Top 10 Best CC Creams – Reviews and Buying Guide

Top Best CC Creams Reviews and Buying Guide

CC Creams are cosmetic products. They are generally all-in-one skincare products that function as moisturizers, makeup foundations, and sunscreens. However, the important purpose of these creams is color correction and this is why these creams get the name CC Creams. These creams are for targeting the discolored areas of the skin. They work by evening out the red patches and dark spots in your skin. The ingredients of CC Creams differ. Nevertheless, most of them contain active SPF ingredients for safeguarding from Sun Damage. Also, most of them contain anti-aging ingredients like antioxidants, peptides, and Vitamin C.

Now, if you wish to correct your skin discoloration in specific areas, you might be looking to shop for one of the best CC Creams. To help you, we have shortlisted some options available in the market:

#1 Moisture Surge CC SPF 30 Hydrating Color Correcting Cream from Clinique

This cream from Clinique instantly rectifies a wide range of concerns related to skin complexion. Examples include redness, sallowness and dullness. With oil-free hydration sunscreen, this product will help you get a flawless look. In addition to smoothening the skin complexion, it will also create skin radiance. This light cream suits different skin types as claimed by users with different skin types.

Octinoxate is the key ingredient in this product. It is known for its great texture, aesthetics and sun-protecting ability. Even though it is known to protect against UVB rays, even it safeguards against UVA rays that penetrate deep into the skin and causes cell damage.

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#2 Total Effects Tone Correcting CC Cream from Olay with SPF 15

This product from Olay will give you a light foundation cover besides safeguarding your skin from sun damage. Packed with 7 vitamins and antioxidants, it brings healthy-looking and nourished skin. This product designed for mature skin visibly evens the skin tone and instantly brightens. The product has been designed with vitamin-enriched younger-looking skin formula. This formula makes this product work as a serum and moisturizer duo. Both these jointly bring 7 benefits and SPF 15 protection helps with maintaining balanced and healthy skin all through the year.

It will also nourish and hydrate your skin and will give a light feel. As it absorbs quickly, this product does not give a greasy feeling as claimed by many users.

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#3 It Cosmetics SPF 50 Your Skin But Better CC Cream

This product from IT Cosmetics has been created as a full-coverage color-correcting cream. In addition to providing sun protection with SPF 50+, this product functions as an anti-aging serum free of any paraben and chemicals. With antioxidants as the key ingredients, this product repairs the sun damage.

It helps with effective scar treatment as claimed by many users. Even, some users said that it reduced their wrinkles and prevents them as well. Even, it helps with skin firming and anti-inflammation.

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#4 UV Expert Mineral CC Cream from Lancome

This CC Cream from Lancome is a multi-tasking cream. In addition to correcting color, this full-coverage cream provides round-the-clock skin moisturization for a luminous finish as claimed by many users. The product has been made with mineral filters to achieve higher opacity. The long-lasting formula that Lancome has used in this product helps it to stay longer to stand up to perspiration.

The active ingredient in this product is titanium dioxide. It works as a UV filtering agent. It safeguards the skin by blocking the absorption of the UV light by the skin. In turn, this ingredient helps with preventing skin cancer and sunburn.

Also, with SPF 50+, this broad-spectrum cream helps to safeguard the skin both from UVA and UVB rays. Even, many users state that this product helps with revealing even tone and glowing skin.

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#5 Tinted Sunscreen for Face from Beauty by Earth

This Tinted Sunscreen from Beauty by Earth will take the sunblocking for your skin to the next level. Besides the sun protection, it will help your skin get enough color for daily use. In addition, it will take care of the tasks of nourishing and moisturizing your skin.

With zinc oxide as a safe ingredient, this product is friendly for the environment as well. The product encompasses organic aloe vera and organic coconut oil as the key ingredients besides many other organic ingredients to bring the best skincare benefits.

This product has been created as a sunscreen without any harmful toxic chemicals for the earth and the ocean. It prevents the signs of aging as claimed by many users.

#6 Super CC Color Correcting Cream from Physicians Formula

This product from Physicians Formula has been created as a gentle formula to help with reducing redness and other skin imperfections. In addition, it provides SPF Protection to the skin. With high-tech anti-aging ingredients and micro-correcting pigments, this product works for aging skin. It brings the functions of a foundation, SPF protector, moisturizer and anti-aging treatment, everything in a single pack.

The titanium dioxide used as the key ingredient in this product provides UV filtering protection. Zinc oxide is a colorant and bulking agent in this product and it will also function as a sunscreen to protect the skin from UV Radiation. The product does nice color correction and it blurs lines and wrinkles as claimed by many users.

#7 Beauty Ultra CC Cream Radiant Foundation from Pacifica

Ideal for different skin types, this product has been created as a creamy foundation with SPF protection. The product is free of petroleum, mineral oil, phthalates, and parabens. It is a cruelty-free and 100% vegan product with healthy ingredients like ginseng, kelp, coconut, and 100% physical broad spectrum SPF-18.

