Top 15 Best BB Creams – Reviews and Buying Guide

Top Best BB Creams Reviews and Buying Guide

If you are into skincare, you might have heard about the different types of foundation. Yes, you might have come across many of them right from powder, cream, lotion to even serum. But, have you come across the term BB Creams? Have you ever thought about what are they? The term “BB Cream” is actually a marketing term. It is expanded as beblesh balm, blemish base, blemish balm, and even in the western world, it is called beauty balm. The purpose of BB creams is to serve as a sunscreen, moisturizer, and foundation at the same time.

Is BB Cream, the same is CC Cream? Many people get this question as well. CC Cream is also a marketing term that denotes Color Correction. CC Creams serve the same purpose as BB Creams. However, in the former, there will be a greater focus on homogenizing the color of the skin. The difference between BB and CC Creams vary from one brand to another.

If you are in the western world thinking about buying a beauty balm, we have identified some of the best BB Creams here for your choice:

#1 Waso Color-smart SPR 30 Day Moisturizer from Shiseido

This product from Shiseido is for individuals looking for ways to improve their skin tone. The cream will adapt itself to your skin color to bring long-lasting hydration. This product suits sensitive, combination, normal, oily and dry skin and it has been dermatologist tested as well. The PhytoResist System in this product uses the power of botanicals. The purpose is to heighten the resistance of the skin from external and internal stressors besides infusing rich moisture. To resist the effects of pollution, this product works as an anti-pollution powder.

The key ingredient in this product is whole carrot cells. They are extracted by Shiseido carefully with goodness intact to make sure that the skin will stay healthy and hydrated.

Many users feel that this product is a holy grail when it comes to skincare. Also, some users stated that it smells lovely. 

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#2 Age Defense BB Cream SPF 30 from Clinique

This product from Clinique in addition to protecting from the UV Rays also functions as an antioxidant. It works to banish imperfections as claimed by many users with different skin types.

Antioxidants are the key ingredients in this product. They help with skin firming besides reducing the appearance of wrinkles. Also, they repair sun damage and provide the best scar treatment.

Many users have expressed that once they apply this cream on their faces, their skin looks normal. It means that it does not overdo anything on the skin.

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#3 SPF 20 Effaclar BB Blur from La Roche-Posay

This product has been created as an oil-absorbing BB Cream mainly to help individuals with oily skin. The product absorbs 150 times its weight in oil and provides SPF 20 sun protection to the skin.

Titanium Dioxide Mineral Sun Filter is a key ingredient in this product to provide the best sun protection to the skin. To ensure that users can get a perfectly matte complexion, the product uses Airlicium as another important ingredient.

It reduces the appearance of large pores. Also, it effectively covers blemishes as claimed by many users. Many users also stated that this product provides their skin an all-day matte finish.

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#4 Beautifying BB & Skin Tone Correcting Cream from Kiehl’s

This product from Kiehl’s is a dual-action BB cream. One of the two actions done by this product is to conceal the skin to provide it sun protection with SPF 50. The other action is to perfect the irregularities in the skin. The product offers four shades to suit different skin tones and provides all-day moisturization. This non-comedogenic product suits all skin types including sensitive skin.

Kiehl’s has formulated this product with a high level of Vitamin C. This ingredient helps this product to work as a clarifying agent. The vitamin C used in this product is Ascorbyl Glucoside. This ingredient helps with improving skin radiance.

Many people, who have tried this product stated that it helped them improve their skin texture.

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#5 M Perfect Cover BB Cream with SPF 42 from Missha

This product from Missha is a full coverage BB Cream that will help with achieving flawless and smooth skin. With SPF 42 rating, this product will provide your skin with the sun protection it needs. It is packed with nourishing powers and hydration powers besides being a lightweight cream. The texture of this cream helps it easily blend into the skin, thereby hiding imperfections and balancing skin tone.

The ceramide and hyaluronic acid present in this product as a key ingredient help to keep the skin supple and hydrated. Further, the chamomile flower extract and rosemary leaf extract in this product helps with soothing the skin.

Many users of this product stated that it helped their skin to visibly reduce wrinkles, fine lines and other age spots.

#6 Premium Beauty Balm with SPF 45 from Dr. Jart+

This product is an all-in-one beauty balm. The main purpose of this product is to perfect the complexion. The product does it with its powerful anti-aging complex besides safeguarding the skin from UV damage with SPF 45 rating.

Zinc oxide and titanium dioxide are the key ingredients in this product. These minerals help with UVA/UVB protection. The bio-peptide complex in this product offers antiaging benefits. It promotes natural collagen synthesis.

Many users feel that this product corrected their uneven and dry skin tone. This BB cream suits all skin types including sensitive skin.

#7 M Perfect Cover BB Cream from Missha

Missha offers this product as Line-Friend Edition This high coverage, multi-function and lightweight cream helps with achieving a firmer-looking skin to the users. The flawless coverage that this product offers help with smoothly concealing the imperfections in the skin besides balancing the skin tone.

The chamomile and rosemary extract used as key ingredients in this product helps to achieve balanced and calmer complexion. The other ingredients like ceramide, hyaluronic acid and gateline used in this product helps with infusing herbal botanicals to help users achieve the best skin benefits.

Many users feel that this is a worthy product to buy when it comes to safe BB creams.

#8 Dream Fresh BB Cream from Maybelline

This product has been created as a skin perfector by Maybelline. It brings healthy skin glow by combining skincare and makeup to perfect skin by providing sheer coverage. With the added SPF protection, your skin will stay protected from the harmful rays with this product.

