Top 11 Best Face Lotions For Pregnancy

Top Best Face Lotions For Pregnancy

Skincare for pregnant women is highly important. They should focus on fundamentals like cleansing, sun-protective measures, moisturizing, acne, oily skin, and easy and quick makeup. All these things can help them get a refreshed look. When it comes to moisturizing, a pregnancy-safe face lotion is something important for every carrying mom out there.

Why Should You Moisturize Your Skin?

If you are an expecting mother, you should never stop using a moisturizer for the fear of harmful ingredients. But, you should choose the best pregnancy-safe face lotion that will help you keep your skin hydrated. As such a lotion will have ingredients that are safe for a pregnant woman, you can confidently use it all through your pregnancy and can keep your skin plumpy and soft.

As you look for the right face lotion for pregnancy, you can choose one of the top 11 products that we have shortlisted on your behalf.

1. Toning Lotion from Clarins

This best face lotion for pregnancy from Clarins can tone your skin safely with camomile as the key ingredient suits normal to dry skin types. This product helps with maintaining the normal pH level in your skin. The plant extracts in this product including bio-ecolia improve the natural balance of the skin.

Many carrying moms, who have tried this lotion have stated that it gets deep into the skin but provides gentle cleansing. Also, many have stated that this lotion is non-greasy and comfortable to apply in the face.

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2. Light Hydrating Hydrance Emulsion from Eau Thermale Avene

This Hydrance Emulsion from Eau Thermale Avene encompasses the brand’s thermal water, which is a safe ingredient for carrying moms brings safe hydration for carrying moms.

This daily moisturizer emulsion is non-comedogenic. It means that it will not clog pores and so it is suitable for sensitive skin.

Further, it suits normal and combination skin types as well. Not just thermal water but the product also encompasses vegetable extracts that are again safe for carrying moms for hydrating and absorbing excess oil.

As the product functions as a lightweight moisturizer, it provides long-lasting hydration as claimed by many users. The non-greasy and light texture of this product penetrates the skin quickly.

Many carrying moms, who have tried this product have stated that this moisturizer safeguards their skin against daily aggressions.

3. Jurlique Herbal Recovery Day Cream

Suitable for mature skin, this face lotion for pregnancy from Jurlique helps with revitalizing the skin of carrying moms to achieve a youthful glow. It works by bringing down the signs of aging.

With avocado and plant oil as the key ingredients, this product becomes safe for carrying moms. Also, the safflower oil will help with refreshing the skin without causing any ill-effects for carrying moms.

Another essential ingredient in this product with hydrating properties is Beeswax, which makes it safe for carrying moms.

Many carrying moms appreciated the anti-aging benefits of this skin lotion.

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4. Ecological Compound with Pump from Sisley

This product from Sisley is a hydrating and revitalizing skincare product for carrying moms. To make sure that it will be safe and the best pregnancy safe face lotion, Sisley has used synergistic compounds of plants like Horsetail, hops, rosemary, ginseng, and centalle asiatica in this product. As the ingredients are all plant-based this product is safe for expecting mothers. It helps with restoring, comforting, and hydrating the skin to bring out the true radiance.

Many users have stated that this face lotion always helps their skin to fight against environmental stressors like cigar smoke and pollution. It helps with restoring and suppleness in the skin of pregnant women. Also, the non-greasy and fluid texture of this product provides the skin a matte appearance.

5. Sisley Botanical Grapefruit Toning Lotion

To make sure that this toning lotion will be safe for carrying moms, the product uses a combination of safe plant-based ingredients like white mulberry, Scutellaria, and lemon extracts.

The lemon extract used in this product besides being safe on the face of expectant mothers also restores and tones their skin’s radiance. The Jioh extract in this product helps the skin to achieve the best hydration, while the lavender essential oil soothes the senses, which is essential for carrying moms. The reason is that their calmness is essential for the healthy growth of the baby. Also, marjoram essential oil used in this product soothes the skin.

This Sisley lotion helps with supporting carrying moms to achieve more luminous and even complexion. It makes the skin fresher, smoother and radiant as claimed by many pregnant women, who have tried this product.

