Top 10 Best Day Creams for Sensitive Skin

Top Best Day Creams For Sensitive Skin

Facial skin is generally thinner as compared to the skin in the other parts of the body. This is more so in the case of individuals with sensitive skin. The reason is that the facial skin is exposed to the sun, temperature changes, and air pollution more than other body parts. So, it becomes important to use the right day cream for sensitive skin to safeguard this skin from the effects of the above-mentioned factors like air pollution, temperature changes, and UV rays.

What is the Main Function of Day Creams?

Before you choose the best day cream for sensitive skin, it becomes important to know the purpose of day cream. In general, the purpose of the day cream is to provide the required hydration to the skin. With exposure to external factors, naturally not just sensitive skin but even other skin types lose the moisture content quickly, thereby showing up the signs of aging.

To prevent these signs, day creams provide the hydration required for the skin. Also, these creams are designed to provide the required protection from harmful UV Rays.

So, now you know how a day cream can protect your sensitive skin. But, how to choose the right cream will be your question. To help you with the selection, we have shortlisted some creams here:

Top Pick Day Creams for Sensitive Skin

#1 Derma Repair Cica Face Cream from IOPE

With pure natural plant extracts, this cream from IOPE helps with soothing the skin. Not just for sensitive skin, this cream suits normal and dry skin as well. It has been created as an anti-aging face moisturizer for women. Not just day cream, it can be used as a night cream as well.

It uses cypress tree extract as the main ingredient. It will help with restoring each layer of sensitive skin that gets quickly irritated. Panthenol is another ingredient in this product that attracts and holds moisture.

Many users of this day cream have stated that the pure natural plant extract effectively revitalizes the surface of the skin.

#2 New Gentle Day Cream from Clarins

Understanding that individuals with sensitive skin quickly face skin redness issues, this product from Clarins addresses skin redness. In the same way, this day cream instantly calms the skin discomfort.

The product has ingredients that can reduce the effects of pollution on sensitive skin. It safeguards the skin from dehydration and ensures that users can get radiant, supple and soft skin. The blend of Christophine and Brown Linseed used in this product helps with calming down irritation, redness besides comforting and moisturizing the skin. The product also encompasses the Anti-Pollution Complex from Clarins.

Many users of this product have stated that it effectively evens out the skin texture and moisturizes it in the right way.

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#3 Daily Moisturizing Lotion from CeraVe

This lotion from CeraVe has been created as a day-to-day moisturizing lotion. It aids with restoring the protective skin barrier besides moisturizing the skin. In addition to functioning as a day cream for the face, this cream is suitable for the entire body and even suitable for use as a hand cream for dry hands. The product uses patented MVE Controlled-Release Technology for helping with replenishing ceramides and for delivering long-lasting moisturization.

To make this lotion suitable for sensitive skin, CeraVe has created this product as a non-irritating, non-comedogenic and hypoallergenic free of oil and fragrance. To retain the natural moisture level of the skin, the product uses hydrating ingredients like hyaluronic acid.

Many users of this day cream for sensitive skin have stated that this lightweight formula offers round-the-clock hydration and restores the protective skin barrier.

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#4 1000 Roses Beautiful Day Cream from Andalou Naturals

To make sure that users can begin their day beautifully, this cream has been created has a satin soft cream.

It uses alpine rose stem cells as the key ingredient for improving skin vitality by delivering essential hydration. The pomegranate used in this product nourishes the sensitive skin, while the aloe vera and hyaluronic acid used in this product safeguard the skin barrier to help users achieve a flawless complexion. The product uses fruit stem cell science that utilizes the antioxidant defense solution from nature to safeguard the skin and to support healthy skin and hair.

Many users of this day cream feel that this is a perfect day cream for women after 50 years. However, many younger people also use this product.

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#5 Radically Rejuvenating Day Cream with SPF 30 from Acure

The purpose of this product is to help individuals with sensitive skin to get a remedy for rejuvenating their skin and to get the required sun protection.

To fend away the free radical damage and for rejuvenating and brightening the skin, this product uses Vitamin C as the key ingredient. Further, turmeric is another ingredient with antibacterial and antioxidant properties. This ingredient helps with soothing and calming the skin besides improving its radiance and brightening it.

Further, the plant peptides that this cream uses provide anti-aging support and reduces the ill-effects of oxidative stress on the skin. Also, it works to reduce the chances of the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Non-Nano zinc oxide is the sun-protective ingredient used in this product.

Many users of this cream call it a miracle cream for their sensitive skin.

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#6 Daily Essentials Sensitive Day Cream with SPF 15 from Nivea

The Nivea Moisture Care Complex that this product uses keeps the moisture content in the skin intact.

Grapeseed oil in this product improves the skin elasticity, softness and hydration. Also, Vitamin C and E present in this ingredient make the skin stronger against external stressors. The Licorice extract used in this product contains glycyrrhizin, which is a potent antioxidant. So, it protects the skin from free radical and UV rays’ damage.

The SPF 15 protection offered by this day cream makes it a friendly companion for sunny days as claimed by many users. This perfume-free product provides 24-hour moisturization to safeguard sensitive skin.

