Top 11 Best Face Masks for Men – Reviews and Buying Guide

Top Best Face Masks for Men Reviews and Buying Guide

Are you a man looking for ways to feel and look at your best? Then, you know that you should take the best care of your fitness routines, skin and health. Of course, you might feel that it needs a lot of hard work. However, in the end, you will be at the benefit. When it comes to a skincare regimen, you need not have to work hard like taking care of your body. All you have to do is to choose one of the best face masks for men.

Many men think that face masks are just women’s stuff. In reality, the best face masks for men are available in the market. The creators of these products very well know about the rough skin of men. As they shave regularly, the facial skin of men is generally rough compared to women. So, to suit their skincare needs, the best men’s face masks are made by many brands. They help with improving the skincare regimen for men. Also, they will help with improving blood circulation. In turn, men can achieve fresh looks. With these things known, let us now gather some details about the best face masks for men available in the market:

#1 SK-II Facial Treatment Mask

This product from SK-II suits all skin types. It offers the best facial treatment for men by boosting the moisture levels and radiance. It is suitable for use all round the year. The main ingredient in this product is SK-II’s Pitera. This key ingredient helps men with achieving more hydrated and fresher complexion.

Many men, who have tried this product, have stated that this product helps them to see refreshing changes in their faces immediately. Also, many men stated that this face mask works magically for a man’s skin. The pack comes with 6 sheets of face masks for men.

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#2 Deep Pore Cleansing Masque Rare Earth from Kiehl’s

This product has been created by Kiehl’s, the skincare brand as suitable for all skin types. In addition to reducing pores, it intensely purifies the rough skin of men.

With Amazonian white clay as the key ingredient, this product helps with the elimination of debris and impurities from the skin, thereby bringing vibrancy in complexion.

Many users with oily skin stated that this face mask effectively addressed the oiliness, uneven texture, dullness and pores in their skin. Many users feel that this product works by detoxifying the skin with its Amazonian White Clay as the key ingredient. It also visibly refines skin texture and makes the skin smooth.

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#3 Deep Hydrating Facial Mask from Dr. Morita

The small molecule hyaluronic acid used as the key ingredient in this product helps with instantly hydrating the skin to improve moisture and water retention.

To ensure strong hydration, the product also uses large molecule hyaluronic acid. This ingredient helps the product by forming a water-holding layer to bring down water loss and to improve dry skin. With its Japanese special hyaluronic acid, this face mask for men is 500% effective in maintaining the hydration in the skin. Even, it has a long-lasting effect on hydration as claimed by many users.

Many men, who have tried this product, stated that it effectively removed age spots, fine lines and roughness caused due to dryness.

#4 Urban Blue Detox Men Face Mask from Lab Series

This product has been formulated to suit all skin types by Lab Series. This purifying face mask for men uses a blend of high-performance ingredients, charcoal and clays to unclog pores and to help with skin decongestion. Even, the ingredients help with getting rid of excess surface oil from the skin.

Many users of this product claimed that this product leaves their skin healthy, clear and clean after every use. The charcoal powder used as the key ingredient in this product helps with drawing out deep-dwelling pore-cloggers like dead skin cells, oil and dirt.

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#5 Skin Conditioner Essential Paper Mask from Albion

This product penetrates the skin swiftly not just for supplying moisture but also for restoring the luster and youthfulness of the skin. It helps with refining the skin texture and even helps with brightening up the dull skin.

The product has been formulated with Job’s Tears extract as the key ingredient. This ingredient has been cultivated by Albion in Hokkaido specially. It helps with regulating the skin cell renewal cycle besides boosting the self-restorative property of the skin.

Many users of this product stated that this lotion-infused paper mask fits snugly on their faces. Also, many stated that it gives a pleasant and refreshing sensation.

#6 Aqua Ringer Skin Mask from Leaders Clinic

This pack encompasses ten sheets of face masks for men from the Leaders Clinic. In addition to long-lasting hydration, this product provides intense moisture. The product uses a wrinkle improvement function certified by KFDA.

The key ingredient in this product is Adenosine. This ingredient helps with preventing the aged look. Even, it increases skin elasticity, while reducing fine lines.

Also, the product has been dermatologist-tested to be free of paraben and suitable for all skin types. Even, individuals with dry skin stated that this product helps their skin to a great extent. The sheets have been made using biodegradable materials, thereby making it safe not just to users but also to the environment.

#7 Thailand Silk Silver Moisturizing & Brightening Facial Mask

From Brand Ray, this face mask is a gold face mask suitable for normal and combination skin types. It works by evening the skin tone and by improving the sun damage to ensure that users can achieve healthy-looking skin. It has been created particularly to safeguard the skin from dryness during the winter season.

It has been created as a silk golden mask with hyaluronic acid as the key ingredient. This ingredient helps with improving the moisture content in the skin besides relieving age spots, dry lines and roughness.

