Top 10 Best Blackhead Removers – Reviews and Buying Guide

Top Best Blackhead Removers Reviews and Buying Guide

Blackheads are nothing but a form of acne. Indeed, individuals with oily skin are more prone to blackheads. However, those with other skin types can also get them. They show up in the skin when the skin pores get clogged. This clogging can happen due to different reasons like excess sebum, dead skin cells, etc. As against whiteheads that create closed pores, blackheads will have open surfaces. These surfaces create oxidation that will be dark in color.

Many teenagers do the mistake of pinching and pushing blackheads. But, when these things are done, they can lead to skin scarring and even other forms of skin damage. Thanks to the blackhead removers in the market! These removers will help with safely removing blackheads.

As against searching for the best blackhead removers and comparing them from different sources, we have chosen the top 10 best blackhead removers for your convenience:

#1 Charcoal Deep Cleansing Pore Strips from Bioré

With natural charcoal and C-Bond Technology, these strips are dermatologist tested to get rid of blackheads. As against other pore strips that use glue or adhesives for removing blackheads, this strip from Bioré uses the C-Bond Technology. These strips are designed to bind to your blackheads and not to your skin. It means that it will completely remove the blackheads from your skin and not just the tip of the blackhead. The C in C-Bond stands for Cationic Bond.

This product is activated by water and they turn into magnets to attract blackheads. POLyquaternium 37 is the key ingredient in this product. As they are positively charged, they help with neutralizing the negative charges of a bond to the blackheads to remove them.

Many users stated that these strips worked fairly well for them.

#2 Blackhead Remover Comedones Extractor Acne Removal Kit

This product comes as a set with many tools. They help not just for removing blackheads, but also for removing acne and many other skin blemishes with ease.

The tools are made with anti-allergic design. It means that they contain professionally electroplated needles with a stainless steel coating. They do not lead to sensitivity issues. Also, the set suits all skin types. The anti-slip handle design of this product was greatly attracted by many of its users. Also, they are happy that it helps them control the pressure when they use the tool. In turn, they feel that they are able to get better control and precision to prevent any skin damage.

Many users of this set are highly satisfied that this blackhead remover kit has provided clear diagrams to show the purpose of each tool in this set.

#3 Blackhead Remover Skin Scrubber and Pore Cleaner from GUGUG with 4 Modes

The four different modes offered by this blackhead removing tool helps users to choose the right mode based on their skin care requirements. Using high-frequency vibration, this tool helps with deep cleaning. Also, the spatula helps to ensure that the skin absorbs the essential nutrients.

Also, many users feel that they are able to improve elasticity, shine and brightness of the skin with this tool. The purpose of the skin scrubber that is part of this tool is to let your skin turn beautiful again. Many users of this product claim that they are able to enjoy their youth again after they started using this blackhead remover.

#4  Blackhead Remover Pore Vacuum

The blackhead remover that is part of this kit has deeper cleansing and powerful suction properties. It has been proven to get rid of stubborn blackheads, grease, whiteheads, makeup residues and grease. The Pore Vacuum Blackhead remover in this kit has been designed for use in different skin types. The kit uses a Pore vacuum assimilation methodology from levels 1 to 5. The first level is for dry and sensitive skin, while levels 2 and 3 are for combination skin types. In the same way, the final two levels are for oily and mixed skin types.

Also, the tool has four suction heads to suit different skin purposes like massaging, reduction of fine lines and dead skin cells, getting rid of grease and cleaning of blackheads. The USB charging port is an added feature in this tool kit.

It helps with smoothing wrinkles and tightening the skin after continuously using for 2-5 weeks as stated by many users.

#5 EUASOO Blackhead Pore Vacuum Cleaner Remover

This unit from EUASOO offers upgraded strong suction. Also, the upgraded vacuum sensor ensures deep facial cleansing. In the same way, the upgraded suction head ensures the smoother removal of blackheads without causing red dots.

The product comes with four replaceable beauty heads. The ball suction head is for relieving swelling and fatigue in the face. The small circular head is for weak and sensitive portions of the facial skin, while the large circular head is to ensure that you get the strongest suction to get rid of stubborn acne/blackhead. The other head is an oval suction head. It helps with getting rid of wrinkles around the eyes, mouth, nose, and forehead.

Many users of this device state that this blackhead remover meets almost all their skincare needs besides helping with acne and blackhead removal.

#6 Blackhead Remover Vacuum from EZBASICS

This device uses the super-strong blackhead pore vacuum suction method to effectively getting rid of dust particles, impurities and oil in the clogged pores. It helps with getting rid of acne and grease along with blackheads as claimed by many users.

The product offers three selectable skin types and three adjustable suction levels to meet different skincare needs. Also, the device offers four different suction heads to address almost all types of skin issues. There are indicators to know the battery level and the intensity level making this device user-friendly. Additional filter sponges are offered for replacing then and there in the suction heads.

Also, this device increases skin elasticity and blood circulation. Even, many users stated that it helped them improve fine lines and it shrunk their skin pores.