The key ingredient kelp is full of antioxidants and minerals. So, it will help with hydrating and softening the skin. Even, it helps with retaining the moisture in the skin to make it flawless.

It helps to bring a flawless, smooth and light feel to the skin as claimed by many of its users. Even, many users stated that it corrected their color and hydrates the skin to a great extent.

#8 Daily Correct CC Cream with SPF 35 from Supergoop

This product from Supergoop has been created ideal for sensitive skin with 100 percent mineral UV Protection. Supergoop has infused this product with essential fatty acids like omega 6 and omega 3 for neutralizing blotchiness and discolorations and to reduce inflammation.

The Apple Extract used as the key ingredient in this product helps with brightening the skin. The light-reflecting mica minerals in this product help with delivering instant skin clarity and luminosity. Irish moss is yet another ingredient in this product that helps with its anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties.

It effectively addresses dry skin and different skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema. Many users feel that this is the best CC Cream they have used so far.

#9 Super CC Color-Correction from Physicians Formula

This product from Physicians Formula has been created to address different skin-related issues. Examples include signs of fatigue, wrinkles, fine lines, discoloration, dark shadows, redness, uneven skin tone, dullness, blemishes, dark circles and age spots.

The active ingredients in this product zinc oxide and titanium dioxide helps with preventing sunburn. When used in the combination with other skincare regimen, this product will bring prevention from skin cancer.

Many users appreciated the great coverage that this product offers. Also, many stated that this product works wonders on their skin.

#10 CC Cream Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF from Mary Kay

This complexion correction formula in this product from Mary Kay makes it function like makeup. The product has been designed to deliver 8 benefits in a single step. It offers lightweight coverage for a flawless-looking and natural complexion. This product suitable for different skin types is offered in minimal shades to cover different skin tones.

Niacinamide and ascorbyl glucoside used as key ingredients in this product help with making the skin tone look even. The product soothes and calms the skin with its vitamin E ingredients as claimed by many users.

The willow bark extract used as another key ingredient in this product acts as a natural source of salicylic acid. The emollients used in this product helps not just to hydrate the skin, but also to bring nourishing comfort without feeling greasy or oily. It also safeguards the skin from damaging free radicals with its powerful antioxidant ingredients like silymarin and Vitamin E extracts.

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How to Pick the Right CC Cream?

CC cream is widely used as a replacement for moisturizers, sunscreen, and foundation. Brands promote it as color-correcting cream because it can even out red patches and dark spots on your skin! 

Benefits of CC Cream

Users seem more interested in CC creams nowadays because of the following benefits:

1. It effectively blocks harmful UV radiation

Prolonged sun exposure is not good for your skin. Most people know that and they use sunscreen products to protect the skin. What if you are applying makeup and don’t want to use sunscreen on your face? Is there a way to block harmful UV radiation? Yes, you should try the CC cream instead of a regular foundation. 

UV rays are quite dangerous for your skin. They can cause premature ageing. Nobody wants to look like an old man or woman due to sun damage. CC creams with SFP 20 or above efficiently block harmful UV rays. They can block over 93% of UVA, UVB, and UVC rays to protect your skin! You should trust the CC cream to protect your skin in a daytime event!  

2. It improves your skin tone

Pore clogging substances cause issues like pimples and acne. Many people experience these issues and scars appear on the skin due to those issues. You won’t like to show those acne scars and marks if attending an important event. Therefore, you should try a product that can conceal skin imperfections. 

The CC cream is known as a color-correcting product. In simple words, it evens your skin tone and hides blemishes and scars. You can use this thin cream to cover unappealing marks and look more beautiful without too much effort. 

3. It hydrates your skin

Dehydrated skin looks dull and tired. You won’t like to look exhausted due to dryness. So, try a CC cream. This product contains ingredients to hydrate the skin. It supplies moisture and locks it to improve skin elasticity. Your skin glows naturally and also looks plumper. You can give it a try if your moisturizer is not that effective! 

4. Known for anti-ageing benefits

Blocking UV rays, hydrating skin, and concealing blemishes, the CC cream is an ideal anti-ageing product. It targets all the causes of premature ageing to make you look younger. 

Wrinkles, fine lines, and other ageing signs reduce your natural appeal. You must look for products that target the premature ageing issue. 

CC cream is a proven cure for this problem and it must be in your makeup kit if you want to look young and attractive after the 30s!

5. It beautifies the skin instantly

Whether you want to moisturize the skin, conceal imperfections, or apply subtle makeup, the CC cream offers a perfect base to achieve your goals. It hardly takes a minute to apply this cream on your face and then you are ready to beautify your face within the next 2-3 minutes. You get instant results without putting in too much effort. That’s why it’s a great alternative to foundation and BB creams. 

How to Choose the Best CC Cream?

CC cream reviews

The right CC cream can make makeup super easy for you. This all-in-one makeup solution is available in many different variants. You have to look for a cream that meets your skin’s specific needs. So, assess the following factors before choosing the CC cream!