Many users of this product have stated that this product creates immediate, intense and continuous moisture feeling. Even, many stated that it suits even sensitive skin.


This face mask contains herbal ingredients like Coix Seed, Angelica and Melothria extracts. It helps with instantly brightening the skin tone and creates an even glow. The product works by penetrating deeply into the skin and enhancing the metabolism of the skin to prevent dullness.

Coix seed extract used as the key ingredient in this product helps with making the skin brighter and smoother. Angelica seed extract is known for its effectiveness in addressing different skin disorders. Melothria Extract is known for its effectiveness in improving skin suppleness. The product includes 6 sheets of face masks with SEKKISEI lotion infused in them.

Many users of this product stated that this product instantly brightens their skin tone and creates an even glow.

#9 Bioderma Skin Moisturizing Mask

This product has been created as a moisturizing and intense soothing treatment ideal for intolerant and sensitive skin. The moisturizing agents in this product help with softening and soothing the epidermis layer of the skin. When it does this job, the product targets the visible redness in the skin and improves the tolerance level of the skin, thereby bringing lasting comfort. The active ingredients like water and glycerine in this product help with skin smoothening to a great extent.

It helps with restoring the lost radiance from their skin as claimed by many men, who have used this face mask.

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#10 New York Biology Dead Sea Mud Mask

This product from New York Biology store suits all skin types. For individuals with acne-prone skin, this product will provide daily acne treatment. Even though it is created as a highly effective remedy for acne, it will be gentle on the skin. This product is mineral-infused and uses an advanced formula that encompasses Dead Sea mineral mud that aids with gentle skin exfoliation. Apart from Dead Sea mud, the product also encompasses other skin-friendly ingredients like jojoba oil, sunflower seed oil, vitamin E, Calendula oil and Aloe-vera.

Many men, who have tried this product have stated that this mask effectively absorbs the excess oil from the skin and keeps the skin fresh and healthy.

#11 Revive+ Microdermabrasion Face Mask from e-ra Organics

This product helps with the removal of dry and dull skin. It works by deeply hydrating the skin and reduces acne, blackheads, wrinkles, scars, stretch marks and other skin blemishes. The natural anti-aging face mask helps with addressing the signs of aging as well. It takes care of the process of gentle skin exfoliation to bring out glowing skin.

With skin-friendly ingredients like manuka honey, aloe vera, orange peel oil, cehami and walnut jointly brings many skin-friendly benefits.

Many users of this product stated that this face mask helps with the removal of all forms of skin blemishes and brings out clear skin.

Benefits of Face Mask for Men

Face masks can be quite beneficial for your skin, mental calmness, and health. You can pick one of several types of face masks and apply them at home. Follow this post to learn key factors to pick the best face mask for men. 

Get familiar with the benefits of face masks before you check the buying guide. These benefits will clear all your doubts and prove that you must try this skincare routine. 

1. It is essential for skin hydration

Your face can also show the effects of lack of hydration. The gets dry due to missing moisture and it feels rough. Some face masks contain ingredients that properly hydrate the skin. The water reaches deep into your skin epidermis and then softens the skin. As a result, the skin feels more elastic and softer. 

It hardly takes 15-20 minutes to apply and remove the mask. You should try this skincare solution at least once a week to hydrate your skin!

2. Refined pores

Do you realize when acne and pimples occur? They occur due to clogged pores. Pollutants, dirt, and dead skin cells can accumulate in widened pores. These pollutants blend with oil and block the pores. It causes skin problems, such as acne and pimples. 

There are face masks formulated to cleanse skin pores. Apply the mask, let it dry, and then remove it. You will get rid of impurities responsible for clogged pores. You can also use a face mask to tighten skin pores and get much smoother skin. 

3. No ageing signs

Most women use face masks to hide ageing signs. They understand how beneficial face masks can be when it comes to slowing down the ageing process. Unfortunately, men don’t care too much about this issue. Premature ageing is pretty common among men and it’s an avoidable skin issue. 

There are anti-ageing face masks formulated to minimize ageing signs. These masks deliver hydrating, collagen stimulating, and sun-blocking ingredients. Apply the mask once or twice each week and you can see positive effects within a few weeks.

Don’t expect instant results because it’s not a miracle cure for ageing. You should be patient and follow the cure for at least a month. You will see that ageing signs are disappearing from your face! 

4. Face masks make skin firm

You will appear quite old if you got loose and saggy skin. It is a sign that you must follow the right skincare routine! You will look like an old man if you don’t! 

Brands have designed face masks for men that work to improve skin texture. Those masks offer ingredients that tighten up sagging skin and restore the user’s youthful appearance. Boosted collagen production and elimination of free radicals are key benefits of those masks. Therefore, you must try them! 

5. Evens skin tone

You can cure the hyper-pigmentation problem by applying a nutrient-rich face mask. It will improve your skin texture and tone. You should give it a try if you got an uneven skin tone. It is affordable and quite effective! 

How to Pick the Best Face Mask?