#7 Skin Tag Remover, Mole and Acne Remover

This pack contains 108 pieces of patches that will help with not just blackhead removal, but also acne, skin tag, and even mole removal. With 100% natural ingredients this product will help with covering and concealing the skin tags.

The product contains an improved formula for acne removal. These patches suit all skin types and they are made using natural oils like Melaleuca Altenifolia and Thuja Orientalis that will help with the removal of skin tags and will help with bringing out flawless skin. These sweat and waterproof patches can be applied directly on dry skin with skin issues. It will get tightly bonded once you gently pat it in the affected area after removing the back cover.

Many users are highly satisfied that this patch works well on skin tags that they found really hard to remove so long. Also, it helps with the painless removal of tags as claimed by many users.

#8 Blackhead Remover Mask from VASSOUL

This deep cleansing blackhead remover has been created for use in the face and nose. The product has been designed to bring down the effect of computer radiation on the skin. It adds vitality to even and dull skin. Also, it helps with improving skin firmness. Even, it will help with removing facial hair and will give it a healthy and smooth look. Further, the mask helps with improving blood circulation in the skin to bring it a healthy look.

Not just for blackhead removal, this mask helps with the removal of blemishes and acne as well as claimed by many users. Some users stated that this mask helped them to get rid of oil spots and stubborn stain from their face.

#9 Black Peel Off Mask with Brush from AsaVea

This product has been designed to absorb dirt and excess oil from deep within the pores. It is an activated charcoal black peel-off mask. It works deep into the skin to help with getting rid of excess oil, dirt, impurities and blackheads.

Also, this product comes with a tool that aid with the removal of blemishes and acne. This product has polypeptide collagen as the key ingredient. This ingredient helps with retaining the moisture leaving the skin not just smooth and silky, but also radiant every day. Also, the product contains powerful bamboo extracts as ingredients to help with removing excess oil. In turn, acne and blackheads are prevented.

This product helps with shirking the pores besides regulating the oil secretion in the skin as claimed by many users.

#10 Dead Sea Mud Mask for Blackheads Removal from New York Biology

This Dead Sea mud suits different skin types. It has been designed as a highly-effective yet gentle remedy for acne treatment. This mineral-infused clarifying mud mask uses an advanced formula for cleaning clogged pores.

With effective ingredients like vitamin E, jojoba oil, sunflower seed, calendula oil and aloe-vera, this product helps to achieve blemish-free skin as claimed by many users.

How to Choose the Right Blackhead Remover

Blackhead Remover reviews

A blackhead remover can be a tool or other product that allows you to get rid of tiny black bumps that appeared on your skin. These blackheads can be painful and frustrating. Therefore, you should pick the right tool and remove them as soon as possible. 

Check the following guide to choose the best blackhead remover.

1. Lancet 

It is a small handheld tool used for blackhead removal. You get a tiny cup-like head on one side of this tool and a sharp point on the other side. You have to pop the tip of the blackhead with one side and another cup-shaped side is used to extract dead skin and sebum. 

It is a perfect tool to get rid of large size blackheads that appeared on your skin. You can also get rid of whiteheads if you use this tool properly. It’s not widely used because it requires expertise and proper technique to remove the blackhead. 

Consider the following points to buy the best lancet blackhead remover. 

Build quality

Begin the assessment with the build quality of this blackhead extractor. It should be built with high-quality material to prevent skin infections. Choose a tool made of top-quality surgical-grade material. Stainless steel lancet is perfect for frequent use. 

Check the design

You can find some different designs on the lancet. Choose one with a sharp arrow on one end and a cup-shaped extractor on the other end. It will allow you to pop and remove blackheads and whiteheads conveniently. 

Avoid extractors that only have a sharp tip because you will need another tool to extract impurities. Look for a tool that not only pops but also extracts sebum, dirt, and dead skin cells from blackheads. Thus, you can quickly finish the treatment. 

Can you detach the sharp end of the tool?

A top-rated lancet allows you to attach and detach both ends conveniently. This type of design is chosen by users, who want to carry the tool without any issue. You can safely store the sharp end in a box to protect it against germs and moisture.  

Is it user-friendly?

Check the shape of the blackhead remover. If it is too thin to hold properly, you won’t be able to extract blackheads effectively. If this tool is thick from the midsection, you will find it much easier to hold and use. So, check such small details to buy the best lancet for blackhead removal. 

2. Spoon extractor

It is a small size tool designed to remove blackheads and whiteheads. It comes with a hole at the center where you have to position blackheads or whiteheads. Apply the pressure and impurities will come out. 

It is one of the most widely used blackhead removers and you should check the following points before buying it. 

Check the loop type

You can pick four types of loops in a spoon extract, which include:

  • Angled loop

A spoon extractor with an angled loop is perfect to remove get rid of blackheads that appeared on hard to reach areas. You can use it to remove blackheads from the crevices of your nose and ear. You can get rid of closed comedones quite easily if you got an angled loop extractor. Try it if it meets your needs. 

