Top 15 Best Face Creams for Men – Reviews and Buying Guide

Top Best Face Creams for Men Reviews and Buying Guide

Have you ever wondered why men need different skincare products? There was a time when creams and moisturizer had only women in their advertisements. There was an implicit notion that these products were meant for women. What about men? They had to make do with the same products that were advertised for women. There were no creams and moisturizers that were exclusively made for men.

However, with time, companies developed products for men. Today, these products are in demand. Why was that necessary? A man’s facial skin is significantly different from a woman’s. Men usually have thicker skin. Therefore, face cream for men should be able to penetrate through more layers. A women’s cream may not effectively work on a man’s skin. Due to higher levels of testosterone, male skin is oilier. Thus, there is a higher chance of clogged pores. Thus men’s grooming products should not be greasy. There are several differences between male and female skin due to anatomy and hormones. Therefore, a separate line of men’s grooming products is necessary.

#1 La Roche-Posay Toleriane Double Repair Face Moisturizer

Most of the young men are prone to oily skin. This is one of the best face creams for men as it is oil-free. It will not clog the pores in the skin. This face cream for men helps in hydrating the skin. It is lightweight and has a comforting texture on the skin.

Prebiotic Thermal Water is one of the main ingredients of the product. This helps in restoring firm and healthy-looking skin. The Glycerin acts as a moisturizing agent. Ceramide 3 and Niacinamide have soothing properties. The cream is easily absorbed. This men’s face cream is a product of years of research and has been proved to be safe for sensitive skin too.

Users of the product love it for its non-greasy property and creamy texture. They have obtained satisfactory results within the first few applications of the cream.

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#2 Brickell Men’s Revitalizing Anti-Aging Cream For Men

As men begin to age, their body starts producing a lesser amount of testosterone. Due to this, they can notice dryness in their skin along with other common signs of ageing such as sagging and wrinkles.

The brand Brickell was born as the founders did not find adequate men’s skincare and grooming products in the market Brickell face cream for men helps in actively combating the signs of ageing. This anti-ageing cream has been formulated especially for men’s thicker skin. It hydrates the skin which in turn eliminates dryness seen during ageing. Apart from getting rid of dryness, this face cream for men also helps with fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, and pigmentation. The cream is made up of the highest-grade natural ingredients. The absence of chemicals makes it more popular among ageing men.

Several happy customers state that they have seen fine lines fade away after they used the product.

#3 NIVEA Men Creme

This non-sticky and non-greasy men’s face cream from Nivea is made specially for men’s skin. It prevents your skin from becoming dry. It keeps the skin moisturized. The super-fast absorption quality is loved by the men who have tried this product. It is light and effectively clears up dry and itchy skin on your face, hands, and body.

According to men, regular use of Nivea cream for men leaves you feeling fresh and provides long-lasting moisture.

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#4 L’Oreal Men Expert Vita Lift 5 Daily Moisturiser

L’Oreal has been a top brand in developing grooming products for men. It acts as an invigorating moisturizer that absorbs deeply into the thick layers of men’s skin. This men’s cream can be used to slow down signs of ageing as well. Its powerful anti-wrinkle ingredients provide firmer skin. Once applied, it keeps the skin moisturized for 24 hours. The face cream for men makes skin appears softer and smoother.

Overall, it gives a youthful appearance. With ageing, men’s skin shows signs of fatigue – dryness, dullness and tightness. The cream works to erase or reduce these signs from your face. Users of this cream love the product for its non-greasiness and ability to get rid of dry patches.

#5 Innisfree The Green Tea Seed Cream

If you are looking for the best men’s face cream with organic ingredients, this cream from Innisfree should be your choice! It is made up of Jeju organic green tea seed. It is completely non-sticky and helps in restoring adequate moisture in the skin. If you have been struggling to obtain clear skin, your quest for the right product ends here!

In the words of the users, the face cream for men fully eliminates flakiness. It is useful for men who have acne-prone skin. It is light and has the perfect texture. Irrespective of your skin type, this will be a good addition to your skincare routine!

