Top 10 Best Face Masks For Acne Reviews and Buying Guide

Top Best Face Masks For Acne Reviews and Buying Guide

If you have acne-prone skin and have tried varied treatments with little results, you can try out the face mask for acne. The good thing about the right face mask you use is that it will help your skin get the essential nutrients. Even, it will help you with achieving revitalized and rejuvenated skin. But, finding the right mask that will not hurt your delicate skin is a real challenge. But, before you choose a face mask, it is better to understand how it will help your acne-prone skin.

Benefits of a Face Mask for Acne Skin

  • It will address the vital signs of aging
  • It will help with the absorption of excess oil from your skin
  • It will help with the removal of excess toxins and dead skin cells from the skin
  • It will help with improving the blood circulation
  • It will help with gentle exfoliation
  • It will relieve skin disorders like eczema and psoriasis

To get the benefits listed above for your acne-prone skin, you will have to choose the best face mask for acne. With the right product, acne treatment and even acne prevention will also become possible. But, how to choose the right product. To help you with the selection of the right face mask for your skin, we have shortlisted the top 10 products to help you:

#1 Dead Sea Mask for Face and Body from New York Biology

Suitable for normal, dry, sensitive, combination and oily skin, this face mask is made free of cruelty and alcohol.

Dead Sea mud is the key ingredient in this product and it is rich in minerals. In turn, it will mineralize your skin, thereby improving the overall health of your acne-prone skin. Even, this ingredient is known for its anti-aging benefits. It helps with the absorption of excess oil from the skin without drying it. This product helps with the absorption of excess oil and the reduction of pores. In turn, it helps with revealing soft and fresh skin.

Many users of this product have stated that it helped with tightening the skin and brings visibly smoother and healthier complexion.

#2 Exfoliating Glycolic Mask for Acne & Blackhead Treatment from InstaNatural

This product from InstaNatural suits all skin types and with glycolic acid as the key ingredient this mask help with the removal of excess oil and skin cells that otherwise clog the pores leading to acne breakout. When the pores are not clogged, the skin gets clear and you will experience fewer breakouts.

Aloe vera, vitamin C and turmeric are other ingredients that help this product with effective acne treatment. In addition to exfoliation, the product brings a brightening effect on the skin and it addresses dull and uneven skin tone. To make this product suitable even for individuals with sensitive skin, it is free of any cruelty and paraben and does not use any synthetic ingredients.

Many users appreciated that this product in addition to providing acne treatment also clears out dark circles around the eyes.

#3 Pro Dermacontrol Purifying Clay Mask from Cetaphil

This luxuriously cream clay mask from Cetaphil has been designed to purify the skin. Also, it helps with a deep cleaning of pores and many users feel that their skin feels refreshed and ultra-clean after they started using this face mask for acne.

Bentonite clay is the key ingredient in this product that helps with the absorption of surface oil and impurities that clog the pores. Even, to lift away dead skin cells, the pure Amazonian clay in this product provides gentle exfoliation benefits.

The product absorbs excess oil and even it improves skin tone as claimed by many users. The product provides deep cleansing benefits to the skin without stripping it away.

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#4 Superfood Marine Clay Mask With Avocado

This clay mask with its deep cleansing properties helps users with achieving glowing and smooth skin. It will cleanse your skin and will reduce pores without causing burns or irritation. This herbal healing clay mask helps with skin detoxification. It works by bringing out the impurities from the layers of the skin to the surface to remove them and then hydrates the skin besides retaining the moisture level.

This product uses Dead Sea mud along with a combination of 7 natural herbs. All these ingredients bring a pleasant smell to the product.

Many users stated that they are able to get refreshing smooth and rejuvenated skin with this product.

#5 Dead Sea Mud Mask for Face from Aria Starr

This face mask for acne is effective in the removal of blackheads and it works by minimizing the pores. It brings naturally younger-looking skin with jojoba oil, aloe vera and shea butter as the key ingredients.

