Top 10 Best Face Cleansers for Pregnancy Expert Reviews

Top Best Face Cleansers for Pregnancy

Many expectant mothers have a question in their minds. They think about whether a face cleanser for pregnancy is really essential and safe to use. The thing you will have to remember if you are a carrying mom facing pregnancy acne is that this skin breakout can be the biggest problem during pregnancy. But, thanks to the best face cleanser for pregnancy! It will help you get the right relief from any type of skin problem in pregnancy with the help of safe ingredients that are ideal for use during pregnancy.

Why is Face Cleansing Important for Expectant Mothers?

Just because you are pregnant, you should not overlook using a face cleanser. The reason is that most of the cosmetic products and environmental impurities that we come across are not water-soluble. So, you cannot remove these impurities when you wash your face with water alone. But, the right face cleanser for pregnancy will help with getting rid of dead skin cells, oil, sebum and dirt. Also, it will do it without irritating or damaging your skin. So, not just as soon as you get up but even before you go to bed, it is better to use a face cleanser. By removing impurities, it will help your skin to carry out its natural skin repair function without any hindrance. In turn, your skin will get better radiance the next morning.

What Are Pregnancy Safe Face Cleansers?

As you look for a pregnancy safe face cleanser, with the understanding that different options are available to confuse you, we have shortlisted some cleansers here:

#1 Soy Face Cleanser for Women from Fresh

Suitable for sensitive skin, this product turns out to be the best pregnancy safe face cleanser because it uses soy as the key ingredient. As it is fortified with soy proteins, it will be safe for carrying moms.

It helps with getting rid of impurities, dirt, and makeup and cleanses the skin effectively in expectant mothers. It helps with promoting firmness, elasticity, and moisture retention to keep your sensitive skin fresh all through the day. Above all, to make it further safe for pregnant women, it uses rose water and cucumber extract for the best hydration benefits.

Many carrying moms, who have tried this product have stated that it gives a toning and refreshing feel to the skin.

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#2 Phyto-Blanc Wash And Buff Facial Gel from Sisley

With Scutellaria and mulberry extracts, this face cleanser for pregnancy is safe for carrying moms. It suits all skin types and these extracts promote the lightening of skin complexion in pregnant women.

Further, lemon extract is another safe ingredient that helps with restoring the skin radiance and toning the epidermis layer of the skin. Even though different essential oils are available, this product uses lavender essential oil as an ingredient that is again safe for expectant mothers. It helps not just with balancing the skin but also for soothing it. For safe exfoliation, the product uses exfoliating micro-beads.

Many carrying moms have stated that this is a gentle, effective and easy-to-use cleanser.

#3 Cleansing Foam from Eau Thermale Avene

Suitable for normal, sensitive and combination skin, this product is the best face cleanser for pregnancy as claimed by many pregnant women because it uses thermal water and lactic acid as key ingredients.

Lactic acid is generally recommended as a safe ingredient for carrying moms. Lactic acid present in this product helps with bringing down acne and wrinkles. Even, it helps with increasing cell turnover, moisturizes and exfoliates the skin. Effective skin hydration is taken care of by the thermal water used as an ingredient in this product. The safety of this product to expectant mothers is reiterated by this product because it is offered as a soap-free cleansing foam.

#4 Cleansing Milk from Clarins

This is yet another pregnancy safe face cleanser because it uses Alpine herbs and Clarins milk as key ingredients. Suitable for the normal skin type, this product from Clarins also suits dry skin type.

Many carrying moms have stated that they will recommend this product for any pregnant women with dry skin. Alpine herbs in this face cleanser for pregnancy helps with toning and softening the skin.

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#5 Facial Foam Cleanser from the History of Whoo

History of Whoo offers this product for pregnant women with dry skin. The product helps with bringing out the utmost beauty of pregnant women. The purpose of this best face cleanser for pregnancy is to help pregnant women with improving skin elasticity.

To bring a mild cleansing effect on pregnant women, the product uses abundant and fine bubbles. It helps with completely washing off skin residues.

