Top 10 Best Face Masks for Pregnancy

Top Best Face Masks For Pregnancy

Are you looking for the best face mask for pregnancy? You are in the right place. Most carrying moms these days have understood one thing. Yes, they know that the foods they consume, the beverages they drink and the medicines they take during pregnancy can have an impact not just on their health but also on the health of their baby. But, many do not realize that the things they put on their body and skin can also have an impact. This is why for carrying moms looking for the right face mask to pamper their skin, they should be highly particular about selecting a face mask for pregnancy with safe ingredients.

Best Face Masks to Use When Pregnant

Naturally, expectant mothers will be interested in choosing the best face mask for pregnancy that will be safe for themselves and their baby. So, to help them with the selection of the pregnancy safe face mask, we have shortlisted the best options available in the market:

#1 Black Rose Cream Masque from Sisley

It is common for most moms to experience skin dehydration during pregnancy. So, they are recommended to drink a lot of water at this stage of their life.

To hydrate the skin, they are prescribed vitamin E for internal consumption. It is a safe remedy for external applications as well. Understanding this, Sisley has created this best pregnancy safe face mask with vitamin E as the key ingredient.

Black rose is another ingredient in this product that relieves the signs of fatigue in the skin to bring a refreshed look. Above all, it suits all skin types.

Many expecting mothers, who have tried this product have stated that this face mask immediately hydrates and plumps their skin visibly. Even, many have stated that it immediately reduces the signs of aging in their skin. 

#2 Black Tea Overnight Firming Mask from Fresh

This product is classified as a face mask for pregnancy because it works by using the natural nighttime recovery process of the skin to make it firm and young. This overnight mask intensely firms and moisturizes the skin.

To make the product further safe for carrying moms, it uses the proprietary composition of blackberry and black tea extract along with black tea ferment. The perfect combination of natural ingredients makes this product the best face mask for pregnancy. It works by inhibiting free radical damage and it improves skin elasticity. To seal the skin moisture, the product also uses safe hyaluronic acid.

Many pregnant women, who have tried this product have stated that it helps them unveil healthier-looking, contoured, more defined, smoother and softer complexion. It also suits all skin types.

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#3 Egg White Pore Mask from Skin Food

Suitable for oily skin, this product turns out to be a pregnancy safe face mask because it uses glycolic acid as the key ingredient. This wash-off face mask helps with tightening the pores and removing dead skin cells and blackheads.

Egg white is generally safe for carrying moms as it is known for its astringent properties to shrink pores to prevent skin breakouts. Acne and pimples are common during pregnancy due to hormonal changes in the body. But, with this best pregnancy safe face mask, breakouts can be prevented. The product is also packed with vitamins to make it a healthy choice for the skin of carrying moms.

Many carrying moms have stated that this is the safe and best face mask.

#4 Aqua Ringer Skin Mask from Leaders Clinic

This face mask for pregnancy comes as a pack of ten sheets. It has been created by Leaders Clinic to provide not just intense but also long-lasting hydration. These sheets ensure wrinkle improvement with KFDA certification.

To make it safe for carrying moms, it has been dermatologists-tested and it is free of paraben. It suits all skin types including dry skin. This product is classified as the best face mask for pregnancy because it uses natural Alps glacier water to provide the required energy and hydration to the skin.

Adenosine is another ingredient that is commonly used during pregnancy. In this product, it helps with preventing and reducing fine line and increases skin elasticity.

Many pregnant women have stated that these sheets provide instant hydration to the skin without causing any mess.

#5 Moisturizing Mask from FANCL

With raffinose as the key ingredient that product works by improving the natural skin barrier. The royal jelly extract is another safe ingredient in this pregnancy safe face mask that will help with wound healing in the skin. It is also known for its antibacterial effect and it can address inflammatory skin conditions like pimples and acne. 

Myrothamnus is another ingredient in this product that helps not just with skin hydration but also with the stimulation and absorption of collagen into the skin. Further, this ingredient helps with smoothening fine lines and wrinkles. Also, it prevents skin sagging. 

Sclerotium gum is another ingredient used in this mask not just as a thickening agent but also as a natural moisturizer and it works to soften the skin.

Many pregnant women have stated that they love this product.

#6 Prime Facial Mask – Black Snail

This face mask for pregnancy works for moisturizing, improving skin radiance, repairing skin and providing anti-aging benefits to carrying moms.

The regenerative ingredients in this product are designed to ensure the best absorption and moisturization. This product is offered as a sheet with easy application functionality. The serum-enriched hydrogel sheets in addition to being safe on carrying moms also provide the right skin adhesion. In turn, deep hydration becomes possible.

Most importantly, carrying moms can go for this product without fearing cruelty to snails. The reason is that no snails were stressed or harmed when collecting filtrate from them for creating this skin-friendly mask. The ingredients like rose water, black sesame and other natural ingredients used in this product make it safe for carrying moms.

Many moms have expressed their satisfaction with the effectiveness and call it the best face mask for pregnancy.

