Top 15 Best Face Cleansers Reviews and Buying Guide

Top Best Face Cleansers Reviews and Buying Guide

Many of us know that our skin is the largest organ in our body. So, cleaning it regularly is important. Many of us believe that cleaning will just remove the dirt from our facial skin. But, in reality, the right face cleanser will help with getting rid of harmful pathogens present in our skin. During our childhood, we have been recommended by our mom to wash the face as soon as we get home from school. This recommendation is not just for removing dirt, but for removal of unseen bacteria and fungus as well. Now, with these things known about cleaning your face, you might be interested in knowing about the best face cleanser.

As you intend to select the best face cleanser, it will be confusing to choose one as different options are available in the market. To help you, we have shortlisted the top 15 face cleansers after a detailed review of each. Let us gather details about these top cleansers:

#1 Soy Face Cleanser For Women From Fresh

This face cleanser from Fresh was created to suit different skin types. This three-in-one face wash will help with the gentle melting of mascara and makeup from your face. It will help with balancing your skin, besides toning and removing impurities. This pH-balanced gel cleanser will clear out dirt and makeup without drying out your skin.

Soy protein that is rich in amino acids is the main ingredient in this product. For balancing, rosewater is used as an ingredient. Also, to bring a calming effect to your skin, cucumber extract has been used.

Many users of this product claimed that they were able to achieve soft skin and even skin tone with this product.

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#2 Gentle Skin Cleanser From CETAPHIL

This face cleanser will suit individuals with sensitive skin. However, this fragrance-free product will suit all skin types. The product has been clinically tested to prove its hypoallergenic properties. Also, the product is non-comedogenic, which means that it will not clog pores or irritate the skin. Even, it has been found gentle on sensitive skin.

Cetyl Alcohol is a key ingredient in this product that will help with softening the skin. Propylene Glycol will help with reducing flaking by retaining the moisture level in the skin. As it cleans, it soothes and hydrates the skin as claimed by many users of this face cleanser.

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#3 Pomegranate Nutritious Radiant Energy Super 2-in-1 Cleansing Foam

This cleanser takes care of a couple of actions. It makes the skin pure, radiant, and fresh. Now, the product uses double-the-time more pomegranate concentrate as compared to the quantity used earlier in the production. The formula used for making this face cleanser has been tested by dermatologists. It is non-acnegenic and it won’t clog pores.

The product uses the extract of pomegranates harvested from the Mediterranean Basin. Along with this ingredient, it includes a patented super-berry ferment and many other essential minerals and vitamins that are friendly for the skin. It suits different skin types.

#4 Sensibio H2O From Bioderma

This face cleanser is meant for helping individuals with sensitive skin. This moisturizing makeup removing Micelle Solution is hypoallergenic. It is free of Paraben The micellar water used in this product is known for its ability to get rid of makeup and impurities. When doing these things, it will continue to respect the sensitive and intolerant nature of your skin. So, it will be soft on your skin.

The micelles used in this product permit gentle cleansing. It means that you need not require water for cleaning. This ingredient will also capture the impurities around you and will keep the skin comfortable.

Users of this product say that this product helps them with the removal of makeup completely. This non-sticky formula is free from oil, paraben and alcohol.

#5 Toleriane Hydrating Gentle Cleanser from La Roche-Posay

This face cleanser suits different skin types. Even, it has been proven to be safe on sensitive skin. With a milky creamy texture, this product will make your skin feel clean without any residue. It will help with maintaining the skin barrier. Also, it will remove eye makeup, face makeup, excess oil, and impurities from your face.

It will leave your skin hydrated as it is infused with glycerine, Niacinamide, Ceramide-3, and prebiotic thermal water. It is free of oil, fragrance, and paraben. It has been tested by dermatologists. Ceramide-3 present in this product as the key ingredient will help with locking the moisture in your skin. In turn, it will prevent irritation and dryness.

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#6 Gentle Foaming Cleanser With Cottonseed from Clarins

Suitable for normal to combination skin, this face cleanser from Clarins has a creamy texture. So, it will not dry out your skin. With its water and cottonseed extract presence, this product will create a silky foam to get rid of dead surface cells, excess oils, trapped makeup, and other impurities from your skin. Above all, it will take care of natural moisture balance in your skin. It will neutralize the drying effects of hard water in your area and will rinse easily with cool water.

With its Clarins’ anti-pollution complex, it will safeguard your skin from the ill-effects caused by environmental pollution. The cottonseed extract used as the key ingredient in this product will help with its anti-inflammatory, anti-aging, and moisturizing properties. Also, the comforting coconut extract used in this product will soften your skin besides boosting its radiance.