It also brings anti-aging, firming, lifting, and anti-wrinkle effects on the skin as claimed by many pregnant women, who have tried this product.

#6 The Cleansing Foam from La Mer

Suitable for all skin types, this product helps with deep cleansing for carrying moms. This best face cleanser for pregnancy has been created with white pearl powder and sea algae fibers. These are safe ingredients for carrying moms that help with gently purifying and energizing the skin for a healthy-looking and bright complexion. This product infuses the skin with precious nutrients immersing it with energy and moisture.

The pearl powder in this product helps with more collagen production and even helps with promoting cellular hydration and repair. It provides the best protection from external elements like pollution and dust for pregnant women.

Many expecting mothers have stated that it is an amazing product for every carrying mom. The product also includes signature miracle broth from La Mer. 

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#7 Rich Cleansing Foam from Orchidee Imperiale

This cleansing foam brings together a gentle formula with Gold Orchid Complex for deeply cleansing the skin when preserving youth and beauty. To make it safe for carrying moms, the product uses pH that is similar to the natural pH level of the skin. It softens and purifies the skin when safeguarding the natural protective barrier of the skin. For this property, this product suits carrying moms.

Many carrying moms have stated that it leaves the skin comfortable, energized and free of impurities. Also, it softens, purifies, and cleanses the skin of pregnant women. It leaves the skin radiant and refreshed with its hyaluronic acid as the key ingredient.

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#8 Instant Foaming Cleanser from Caudalie

Sage used as a key ingredient in this product helps with purifying the skin safely for pregnant women. Chamomile helps with soothing the skin, while green grape helps with boosting radiance and moisturizing the skin. Not just because of these ingredients but also because of the non-presence of mineral oil, phthalates, phenoxyethanol and parabens that product makes it safe for carrying moms.

Many pregnant women have stated that this product softens and refreshes the skin, thereby making it the best pregnancy safe face cleanser. It suits all skin types and prevents the appearance of dark spots. The anti-aging product as claimed by many users makes it light and hearty.

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#9 Gentle Skin Cleanser from Cetaphil

Suitable for all skin types including oily and sensitive skin, this pregnancy safe face cleanser has been designed as a daily cleanser for soothing, hydrating and gently cleaning sensitive skin. This product is pH balanced, fragrance-free and hypoallergenic to suit carrying moms with sensitive skin.

The good thing about this product is that it works both with and without water. It hydrates to safeguard the natural moisture barrier of the skin. Cetyl alcohol is the key ingredient in this product that is generally safe for carrying moms.

Many pregnant women are highly happy that this face cleanser works well for their skin. They are highly satisfied with the safe face cleaning done by this product.

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#10 Amazing Face Cleanser from Aesop

This product functions as a lightly lathering cleansing gel and helps to balance and invigorate the skin. Most importantly, it does not affect the natural balance. In turn, it becomes safe for pregnant women.

With an orange scent, this pregnancy safe face cleanser suits oily and combination skin types. To make it safe to use even for carrying moms, this product uses safe ingredients like lavender oil, ylang-ylang and mandarin rind to complete skin cleansing.

Many expecting moms, who have tried this product are highly happy about the way this product brings gentle skin cleansing results. Many also stated that their skin radiance improved with the help of this product.

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Benefits of Face Cleanser for Expectant Mother

A face cleanser is a great product to kickstart your daily skincare routine. This product offers several benefits when it comes to maintaining clean and healthy skin. Continue reading to learn how to buy the best face cleanser for pregnancy! 

Women experience hormonal changes during pregnancy. Those changes can either be good for the skin or bad. Most women experience that their face is looking dull and dehydrated. The daily skincare routine seems ineffective in such situations. 

It might seem like total chaos because your skin will feel dehydrated for some time and then oily! It may even get sensitive and you may find it quite daunting to maintain a natural glow and appeal. 

Luckily, there are some face cleansers that you can include in your new skincare routine to look fresh and clean. You will experience the following benefits if you try the right face cleanser for pregnancy! 

