wrinkles. Even, you can use this tool for relieving fatigue on your temples and eye socket. It can reduce burns after sun exposure.

It provides pain relief and addresses minor injuries as claimed by many users. Also, many users are highly satisfied with the color choices that this product offers.

#9 Microneedle Derma Roller

If you are concerned about the large pores and wrinkles in your skin, you can try this tool to get the expected relief. This product has been designed to bring healthy-looking and vibrant complexion and luminous skin.

Many users stated that they were initially hesitant about this product just because it uses needling technology. But, they stated that the needle is very tiny and they do not feel any pain when they use this product on their face for massaging. When you use it rightly and regularly with the best skin care products, you can expect visiting results as claimed by many users.

Benefits of Face Massager

Face Massager Reviews

A face massager is a skincare tool designed to cleanse your skin and make it healthier. Buying the best face massager will be easier if you pay attention to its benefits and then assess available machines. 

A face massager offers the following benefits:

1. It cleanses your skin 

Does your face look oily and dirty due to dirt and pollutants stuck over your face? The massager offers a simple way of getting rid of all the pollutants. Whether you are using a simple soap or a face cleanser, use that product with a massager. It will exfoliate your skin and remove all the impurities. 

It is the best face cleansing tool you can get to maintain clean and healthy skin. A face cleansing massager pulls impurities out of pores and you get rid of toxic elements. Consequently, your face appears cleaner and more radiant than before. 

2. It boosts blood circulation

A face massage is the simplest way of increasing blood circulation. Your skin will produce more collagen and elastin if receives more blood. Free radicals will reduce, skin cells will receive more nourishment, and your skin will glow naturally. 

The face massage takes only a few minutes if you are using a massaging tool. It helps you massage different areas of the face and neck within a few minutes. You cleanse targeted regions and get more blood flowing there. As a result, your face looks younger and more attractive. 

You can also use your hands to get a relaxing massage. However, it will take more time and newbies might find it daunting to massage properly. 

3. It makes you look younger

Are you concerned about ageing signs appearing on your facial skin? Wrinkles and fine lines make it tough to maintain a young-like appearance. Many people experience premature ageing due to excess sun exposure, using harmful cosmetic products, and a bad lifestyle. 

A face massager is a great solution for premature ageing. As mentioned earlier, it helps in increasing collagen and elastin production. Your skin receives more collagen to get plumper and fine lines disappear gradually. 

There won’t be too many wrinkles on your face if you use a high-quality anti-ageing cream and massage your face at least thrice a week. You can get rid of dark spots, ugly scars, fine lines, and wrinkles if you use a face massager! 

4. No more acne

It’s like a dream for some people to get rid of acne. These ugly skin bumps and their scars badly affect your appearance. Clogged pores and toxins are responsible for causing acne. Use a face massager to flush toxins out of your skin and cleanse pores regularly. 

There won’t be any acne if your skin is clean and healthy. The texture and complexion of your skin will improve and you will appear more attractive. 

5. It’s a great tool to relieve stress

It’s our first goal to feel fresh and confident in the morning. A soothing face massage not only cleanses your skin but also allows you to relax for a while. This stress-relieving routine is helping many people in coping with anxiety and depression. You should also try it to relax and feel positive every day. 

How to Pick the Right Face Massager?

Assess the following factors to pick the best face massager:

1. Determine which type of face massager is best for your skin

There are five types of face massagers that you should consider for smooth and healthy skin:

Cleansing massager

It is one of the most widely used types of face massager. The cleansing brush performs vibrates your skin to increase blood flow. A constantly vibrating brush pulls dirt, pollutants, and toxins out of your skin to cleanse it perfectly. 

This massager works perfectly with a face cleansing product. Apply the product and then massage your face. You will get clean and glowing skin within 2 minutes. Buy a cleansing face massager if your goal is to keep the face clean. 

Face roller

It might be a new thing for many people, but it’s extremely effective. Face rollers contain a massaging stone at the top that rolls and massages the skin. Jade, amethyst, rose quartz, etc. are commonly used stones and along with crystals and ice. 

This face massager does not cleanse your skin. It boosts collagen products, increases blood flow, and helps you maintain healthy skin. Try derma rollers if you want quick results, especially when trying to reduce ageing signs. 