#6 Kiehls Ultra Facial Cream

This men’s face cream is the #1 product from Kiehl’s. It is formulated to work for all skin types. It has been tested and marked safe for sensitive skin as well. It has a unique lightweight texture which makes it a favourite among the masses. Apart from providing long-lasting hydration, it smoothens and softens the skin. Thus, you end up with healthier-looking skin. This facial cream for men targets even the skin’s driest areas to moisturize it well. It easily absorbs into men’s skin.

Its key ingredients are Glacial Glycoprotein and Squalene. While the former helps in preventing water loss, the latter restores the skin’s moisture barrier.

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#7 Facial Fuel Energizing Moisture Treatment For Men

This moisturizer for men is made specially to uplift dull and fatigued skin. How is this achieved? It is enriched with vitamins. This powers the skin to resist the effects of stress. If you are too stressed, it shows on your face – dullness, dryness, contour lines etc… Use this non-oily moisturizer to feel revitalized and re-energized. This face cream for men works to restore some firmness in the skin to give a youthful appearance.

Why do users of this cream love it? It works best for people with a beard. A small amount of the cream is enough to spread throughout. If you use it after shaving, it soothes the cuts/abrasions. It leaves no sticky residue. If you apply it at the beginning of the day, your skin will feel smooth throughout the day! It is affordable too.

#8 CLINIQUE for Men Anti-Age Moisturizer

This face cream for men from Clinique is one of the best face creams for men. It is mainly used to mask the effects of ageing. It is an all-day hydrator. The men’s face cream helps in fighting dullness and wrinkles on the skin. The ingredients used to make the product help in restoring firmness and strengthening the skin. It is made such that it absorbs quickly into all types of male skin. The cream helps you achieve a younger and revitalized look.

Men who have used this cream like it as it does not have any smell. Neither does it form a layer on your skin. Use this to attain blemish-free skin. The product has users across ages 40-90 years!

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#9 Lab Series Max Age-Less Power V Lifting Cream

Don’t we all love to look younger than our actual age? This men’s face cream from Lab Series helps men achieve exactly that! It is an anti-ageing cream that is widely used by middle-aged men.

According to product testimonials from verified buyers, the cream produces visible effects with regular use. Say goodbye to sagging and reduced firmness with this cream! Overall, you achieve a sculpted looking skin. What more can you ask for?

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#10 Avene Revitalizing Nourishing Cream

Next on our list of best face cream for men is an ultra-nourishing cream from Avene. This face cream for men is formulated for those with dry skin. It does not have a strong fragrance. Also, it feels very light on the skin.

Men seem to love everything about this product including its packaging! The packaging is beautiful and a spatula is included as well! After each use, your skin will feel smooth and supple.

#11 Biotherm Total Recharge Moisturizer ByBiotherm for Men

This is a face cream for men by Biotherm. What are the attractive features of this cream? It is non-greasy and non-sticky. A large percentage of men suffer from oily skin. This cream will give a pleasant feeling as it is free from grease. It has a gel-like texture which gives a cooling effect when applied on the skin. It erases all signs of fatigue on your face.

It is also used by men who have dry skin. If dry skin is not tended to, it can become flaky or develop redness. With a few small dabs, you can spread it over your face. You can feel your skin become smooth and soft.

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#12 Laneige Water Bank Moisture Cream

This is a face cream for men formulated with vegetable extracts that are rich in minerals. Some of the ingredients are Brussel sprouts, Lima beans, artichoke – all of which help in hydrating the skin.

Men love to use this cream to attain a balanced complexion. It is suitable for people who have normal or dry skin. It is a lightweight cream powered by antioxidants. Users love the product for its ability to make your skin glow without making it feel oily.

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#13 Shiseido Men Skin Empowering Cream for Men

This product has found a place in our list of best face cream for men due to some of the exclusive benefits it offers. It is a high-performance cream formulated for men. It provides instant revitalization. The cream is further enhanced with Vitamin E derivatives. This helps to prevent free radical damage.

Middle-aged men who have started noticing wrinkles and other visible signs of ageing can use this cream to reduce the effects. Use the cream daily to have smooth and radiant skin.

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#14 Clarins Men Line-Control Cream Dry Skin Care

Clarins men’s face cream is widely popular. How does the cream have so many happy users? What does it offer?