6. Daily Face Moisturizer from Burt’s Bees

The ingredients in this product are carefully curated to suit sensitive skin. So, it suits carrying moms as well. The product uses safe ingredients like water, sunflower seed oil and corn starch to name a few.

It is a dermatologist certified for its safety standards. It causes hydration without causing skin redness or irritation as claimed by many pregnant women, who have tried this face lotion for pregnancy. Further, it will not clog pores and will ensure healthy-looking skin for carrying moms.

All other ingredients are also safe in this fragrance-free pregnancy safe face lotion. Above all, this product is 89.9% organic, thereby reiterating its safety for use by carrying moms like you.

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7. Belly Butter from Burt’s Bee

Vitamin E and Shea butter are always recommended for safe skincare for pregnant women. Even though the product has been designed for moms to use in their belly before and after pregnancy to moisture the skin and prevent stretch marks after childbirth, it is ideal for use as a face lotion as well.

It makes the skin smooth with its blend of naturally hydrating jojoba and cocoa shea butter. Even, it helps with recovery after pregnancy with its 99% natural ingredients to comfort the stretched skin.

Many pregnant women and young mothers, who have tried this product have stated that this product has been created with the utmost concern for carrying and recently-delivered moms.

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8. Idéal Soleil Self Tanner Moisturizing Milk from Vichy Laboratories

This tanning lotion for the body and face is enriched with vitamin E and Vichy Volcanic water. Both these ingredients make this product the best pregnancy-safe face lotion. It helps with naturally tanning the skin for pregnant women to help them achieve natural-looking and even tan besides hydrating the skin.

It suits carrying moms with any skin type including those with sensitive skin. Vitamin E brings many skin-friendly benefits, while the volcanic water in this product takes care of skin hydration effectively.

Many expecting mothers, who have tried this product have stated that right from the first use, this face lotion started to improve their skin radiance. In turn, they were able to achieve natural-looking results. The streak-free and non-greasy texture were appreciated by many new moms.

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9. Face & Body Lotion from The Honest Company

To make it the best face lotion for pregnancy, this product from The Honest Company uses safflower, jojoba and olive oils to support and nourish the skin’s natural moisture balance. The other soothing, calming and safe ingredients for carrying moms in this product are aloe, calendula and chamomile. It suits all skin types and particularly allergy-prone, dry and sensitive skin.

Of all the essential oil, lavender oil is always recommended as a safe option for pregnant women. So, this product uses lavender essential oil as a key ingredient for its calming effect on carrying moms. Also, the product is enriched with other naturally-driven ingredients to make it further safe for carrying moms.

Many pregnant women, who have used this product have stated that it leaves their skin supremely soft and hydrated every day. Who have tried this product expressed their happiness about the gentleness of this product.

10. Pregnancy Face Moisturizer from Bella B

This face moisturizer has been developed by Bella B considering the safety concerns of pregnant women. So, this product is a natural face serum with organic ingredients and it is free of paraben and mineral oil.

Further, it does not contain any artificial fragrance and it is hypoallergenic as well. The product uses natural oils, fruit and plant extract as key ingredients to make it safe for carrying moms. It hydrates the skin and keeps it plumpy as claimed by many pregnant women, who have tried this product.

11. Organic Face Moisturizer from Awake Human

Suitable for sensitive, acne-prone and oily skin, this pregnancy safe face lotion has been made using organic ingredients to make it further safe for carrying moms.

The product encompasses organic ingredients like green tea extract, safflower oil, sweet almond, certified organic jojoba and aloe vera. So, this product has been created to treat the skin of pregnant women with good stuff that will be safe not just for them but also for their growing fetus. Each ingredient has been carefully handpicked for this product considering the importance of a safety profile for carrying moms.

Many pregnant women have stated that this product is an excellent addition to their skincare regimen.

Why Do You Need a Pregnancy-safe Face Lotion?

A pregnancy-safe face lotion can help you prevent skin issues that trouble you during pregnancy. A perfect blend of ingredients offers several benefits, which we have revealed in this post. Besides, you will learn the method to choose the best face lotion for pregnancy! 

