Top 15 Best Face Cleansing Masks – Reviews and Buying Guide

Top Best Face Cleansing Masks Reviews and Buying Guide

A face cleansing mask will help with thoroughly cleansing excess oil, pollutants, impurities and pores without stripping the skin. The best cleansing mask is available for different skin types. When it comes to deciding on the right cleansing mask, your skin concerns should help you decide the ingredients that will suit you. For instance, if you have acne or inflammation, you should look for ingredients like benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid or natural ingredients like papaya and yogurt that will help with removing dead skin cells.

Now, you know about the role played by the best face cleansing mask to a certain extent. With this knowledge, to help you decide on a suitable mask, we have shortlisted the best options available in the market:

1. Deep Pore Rare Earth Cleansing Masque from Kiehl’s

This face mask from Kiehl’s is suitable for oily skin and it is known for its deep cleansing benefits. Even, individuals with normal skin types can benefit from this product. It will help with the elimination of dead surface skin cells and debris that can clog the pores.

The highlighted ingredient in this product is Amazonian White Clay. With richness in minerals, this ingredient helps with reducing the look of pores. The product is free of phthalates, parabens, SLES, SKS, and sulfates. It effectively removes excess oil from the skin surface as claimed by many users.

Many users of this product feel that after using this mask, their skin appeared more refined with visibly reduced pores.

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2. Purifying Clay Pro Dermacontrol Mask from Cetaphil

This purifying clay mask for cleansing will help with the removal of pore-clogging impurities from the skin. Even, it works to minimize the appearance of pores besides improving skin texture and tone.

The product has been made using a couple of types of gentle clays. They are Amazonian Clay and Bentonite Clay. The former helps with gentle exfoliation, while the latter takes care of the task of drawing out the impurities. Many users of this face cleansing mask expressed that this fragrance-free mask helps with deep cleansing without damaging the skin.

Also, many users appreciated the non-drying and luxurious creamy texture of this product. To nourish sensitive skin, the product also encompasses Apple fruit extract. It helps with maintaining hydration in the skin. Even, cucumber seed extract has been used in this product. It helps with brightening the skin tone.

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3. Pore Cleansing Jeju Volcanic Foam from Innisfree

This product is a refreshing foam cleanser. It has good absorbing powers with Jeju volcanic cluster as the key ingredient. At the time of volcanic eruptions in Jeju Island, when they solidify, hot lava fragments form clusters. These clusters are naturally porous and they are filled with minerals with the power to absorb impurities and oil from the pores. Even though this product suits different skin types, it is particularly effective for individuals fighting with oily skin.

Many users expressed how glad they feel about this product. They stated that this product helps to clean their oily skin effectively without tightening or drying the skin. Also, many users are highly satisfied with the pleasant smell of this product.

4. Black Sugar Mask from Skin Food

This face cleansing mask from the Skin Food suits different skin types. This is a moisturizing and exfoliating cleansing product that uses organic black sugar as the ingredient. It is enriched with minerals and vitamins to nourish and hydrate the skin. The black sugar used in this product is rich in minerals like potassium, magnesium, iron, calcium and phosphorous. All these minerals help with improving skin health. Vitamins like pantothenic acid, niacin and riboflavin present in black sugar make this product an effective skin care remedy. Also, black sugar granules help with the effective elimination of blackheads.

Many users of this product expressed that it is more than a cleanser. They feel that this product is also a refresher/toner and moisturizer. They are happy about how this product turns their facial skin healthy.

5. Oil-Control Acne Solutions Cleansing Mask from Clinique

This soothing natural clay-based mask suits all skin types. It helps with healing and preventing facial breakouts. The purpose of this product is to fight acne and other blemishes. This medicated formula with salicylic acid will get deep into the skin to clean and unclog pores. Even, it will help with the removal of excess oil from the skin.

The key ingredients Acetyl glucosamine and salicylic acid in this mask helps with clearing dead skin cells. Also, laminaria saccharina extract and Kaolin Clay are other major ingredients in this product that helps with absorbing surface oil from the skin and helps deep cleansing.

Many users of this product exclaimed that it makes their skin clearer just within 5 minutes of using. They expressed that they can feel their skin getting smoother and less congested with the use of this face cleansing mask. Also, the non-drying formula in this product prevents skin irritation.

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6. Effaclar Clarifying Clay Face Mask For Oily Skin from La Roche-Posay

This face cleansing mask from La Roche-Posay is for individuals with oily skin. This is a two-in-one purifying clay face mask. This multi-tasking mask helps with getting rid of excess oil and it also helps with eliminating invisible impurities. It helps with achieving more radiant and smoother skin. The clay mask helps with getting rid of excess oil. It will help with making your pores more refined. It will keep your skin less oily for longer and the skin will stay matte. The product has been tested on acne-prone skin.