It is a fine-textured cream free from grease. Fine lines and wrinkles make it evident that you have aged. The cream can be used to mask these signs. With regular usage, you can notice exceptionally firm skin. The cream can uplift sagged skin and give a toned appearance. For smooth skin and good moisturization, this cream from Clarins is a good choice for men.

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#15 Sulwhasoo Age-Defying Cream 1.3 Oz Men

This is a popular product that lives up to its name. It is indeed an age-defying cream! It is recommended for men who want to attain firm and youthful-looking skin. It has a rich texture and feels gentle when used on the skin. It is formulated such that it can quickly absorb into men’s skin, despite its thickness. Unlike some creams, this product does not leave too much of shine. It is not sticky either. Men love the cream as it provides long-lasting moisture.

Benefits of Face Cream for Men

Face cream can do wonders and make you look way more impressive if you pick the best product. This post will reveal the key benefits of face cream for men and how to pick the right face cream for men. 

The following benefits will encourage you to use a face cream if you haven’t tried one yet! 

1. Youthful appearance

Premature ageing is a big concern among men. Most guys do not follow a perfect skincare routine. Many hardly use a moisturizer after bathing or cleansing the face. It can lead to dullness and cause premature ageing. 

Top-quality face creams can address this problem and gradually reduce wrinkles and fine lines. You should use a face cream with anti-ageing benefits. It will nurture your skin, lock moisture, boost collagen products and elasticity, and make you look younger. 

Of course, the cream alone can’t do everything. Drink more water, follow a healthy diet, and follow a perfect skincare routine. These good habits will help you look and feel young for many decades. 

2. No more dry and itchy skin

The facial skin loses moisture and its protective layer when you use an exfoliant or face cleanser. The skin gets dry and then itchy slightly after cleansing the face. It gets worse if you do not apply a moisturizing cream or a lotion. 

Moisturizing face cream can create a barrier to lock moisture and maintain the smooth texture of your skin. It can prevent dryness and there won’t be any rashes or inflammation. 

Try an exfoliant or face cleanser only if you got a moisturizing face cream. Follow the right skincare routine and it will help you maintain that pretty look for a long time. 

3. Faster cell turnover

Numerous dead skin cells are produced every day. A lot of those dead cells remain glued to your skin. They blend with sebum and block pores. As a result, people experience pimples and acne. 

Face exfoliating cleansers can help you get rid of dead skin cells and other impurities. That product won’t help you gain glowing skin. You will have to apply nutrient-rich face cream after cleansing the face. Its ingredients will boost the cell turnover speed and make your face glow naturally. 

You get rid of dead skin cells, new cells create a new layer of the skin, and it glows. That glowing skin can play a vital role in your success if you are in a field where looks matter! 

4. No blemishes

Your skin gets healthy, vibrant, and fuller when it receives enough hydration. The skin repairs itself better and gets much smoother. You will see dark spots, blemishes, scars, and ageing signs are disappearing. That’s the wonder a top-rated face cream can do for you. 

It is an affordable solution for some major issues related to your appearance. Invest a few bucks now if you don’t want to regret it in the future! Start using the best face cream available for your skin today! 

How to Choose the Best Face Cream for Men?

A variety of face creams are available on the market. You will find face cream types that you haven’t seen ever before. Don’t fall for fake claims! Follow the below explained guide to buying the best face cream for men. 

1. Pick the best face cream for your skin type

It is extremely important to know your skin type if you are buying a skincare product. Most people do not care about it and pick anything that looks impressive from the shelf. It causes skin issues that may leave permanent damage! 

Be a bit cautious when looking for a face cream for men. Its formula should be exactly what your skin demands. Thus, you can make your facial skin healthier and look more attractive. 

  • Face cream for oily skin

Oily skin indicates the sebaceous glands are producing more oil than your skin requires. As a result, the skin gets greasy and shiny. You should never buy an oily face cream for cosmetic purposes if you got oily skin! 

Be a choosy buyer and look for a product containing benzoyl peroxide, alpha-hydroxy acids, and hyaluronic acid. Apply this cream regularly and you can manage sebum production. 

The listed ingredients hydrate your skin and prevent dryness. Consequently, sebaceous glands produce less oil and the face looks much cleaner. Check the product label to find the right set of ingredients. Thus, you will get the best face cream to take care of oily skin! 

