Top 16 Best Face Masks – Reviews and Buying Guide

Top 16 Best Face Masks Reviews and Buying Guide

Many of us have a quest and even an obsession for self-care. In this endeavor, most of us have identified that face masks help us quench this obsession. In addition to providing the best pampering to our skin, they help with relieving stress as well. Yes, whenever you feel sad or stressed, just try applying a face mask, you will see the difference. Face masks generally work by driving ingredients deeper and closer into the skin. They infuse your pores and permit the skin to soak up. Even though they are for a temporary application, they will bring a boost to the glow in your skin.

Are you looking face masks that are ideal for your skin? Then, you can consider the following ingredients based on your skin type:

  • Oily Skin – Salicylic Acid
  • Pigmentation & Dark Spots – Licorice root extract, Tranexamic Acid, Kojic Acid and soy
  • Rosacea – Niacinamide
  • Acne & Blemishes – Alpha Hydroxy Acids and Salicylic Acid
  • Fine Lines – Anti-oxidants like ferulic acid, resveratrol, Vitamin E and Vitamin C.
  • Dry Skin – Hyaluronic Acid

With these things known, it is better to identify the top 15 face masks available in the market:

1. Facial Treatment Mask From SK-II

This mask suitable for different skin types will drench your skin in SK-II Pitera. In turn, you will get more hydrated and fresher complexion. With the application of this face mask, your skin will become visibly radiant. Also, you will get a clear complexion. Many users of this product claimed that their skin has become softer with this mask.

Pitera is the main ingredient in this product. It is a natural by-product of yeast fermentation. It is rich in organic acids, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. So, this ingredient helps with reducing dark spots and wrinkles by improving skin lucency.

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2. Overnight Vitalizing Mask From Sulwhasoo

Koreans are popular for their innovative skincare products. Sulwhasoo, a Korean company very well knows about the ingredients that will help with revitalizing the skin. You can reawaken the natural glow of your skin. This will happen when you sleep at night after applying this mask.

It uses walnut extract for creating the best moisture level in your skin. Also, this ingredient helps with the optimal absorption of other ingredients in this product. The irritation and redness in your skin will be addressed by the white mulberry extract in this product.

To ensure long-term hydration, hyaluronic acid is a part of this product. With these ingredients, this face mask will help with revitalizing your skin overnight.

3. Meso-Mask From Filorga

This face mask has a smooth and creamy texture. This texture ensures that you can get a unique moment of relaxation when using this mask. It will help with restoring the softness and suppleness in your skin. Also, it will reduce redness and lightens your dark complexion besides revealing radiance. This anti-aging face mask will help with keeping your skin hydrated. Just within 15 minutes of applying this mask in your face, you will see the results claims many users of this product.

The product is enriched with elastin and collagen, hydrating urea, and Rhamnose polysaccharide to bring the benefits mentioned above. Many users of this product expressed that they were able to get 90% more even, luminous and smoother skin after they started using this face mask.

4. Therapeutic Sulfur Mask From Peterthomasroth

This face mask from Peterthomasroth will help with the treatment and also the management of acne. It will help with clearing up the blackhead and acne blemishes that are already present in your skin. In addition, it will also prevent acne. With sulfur as its ingredient, this face mask plays the best role in acne treatment as many users claimed.

Sulfur is the key ingredient in this acne treatment. It will help with drying out the surface of your skin. In turn, excess sebum will be absorbed. Sebum plays a major role in acne breakouts and so the face masks absorb the excess sebum. To unclog the pores in your skin, it will dry out the dead skin cells.

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5. Advanced Night Repair Power Foil For Concentrated Recovery From Estee Lauder

Suitable for all skin types, this product mainly intends to reduce wrinkles in your face. This exfoliating face mask brings together advanced technology with the 65 global award-winning advanced night repair serum. This weekly treatment face mask will safeguard your skin from the modern-day stressors.

This mask will dip your skin into nearly half a bottle worth of Advanced Night Repair’s exclusive 2x Hyaluronic Acid and ChronoluxCB. It will work 25 times quicker as compared to traditional cotton sheet masks. The inside matrix of this product produces concentrated treatment. At the same time, the outside foil matrix will aid with sealing the potent liquid. Even, it will improve penetration.

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6. Aqua Ringer Skin Mask from Leaders Clinic

The goal of this product is to help reduce wrinkles. This is a cotton mask sheet that offers intense moisture and nourishment. Even though the face mask is ideal for different skin types, it is particularly effective for individuals with dry skin. By increasing the elasticity of your skin, it prevents and even minimizes fine lines. It has a skin-like adherence to make sure that it will fit all shapes of faces.