Along with being the most exciting time of life for a woman, pregnancy poses many tough challenges. Physical changes and emotional turmoil can make it challenging to be the best version of you. Your face also reveals the struggle you face during that time. 

Blemishes, dark spots, hormonal acne, sensitivity, all such issues can reduce your visual charm! Is it possible to look beautiful while you are pregnant? Yes, it is possible if you pick the right skincare products. 

The best face lotion for pregnancy makes it quite easy to preserve your natural appeal! Let’s find out some important benefits of face lotion for pregnant women:

1. It lowers the risk of skin issues

It is extremely easy to pick a skin care product when you aren’t pregnant. You can do some experiments with your skincare routine to assess what suits you the best. Things get a bit tricky when you are nurturing another life inside you! 

Since options in skincare products reduce for mothers, the right face lotion can be used as a multipurpose product. Switch to a pregnancy-safe face lotion from the week you get the good news. It will help you prevent skin problems as long as possible. 

You can maintain your charming looks and prevent issues like dryness or sensitive skin! Therefore, it is quite a wonderful pick for all expectant mothers.  

2. It prevents ageing signs

Your skin seeks additional hydration to look young and plump. If you are not applying a moisturizer after cleansing the face, it will look dull and hipped. Lack of moisture can make the wrinkles and fine lines look worse than before. 

So, if you already have some wrinkles on your face, you must apply face lotion during pregnancy. Suppose you are a young expectant mother, apply the face lotion to prevent wrinkles. 

Pregnancy can make you look older and some women have also experienced premature ageing in this period. Treat your skin with a hydrating lotion to keep it plump and glowing. 

3. It boosts your natural glow 

If you are slightly careful while assessing face lotions, you can pick a product that promotes cell turnover. It is a natural process in which our body sheds dead cells and replaces them with new ones. 

If you got a face lotion with AHAs, BHAs, salicylic acid, and other such ingredients, it will boost the cell turnover rate. As your skin sheds dead cells, remove them and then nourish your skin with a soothing face lotion. This routine will make your skin glow naturally. 

4. Sun protection

You won’t spend the entire maternity leave inside the home. It is necessary to move out and do some workouts to stay healthy and keep the baby healthy. Harsh UV rays can damage your skin, which might already be a bit sensitive. 

Apply face lotion with SPF 15 or higher. The product will block above 90% UVA and UVB rays to prevent sun damage. You won’t worry about free radicals and premature ageing if your face lotion has the potential to block UV rays! 

How to Choose the Right Face Lotion for Pregnancy?

Complex immunological, endocrinological, vascular, and metabolic changes occur in your body when you are pregnant. All these changes can affect your skin and other organs. Most pregnant women experience unappealing skin changes. 

High-quality and pregnancy-safe skincare products become more important during this time. Consider the following factors to shortlist and buy the best face lotion for pregnancy! 

1. Find a product that meets your skin’s nourishment needs

Online stores and cosmetic shops provide several pregnancy-safe face lotions. Are all of them formulated for your skin type? No, you have to pick a product that is suitable for your skin type! 

  • Face lotion for dry skin

Even though your skin is normal or oily, it may turn dry and sensitive during pregnancy. Picking a light or water-based face lotion is not a great idea. Your facial skin needs more hydration and the face lotion can meet this demand! 

Buy a heavier face lotion that contains hyaluronic acid, glycerin, and certain humectants and emollients. It will deliver moisture into your skin and prevent moisture loss for hours. Your facial skin won’t feel tight or itchy if you follow this tip and get a moisturizing face lotion! 

  • Face lotion for oily skin

Say no to thick and heavy face lotions if you constantly experience acne. Breakouts occur when pores get clogged by dead skin cells, dirt, and greasy impurity. People with oily skin are more prone to develop acne, but hormonal acne is also a genuine concern. 

Many pregnant women experience hormonal acne, blackheads, and whiteheads due to hormonal changes. If you are also experiencing this issue, you need a face lotion that doesn’t clog pores. 