  • Face cream for dry skin

Dry skin can be extremely irritating. You wash your face, dry it, and then the face gets itchy and the skin feels tighter. Its moisture has gone and now issues like rashes, inflammation, and irritation can cause troubles. 

Look for face creams containing lactic acid and shea butter. These ingredients are slightly oily, but they deliver humectants to nurture dry skin. Apply the cream daily after cleansing your face. It will feel much smoother and stretchy. You can prevent premature ageing if you try the recommended product! 

  • Face cream for sensitive skin

Any face cream containing shea butter, aloe vera, oatmeal, chamomile, and other similar soothing ingredients is good for your skin. You should say no to products containing artificial fragrances, dye, color, and harsh chemicals. The right set of organic ingredients can help you maintain fair, clean, and healthy skin every day. 

Users with combination skin and normal skin can have diverse options in face lotions and creams. Experts recommend choosing top-quality products with no known side effects. Thus, you will only experience benefits and no adverse effects! Quickly switch your product if you spot side effects after applying the product. 

2. Important ingredients to look for

There must be the following ingredients in your face cream:

  • Glycerin

It is present in every moisturizing lotion. Being a humectant, it helps your skin retain moisture. The skin gets softer after applying glycerin-based formula and it glows naturally. Even though men have thicker skin than women, glycerin can nourish it and keep it healthy. 

  • Squalene

Squalene is non-comedogenic oil. Being lightweight oil, it penetrates your skin immediately and reaches deeper layers to hydrate skin cells. The skin does not feel greasy or oily. However, you can feel the softness of the skin and get rid of cracked patches. Squalene should be in your face cream if you got dry skin! 

  • Ceramides

This ingredient works like natural lipids. It repairs the skin barrier to prevent harmful toxins and pollutants from penetrating your skin. Your skin gains more moisture, feels softer, and gets plumper. Therefore, ceramides are an important ingredient for men’s face cream. 

You must try a face cream containing ceramides if you do not use a moisturizer. It will replenish dehydrated skin cells and repair the damage to make your skin healthier. 

  • Green Tea

This antioxidant-rich ingredient acts like a detoxifier. It improves skin complexion, soothes inflammation, and eliminates free radicals. As a result, you get younger, healthier, and glowing skin. Green team extracts are used in a variety of skincare products, especially in men’s grooming products. Therefore, it’s also an important ingredient in a face cream for men. 

  • Niacinamide

If you want to even skin tone, reduce oil production, and get rid of acne, your face cream should contain Niacinamide! This multi-tasking ingredient can address various skin problems both men and women experience. You certainly choose a high-quality face cream if its formula contains Niacinamide! 

  • Aloe Vera 

Aloe Vera has been used in skincare remedies for many centuries. Modern skincare brands trust it to soothe inflammation, improve skin tone, and speed up the skin repair process. You won’t experience dryness or itchiness if your face cream contains aloe vera extracts. 

  • Retinol

Retinol is more popular in night creams. It boosts the cell turnover rate and collagen production. It should be present in your face cream if you want to get rid of ageing signs. 

3. Don’t blindly trust natural products

Skincare product brands have introduced a wide range of skincare products that claim to be natural. People are happily buying those products and using them daily. Sadly, users don’t often experience benefits claimed on the label. 

Should you also go for an organic face cream? Will it be a safer alternative to other face creams? Probably not! Natural does not mean better. It totally depends on your skin condition and what ingredients are used to produce the face cream. 

Follow the skin-type guide shared in this post to pick a face cream containing ingredients your skin needs. Don’t reject a high-quality face cream due to certain chemicals. Those chemicals will make your skin healthier to make you look more handsome. 

4. Patch test before usage

If you have assessed all the above-listed factors, you got the best face cream. If still there is some doubt, you should patch test the cream before applying it regularly. You will get familiar with the benefits or side effects of the product. Order a larger pack if it does not cause irritation and makes the skin smoother. 


Irrespective of your gender, it is important to have a skincare routine. Also, men’s skin issues are different from those faced by women. So do not share your grooming products. You can buy one of these products made exclusively for men.

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