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#7 Skin Recovery Cream from Eau Thermal Avene

This gluten-free unisex day cream is made to help individuals with sensitive skin. To make it further suitable for sensitive skin, this cream has been created by Eau Thermal Avene as a fragrance-free product.

With thermal water and vegetable extracts as key ingredients, this cream has been designed to lock and retain the moisture content in the skin. The product uses minimum ingredients to make it safe for sensitive skin and it functions as a protective soothing and moisturizer cream as claimed by many users.

Many users also appreciated the impressive performance of this product.

#8 Double Action Day Cream Sensitive Skin from Olay

This double action day cream in addition to functioning as a moisturizer also functions as a primer for makeup, thereby making it the best day cream for women with sensitive skin. This is not just a day cream but even it functions as a night cream. Apart from moisturizing the skin, it also locks-in the moisture content in the skin.

With water and glycerine as key ingredients, this product helps with keeping the hydration in the skin locked for women with sensitive skin.

Many users feel that this product provides all-day moisturization thereby eliminating the need for buying a day cream and night cream separately.

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#9 Moisturizing Cream from Cetaphil

Cetaphil has created this day cream for sensitive skin to suit even individuals with very dry skin. The product provides 24-hour moisture lock protection and it has been clinically proven to bind water in the skin. Even, it has been proven to prevent the loss of moisture in the skin.

Glycerine used as the key ingredient in this product functions as a sponge to draw more moisture from the environment. Even, this ingredient plays a key role in preventing water evaporation from the skin.

Many users feel that this product quickly restores the lost hydration in their skin. Many users of this product have stated that this product provides round-the-clock hydration besides providing instant moisturization. Many users struggling with drier skin appreciated the hydration that this cream provides to their skin.

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#10 Age Perfect Anti-Aging Day Cream from L’ Oreal Paris

This cream from L’ Oreal Paris is an age-perfect day cream because of its anti-aging and anti-sagging effects on sensitive skin. The SPF 15 sunscreen in this product provides the sun protection besides soothing the skin.

Octinoxate is the key ingredient in this product that disperses the sun’s UVB rays, thereby preventing it from burning the skin.

Many users expressed that within four weeks of using this cream their skin turned firmer, while many also stated that this cream reduced their age spots considerably within 8 weeks.

What are the Benefits of Day Cream for Sensitive Skin?

Being non-sticky and oil-free, a day cream is perfect to apply before wearing makeup. It replenishes dry skin and repairs the damage to improve skin texture. Continue reading to reveal day cream benefits and how to find the best day cream for sensitive skin. 

Several skincare products are popular among users, but a few stand out as the best! A day cream is one of those useful products that help you preserve your natural charm. Do not get scared away if you got sensitive skin. The following benefits will make your experience quite better with day creams. 

1. It offers the best protection for your facial skin

The regular face cream isn’t good enough to provide overall protection. It may lack ingredients to hydrate the skin or not provide anything to protect against sun damage. Day creams are formulated specifically to battle skin-damaging elements. 

Whether you are worried about pollutants, UV rays, harsh weather, or toxic chemicals, a day cream can protect your skin against all such threats. Sun protection is the key benefit of a day cream. It will reflect harsh UV rays. Thus, you won’t experience sunburn and dehydration due to scorching sunlight. 

2. A perfect base for makeup

It is not easy to find the right concealer or foundation for sensitive skin. Many brands claim to deliver non-penetrating formulas, but users still experience allergic reactions. What if you don’t even need a foundation or concealer for the makeup base? What if a day cream could do the job?

Day creams are much thicker than regular face creams and moisturizers. It creates a smooth and protective layer over your skin. Since there is no oil, it gets quite easy to apply the makeup. You get a perfect base to hide imperfections and look more beautiful. 

3. It heals your skin

You cannot expect a beauty cream to beautify your face and heal skin problems. That’s the job of ointments. People mostly choose a night cream to speed up the repair work. You don’t have to wait till the evening if you want to protect your facial skin throughout the day. Just apply a day cream and the job is done! 

This cream is thicker and therefore it creates a protective barrier between the epidermis and damaging elements. Once your skin is safe against dirt, pollutants, UV rays, and other impurities, this cream delivers moisturizing ingredients. 

Day creams also contain skin healing ingredients to cure blemishes, rashes, inflammation, scars, and other issues. It can also reduce free radicals and boost circulation to make your skin healthier. 

4. It keeps you young

Ageing signs have troubled people since people dreamed to be young forever. It’s impossible to stay young forever. However, some people have managed to maintain their young-like appeal much longer than others. A healthy lifestyle and the use of the right ingredients have helped them stay young. 

You have to take the right diet and say no to unhealthy habits. Another thing you can do is apply a day cream every day. It fights free radicals, protects against sun damage, and stimulates collagen production. Consequently, ageing signs start disappearing and you look younger. 

5. You look beautiful without makeup

Not every person is a fan of applying makeup. Most people prefer a moisturizer or a regular day cream to get ready for work. Moisturizers and regular beauty creams don’t do much to enhance your looks. A day cream on the other hand works much better. It makes your skin smooth and improves your complexion. That’s why a day cream is the best alternative to cakey makeup. 

