Top 5 Best Blue Lizard Products

Top 5 Best Blue Lizard Products

Have you been trying to buy the best Blue Lizard products? You might have heard that this brand is popular for the best sunscreen creams and lotions. The brand itself was born in the harsh climate of Australia. In this part of the world, the strong UV rays make sun protection highly important for all. Understanding this concern, Blue Lizard has created many sunscreen products. The uniqueness of this brand is that not just for adults, the brand makes sunscreens for kids and even babies. What more do you wish to learn about this brand? Read on to learn more:

What Makes Products from Blue Lizard Special?

This Australia-based brand withstood different testing methods and earned the trust of many dermatologists before it made its way into the United States. The uniqueness of this brand is that the brand makes trusted and tried alternatives to chemical sunscreens. Dermatologists trust titanium dioxide and zinc oxide for delivering physical and chemical-free sun protection. Even, pediatricians believe this sunscreen to be the right choice for babies and kids with rosacea, eczema and sensitive skin.

What are the Best Sunscreens from Blue Lizard?

From our Blue Lizard review of the best products from this brand, we found that the sunscreen from this brand is the best for the reasons stated above.

1. Mineral Sunscreen With Zinc Oxide from Blue Lizard

With SPF 50+ protection, this water-resistant sunscreen is being recommended and trusted by dermatologists for more than 20 years now. Higher SPF in this product provides better sun protection. The product uses Smart Bottle Technology.  It means that the users can easily identify that harmful UV rays surround them when the color of the bottle changes to blue. As the sunscreen has water resistance for about 80 minutes, it is possible to use it even when the user is in water for around 80 minutes. This fragrance-free product suits sensitive skin as well. It prevents photodamage and sunburn that occurs due to exposure to UVA and UVB Rays.

The active ingredients in this product are titanium dioxide and zinc oxide. Both these are sunscreen ingredients. When this product is used rightly along with other sun-protective measures, these ingredients will help with bringing down the risk of skin cancer. Even, it will prevent early skin aging that occurs due to excessive exposure to the sun.

Many users in their Blue Lizard review of this product have stated that they are able to get sun protection from this product without any skin rashes and bumps that chemical-based sunscreens cause.

2. Australian Sunscreen For Sensitive Skin With SPF 30+ From Blue Lizard

This product is one of the best Blue Lizard products not just because of the sun protection it brings but also because it is environmentally safe. Yes, to safeguard the delicate coral reefs, Blue Lizard has made this product for sensitive skin without any octinoxate and oxybenzone. This mineral sunscreen without any chemical-based active ingredients safeguards the skin by working like many small mirrors that reflect UV rays. As it offers water-resistance protection for 40 minutes, users can stay protected for longer without the sunscreen getting washed away by sweat.

This dermatologist-suggested BS UVA and UVB sun-protective product provides SPF 30+ protection with mineral-active zinc oxide as the key ingredient. In turn, the product provides real broad-spectrum protection. Also, to make it suitable for sensitive skin, the product is free of fragrance and paraben. Further, the product uses titanium dioxide as another key ingredient for sun protection. The bottle turns blue to remind users that they should stay safe against the sun as the product uses Smart Bottle Technology.

Many users appreciated this product stating that this product provides non-staining sun protection. Also, many users stated that without any smell and irritation, the product provides the right kind of sun protection.

3. Kids Mineral Sunscreen with Zinc Oxide from Blue Lizard

Blue Lizard has designed this sunscreen for safeguarding the soft skin of kids from UV Rays. To make sure that there is no harm to the environment, the brand safeguards coral reefs without the use of octinoxate and oxybenzone in this product. For water-resistance that users can rely on, the product provides up to 80 minutes of sweat-resistance. To make it ideal for sensitive skin, the product is free of fragrance and paraben.

The mineral-based sun protection, the product uses mineral-active zinc oxide for real broad-spectrum protection. To remind moms that they should apply sunscreen for kids, the bottle turns blue when there are harmful UV rays in the area they stay. To make this happen, the product uses Smart Bottle Technology.

Many users have expressed their gratitude to this best Blue Lizard product stating that it safeguards the skin of their little ones effectively from UV rays. Also, many users expressed that this product offers great coverage for pale skin tones.

4. Australian Baby Sunscreen With SPF 30+ from Blue Lizard

Not just for adults and kids, Blue Lizard understands the importance of safeguarding the soft skin of babies from UV rays. So, this brand has created the best Blue Lizard sunscreen for babies. The good thing about this product is that pediatricians recommend this product for sun protection to babies. The product has been designed for the delicate skin of babies by Blue Lizard.

This baby mineral sunscreen comes with Smart Cap technology to remind moms to apply sunscreen when the cap turns pink in harmful UV rays. The product provides water-resistance for about 40 minutes. The product offers dermatologist-suggested BS UVA/UVB SPF 30+ protection. The product uses mineral-active zinc oxide to provide real broad-spectrum protection from the sun’s UV Rays.

Many users recommend this product in their Blue Lizard review stating that this is the only sunscreen that moms should have to safeguard their baby’s skin from UV Rays. Also, many moms stated that this product absorbs quickly to keep their babies comfortable after applying.

5. Australian Baby Sunscreen With SPF 50+ from Blue Lizard

This product is similar to another Baby Sunscreen from Blue Lizard. But, the product stands out with better SPF protection of 50+. For babies, who will have to spend long hours outdoors, this product will help.

The product uses skin-friendly and safe mineral-based zinc oxide and titanium dioxide to safeguard the delicate skin of babies from harmful UVA and UVB Rays.

Many users have stated that this best Blue Lizard product apart from safeguarding the skin of babies also safeguards the skin of adults from UV Rays.

Final Verdict

In this Blue Lizard review, we have shortlisted the best Blue Lizard products. To make the selection further easier, we have shortlisted a few here:

Sunscreen protection for babies: Australian Baby Sunscreen With SPF 50+ from Blue Lizard

Sunscreen Protection for kids: Kids Mineral Sunscreen with Zinc Oxide from Blue Lizard

Sun-Protection for sensitive skin: Australian Sunscreen For Sensitive Skin With SPF 30+ from Blue Lizard.

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