1. Pick the right shade 

Brands formulate CC creams mainly for three types of skin tones that include fair-light, light-medium, and medium-deep. You must be wondering there are several more shades than just three mentioned here. Yes, that’s right, but primarily there are only three types of CC cream shades.  

Shade for fair skin tone

If you have fair skin, you should buy a CC cream with Beige or fair-light shade. Look for alternatives in the beige shade to find one that matches perfectly with your skin tone. It will blend perfectly with your skin’s natural color and you will look more beautiful. 

Shade for wheatish skin tone

A CC cream with a beige shade will look pretty weird on your skin. Look for bronze shade if you got a wheatish skin tone. It will perfectly enhance your beauty and make your skin look naturally beautiful. 

Shade for dusky skin tone

A light shade is not going to match your skin tone if you got dusky skin. Look for a CC cream with a honey-like shade. It goes perfectly with a wheatish to dusky tone and makes the user look more attractive. 

Shade for dark skin tone

Almond shade is perfect to conceal imperfections and blemishes if you got a dark skin tone. Look for a dusky to a dark shade of the CC cream for your makeup needs! 

As you read in this guide, the shade decides how your face will appear after the makeup. If the CC cream shade is quite different from your natural skin tone, your appearance is significantly compromised. Don’t let others criticize you for different skin tones. Pick the right shade and look beautiful in a natural way. 

2. Find a CC cream with SPF

Do not presume that the CC cream will replace your sunscreen. One with SPF assures your skin won’t get dull and dry due to the sun’s UV radiation. CC creams come with different levels of SPF to offer different levels of protection in the sunlight. 

  • A CC cream with SPF 15 can easily block up to 93% of UV rays. 
  • A CC cream with SPF 30 will block up to 97% of UV rays. 
  • A CC cream with an SPF of 50 or above will block up to 98% of UV rays. 

You won’t need the sunscreen if you got a CC cream with SPF 50. Most creams come with SPF 15 and SPF 30. They offer protection against sun damage if you aren’t planning to spend hours in the sunlight. 

Suppose you miss this factor, you may end up with a product that won’t do much to prevent dullness. Your face will appear exhausted after 30-40 minutes due to sun damage!

So, you should keep this feature in mind when buying a CC cream. Check the SPF and then pick the cream to ensure your skin is safe in the sunlight. 

3. Does it offer good coverage?

What type of coverage do you want? Do you want to apply a thin layer of CC cream for a natural appearance or a fuller coverage will meet your makeup needs? 

Brands try different formulas to offer different types of coverage. You may also need to apply multiple layers of the cream for better coverage. 

The best CC cream is the one that offers ample coverage without making your face feel cakey. You should check some buyer reviews or expert reviews to reveal some facts about this feature. If it got ample coverage to beautify your face, it’s the right CC cream for you. 

4. Is it the right CC cream for your skin type?

You must consider your skin type and what keeps it healthy before buying a CC cream. Check the following tips to ensure you got the right cream to nourish and beautify your skin! 

Choose a mineral-based CC cream if you got sensitive skin. Make sure it does not contain fragrances and artificial colors to avoid skin irritation. It should have SPF 15 or above to protect your sensitive skin from sun damage. A mineral-based CC cream won’t clog your pores and beautify your face perfectly. 

Look for an antioxidant-rich CC cream if you got an uneven skin tone. It will provide skin-nourishing antioxidants to eliminate free radicals. Your color will improve and you will get better coverage after applying this cream. 

Choose a CC cream with anti-blemish ingredients if you got oily skin. It should have a water-based formula to balance the amount of sebum your skin produces. This type of cream will deliver ingredients that help in balancing oil production. It will mattify your face and there won’t be greasy dirt after makeup. 

You should choose a moisturizing CC cream with ingredients, such as Hyaluronic acid, shea butter, glycerin, etc. if you got dry skin. It will refresh your face and your skin will appear much fuller. 

A CC cream with peptides and collagen production boosting ingredients is perfect to nourish mature skin. It reduces ageing signs and offers a younger appeal to the user. 

Shortlist a few CC creams and then assess their speciality and benefits. If it got what your skin needs for a healthier appearance, buy it! 

5. What about the cream’s consistency?

You will not find the same consistency in different CC creams. Some are creamier than others. You have to decide whether a cream with thinner consistency will offer ample coverage or a thicker one is right for you. 

Keep the type of coverage you want in mind to choose the right CC cream with the right consistency. It should spread evenly across your face to cover problematic regions. It’s not the right pick if you need to apply multiple layers to conceal dark spots, blemishes, and tiny scars. 


The best skin complexion is something many of us long for. They say the face is the index of the mind. With the right CC creams, you can ensure that your complexion can be corrected and the goodness of your skin is revealed. So, to help you with the selection of one among the best CC Creams, we have shortlisted and we are happy to provide the following recommendations for different skin types:

We wish that you should choose the right CC Cream to bring the best skincare benefits.

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