Look for a product containing AHAs and BHAs. Mild glycolic acid and other such pregnancy-safe ingredients will help you keep pores unclogged and nurture the skin. 

  • Face lotion for sensitive skin

A regular face lotion is not built for you if you have sensitive skin. Start looking for hypoallergenic products. The product you choose should be free of fragrances, dyes, and alcohol. If it contains any of those problematic ingredients, you are going to face more skin issues. 

It is a perfect product if it contains less than 10 ingredients. Stay focused on soothing and hydrating ingredients, such as hyaluronic acid, glycerin, chamomile, shea butter, aloe vera, etc. 

  • Face lotion for combination skin

Do not become too careless if you got normal skin. Regular face lotions contain many ingredients that can harm your skin and cause birth defects. Look for problematic ingredients and reject products that may pose pregnancy-related issues. 

2. Look for face lotions with SPF

As explained earlier in this post, some face lotions contain ingredients that obstruct UV rays from penetrating your skin. If you are not wearing sunscreen or a lotion with SPF, prolonged sun exposure will damage your skin. It can trigger a quick boost in free radicals and also pose other health problems. 

Look for a face lotion for pregnancy with SPF 15 or higher. It should use titanium dioxide or zinc oxide to protect your skin from sun rays. Do not choose a product that contains oxybenzone to block UV rays. It may clog your pores and cause other health problems. 

3. Does it reduce ageing signs?

Can a face lotion prevent ageing? Yes, it can help you look much younger and more attractive. Brands usually blend retinoids and peptides along with some other ingredients to prevent ageing signs. Studies show that retinol may cause birth defects! Therefore, many skin experts prohibit the use of retinol and some other ingredients during pregnancy. 

No need to lose hope because vitamin C can do wonders for you. It is probably the most popular ingredient when it comes to fighting free radicals. You won’t experience any skin issues if you apply a vitamin C-rich face lotion. 

Make sure the lotion contains skin hydrating ingredients along with aloe vera extract, chamomile, and some other retinol alternatives. 

4. Face lotion ingredients to avoid during pregnancy

Things change a lot when you are an expectant mother. There are many things you should not eat, do, and apply to your skin. These precautions help you stay healthy and keep the baby safe. When it comes to face lotion ingredients, there are quite a few of them you should ignore! Those ingredients include the following:

  • Retinol

Retinol is a potent ingredient found in top-class beauty products. It is a vitamin A derivative that boosts collagen production to make the user look younger. It diminishes fine lines, wrinkles and other ageing signs. Unfortunately, it is not safe for the growth of the baby. 

Many studies show that retinol can cause birth defects. Accutane, which is a powerful acne medication, can also cause seminal issues in the unborn child. 

There are some health experts, who believe a minimal amount of retinol cannot affect your baby. However, it is still a risk and you should avoid it for as long as possible. Remove all skincare products that contain retinol! 

  • Benzoyl peroxide

Your body produces more androgen during pregnancy. It triggers the acne issue and many women start applying anti-acne face lotions. If you are one of those women, make sure the product does not contain benzoyl peroxide. High concentrations of this ingredient cause skin issues and other health issues. 

  • Artificial colors and fragrances

Many face lotions feel aromatic because brands blend fragrances to make those products smell better. Artificial fragrances can cause skin irritation, redness, and inflammation. Coloring ingredients can also trigger skin sensitivity issues. Therefore, you should not try such a face lotion for pregnancy. 

Choose organic and pregnancy-safe ingredients to pamper your skin. Avoid the listed ingredients and you will experience any skin reactions or health problems! 


Just because they are pregnant, women should not miss out on caring for their skin. They can choose the best pregnancy safe face lotion from the product listed above. To make it further easier, here are some of our choices:

Dry Skin: Toning Lotion from Clarins

Oily Skin: Organic Face Moisturizer from Awake Human

Combination skin: Light Hydrating Hydrance Emulsion from Eau Thermale Avene

All skin types: Face & Body Lotion from The Honest Company

So, expecting moms can choose one of these products based on their skin type to keep their skin hydrated all through the pregnancy and even after!

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