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#7 Deep Cleansing Foam From Shiseido

Created for blemish-prone oily-skin, this face cleanser will help with deep cleansing the pores in your skin. It balances and moisturizes your skin and will prepare it for the upcoming skincare treatment. As tested among more than 100 women, the exclusive InternalPowerResist Technology in this product will strengthen your skin and will defend it against pollutants. This technology helps with strengthening the natural barrier of the skin.

Hamamelis extract is yet another major ingredient in this product that brings antioxidant effect to the face cleanser. The rice germ oil in this product helps with wrapping the skin in a veil of moisture besides softening. The Kirishima Mineral Spring Water in this product will help with supplementing the essential minerals in your skin.

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#8 Ultra Facial Cleanser from Kiehl’s

This product from the brand Kiehl’s suits all skin types. But, you cannot use this product if you have dry to very dry skin. This is a foaming cleanser specially formulated for removing debris and dirt. However, it will not strip or over-dry your skin. This face cleanser will help with maintaining the natural balance in your skin in addition to dissolving excess dirt and oil.

This pH-balanced cleanser encompasses ingredients like avocado oil, vitamin E, Apricot Kernel Oil, and Squalane. The avocado oil contains omega essential fatty acids and it is used for softening, nourishing, and moisturizing the skin. The apricot kernel oil in this product will act as a gentle exfoliant to remove dead skin cells and other debris.

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#9 Pureté Thermale Face Wash Fresh Cleansing Gel from Vichy

With citric acid as the key ingredient, this face cleanser is suitable for sensitive skin. It is a Non-comedogenic product. It means that it will not block the pores in your skin. The unique formulation removes pollution, sebum and makeup without excessively drying out your skin.

This face cleanser has been formulated with Vichy mineralized water. It will help with strengthening the moisture barrier in your skin. In turn, your skin will stay protected against aggressors. Purisoft, which is an extract from moringa seeds, is another crucial ingredient in this product. It will aid in reducing the gripping of pollution particles on the surface of your skin.

Many users of this product claimed that right from the initial usage, their skin turned healthy. It will also counteract the damaging effects of hard water on your skin. Without tightening, this face cleanser will help your skin feel fresh and soft.

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#10 Multi Deep-clean Cleanser from Laneige

This cleanser from the Laneige brand is created as multi-functional cleansing foam. This cleanser can remove fine dust, makeup, and sunscreen in a single-use. Without irritating your skin, it will take care of the exfoliation process daily gently.

To make sure that you will get healthy and clear skin, this product contains blueberry extract as an active ingredient.

Many users of this product expressed that they love the creamy texture of this cleanser with melting beads. The blueberry extract will help with the removal of dead skin cells. To completely remove the makeup from your skin, the product contains plant-derived papain enzyme obtained from papaya fruits.

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#11 Gentle Cleansing Foam from Sulwhasoo

This face cleanser suits oily, combination, and normal skin types. It will help with washing away unwanted substances from your skin leaving a semi-dewy finish. It means that you will get a hydrated and refreshed feel in your face.

The product is infused with nourishing plant extracts. This formula froths into a rich foam for cleaning. It will leave the skin balanced, soft, and hydrated after use. The Duckweed extract as the active ingredient in this face cleanser will help with addressing inflammation and problems like skin rashes and insect bites. The chestnut shell extract used as another primary ingredient in this face cleanser will act as an anti-acne agent and even it is known for its astringent and antioxidant properties. Even, it will help with tightening the skin.

#12 Facial Treatment Cleanser from SK-II

This foaming facial cleanser from SK-II will help with gently getting rid of impurities from your skin. In turn, you will get silky soft, and clean skin.

The product has been formulated using SK-II’s signature ingredient called PITERA. This skin-conditioning ingredient will help with getting a crystal-clear look to your skin. It will take care of the gentle exfoliation of the surface cells and impurities in your skin. In turn, your skin will become prepared to absorb the next skincare regimen. The key ingredient in this product is PITERA. It is a bio-ingredient derived from yeast fermentation. It looks like the natural moisturizing factors of your skin. It has more than 50 micro-nutrients like organic acids, amino acids, minerals, and vitamins that will help with conditioning the natural functions of your skin.