How to Choose the Best Day Cream for Sensitive Skin?

A day cream is like an ointment for your epidermis. Sensitive skin feels tight and inflamed after cleansing. You have to apply a moisturizing ointment to protect it. Unfortunately, many moisturizers are oily and it can be tough to manage excess oil. 

The risk of breakouts is always there when you are applying face cream. That’s when the day cream seems like a better option. You should always assess the following things before buying a day cream:

1. Is it a day cream or night cream?

Your first concern should be choosing the right product. Yes, day cream and night cream are two different products. Their formulas are different and they are designed to serve different purposes. 

Sensitive and delicate skin is much thinner and requires extra protection. Our facial skin constantly deals with pollutants, dirt, dead skin cells, UV rays, and toxic impurities. It is impossible to prevent contact with all allergens and things that trigger skin reactions. 

The day cream forms a protective coat over the upper layer of your skin. It has ingredients to moisturize dry skin, smoothen the skin texture, block UV rays, and allergens. It guards your skin against all the potential threats to keep it healthy. 

A night cream is designed to aid in the repair work. It prevents moisture loss, hydrates the skin, increases collagen in the skin, and heals skin issues. A night cream is much thicker and most people hate to use such products during the daytime. 

Reputable brands always mention the type of cream on the packaging. If it’s not clear, you should try a product formulated to be used during the daytime. 

2. Does it offer UV protection?

Whether it is a sunny day or a cloudy one, your skin is always vulnerable to UV radiation. The sunlight contains UVA and UVB rays, which are quite harmful to your skin. Yes, sunlight is quite essential for good health, but it is also responsible for irritation, dehydration, and skin allergies. 

Whenever you buy a day cream, look for UV protection. It is just an ordinary cream if it cannot protect your skin from sun damage. The best way of assuring minimum sun damage is by checking the sun protection factor or SPF. If the cream has SPF 30 or higher, it is the right product for sensitive skin. 

Do not choose a normal cream, even if you spend most of the day inside your office. UVA rays cannot pass through the glass, but UVB rays will cause serious damage. You need to protect your face and another exposed region with a sunscreen product. The day cream is perfect to protect your face and you can apply sunscreen to protect other regions.  

3. Does it have anti-ageing capabilities?

You can make your facial skin plump and smoother by applying a moisturizing lotion. It will work as a short-term solution, but it won’t provide prolonged protection against ageing signs. Wrinkles, crow’s feet, and fine lines become pretty common after the 30s. You can start looking like an old man or old lady if you aren’t careful. 

Day creams have the potential to speed up collagen production and elastin production. You need collagen and elastin to maintain the firm and plump texture of the skin. Young individuals do not need anti-ageing products unless they are experiencing premature ageing issues. 

Most users try anti-ageing creams after the 30s and the day cream works superbly. You should give it a try, even if you are using a night cream. It will not hurt your sensitive skin and make it look firmer and younger. 

4. Which ingredients should be present in your day cream?

There should be the following ingredients in your day cream:

  • Humectants

Since you got sensitive skin, it is your responsibility to keep it moisturized all day long. If you don’t, the skin will get dry, itchy, and you may also experience redness and rashes. The best way of moisturizing your face is by applying the humectants-based formula. 

Hyaluronic acid, propylene glycol, glycerin, hexylene glycol, butylene glycol, etc. are some examples of humectants. Most moisturizers and night creams contain these humectants to deliver moisture to skin cells. 

  • Emollients

It is not enough to moisturize the skin. Heat and sunlight can suck the moisture out of your skin. Thus, your face will look dull and dehydrated within a few hours. Your day cream should also contain emollients to prevent loss of moisture. 

Emollients create a protective layer on your skin to trap moisture. Thus, your skin remains plump and smooth throughout the day. You won’t need makeup to maintain that attractive glow of the face. Humectants and emollients will do the job for you! 

  • Anti-ageing ingredients

Some people start looking old due to free radicals. Prolonged sun exposure and smoking can increase free radicals in your skin. These unstable atoms can damage skin cells and affect collagen production. You should choose an antioxidant-rich day cream. It will eliminate free radicals to keep skin cells healthy. 

You should also look for peptides in your day cream. You cannot try retinol to increase collagen production because it can trigger allergic reactions. Peptides are safe for sensitive skin and they work the same as retinoids. 

  • UV rays blocking ingredients

Your day cream should contain zinc oxide and titanium dioxide to block up to 97% of UV rays. These two ingredients reflect harsh sunlight to protect the epidermis and prevent sun damage. 

You got the right day cream for sensitive skin if it contains the above-listed four types of ingredients. 


So, the best day cream for sensitive skin can be chosen from one of the above-mentioned products by individuals with sensitive skin. However, to help quicken the selection, we have further shortlisted the products given below:

Better sun protection: Radically Rejuvenating Day Cream with SPF 30 from Acure

Day and night cream: Double Action Day Cream Sensitive Skin from Olay

Natural product: Derma Repair Cica Face Cream from IOPE

Choosing the best day cream for sensitive skin is now much easier for a person with sensitive skin.

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