T-bar wand

It is a battery-powered face massager, but quite smaller than other variants. This affordable face massaging tool vibrates and imitates expensive facial massagers found in salons. Since it is quite small, you can easily move across the face and neck.

You can gently move this massager across the face to stimulate blood flow, reduce muscle tension, and tone your cheekbones. Besides, it will help your skin absorb skincare products better. So, buy it and try it if you don’t want a bulky massager. 

Face sculptor 

Do you want to avoid paying expensive fees to the facialist for the beauty treatment? Buy a face sculptor if your answer is yes! This face massager tool imitates the treatment offered by professional facialists. 

Regular use of this massager can help you maintain well-toned and firm skin for years. Your face looks plump and younger with a time-saving massaging treatment. It’s the best tool to treat ageing issues. Use it with a serum for plumper and younger skin. 

Microcurrent massager

It is not a traditional face massager. You get a device that releases a microcurrent to massage your skin. Frequent use of this massager helps you reduce wrinkles and fine lines. You gain better skin elasticity and improved skin tone due to increased collagen and elastin production. 

Use this massager right after applying the skin care product. Ionization will help ingredients penetrate deeper and it will significantly improve blood circulation. You will get brighter, plumper, and smoother skin if you use a microcurrent massager. 

2. Portable or corded

Most face massagers are electric tools, except face sculptors and face rollers. If you have decided to use an electric tool, then pick the right design. Brands produce both corded and battery-powered tools for face massage. 

Corded massagers are more powerful and suitable for long massaging sessions. However, they are ineffective when there is no power supply. Battery-powered face massagers use rechargeable or non-rechargeable batteries to operate. 

Choose a portable battery-powered massager if you prefer a cordless design. It is more maneuverable, but it’s not as powerful as corded face massagers are. You get a limited power supply to massage your face and then you need to recharge the machine. 

3. What results are you expecting?

What are your skincare goals? Do you want healthy and glowing skin? Is it your top priority to reduce ageing signs? Do you want to get rid of skin blemishes and ugly marks? What do you want to achieve through face massage? Assess these factors before buying a face massager to get the right tool. 

The options in available products limit significantly when you determine key skincare goals. There are face massagers that offer multiple benefits. You can pick a cleanser, roller, sculptor, or other massagers to improve facial skin health and look attractive. 

4. Ease of use

People mostly focus on benefits and design but forget to check the user-friendliness of the face massager. Can you change massage settings to enjoy the massage? It won’t be possible if you are buying a sculptor or roller. 

Face cleansing machines, microcurrent massagers, and T wands come with customizable settings. Check all the top-rated models available in your budget. Check massage settings or modes you get with the machine. 

Pick a massager with different options in massage modes and brush heads. Make sure you can switch the massage modes and replace brush heads conveniently. 

5. Quick massage or a long and relaxing massage session

Are you looking for a face massager that quickly cleanses dirt and glows your face or a relaxing massaging machine? Determine your face massage priorities before investing money in a face massaging tool. 

Face cleansing tools, microcurrent massagers, and T-bar wands are perfect for a quick face massaging session. Face sculptors and face rollers are built for a relaxing massage session. All these massagers are effective when it comes to brightening skin complexion and hiding ageing signs. However, some offer faster results than others! 

6. Check build quality

When it comes to the build quality of the product, there should be no compromise. A face massager is not something you may like to buy every second or third month. Therefore, you should make sure its build quality is awesome and it can handle some punishment. 

Crystal rollers are slightly more fragile than other types of massagers. Therefore, you need to take better care of those tools. Face cleansing machines, microcurrent massagers, and other tools are tough and durable. 

You will find face cleansing machines with plastic bodies. Face cleansing brushes should be easily replaceable. It should not malfunction or break if you apply extra pressure. Check product warranty to ensure you are investing in a durable machine. 


Choosing the best face massagers will help you get multiple benefits. Yes, you can use them not just in your face, but also in other body parts to improve blood circulation and for relaxation. Here is the list of our choice based on your requirements:

You are right that the face is the index of the mind. You can consider selecting one of the above-mentioned face massagers to get the intended benefits.

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