The main ingredient in this product is kaolin clay and it has been used for centuries to absorb excess oil from the skin. It also helps with preventing breakouts even before they hit the skin.

Many users of this product have expressed that it works perfectly for oily skin.

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7. Luminizing Clay from IPSA

This product from IPSA will help with keeping blemishes at bay. It is suitable for all skin types and it will help with whisking away excess oil, rough skin and stubborn blackheads.

Sea mud is one of the active ingredients in this face cleansing mask. With its richness in skin-nourishing components, this ingredient will help with balancing and hydrating the skin.

For long-lasting hydration, Acetylated hyaluronic acid is used as another ingredient. It will also help with softening the rough skin. Even, it will enhance the ability of your skin to absorb the good stuff from this product. Chamomile extract in this product will help with its anti-acne, anti-inflammatory, and anti-bacterial actions. Ginseng extract will help with increasing blood circulation to make the skin healthy.

Many users expressed that this product is an effective remedy to cleanse their faces.

8. Clear Deep Cleansing Mask with Kaolin Clay from COSMEDIX

Suitable for all skin types, this mask from COSMEDIX helps with conditioning and moisturizing the skin. It reduces acne, dark spots, and hyperpigmentation to help users achieve even skin tone. The antioxidants present in this product will safeguard the skin from environmental stressors.

The product contains three transformative ingredients as key ingredients. The Kaolin Clay present in this product helps with drawing out and absorbing excess impurities and oil. Sulfur helps with purifying the skin. Tea Tree oil is another key ingredient that helps with skin hydration for a smoother complexion.

Many users of this product expressed that they use this product whenever they need a refreshed look. Also, many users shared that they have been using this product for a long to get the best skincare benefits.

9. Chamomile Concentrate Anti-Blemish Masque from AESOP

The purpose of this face cleansing mask is to help individuals struggling with troubled and blemished skin. For individuals with these skin types, the product calms and clarifies their skin by deeply cleansing it.

This is a clay-based astringent face mask with botanical extracts and purifying ingredients. Chamomile bud is the key ingredient in this product. It helps with getting rid of acne scars and fighting breakouts. It will also help with fading spots and has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. Tea tree leaves are also part of this product. They help with treating acne due to antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory actions. Even, it will help with calming inflammation, swelling, and redness in the skin.

Many users of this product expressed that AESOP has a true passion for whatever they produce. Similar to other skincare products from this brand, this product also works.

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10. Jeju Volcanic Pore Clay Mask from Innisfree

This face cleansing mask is a three-in-one product. The reason is that it ensures three actions. They are treating blemishes, brightening skin, and removing sebum.

The Jeju volcanic clay used as the key ingredient in the product helps with deep cleansing the pores. The volcanic clay was obtained from hardened lava.

Many users of this product exclaimed that this mask conditions their skin for an upcoming makeup. Many users with combination skin shared that this product works great on the dry areas of their skin without drying out.

11. Clay Facial Mask from L’Oreal Paris

This product from L’Oreal Paris has been made using three pure clays and red algae. The purpose of this face cleansing mark is to exfoliate dead skin cells, tighten pores and unclog them. The brand has enhanced this product with red algae for exfoliating and refining the skin within 10 minutes. Suitable for all skin types, this product can make your skin smooth and refined.

To brighten the dull skin, the product uses charcoal. For unclogging pores, the red alga is a part of this product. To absorb oil, eucalyptus has been used as an ingredient. To reduce skin imperfections, seaweed is part of this product. The brand has used Yuzu Lemon for smoothening rough skin.

Many users expressed that this is the best face cleansing mask they have ever used. The reason they state is that it shows visible results in addressing skin imperfections.

12. Manuka Honey Cleansing Clay Mask from Swisse

With Manuka honey as the key ingredient, this face cleansing mask from Swisse helps with improving your facial appearance. Also, Australian Kaolin Clay and charcoal are other key ingredients in this product to help users get the best skin care regimen. It helps with the effective removal of dead skin cells. Also, it will minimize the appearance of pores besides absorbing excess oil from the skin. Further, its effectiveness for removing dead skin cells is due to its enriched ingredients.

Charcoal and Australian Kaolin Clay in this product helps with removing dead skin cells, while the aloe vera extract helps with hydrating and conditioning the skin. The skin-strengthening task is handled by Norwegian Kelp and red algae in this product.

Many users expressed that they feel excited about how the product smells and works.

13. Purifying Charcoal City Block Clay Mask from Clinique

With kaolin clay and bamboo charcoal as ingredients, this product helps with removing the effects caused by impurities and pollution on your skin. Further, to gently refine the skin texture, natural silica is part of this face cleaning mask. In addition to being a face mask, it also acts as a scrub for detoxifying and exfoliating the skin.