The following tips will certainly lead you to the best face mask for men!

1. Assess different types of face masks and then choose one!

You will find three types of face masks on the market. These masks are available in several varieties, which are explained below!

  • Application masks

Most masks men pick are application masks. You can get this product in a jar, a bottle, or a tube. These masks are easy to apply and remove. You should go for this category’s masks if you don’t want to spend several minutes applying and removing the product. 

The varieties available in application masks include:

Clay masks: It is a perfect pick to cleanse the skin and brighten up the tone. High-quality clay masks cleanse pores by removing impurities clogging them. You can balance oil production in your skin and get rid of acne. Clay masks can boost blood circulation, refine your pores, and make your skin smooth! 

Coffee mask: Many brands offer coffee masks for men because it’s a great way of exfoliating the skin. Many toxins and pollutants can glue to your face if work all day long. A regular face cleanser can’t get those impurities out of your skin. Coffee, being the best exfoliator, can scrub and cleanse your skin properly. This mask also stimulates blood flow and removes stretch marks. Therefore, it’s a must-try product for men. 

Turmeric face mask: Turmeric soothes inflammation and kills bacteria resting on your skin. It is present in many face masks that treat acne and hyperpigmentation issues. This face mask supplies antioxidants to fight free radicals and plump up your skin. It can be a great anti-ageing solution for men.

  • Peel off masks

You may not be a stranger to the peel-off mask. It has been popular for many decades because of its skincare benefits. This mask is perfect for men with oily skin. It can control oil production and remove blackheads and whiteheads quite easily. 

Most users avoid this type of mask because it can be a bit painful experience. Peeling the tough layer of the mask is quite painful. You might pull some hairs with the mask. 

However, peel off masks are best to cleanse pores, remove dead skin cells and acne. Experts recommend not to apply the mask on facial hair to avoid pain. Use this mask once a week to keep your face clean. 

  • Sheet masks

The sheet mask is a Korean skincare product. It recently became popular across the globe for the benefits it offers. Both men and women use this mask in Korea to maintain clean, soft and glowing skin. Many Korean men look much younger because they use this product. 

A sheet mask is infused with nutrient-rich serums. You can pick a vitamin C sheet mask to gain an even skin tone. A mask with hyaluronic acid will hydrate your skin and maintain its softness for several days. Green team masks cure the acne issue and aloe vera masks are great for sensitive skin. 

All in all, you can find a sheet mask to target skin problems affecting your looks. Even though it is not available at the local supermarket, you can order it online. Try it because it works! 

2. Choose a face mask to cure the skin issues you are experiencing

Any face mask you pick will fall under one of the above-listed three categories. However, you should also consider skin issues before buying a face mask! Check the following picks to know which kind of face mask your skin demands. 

  • Mask to clarify the skin

It is a deep-cleansing face mask. Your skin becomes ultra-smooth after applying this product. You can easily get rid of aftershave balm, leftover moisturizer, and other impurities. It reveals the natural tone of your skin and makes it glow! 

  • Charcoal mask to fight the acne issue

Do you have acne? You should try the charcoal mask because it’s popular for pore cleansing. It can remove dead skin cells and dirt blended with sebum. Your pores will be clean and the chances of acne will be quite low. Thus, you can maintain a clean and impressive face for years.  

  • Mask to treat dry skin

Dry skin problems can get worse. You may experience red spots and extreme inflammation due to dehydrated skin. Luckily, hydrating face masks are available to moisturize your skin. Apply this mask before sleeping and let the ingredients work. Your skin will become much softer and cleaner in the morning. You will be ready to get back to work with a glowing face! 

  • Mask to treat oily skin

Some men have greasy facial skin because of excess oil production. That excess oil blends with dirt and becomes pretty greasy! You may soon experience acne problems if you don’t control oil production in the facial skin. Try face masks formulated to manage skin oil production and mattify the skin. 

3. Pick a face mask that is easy to apply

Not every man is interested in learning skincare routines. Most individuals prefer simple and effective solutions. Are you one of those men? Choose a clay, cream, sheet, or coffee mask. These masks are easy to apply and remove. Go for a peel-off mask if you can gently apply and remove the mask. 

You cannot remove the mask until it dries because it takes time to work. Prefer a quick-drying face mask if you don’t like to wait for several minutes. 

4. Check ingredients to avoid skin irritation!

A reputable brand always reveals what it is selling. The product label will show the list of ingredients used to produce the face mask. Check that list and look for ingredients that may irritate your skin. 

You should avoid face masks that contain artificial fragrances and colors. Men with sensitive skin should choose soothing face masks. Aloe vera and turmeric masks are best for sensitive skin. Follow the recommended tips and then pick your face mask. It will nourish and soften your skin and cure many skin conditions! 


From the above men’s face masks, you can carefully choose one based on your skin type. Here are our choices as the best for different skin types:

These products bring the best skincare benefits to the appropriate skin types.

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