1. Clean and healthy-looking skin

Our skin is in a constant battle with dirt, pollutants, dead skin cells, and environmental aggressors. You may think you are safe because you are at home, but pregnancy will bring some unappealing changes. Should you give up now? No, you just need to improve the skincare routine to cope with new issues. 

Regular face cleansing helps you keep the impurities away. If no dirt and pollutants are resting on your skin, your face will look pretty appealing. Face cleansing takes just a few minutes. You look much healthier and cleaner within just two minutes! 

2. Moisturized supple skin

Ordinary face cleansers are infamous for causing dryness and damaging the skin’s protective layers. A carefully formulated face cleanser for pregnancy works to nourish the skin. They contain moisturizing ingredients along with gentle exfoliators. 

When you apply the face cleanser and massage your skin, hydrating ingredients get into deeper layers of the skin. Apply hydrating toner or moisturizer after cleansing and you will have supple skin throughout the day. Your face won’t feel dry and itchy due to lack of moisture! 

3. No dead skin cells clogging pores

It is believed that our body sheds up to 40,000 dead skin cells every day! It is tough to get rid of all those dead cells. As a result, the face starts appearing dull and dead cells also clog pores when they blend with sebum! You have to cleanse all dead skin cells from your face to prevent acne, blackheads, and whiteheads.

The right face cleanser can offer pregnancy-safe exfoliating ingredients to remove dead cells from deeper layers of the skin. You can also boost cell turnover rate to reveal new layers of the skin as quickly as possible. 

4. Younger appearance 

Every woman wants to maintain that youthful appearance forever. Unfortunately, pregnancy can make your skin loose and saggy. Wrinkles and fine lines can appear much earlier due to changes occurring in your body. Is it a reversible situation? Yes, you have to include healthy foods and a skin-nourishing face cleanser in your daily routine. 

Face cleansers with anti-ageing ingredients can boost blood circulation, collagen production, and elastin production in your skin. Follow the routine with a hydrating moisturizer or a moisturizing face cream. Those wrinkles and fine lines will fade away within a few months! 

5. Brighter complexion

Face cleansers can help you prevent dark circles, dark spots, and a mask of pregnancy (melasma). A vitamin C-rich product will fight free radicals, make you look younger, and reveal the natural tone of your skin. You will have glowing and appealing skin after cleansing! That’s why you must cleanse your face with a top-quality face cleanser for pregnancy. 

How to Choose the Best Face Cleanser for Pregnancy?

The pregnancy period is the most exciting and challenging period of a woman’s life. You are not only responsible for your health but also the well-being of the child. Therefore, the things you eat and the products you use should be picked carefully. 

Check the following things before buying a face cleanser for pregnancy:

1. Does it help you tackle the new skincare challenges?

Hormonal changes and changes in blood flow can trigger several unappealing skin issues. You should ensure the face cleanser can help you tackle these skincare issues!  

  • Pigmentation

Pregnancy can trigger the development of blotchy spots on your face. The skin on some areas can look darker, especially on your cheeks. It is called chloasma or melasma. Those dark spots trouble most women with a dark complexion. Women with a light complexion can also experience this issue and it may severely affect their looks. 

Pick a pregnancy-safe face cleanser that gradually cures melasma. It might not be as effective as special ointments produced for chloasma. However, it should provide ingredients to speed up the cure and remove dark spots completely. 

  • Breakouts

This skin issue is pretty common among pregnant women. Hormonal changes can cause excess sebum production, which eventually causes breakouts. You may not have acne now, but you should be prepared to cope with this issue. 

You should look for a face cleanser with negligible quantities of benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid. AHAs and BHAs’ presence in the cleansing blend makes it more effective against acne. 

You should switch to the new cleanser from the day you learn about pregnancy! The right cleanser with gentle exfoliators will keep pores unclogged. You won’t experience the acne issue if your pores are clear! 