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#13 Gongjinhyang Foam Cleanser from The History of Whoo

This product is known for its anti-aging and moisturizing properties. The History of Whoo Brand has formulated this face cleanser with an exclusive oeumseojidan blend of herbal ingredients. This cleanser helps with gently getting rid of excess oil, makeup, and other impurities from your skin. Most importantly, it will not strip your skin of its natural oils. In turn, the cleanser will ensure that your skin maintains the ideal oil-and-water ratio.

Soapberries used as an active ingredient in this product will help with moisturizing your skin. Even, it will gently cleanse your skin. The iris used in this product will help the skin to stay active. It reduces damage internally that caused wrinkles and fine lines.

#14 Mousse Radiance Clarifying Self-Foaming Cleanser From Lancome

Suitable for different skin types, this face cleanser from Lancome will instantly melt away surface impurities and makeup from your skin. It will do it without making your skin uncomfortable and tight. To make sure that you will feel the skin to be clean and fresh, the product uses a water activating formula. This formula makes this cleanser to turn into a rich lather. The product has been tested by dermatologists for safety.

Papaya extract is the key ingredient in this product. It is rich in alpha-hydroxy acids that will address the physical signs of aging in your skin.

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#15 Instant Foaming Cleanser from Caudalie

This product from Caudalie even though suits all skin types, will be safe for individuals with sensitive skin as well. It is a non- comedogenic product that will not close your skin pores. The product was made using the extracts of chamomile and grape to soothe redness and calm. You will get a clear complexion and even your face will feel rejuvenated with this face cleanser.

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How to apply the face cleanser?

face cleanser guide

When it comes to getting rid of impurities and keeping the skin healthy, a face cleanser does the best job. Let’s find out how to apply the face cleanser properly to get the best face cleansing results.

Step 1: Put on a hairband

You won’t like to get your dirty while cleansing the face. So, use your hairband to keep hair away from your face. Use any hairband you have or you can pull back and tie your hairs to prevent them from falling on your face. Thus, you can apply the cleanser and massage your face perfectly. 

Step 2: Clean your hands

Whether you were doing household chores or just woke up, you should clean those hands before initiating the process. It will allow you to get rid of dirt, oils, and other things making those palms dirty. 

Step 3: Get your face wet

Take some lukewarm water in a bowl and apply it gently over your face. Get your face this way to open pores and make the skin ready for the cleansing process. You will easily clean dust and other impurities before beginning the main cleaning process. 

Step 4: Apply the face cleansing product

Pour a dime-size amount of the face cleansing product on your hand and then apply it to your face. You have to cover the entire face and neck with the cleanser so that you can massage the skin properly. 

Cover your forehead, cheeks, area around eyes, chin, and neck properly and then start massaging these areas. Keep your eyes closed to prevent irritation and relax while cleansing your face. 

Step 5: Rinse

Your face will feel dry after massaging for 2-3 minutes. That’s enough to get rid of all the impurities and now you can clean the residue. Use lukewarm water to rinse off the cleanser and impurities. 

Now, use a clean towel to dry the face and then apply the toner or serum before applying the moisturizer. That’s how you can apply the face cleanser properly. 

Why should you use the face cleanser regularly?

You should use the face cleanser regularly because:

You can clear up build-up to maintain healthy and smooth skin

Many people do not even realize but dead skin cells, dirt, oil, and other impurities keep accumulating on the face. The skin can feel rough, unattractive, and dull due to that buildup. 

It takes only 3-5 minutes to perfectly clean the face with a face cleanser. It clears up the build-up and you get healthy and smoother skin in return. Face cleansing products are formulated for regular use. You can use them to maintain a clean and attractive face throughout the day. 

It’s perfect to get rid of dry and dead skin cells 

Dead skin cells can remain on your face if you do not clean it properly. New cells are produced regularly and they make the skin glow naturally. The face cleanser contains ingredients that thoroughly remove those dead cells to unveil the fresh skin with a natural glow. 

You can pick an exfoliating face cleanser perfect for removing dead skin cells along with other impurities. Thus, it won’t be a tough job to keep the skin healthy and clean. You will gain a natural glow and look more impressive. 

No more skin issues

Do you want to avoid skin problems, such as acne, pimples, scars, dark circles, dark spots, and uneven skin tone at all costs? You should better start using a face cleanser from today. This product is extremely effective when it comes to preventing skin problems. 

Whether you have oily skin or dry skin, face cleansers are available to clean and nourish both types’ skin. You can protect your skin from harmful pollutants and prevent allergies by keeping the face clean. 

Try this solution if you already got skin problems. It will help in preventing the recurrence of pimples, acne, and dark circles. 