  • Flat loop

Do you want to remove blackheads without damaging your skin? Try a flat loop spoon extractor. It does not irritate your skin and helps you remove whiteheads and blackheads conveniently. You will apply very little pressure and the job will be done! 

  • Small loop

If there are small shape blackheads or whiteheads on your skin, use a small loop extractor. It’s best suited to remove blackheads that feel ready to pop. 

  • Eye loop

It comes with an eyelet end and it perfectly covers the entire blackhead for a quick extraction. You need to apply more pressure when using this tool. Professionals use it to remove large size comedones. So, follow the professionals’ advice if you are buying a spoon extractor with an eye loop. 

Assess material quality

Since you are going to use this tool on your skin, you should make sure it is made of high-quality material. Its tiny loops should not bend when you apply extra pressure. Choose extractors made of surgical-grade stainless steel. It won’t cause any infection and you will get rid of blackheads quite easily. 

Make sure it is easy to hold and use

The shape also matters when it comes to choosing a perfect blackhead extractor. Make sure it is not too thin to hold between fingers. Pick extractors with thick-shaped cylinders to ensure you can handle them conveniently. 

3. Blackhead tweezers

Unlike regular tweezers, blackhead tweezers come with curved and sharp ends to remove blackheads. It is designed to remove stubborn blackheads which do not come off with other tools. 

You can easily open its tines and then place curved ends around blackheads. Now, gently press and squeeze blackheads to get rid of them. All the impurities and puss will come out, which you can wipe and cleanse the skin to prevent infection. 

Assess the following factors to buy the best blackhead tweezers!

Material quality

Choose tweezers made of dermatologist grade or surgical grade stainless steel. It ensures the curved ends won’t bend due to excess pressure. Besides, the blackhead extractor tool will not rust or damage over years. You should be able to sterilize and reuse the tool whenever required. 

Angle and position of tips

Tips of your tweezers should be perfectly aligned against each other. If both tips do not position perfectly, you won’t be able to target blackheads perfectly. Extraction will be more painful and it might damage your skin. Both tips should come together as you pinch and their angle should be perfect to get at the bottom of whiteheads and blackheads. 

Ease of use

Make sure you can easily extract blackheads without applying too much pressure. Its tips should be sharp enough to pop stubborn blackheads otherwise you will need a lancet! Check all these features before buying tweezers to get rid of irritating skin bumps. 

4. Pore vacuum

A pore vacuum is a powerful tool designed to suck dirt, pollutants, stubborn dead skin cells, and oil out of pores. Many experts use them to exfoliate skin and remove all types of impurities. You can also use this device to get rid of makeup residue and other impurities stuck on your face. 

Pore vacuums are extremely effective when it comes to removing blackheads. Even though you can’t prevent future blackheads, pore vacuums make their removal quite simple. Consider the following factors before buying a pore vacuum to remove whiteheads and blackheads. 

Type of suction heads

You can get two, three, or more suction heads with a blackhead remover. These nozzles have different shapes and sizes. Each is designed to settle perfectly around blackheads to remove them along with all impurities. 

You should check nozzle size and shapes before buying a pore vacuum. These nozzles should fit perfectly on the device and make blackhead removal a painless process. Avoid a device that comes with a single and permanent nozzle. It might not help you target large size blackheads. 

Suction modes

Pore vacuums should have perfectly managed suction power to remove skin impurities without hurting your skin. It should be gentle and yet effective against stubborn blackheads. Look for the power settings on the device before buying it. 

If it has two or more power settings, one should be for slight suction and another for heavy suction. Slight suction will allow you to clean sensitive skin without causing adverse effects. The high suction mode or setting is for cleansing large pores and removing large blackheads. Apply the right nozzle and then you can remove the toughest blackheads with ease. 

Power source

A pore vacuum is an electric-powered tool. It can be equipped with non-rechargeable AA batteries or a rechargeable battery. Look for a tool equipped with rechargeable batteries because thus you won’t need to spend money on various batteries to operate this tool. 

Build quality

Check the build quality of suction heads and vacuum. If it is made of tough material, such as ABS plastic, it will offer a long and satisfying service.

Ease of cleaning

A pore vacuum is going to suck a lot of impurities from your face. Its nozzle head will get wrapped into a variety of bacteria. This machine should be easy to clean so that you can avoid skin infection. 

5. Cleansing pore strips

Pore strips are quite effective against tiny blackheads that appear on the nose and other areas. These strips do not prevent blackheads from forming on your skin, but they make removal quite simple. 

Check two important things before buying cleansing pore strips:


Your pore strips should be equipped with acne-fighting ingredients to extract gunk perfectly. Thus, you can expect better skin cleansing results from this blackhead remover. 

Number of strips

How many strips are there in the pack? If there are 6-8 strips, it is perfect for your needs. Avoid the product if there are fewer than 6 strips. You will have to reorder the product and it might delay the blackhead removal process! 


Blackheads can affect the overall look of your face. So, we suggest you select one of the best blackhead removers listed above to get rid of the awkward acne. Here are our top choices:

So, if you have blackheads, you can choose one of these products that are our choices as the best blackhead removers for different skin types.

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