This face mask is made using high-quality natural ingredients that are sourced ethically. For instance, the natural Alps Glacier water will supply your skin with the required energy and hydration. Adenosine is yet another ingredient that will work against your wrinkles. Even, it will increase elasticity, while minimizing and even preventing fine lines.

7. Drink Up-Intensive Overnight Mask From Origins

This face mask infused with avocado butter, hyaluronic acid and glacier water can provide 72 hours of non-stop hydration to your skin. Not just for your face, you can use this mask on your dry hands as a moisturizing hand mask as well. It is suitable for normal and dry skin.

The avocado present in this product as an ingredient will help with deep penetration into the skin to nourish it. In turn, this mask will hydrate and soften your skin. Glacier water present in this product will bring lasting moisture to your skin. Many users expressed that this product is very soft and has a pleasant smell without too much fragrance.

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8. Water Sleeping Mask Renewal From Laneige AMOREPACIFIC

Does your skin lack moisture? This face mask from Laneige AMOREPACIFIC will help with regaining the lost moisture. This overnight mask will make your skin look well-rested, bright, and clear the next morning. The product does it through the purification action of Sleep-tox. It will easily take care of providing the moisturization to your skin when you sleep.

The Sleep-Tox technology that the brand has used will purify your skin. In turn, you will get a dewy healthy complexion. This face mask with light gel-like texture uses Sleep-Tox Technology for skin revitalization. Also, Moisture Wrap is another technology for better absorption of active ingredients in the product.

To make sure that you feel refreshing the next morning, the face mask uses Sleepscent technology. The active ingredient Beta Glucan in this product works to calm the irritated skin and soothes the skin. It is an effective anti-ager as well.

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9. Black Rose Cream Masque for Women From Sisley

If your skin has early signs of aging, you should rely on a face mask that will address this problem. This product has been created to immediately plump up the skin by hydrating it. Many users of this product expressed that their skin turns visibly smoother with the help of this face mask. It will help with instantly making your skin youthful and energized. As the product has been scented with rose, it will provide a relaxing moment for you as well.

Padina pavonica is an active ingredient in this product. It helps with moisturizing and even it will help with making your skin look firmer and supple. This ingredient in this face mask is a building block for younger-looking and healthy skin.

10. Peel and Reveal Visible Difference Revitalizing Mask From Elizabeth Arden

Elizabeth Arden has created this face mask suitable for all skin types. It will exfoliate and smoothen your skin. After you apply this mask, it will take around 20-25 minutes to dry. Upon removal of the mask, you will find that the skin turns glowing, smooth, and revitalized.

For the even application of the mask, there is a sleek rubber paddle in this product. Even though it suits all skin types, it is especially recommended for an oil-free skincare regimen. This is a face mask that you will have to apply once in a week to see visible results.

The key ingredient used in this face mask is Cabernet Grapeseed Extract. It will function as a powerful antioxidant and will brighten your skin. Besides protecting your skin from the damaging environmental stressors, this product will help you achieve an even skin tone as well.

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11. Rose Face Mask From Fresh

This product from Fresh Brand is suitable for all skin types. It is a toning gel mask. It will drench your tired and dull skin with complete hydration. In turn, you will get a healthy-looking complexion. As the product is infused with real rose petals, it will help with restoring the suppleness and radiance in your skin. Nearly all users of this product told that their skin turned healthy-looking within 4 weeks of using this product.

The active ingredient in this product is real rose water. It brings toning and soothing effects to your skin. To bring immediate calming and cooling effect on your skin aloe vera and cucumber are also part of this face mask.

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12. Hydrogel Genifique Melting Mask From Lancome

This product from Lancome is a hydrogel sheet mask. It is made to give instant plumpness, smoothness, and radiance to your skin. Most importantly, this face mask will get you these results just within 10 minutes of applying. Most users of this product stated that within three weeks of using this mask, their skin turned hydrated. Even, many have expressed how smooth their skin became after they started using this mask.

Probiotics are known for their benefits in restoring the immune system of the skin. This melting mask has Genifique’s three probiotic extracts. They are yeast, Bifidobacterium, and lactobacilli. They work for stimulating the renewal cycle of your skin. They also provide intense barrier protection and hydration.

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13. Deep Pore Cleansing Rare Earth Maque From Kiehl’s

In general, oily skin needs more care and attention. This product from Kiehl’s is not just for individuals with oily skin, but it suits those with normal skin as well. It will help with getting rid of dead surface skin-cell and debris accumulated in the skin.