It’s perfect to exfoliate your facial skin

When you buy an exfoliating face cleanser, it cleans dead skin cells from the surface of the skin. You also get rid of dry and dull skin, which makes your face look brighter and glowing. You appear well-rested and ready for some big challenges. 

Normal soaps are not that good when it comes to exfoliation. Special face cleansers are designed to exfoliate and nourish the skin. You can easily find such a product online and buy it at quite cost-effective prices. 

It hydrates your skin

Certain face cleansers are quite beneficial when it comes to maintaining the skin’s pH level. The regular application allows your skin to stay supple, soft, and young for years. It cleanses skin pores and allows more moisture to get in. As a result, you get soft and well-moisturized skin throughout the day. 

Since regular soaps are not great at opening the pores, they only make the skin dry. You should switch the soap with a face cleanser to get fresh and attractive skin within a few minutes. 

Improved blood circulation

Buy a face cleanser that contains granules. Massage your face regularly with that face cleanser and you will stimulate blood circulation to your face. It will eventually result in healthy and glowing skin. 

A face massage can also have relaxing and calming effects. Cleanse your face before taking a shower. You will feel refreshed and confident after getting ready for work. Face washes not only offer a better appearance but also improve your personality. 

You look more charming

It is not a secret that people look more impressive after applying a face wash. Some users even use their products twice a day to keep the face clean and improve the glow. Face cleansers exfoliate, massage, and clean the facial skin. Toner, serum, and moisturizer work much better when your face is clean. 

Cleanse your face daily to keep impurities away from your skin. Use top-quality skincare products after cleansing your face. Thus, your appearance will improve and you will be more attractive than before. 

How to choose the right face cleanser?

There are a few things you have to assess before buying a face cleanser. Those things are as follows:

Know what’s best for your skin type

The first thing you should do before buying a face cleanser or any other skincare product is to know your skin type. It can be normal, dry, oily, or sensitive. Assess what type of skin you have and then pick the right product. 

Suppose you got oily skin, choose a face wash containing ingredients such as tea tree oil, aloe vera, etc. These are mild ingredients that help in balancing the production of oil. Your skin should feel dry and clean after cleansing your face. 

If you got dry skin, prefer a gentle face cleanser containing skin-nourishing oils and fatty acids. Prefer a face cleanser with ingredients, such as mineral oil, petroleum, lanolin, etc. It is going to cleanse your face perfectly and take care of dry skin at the same time. 

If you have sensitive skin, look for ingredients that hurt your skin the most. Avoid products containing harmful ingredients. Your face cleanser should not contain artificial fragrances and chemicals that irritate your skin and cause reactions. 

Prefer an exfoliating face cleanser

An ordinary face cleanser is perfect to get rid of oils, dirt, and grime. It might not be a perfect choice if you want to get rid of dead skin cells and cleanse skin pores. You need an exfoliating face wash to have a rejuvenating effect on the skin.  

Remember one thing that exfoliating face cleansers are not ideal for users with sensitive skin. You should look for a more soothing and gentler product if you got sensitive skin. 

Look for a vitamin-rich face cleanser

You should always choose a vitamin-rich formula to take care of your skin. Vitamin E nourishes your skin as an antioxidant and Vitamin C prevents skin damage. Your skin also looks healthier when you constantly apply a vitamin-rich formula. 

Do not buy a harsh cleanser if you do not want to get dry skin after washing your face. Always avoid face cleansers containing sulfate because it will clog the pores and cause issues like pimples and acne. 

Vitamin-rich and sulfate-free skin cleansers are perfect for both dry and oily skin types. You need to be extra careful with sensitive skin because some more ingredients can cause skin problems. 

Not all recommendations are good for your face

People often recommend products that benefited them. Does it mean you can have the same cleansing effect when you try a recommended product? No, your skin is different and you need a different formula. 

You can consult with a dermatologist if you often experience skin reactions due to having sensitive skin. The dermatologist will recommend the best way of keeping the skin healthy and clean. 

TV ads and online promotions never reveal the entire truth about skincare products. So, do not buy a product just because it got an amazing ad. Assess all the crucial factors and then make a purchase. 


From the 15 face cleansers that we have reviewed, we recommend you to go for Deep Cleansing Foam from Shiseido if you have blemish-prone and oily skin. If your skin is a combination type, you can try Gentle Foaming Cleanser with Cottonseed from Clarins. If your skin is sensitive, you can confidently try Gentle Skin Cleanser from CETAPHIL. Soy Face Cleanser for women from Fresh will suit if you have dry skin as it suits all skin types.

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