Top 10 Best Eye Creams to Remove Bags

Top 10 Best Eye Creams to Remove Bags 1

We get to the point where under-eye bags won’t vanish by simply throwing water over them. As we grow older, under-eye bags become more challenging to eliminate, that they become a nightmare. The causes of this aren’t well known, but several ingredients are said to be effective against it.

If you’re lucky enough to find products with the right composition of these ingredients, it’s possible for the bags to vanish in as little as 2 weeks. To ensure you don’t have to second guess what these products are, we’ve come up with a list of best 10 eye cream to remove bags.

1. 100% Pure Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream

Retinol might be the “hero” ingredient for eye puffiness, but some organic products can do an equally good job. One of them is coffee beans. The advantage this ingredient has is that it de-puffs under eye bags and also lightens up dark circles.

100% Pure Coffee Bean eye cream also contains green tea and aloe vera. Both ingredients combine to soften the skin and also replenish lost nutrients. In addition, it also contains three variants of caffeine which injects a bit of energy into tired eyes for a more youthful glow. The manufacturers advise users should dab product just outside the eyes but far away from the internal eye to minimize irritation.

A user advises lengthy usage if you want to get rid of both dark circles and under-eye bags. However, for under-eye bags alone, this cream will provide complete transformation in as little as 3 weeks.

2. LilyAna Eye Cream for Puffiness

LilyAna Eye Cream is more suited for vegans and contains clean ingredients which deliver flawless performance. In this small LilyAna bottle, you will find a blend of Vitamin C ester, Rosehip oil, Aloe leaf juice, and Hibiscus flower extract. Each ingredient is sourced from plants. This cream has been endorsed by beauty editors on the Cosmopolitan, BuzzFeed, and Southern living.

The advanced botanical formula of this cream makes it easier to soak into the skin. The Ingredients harmonize to tackle the most common eye problems. This includes dark circles, under-eye bags, dryness, sagging skin, and crow’s feet.

It’s low in sensitivity and only needs to be applied around the orbital eye twice daily to lift, firm, and plump puffiness around the area.

Several users gave it a 5-star rating. Older adults claimed their skin looked better after continuous usage. Others said the lines on their forehead began to fade away—however, a few complain about its greasiness on the skin.

3. CeraVe Eye Repair Cream for Puffiness

This eye cream induces three effects thanks to the presence of Hyaluronic acid, Ceramides, and Niacinamide. These three essential ingredients lock moisture into the skin, cleanses, and serves as a protective barrier for the time it’s on the layer of the skin. It was developed specifically by dermatologists to take care of dark circles and under-eye bags.

The ceramide serves as a natural protective barrier to the skin, while hyaluronic acid helps with hydration. The cream has a light texture that allows it penetrates deep into the skin in less than one minute. For optimal results, it should be applied to the skin both day and night. It’s also suitable for every skin type, including those with acne-prone skin.

Most users said it works for the folds around their eyes, nose, and mouth. However, it might feel greasy for those with oily skin.

4. T&H Anti-aging Rapid Reduction Cream

T&H promises a speedy “120 seconds” treatment, but we all know it takes longer than that for under-eye bags to vanish. What’s sure, however, is that it packs super active anti-aging ingredients that lift tired skin. It’s formulated to take care of every problem within the eye region. It fits perfectly into day time as well as night skincare routine.

This should be applied to the skin in “pea-size” portion under the eyes and towards the temple. You will notice your facial expression improving after consistent use, and you will have a brighter smile.

Reviews from users say it works, although it only lasts on the skin for 5 hours and works on mild wrinkles and puffiness around the eyes. You will need a specific cream to get rid of wrinkles near the inner jawlines.

5. Dr. Brandt No More Baggage Eye De-Puffing Gel

With Dr. Brandt, you don’t need needles to get rid of those tired eyes, puffiness, or fine lines. It allows you to relieve the stress of old age and tap into the rare privilege of youthfulness once again. This gives you a well-rested facial look thanks to the restoration effect of caffeine and botanical extracts.