Many users of this product exclaimed that it works just within 5 minutes of applying to make their skin refined and clear.

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14. Dead Sea Mud Mask For Face and Body From New York Biology

The product has been designed for everyday use. So, it will be gentle on your skin, irrespective of your skin type.

Dead Sea mineral mud is the main ingredient in this product. It helps with gently cleaning the clogged pores. Also, the product includes an herbal complex of jojoba oil, sunflower seeds, vitamin E, Calendula Oil and Aloe vera. All these ingredients jointly help with cleansing the skin and provide a soothing sensation. As it is rich in mineral content, this pure mud mask helps with renewing the skin. Many users stated that this product soothed their skin.

Even, many stated that the product completely removed their blackheads.

15. Indian Healing Clay from Aztec Secret

The product uses 100% natural calcium bentonite clay. It works great not just for facials, but also for body wraps and foot soaks. The unique molecular structure of this product helps with cleansing the skin pores. Even, it helps with lifting out toxins and poisons stored in the epidermis layer of your skin. Also, it helps with getting rid of impurities and dirt from your skin.

Natural Calcium Bentonite (Green) Clay is the main ingredient in this product. It creates a barrier between the possible irritants and the skin.

Many users wish to share with other prospective users not to restrain from this product. The reason is that it is very much effective in treating the skin.

How to Choose a Face Cleansing Mask?

A face cleansing mask can help you get rid of all sorts of impurities. It will make your skin radiant and you will look way more attractive. Follow the below-explained steps to choose the face cleansing mask. 

1. Pick the Right Type of Mask to Cleanse Your Face

Different kinds of face masks have been formulated to address various skin issues. Most people pick the mask without assessing the product’s benefits. You should not make the same mistake if you want to get the best beauty benefits. Assess your needs and the benefits of different types of face masks. 

The following are the most widely chosen types of face cleansing masks. Pick one of these types of masks to cleanse your skin perfectly. 

Cream mask

Cream-based face cleansing masks feel exactly like a moisturizing option. It is soft, soothing, and quite effective. You can use this type of face cleansing product to nurture dehydrated and ageing skin with hydrating ingredients. 

Cream masks can nourish both dry and oily skin. Try a coconut oil-based mask if you got dry skin and probiotic masks to treat oily skin. The chosen mask will provide your skin with the missing nutrients and moisture to make it plump. 

You can also look much younger if you apply the cream mask daily. You can use it overnight to cleanse your skin deeply and get rid of all impurities. Try it if you wish to pamper your skin with a nutrient-rich product. 

Mud or Clay mask

Beauty enhancing products like clay masks have been used for many centuries. People across the globe use different types of clays to prepare the face pack and apply it frequently to gain cleaner and more attractive skin. 

Kaolin and bentonite clay masks are considered the best when it comes to face cleansing. Both of these clays are known for their medicinal properties. You should apply this type of face mask to remove toxic substances and unclog pores. The clay absorbs all toxins and removes them when you clean the face. 

People with acne-prone skin will find mud or clay masks quite beneficial. Check the ingredient list, make sure it doesn’t contain any harmful substance, and then order it.  

Gel mask

The jam-like texture of gel masks makes them quite easy to apply on the face. Whether you have normal skin or oily skin, you can apply this product to cleanse your face. Many brands use astringent ingredients, such as blueberries and raspberries to reduce their oil content. 

Gel masks are perfect when it comes to removing impurities out of pores and tightening them. Some gel masks are also prepared with hydrating ingredients, such as honey and stonecrop to nourish dry skin. This type of product quickly turns dull and dry skin into soft and glowing skin. 

You can gain a firmer-looking complexion with regular use of gel face masks. Many brands use only natural ingredients to produce this skincare product. So, users with sensitive skin can also try a gel mask. 

Peel-off masks

If your goal is to remove impurities accumulating in your skin pores, try the peel-off mask. It comes with a mild-exfoliating chemical that gently massages the skin and refines pores. This mask turns into a rubbery layer that you need to peel off the skin. 

It will feel like a mini facial once you remove the mask and wash your face. All the renowned skincare product brands produce peel-off masks. So, check ingredients and pick a product formulated to treat skin problems you are facing nowadays.  

Exfoliating mask

An exfoliating face mask is quite essential to get rid of dead skin cells. New cells are produced frequently to maintain the natural texture and charm of the skin. Dead skin cells can clog the pores and cause various issues, like acne, pimples, etc. 

Get an exfoliating face mask to get rid of dead skin cells. It will boost your skin’s natural turnover process and you will gain naturally glowing skin. Exfoliating face masks can contain chemical exfoliants or granular substances to dissolve dead skin cells and remove them. 