With its richness in minerals like potassium, zinc, sodium, iodine, bromide, sulfur, calcium and magnesium, the Dead Sea mud used as a key ingredient in this product helps with strengthening the skin and fights acne and blackheads.  

Many users of this Dead Sea mud mask claimed that it refined their skin texture. This product suits both men and women. It extracts impurities and toxins from the deep skin layers and absorbs excess oil.

#6 Dead Sea Mud Mask With Tea Tree Oil from Majestic Pure Cosmeceuticals

This face mask for acne treatment brings calming, nourishing and detoxifying effects to the skin. Majestic Pure has carefully curated the product with vitamin E, jojoba oil, tea tree oil and the Dead Sea mud. It nourishes and moisturizes acne-prone skin irrespective of its type.

The tea tree oil is known for its antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. So, it helps with calming the acne besides addressing the inflammation and swelling associated with acne.

Many users feel that this is the best face mask for acne as it provides the best acne treatment besides making the skin smooth and fresh.

#7 Skin Purifying Acne Face Mask from Proactiv

This detoxifying face mask encompasses sulfur acne medicine that helps with bringing down redness, calming irritation and deep cleaning the pores.

Kaolin Clay used as the key ingredient in this mask absorbs excess oil from the skin, while sulfur prevents new breakouts. Vitamin E and F used as key ingredients in this product help with protecting and also retaining hydration in the skin. With antiseptic and cleansing properties, the tea tree oil in this product cures acne, while the lemongrass used is known for its skin-conditioning properties.

Many users of this product stated that this face mask quickens the process of pimple healing.

#8 Resurfacing Retinol Serum from CeraVe

This product mainly focuses on relieving the marks created by acne after they cure in the skin. Also, the product aims at improving skin texture. In short, this product has been created by CeraVe as a resurfacing and brightening serum with encapsulated retinol as the key ingredient.

This ingredient helps with restoring the protective skin barrier besides improving the smoothness of the skin. Suitable for all skin types and to make it suitable for sensitive skin, the product has been made free of paraben and fragrance and it is non-comedogenic as well.

Many users of this product stated that it helped with balancing their skin, while many also stated that it reduced their pores besides addressing dark spots.

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#9 Acne Pimple Master Patch from COSRX

This face mask for acne is offered as patches. Yes, the pack includes 72 patches in three different sizes with three sheets containing 24 of them each. The A.D.F Hydrocolloid dressing that these patches offer helps with calming the redness in acne and pimples besides keeping the skin moisturized. In turn, faster healing of acne and pimples becomes possible.

To quicken the healing process, the patches in this pack safeguards the area of the acne and creates a moist environment. In turn, the healing process gets quicker.

Many users of this product have expressed that they put on these patches right on the top of the acnes when they go to sleep. The next morning, they see that the acne disappears and comes out with the patches.

#10 Hydrocolloid Spot Treatment with Tea Tree Oil Acne Absorbing Cover Patch

This product also encompasses 40 patches in different sizes. With small, medium and large patches, you can use the right patch based on the size of the acne to apply.

Many users of this product appreciated the easy to peel design of these patches. The patches are made using calendula oil, tea tree oil, and CICA. The product has been designed to shrink acne overnight. The Hydrocolloid dressing is not visible even when applied during the daytimes feel many users of these patches and they also expressed their satisfaction with the effectiveness of this product.


The best face mask for acne is the one that suits your skin type. If you do not know your skin type, it would be a good idea to choose a product that suits all skin types. Here are some of our recommendations:

Detoxifying face mask: Skin Purifying Acne Face Mask from Proactiv

Dry Skin: Dead Sea Mask for Face and Body from New York Biology

Oily Skin: Exfoliating Glycolic Mask for Acne & Blackhead Treatment from InstaNatural

Natural Face Mask: Superfood Marine Clay Mask With Avocado

Patch face mask: Acne Pimple Master Patch from COSRX

So, choose one of these products for acne treatment based on whichever suits your skin types and skincare needs!

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