#7 Cotton Sheet Face Mask from AHC

To make this product pregnancy safe face mask, it has been created by AHC as a face mask made using cotton sheets. This product has been created by AHC not just for hydrating but also for calming the tired and stressed skin.

The good thing about this product that makes it safe for carrying moms is that it has been made using 100% cotton. To make it safe for carrying moms, the product uses mistletoe fruit and centella asiatica extracts for vitalizing and soothing stressed skin.

Many pregnant women, who have tried this product have stated that the mask is gentle enough to use even on the most delicate skin.

#8 Facial Mask Sheets from Ballonblanc

This pregnancy safe face mask is offered by Ballon Blanc in different options. Each type is to address different skin concerns for carrying moms like skin elasticity, skin calming, skin nutrition, moisturization and pore care. So, carrying moms have the option to choose the one that they feel will meet their skincare concerns and needs.

With green-rated ingredients, this product becomes safe for carrying moms. These face mask sheets are offered as eco-friendly Tencel-Cupra sheets for better skin adhesion and higher essence absorption rate.

Many carrying moms claim that with this face mask, they are able to get spa-like freshness every time.

#9 Honey Sheet Mask from LAPCOS

This best pregnancy safe face mask uses antioxidants and hyaluronic acid that are safe for pregnant women. The purpose of these sheets is not just to hydrate but also to tighten dry skin. This product is offered as a pack of 5 face masking sheets. These sheets harness the natural powers of honey and help to restore the skin elasticity.

To make it a pregnancy safe face mask, not just honey, the product uses yellow flower extracts to tone and tighten the skin. Vitamin A and carotenoids are other safe ingredients in this face mask.

Many carrying moms, who have tried this product have stated that it helps to leave their skin velvety soft besides improving complexion.  Many carrying moms notice that this product quickly brings great results for a special event.

#10 Dead Sea Mud 100% Vegan Face Mask from Plantifique

For creating this best pregnancy safe face mask, Plantifique has brought together the best of nature. The purpose of this product is to help carrying moms to fight acne and skin breakouts. This healing mask will help carrying moms to get the best relief from inflammation and sunburns.

To make it safe for expectant mothers, this product uses a unique combination of 7 natural herbs. Further, the aroma that this product produces is rejuvenating and refreshing as claimed by many carrying moms, who have tried this product.

Benefits of Face Mask during Pregnancy

People use face masks to moisturize the skin, get rid of excess oils, and brighten up the complexion. It can be quite beneficial during pregnancy. That’s why you should learn how to pick the best face mask for pregnancy! 

These skin-nourishing products are soothing, relaxing, and quite effective against skin issues. Many people presume that face masks are only used for beauty purposes. That is just one of several benefits this therapeutic product has to offer! 

Our skin constantly battles against elements that roam freely in the environment to harm healthy cells. The risk of experiencing skin problems increases when you are pregnant. If you pick the best face mask for pregnancy, it can help you avoid some major skin problems. 

Let’s find out some interesting benefits of face masks to make them a part of your pregnancy-safe skincare routine. 

1. It is therapeutic and relaxing

Stress and anxiety are not good for your and the baby’s health. High-stress levels can cause heart disease, high blood pressure, and other health problems. Besides, it can increase the risk of having a premature baby! The expectant mother needs to take proper rest and relax! 

The best face mask for pregnancy can help you forget all stressful things and you will relax like never before! This product offers a blend of therapeutic ingredients that gently tickle your skin, increase circulation, and relieve stress. 

Most face masks require 15-20 minutes to dry out. It is the time when you can close your eyes and sit on a rocking chair to forget all your worries. The face mask will heal your skin and offer a break from all the worries. You will always be in a great state of mind if you try this treatment twice a week! 

2. Deep cleansing

Unlike regular face cleansers, face masks have the potential to reach deeper layers of your skin to extract all impurities. Most users rely on a regular face wash or exfoliator to keep the face clean. Those products do a great job of removing dust, dirt, and pollutants accumulated over the epidermis. 

When it comes to getting rid of dead skin cells, acne bacteria, and other such impurities, face masks work perfectly. A top-quality face mask for pregnancy can help you detox the skin and keep it clean for several days. 

Users with oily and acne-prone skin need this treatment to cure acne. This product can also help you prevent the future occurrence of acne. That’s why it is an incredible cure for pimples, acne, blackheads, and whiteheads. 

3. Naturally glowing skin

Probably every skincare product claims to improve natural glow. Only a few products have the right blend of ingredients your skin needs to regain that glow. Face masks, which contain mint, rosemary, aloe vera extract, and other soothing ingredients can boost blood circulation. 

More oxygen and nutrients reach your skin that eliminates free radicals. This process also helps in brightening skin complexion, reducing pigmented spots, and making the skin softer. Face masks provide a radiant glow that lasts for several days. Therefore, you should give this product a try! 

4. Unclogged pores

Clogged pores are responsible for issues like acne, blackheads, whiteheads, pimples, and breakouts. Post acne marks can severely affect your natural charm. Therefore, most men and women take this problem quite seriously. 