These dead skin and dirt can clog the skin pores, thereby giving a dull-look. But, this face mask will help with getting rid of impurities on the surface of your skin and even toxins. You will see that after applying this face mask your skin feels more refined with considerable pore reduction happens. The active ingredient in this product is Amazonian White Clay. This ingredient helps with reducing the pores.

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14. Bird’s Nest Aqua Ampoule Face Sheet Mask From SNP

This mask as against many other face masks is made using natural plant cellulose. It means that unlike other masks that fall away after sometimes, this mask will have extra adhesion power. It will stay in your skin until you remove it. Swiftlet Nest Extract is the key ingredient in this product. It plays a major role in healing your repaired skin. It will help with improving the skin elasticity and your aged look will disappear with this face mask.

15. White Lucent Power Shiseido Brightening Mask From Shiseido

With a generous amount of brightening ingredients, this product will help you target discoloration and spots. It will soothe the damaged skin with moisture. The product uses Ion Force Technology to ensure that the ingredients are rightly absorbed by the skin. Trehalose is one of the active ingredients in this product. It will keep your skin supple and will safeguard the skin against free radical damage.

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16. The Lifting and Firming Mask From La Mer

This face mask suits all skin types and its important role as your face mask is to reduce the wrinkles. It will infuse your skin with serum-strength sculpting power. The product is enriched by the Concentrated Miracle Broth from La Mer.

Even, the brand has used potent New Concentrated Lifting Ferment in this product. In addition to firming, it also refines your skin. Miracle Broth is the key ingredient in this product. Also, the product does not contain sulfates, phthalates, and parabens.

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What is the Right Way to Apply Face Mask?

face mask reviews

Different types of face masks are used to address different skin problems. Pick the most beneficial face mask and apply it in the following way!

Step 1: Get a suitable face mask

The market is flooded with face masks. You have to assess what your skin needs and then pick a perfect face mask. You can also try a DIY mask if you want to try the custom-made product to nurture your skin.  

Step 3: Clean your face

Dust, smoke, dirt, smoke, toxins, and other pollutants constantly attack your skin. It is quite important to get rid of these impurities before you initiate the process.

Take out your favorite face cleanser and massage your face for a while with that product. You can try an exfoliating scrub to cleanse the skin deeply. It will remove all the impurities along with dead skin cells and your skin will be ready for treatment.  

Step 4: Apply a hot towel

The goal is to open those clogged pores to ensure nutrients reach deep inside the skin. The best way of doing this is taking a steam bath. You might not be up for a steam bath, but you can still get the job done.

Damp a clean towel in a hot cloth and gently massage it over your skin. Or, you can get boiling water in a bowl, get your face right above the bowl, and cover the head with a towel. Steam will treat clogged pores and open them.

Step 5: Apply the face mask

Pick your face mask and then follow the explained method to apply it on your face:

  • Bubble mask: Pour some bubbling face mask and apply it right over your face. Pressurized oxygen will produce bubbles and exfoliate your skin!
  • Cream mask: Apply this type’s face mask with your finger tips and peel it or wash it after letting it dry completely.
  • Clay mask: Prepare the clay mask in a bowl and then start applying it on your face. Let it dry and let your skin absorb key ingredients. Now wash it!
  • Sheet mask: Get the sheet mask out of the pack and gently place it over your face. Press it gently over your forehead, nose, chin, and neck. Remove it after 15-20 minutes once it’s dried!
  • Overnight mask: Prepare the blend in a bowl and apply it over your face. Cover the billow with a clean towel and sleep. Remove the face mask and wash your face in the morning.

Step 7: Remove the face mask

We have explained the way to apply five different types of face masks. If your face mask forms a thick layer over the face, peel it off the face and then proceed with the following steps. If it doesn’t peel off, then wash your face.

Step 8: Wash your face with lukewarm water

Rinse off your face with lukewarm water to remove the remaining product. It will prepare your skin for further treatment.

Step 9: Apply toner or moisturizer

Do not let the skin dry because it will feel pretty tight and irritating. Dab your face with a clean towel and then apply the toner or moisturizer. It will form a protective layer over the skin to lock moisture and maintain a natural glow.

Benefits of Face Masks

Face masks treat skin issues and make it glow for hours. The following benefits make these skincare products quite essential for both men and women!

It’s a therapeutic skincare ritual

How often do you get a chance to relax and treat skin problems simultaneously? You can try various face masks to address different issues. The process requires sitting calmly for 15-30 minutes.

Get cucumber slices over your eyes and relax so that your face mask can deliver nourishing ingredients deep inside pores. Ingredients, such as mint, essential oils, butter, etc. comfort a lot. You can feel the cooling sensation for several minutes and relax.  