  • Dry and sensitive skin

Most expectant mothers experience skin sensitivity issues during pregnancy. The skin can lose moisture much faster during this period and its elasticity also reduces. The skin may soon become flaky and you may get several red spots on different parts of your body. 

Avoid buying a regular face exfoliator or cleanser. Salicylic acid, retinol, benzoyl peroxide, and Other AHAs and BHAs can cause inflammation and dryness. Switch to a cleanser that offers Aloe Vera extract, oatmeal, chamomile, shea butter, and other such ingredients. 

You have to cleanse and soothe your skin simultaneously to prevent cracks and further damage. So, follow the tip and get a soothing face wash. 

2. Does it strengthen your skin’s protective layer?

The market is flooded with several harsh cleansers. Some unreliable brands use harsh ingredients to produce a more potent face cleanser. Users, who try such products, experience dullness, dryness, and flaky skin. 

You should never buy a product that contains harsh ingredients. Your skin deserves gentle nourishment during pregnancy. Prefer a product that improves your skin’s pH balance and strengthens the protective layer. 

The cleanser alone won’t do everything. You should immediately apply a moisturizing cream to protect the skin against germs and environmental aggressors. If the skin gets dull and looks dry after cleansing, stop using your face cleanser. You need a safer alternative! 

3. What ingredients should be present in your face cleanser?

Look for a list of the following ingredients when buying a face cleanser for pregnancy:

  • Glycolic Acid: It should be blended in a moderate quantity to offer anti-ageing benefits. The product will brighten up your complexion, gently cure pigmented spots, and hide wrinkles. You can also try a cleanser with azelaic acid to cure acne and prevent breakouts. 
  • Antioxidants: If a face cleanser contains Vitamin B3, C, E, and K, it is a perfect product to cleanse your skin. Those vitamins and other antioxidants fight free radicals. They brighten up the complexion, boost collagen production, hide scars and acne marks, and offer several other benefits. Therefore, you must use an antioxidant-rich face cleanser. 
  • Humectants and emollients: Lactic acid, Aloe Vera gel, hyaluronic acid, glycerin, and emollients are quite essential for healthy skin. These ingredients deliver moisture and help you retain that moisture throughout the day. In simple words, humectants and emollients make face cleansers ideal products for all skin types. 
  • Cleansing agents based on amino acids: The skin does not need external moisturization if you drink enough water and avoid prolonged exposure to the sunlight. The amino acids play a vital role in moisturizing the skin. Our skin’s natural hydrating factors rely upon those amino acids. If you use a cleansing agent based on amino acids to maintain the natural pH and prevent future skin damage

4. Ingredients you have to avoid when you are pregnant

Retinol, artificial fragrances, parabens, dyes, phthalates, and other harsh ingredients should not be present in your face cleanser. Retinol is a renowned anti-ageing ingredient, but it may cause birth defects in the child. 

Artificial fragrances and dyes can make skin drier. Expectant mothers already have dry skin. Therefore, they should strictly avoid face cleansers with unnatural fragrances and colors. 

5. Check the texture of the cleanser

Different types of cleansers have different textures and consistency. Exfoliating face cleansers come with granular ingredients that rub and exfoliate the user’s skin to shed dead skin cells. Pregnant ladies should avoid such cleansers. 

You should buy gel or foamy cleansers. It won’t hurt your skin if the cleanser has gentle exfoliators. Low quantities of AHAs and BHAs won’t have negative effects on your skin! So, follow the shared tips and get the best cleanser for pregnancy! 


Understanding that you need the best face cleanser for pregnancy, we have shortlisted the top ten options above. To make your selection further easier, we have again chosen some of them here:

All skin types: Phyto-Blanc Wash And Buff Facial Gel from Sisley

Oily Skin: Gentle Skin Cleanser from Cetaphil

Dry Skin: Cleansing Milk from Clarins

Sensitive Skin: Soy Face Cleanser for Women from Fresh

So, choose one of these products based on your skin type. In addition to skin radiance, these products might also help you with preventing breakouts besides repairing them. Let the skin-pampering begin with the best pregnancy safe face cleanser today!

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