However, exfoliating masks might be harmful to you if you got sensitive skin. Consult with a dermatologist if you want to try this face cleansing product. 

Charcoal mask

Various alternatives are available in charcoal masks. You can find sheet masks, peel-off masks, and also cream masks. One thing is common in all these masks, the use of active charcoal as an ingredient. 

A charcoal mask can detoxify the skin, remove impurities from skin pores, and treat oily complexions. You won’t prefer any other face mask once you experience the cleansing effects of the charcoal mask. 

Warming face mask

Many people do not know about warming face masks because not many people use them. This product contains ingredients, such as cinnamon and paprika to make your skin feel warm. It can turn your skin red or sometimes cause a tingling sensation. 

Apply this type of face mask and leave it for 20-60 minutes. You will experience a glowing complexion after washing your face. It will cleanse and energize your skin and its cleansing effects will remain throughout the day. 

Sheet mask

South Korean people have been using sheet masks for many years. Both men and women use this type of cleansing mask to treat skin dryness and oiliness. This type of face mask can also cure many skin problems, especially clogged pores issue. So, consider it a great alternative to regular face masks. 

2. Choose the Face Mask According to Your Skin Type

Boosting complexion, eliminating tiredness, and cleansing pores are some known advantages of applying face masks. Can you apply any available face mask on your skin? No, you cannot apply any available face mask, especially if you got dry, oily, or sensitive skin. Continue reading to reveal which type of face mask you can apply to your skin. 

Best face mask for oily skin 

People with oily skin have irregular skin texture due to excess sebum production. Skin problems, such as shiny T-zone and enlarged pores also occur due to excess sebum production. An ordinary face mask won’t help you in fighting these issues!

You need a product formulated to cleanse pores and purify deeply. It should contain ingredients that your skin can easily absorb within 20-30 minutes. Those ingredients will work to get rid of pollutants, toxins, dead cells, and other impurities hiding inside pores. 

Clay or mud masks are ideal for pore tightening and absorbing excess sebum from the skin. Regular application of such a face cleansing mask can maintain the clean and smooth texture of your skin for hours!   

Best face mask for dry skin

Whether you got dry skin or sensitive skin, it is low in lipids and quite fragile. That’s why the skin often feels irritating and dry if you do not moisturize it. Yes, you need a nourishing face mask to moisturize your skin. Its hydrolipidic barrier should improve and it must plump up after cleansing the face. 

You should try a face mask containing hyaluronic acid. It will moisturize your skin and trap moisture to maintain the skin’s smooth texture. Some reputable brands produce hyaluronic acid masks to treat dry and sensitive skin. 

However, you should make sure it won’t cause other skin problems if you got sensitive skin. You must patch test the product before making it a part of your regular skincare routine.  

Best face mask for normal skin

You can do some experiments to look more attractive if you got normal skin. There are restructuring, moisturizing, brightening, smoothing, plumping, and tightening face masks. You should assess what is affecting your natural beauty and then pick a face mask to treat that issue. 

A normal face mask with brightening effects will be perfect if it’s your top priority to maintain glowing skin. A simple exfoliating face mask will also work if you wish to get rid of impurities, like toxins, pollutants, dust, dirt, etc. 

Best face mask for mature skin

Lack of elasticity is the main problem with thin, sensitive, and mature skin types. A regular face cleansing mask is not a perfect choice because it can irritate your skin. Try a firming face mask to smoothen and strengthen your skin texture. 

Your face will look plump and you will appear younger after applying the right face mask. A sheet face mask can help in reducing ageing signs. A product with salicylic acid is also perfect to treat mature skin issues. 

3. Avoid Face Masks with the Following Five Ingredients

Not all the ingredients are harmful to your skin! However, you should be a bit careful when trying a DIY face cleansing mask. Avoid the use of

  • Lemon
  • Cinnamon
  • Spices
  • Apple cider vinegar
  • Vegetable oil as ingredients 

Lemon and cinnamon are quite irritating and certain spices can cause redness and burning sensation. Vegetable oil can cause skin breakouts and clog your pores. Apple cider vinegar is extremely acidic and can cause burns. So, say no to these ingredients when you are choosing a face mask. Read the entire ingredient list and buy the product only when you are sure it won’t cause any skin issues! 


From the review of the best face cleansing masks listed above, we found that Deep Pore Rare Earth Cleansing Masque from Kiehl’s is the best for oily skin with its Amazonian clay ingredient.

If you are a person with combination skin, the Jeju Volcanic Pore Clay Mask from Innisfree might help as it is made using natural clusters of sand.

If your skin is dry, our recommendation will be Purifying Charcoal City Block Clay Mask from Clinique.

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