This product relies on the power of filmatrix technology for its healing effect. This technology forms an extra invisible layer above the skin which acts as a contour that pulls everything back in shape.

Previous users say it dries fast, but they could feel its elastic effect on the skin. It gets a bit porous as you go down the tube.

6. KissRedE Anti-aging Eye Cream

This is an affordable way to plump your under-eye area. The cream tightens the layers around the eyes within 7 days of continuous application. The size of your under-eye baggage will drastically reduce to the point that they will be no longer visible. This is good for both the young and old. However, you will have to be at least in your 30s to start using this.

The most dominant ingredient that works against eye bag here is Organic Aloe leaf juice, stearic acid, and jojoba oil. This should be applied on the puffy area twice daily for as long as it will take before noticeable changes are witnessed. Since the product didn’t come with an SPF, the manufacturers recommended combining its usage with sunscreen.

Users reviews suggest it works for those whose eye bag is a result of the skin running dry. This cream added an extra layer of hydration to their skin.

7. Pure Research Caffeine Eye Cream

There’s finally a product for both sexes, and it’s made from everyone’s favorite ingredient – caffeine. It’s smooth and blends into the skin without leaving any residue. The caffeine does wonder for the undereye area. It eliminates fine lines, wrinkles, and dark patches to give the face a youthful glow.

Pure research caffeine eye cream also contains Vitamin C and Avocado oil. Both of which are powerful antioxidants that minimize aging. This product is free from artificial fragrance; hence skin irritation is minimized. The cream comes in a big container which represents good value for money.

Most users couldn’t believe their luck with the size of the cream. A number of them felt like the cream was working right away, thanks to its cooling effect.

8. Estetist Eye Lift Cream

The Estetist Eye Lift Cream is made from caffeine, infused with collagen and elastin to remove eye bags.  It restores lost confidence due to pre-mature aging.  It also works great for dark circles and dryness.

This is perfect for normal, combination, dry as well as oily skin types. It induces the effect of elastin, which helps it straighten fine lines around the jawlines. This should be applied on clean skin with the ring finger spreading it all over the affected area.

Many past users went for it because it is budget-friendly and proved to be real value for money. Some said it helped them tighten their eyes while brightening dark circles.

9. L’oreal Eye Defense

The L’oreal Eye Defense is a powerful eye cream made from hyaluronic acid. It also packs a decent amount of caffeine that helps it minimize fine lines, puffiness, as well as other blemishes that cause pre-mature aging in young people.

This is specially formulated for younger adults who want to sustain their youthful glow. The cream has a light consistency that allows it to penetrate deep into the skin. It’s non-greasy and suitable for all skin types. This L’oreal cream has a low price tag, but it comes in a small bottle that can be exhausted in less than 2 weeks.

A lot of users had low expectations for this product due to its low price tag. It exceeded their expectations and plumped the areas around their eyes.

10. EssyNaturals Eye Cream for Undereye Bag

Just like Dr. Brandt, EssyNaturals promises to eliminate fine lines in 2 minutes. This is a rapid age reduction treatment suitable for all skin types. This works like magic and slowly reconstructs collagen elasticity lost from the action of free radicals. Even better, its effect is not short terms and is so far the closest thing to a permanent solution.

It’s important to know that only a small coat should be applied; else you will be left with white residues. It has a light texture that allows you to wear makeup over it. This cream works on targeted areas. Hence, it should only be applied to the bags and nowhere else.

A lot of users said it absorbs into the skin easily and, at the same time, reduced swelling caused by under-eye bags.


The best cream for under-eye bags is those with hero ingredients such as retinol, caffeine, and hyaluronic acid. Each of these ingredients activates the skin’s elastin, which helps firm the saggy layer under the eyes.

So far, the best cream to remove eye bags is the L’oreal eye defense. We found a lot of positive reviews from users, and it’s also affordable.

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