What if you can eliminate the root cause of the issue? What if you can keep your facial skin pores unclogged? Yes, it is possible and face masks do this job quite efficiently. Deep cleansing face masks extract dead skin cells, dirt, and grime that accumulate inside pores. Once your pores are cleansed properly, the risk of acne and other such problems reduces immediately. 

How to Pick the Best Face Mask for Pregnancy?

You always have several options in face masks. The leading beauty product manufacturers are offering masks and they make huge claims. It is a mistake to trust those brands for their claims. Scrutinize every product you shortlist according to the below-given guide. This method will lead you to a few products, which are best for your skin! 

1. Check the main ingredients in the face mask

Have you ever wondered “why there are various products for the same treatment”? Every face mask contains a different blend of ingredients that targets different skin issues. Since you are an expectant mother, you should be more careful with certain ingredients. 

Ingredients to soothe inflammation and cure acne

If you are dealing with irritating acne and inflammation, you need a soothing face mask. The product should work as a remedy for blackheads, whiteheads, and acne. It should instantly calm itching and prevent the spread of acne. 

Look for a face mask that contains moderated amounts of Benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid. High concentrations of those two ingredients can be harmful, so pick a product with negligible quantities. 

Salicylic acid works to unclog pores and benzoyl peroxide kills acne bacteria. Face masks with papaya and yoghurt can also do the same job. Many homemade face masks contain these two ingredients. 

If the product also offers a blend of Aloe Vera with oatmeal and clay or charcoal, it will be a superb face cleanser. You will get the best protection against acne and grime.  

Ingredients to cure dark spots and pigmentation

Many pregnant women experience Melasma that occurs due to hormonal changes in the body. It is called the mask of pregnancy and it can also occur due to excess sun exposure. You may get dark spots on your upper cheeks. You won’t like the appearance of dark-coloured spots affecting your natural beauty.  

A face mask that is loaded with hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, lactic acid, and pineapple extract can make dark spots fade away. You need this product to lighten the pigmented region and brighten it up. Vitamin C-based skin care products are best to prevent Melasma and pigmentation. So, switch to those products now! 

Ingredients to prevent wrinkles and fine lines

Being an expectant mother, you cannot try regular anti-ageing products. Those products that contain anti-ageing ingredients, such as retinol can cause serious health issues. Therefore, you need to switch to a safer alternative and the best face mask for pregnancy offers that alternative. 

A face mask that provides ingredients with a blend of niacinamide, vitamin C, peptides, and hyaluronic acid is safe. Vitamin E will also help you hide wrinkles, crow’s feet, and fine lines. Antioxidant-rich face masks eliminate free radicals, hydrate the skin, boost elasticity and collagen production. Consequently, you look young and quite impressive! 

Ingredients for dry and sensitive skin

Many women do not realize that their skin has become more sensitive during the pregnancy period. When they realize it, they need to remove many products from the daily skincare routine. 

Pregnancy-safe face masks with hypoallergenic ingredients are perfect to treat and soothe sensitive skin. Masks with ingredients, such as Aloe Vera gel, chamomile extract, oatmeal for gentle exfoliation, and hydrating ingredients such as glycerin, hyaluronic acid, and emollients are perfect to treat sensitive skin. 

Look for the recommended ingredients when buying a face mask to nurture sensitive skin during pregnancy. The right blend of ingredients will prevent skin irritation and rashes! 

2. What type of face mask you should use during pregnancy?

The most popular face mask options include the following:

Clay mask

It is quite a popular pick to revitalize the skin. Clay masks offer a natural cure for clogged pores. They contain minerals and ingredients to soak excess oil, cleanse pores, and brighten up the complexion. You will have to wait 20-30 minutes after applying the mask and that’s the only issue! 

Charcoal mask

Millions of users are trying charcoal masks because this product can remove all toxins. Many brands offer this product, but you have to pick a pregnancy-safe blend of ingredients. 

Mud mask

This type’s masks are perfect for deep cleansing. A mud mask with negligible amounts of salicylic acid can do wonders for users with acne problems. It may also be loaded with Vitamin E, C, and other nutrients to offer anti-ageing benefits. 

Cream or gel mask

These are skin hydrating products packed with humectants, emollients, and several natural ingredients. Cream or gel masks are best for dry and sensitive skin. However, expectant mothers should pay extra attention to ingredients to avoid masks with phthalates, parabens, preservatives, and artificial fragrances.  

Sheet masks

These are popular Korean beauty masks that people across the globe have adapted. Sheet masks pose no threat to the expectant mother and the child. However, certain ingredients present in this product can be harmful! Therefore, you should only pick pregnancy-safe sheet masks. 

Overnight mask

If you want long-lasting results, overnight masks are the best to hydrate and beautify the skin. A product that meets your skin’s needs and does not contain any harmful ingredients is great for your skincare needs. Prefer a face mask with natural ingredients, such as turmeric, aloe vera gel, rose water, mint, etc. to avoid side effects! 


Now, you know that you need the best face mask for pregnancy. To help you with the selection, we have shortlisted the top 10 options above. We have further shortlisted a few for your benefit:

So, you can choose one of the above-mentioned products based on your skin type to reap the benefits of using the best face mask for pregnancy.

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