This treatment requires at least 30 minutes and that’s enough to relax your mind and relieve stress.

Face masks are the best skin cleansers

Certain face masks are designed to offer the best skin cleansing results. These masks pull out impurities hiding underneath the epidermis. Their detoxing benefits allure all the beauty experts and encourage them to try this treatment twice a week.

There is no specific time to apply the face mask. You just need 20-30 minutes to cleanse your face deeply with a perfect face mask. The product will not only cleanse the skin but also supply nutrients deep inside the pores. Your skin will look way more attractive than it was before the treatment!

Glowing skin

Most users try the face mask treatment to get clean and glowing skin. Depending on the type of ingredients used, your skin can look healthy and radiant within 20-30 minutes. Suppose you are feeling a cold-tingling sensation on your skin, it is mint stimulating blood circulation.

When the face mask dries and hardens on your facial skin, it slightly expands blood vessels. Skin-nurturing ingredients lighten dark areas and make your face look clean and attractive. Since all your pores get unclogged, the face looks fresh and pretty charming!

Quick recovery

If your goal is to heal skin issues, you should look for face masks containing marine extracts, polyhydroxy acids, and antioxidants. These ingredients rehydrate the skin quickly and recover several skin issues.

All the exfoliating face masks contain hydroxyl acids to get rid of dead skin cells. You experience all the listed benefits when picking a face mask packed with skin-nourishing ingredients. So, pick your face mask carefully!

How to Choose the Best Nourishing Face Masks

Pick a charcoal or clay mask if you have oily skin

Skin breakouts, acne, and unnatural shine reveal you have oily skin. Your top priority should be controlling excess oil production. Therefore, you should buy a face mask that cleanses the pores and reduces oil production without causing any side effects.

You should try face masks containing ingredients, such as charcoal or clay. This type’s face masks draw dirt, toxins, and other impurities out of pores. They don’t dry your skin, which is quite beneficial to maintain smoothness.

You should also search for salicylic acid on the ingredient list to clear dead skin and reduce oil production!

Look for hydrating ingredients to heal dry skin

Does your skin feel tight and dry? Are there more fine lines and flaking around the forehead and the nose? These signs tell that you got dry skin!  

These dry skin signs are easy to spot when you wash your face and let it dry without applying moisturizer. Your face mask should contain ingredients, such as hyaluronic acid to provide your skin with a dose of targeted and concentrated hydration.

You should try a skin-cleansing face mask to fight acne and pimples

Are you tired of dealing without acne or pimples on your forehead, cheeks, and other areas of your face? Such problems occur due to excess oil production and oily skin.

Skin breakouts become pretty common when you have acne-prone skin. You need a face mask containing ingredients that target this issue!

Pick a face mask consisting of AHA/BHA and salicylic acid to unclog skin pores. It is a good product to treat the acne problem if it’s a clay or charcoal face mask. It will be perfect for your skin if it contains anti-bacterial ingredients, such as colloidal silver, turmeric, green tea extract, and honey.

Look for a soothing face mask if you want to beautify sensitive skin

Facial redness, stinging sensation after applying skincare products, and tiny bumps and rashes reveal you got sensitive skin! It also means your options are pretty limited when it comes to choosing skincare products.

You need a face mask containing soothing ingredients, such as Aloe Vera, hyaluronic acid, honey, tansy oil, and oatmeal. The ingredient list should be small and filled with natural and nourishing ingredients.

Even though the ingredients list looks perfect for your skin, you should patch test the product before applying it. Try a tiny amount of face mask onto the back of your hand, wait for 24 hours, and observe the effects. Apply the face mask if you do not experience any skin reaction!

Try an anti-aging face mask to look younger

Are you dealing with the premature aging issue? Wrinkles and fine lines can make you look much older than your actual age.

You should choose an antioxidant-rich face mask to fight aging signs. Vitamin C and other antioxidants eliminate free radicals and boost collagen production. These ingredients also even the skin tone to make your skin look clean, smooth, and younger.

The face mask should also contain hyaluronic acid to fight dryness. Fine lines become more visible due to dryness. Try a face mask containing hyaluronic acid along with antioxidants.

It will be an ideal cure for aging signs if the face mask also contains lipids and AHA/BHAs. These ingredients prevent skin dullness and replenish the lipid bilayer. Consequently, you get well-hydrated, clean, and fresh appeal of the skin.


When you wish to select the best face mask, you should consider the suitability of any product to your skin. Here are our recommendations of face masks for different skin types:

So, try these products as per your skin type and reap the benefits thereof.

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