This 8-in-1 skin perfector replenishes the skin with a dewy finish. It suits different skin types and it is offered in 5 different shades to suit different skin tones as well. This product has brightening and hydrating properties with SPF 30 as the key ingredient.

It blurs skin imperfections, hydrates, enhances and brightens as claimed by many actual users of this product.

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#9 Perfect Hydrating BB Cream FPS 30 from Shiseido

This product suits women of all skin types, age and ethnicities. Also, this product has been designed to help women applying full makeup every day and looking for a BB Cream with high-cleansing power.

Shiseido has formulated this product with Rose Apple Leaf Extract and thiotaurine as the key ingredients. These ingredients are proven to counteract oxidation. Also, the product contains moisturizing ingredients along with SPF 30 to protect from the harmful UV Rays.

Many users feel that this product is the perfect choice for summer use.

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#10 BB Cream SPF 35 from Bobbi Brown

This is a feather-like multi-functional foundation that can bring the best skin care benefits. The water-attracting ingredients in this product will help with promoting hydration in your skin. Caffeine used as a key ingredient in this product helps with eliminating redness and discoloration of the skin. The Pore-reducing peptides used in this product will help with reducing fine lines, while the SPF formula helps to safeguard the skin from the UV Rays.

Many users have expressed that as the product comes in five different skin tones, they are able to choose the right option for their skin.

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#11 YSK Top Secrets SPF 25 from YVES Saint Laurent

This BB cream will help you get a prime for your skin that will conceal skin imperfections. The product works by providing non-stop hydration to your skin.

Also, the Intensely Hydrating Complex used as the key ingredient in this product helps with moisturizing the skin all day. Also, it rectifies the appearance of uneven skin tone and imperfections.

The product contains Vitamin C as another essential ingredient. It helps with rectifying discoloration. Also, the rose de mai extract used in this product will help with softening the skin. It provides a perfect canvas for foundation application as claimed by many real users of this product.

#12 Prime & Prep BB Beauty Balm with SPF 35 from Mac

This product has been created to help beauty conscious women. They can just ensure that they will get visible results for all skin types.

The SPF 35 rating provides the right protection from the harmful UV rays. This tinted foundation cream has a thinner consistency and also it feels light on the skin. It helps with maintaining healthy moisture in the skin. The effective ingredients with moisturizing properties help to protect the skin.

Many users of this product suggest that this product works perfectly for anyone with mild acne, fine lines and dark spots. Also, the product works well for individuals with oily skin as claimed by many users with this skin type.

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#13 Evenfair Perfecting Cushion from Sulwhasoo

Available in different tones to suit different skin tones, this product is offered by Sulwhasoo as a lightweight liquid foundation. To make sure that users can use this product on-the-go, it is housed in a special sponge. The purpose of this product is to cover imperfections, to perfect canvas and to safeguard the skin against UV Rays.

 The product uses Sulwhasoo’s patented Slim Fit High Coverage Formula. This formula helps with concealing the imperfections in the skin like unevenness and discoloration.

Also, the product uses Pigment Coating Dispersion Technology to provide a smooth finish. Further, the nourishing schizophyllum commune used in this product helps with keeping the skin hydrated and comfortable when a user wears makeup. Some Korean herbs used as key ingredients in this product provides hydration for achieving a radiant finish.

 The product helps with boosting radiance without caking as claimed by many real users.

#14 Prestige Creme Descargot BB Cream SPF25 from IT’s Skin

To reduce wrinkles and correct blemishes, this product from IT’s Skin uses Snail Mucin Extract as the key ingredient. This multi-purpose BB Cream also helps with improving the skin tone and texture. It adds a naturally healthy glow and protects against UVB and UVA rays.

The key ingredient Snail Mucin Extract is known for its hydrating properties. Also, it can smooth out acne scars and wrinkles. Also, it is capable enough to improve hyperpigmentation.

Many users of this product stated that it helped them achieve flawless, smooth and evenly-toned youthful complexion with the regular application of this BB Cream.

#15 BB Cream Golden Glow Illuminator from Marcelle

Suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin, this BB Cream helps with calming and soothing the skin. Also, this product that comes in a single universal shade has self-adjusting pigments. The hydrating cream helps with achieving controlled shine. It will function as a makeup base and can hold the makeup in place.

Aloe vera used as the key ingredient in this product helps with soothing and moisturizing the skin. Camomile is another ingredient that helps with calming the skin that is prone to inflammation. The antioxidants used in this product help with safeguarding the skin from environmental stressors and premature aging.

Many users of this product stated that the tinted corrector helps with the evening and illuminating the skin tone. This lightweight moisturizer helps with safeguarding the skin and improved appearance as claimed by some users.

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Benefits of BB Creams

BB cream reviews

The BB Cream term is used to denote blemish balm, blemish balm, beauty balm, and also the blemish base. It’s the same product called with different names in different countries. A top-quality BB cream can work as a foundation alternative, sunscreen, and also as a moisturizer. It’s quite a versatile skincare product and the following benefits make it pretty essential for every user! 

1. It’s a multipurpose product

It is a makeup product for some users and some treat it as a skin nourishing cream. Many makeup artists use BB cream as a foundation before makeup. Many users blend it with a moisturizing lotion and apply it to the face for sun protection. 

It contains ingredients, such as zinc oxide, hyaluronic acid, titanium dioxide, antioxidants and vitamins for skin nourishment. You won’t need a sunscreen lotion if you got a BB cream. It will prevent damage caused by harmful UV rays and your skin will remain plump throughout the day. 

2. Makeup looks quite natural

Do you hate cakey makeup? Do you like to have subtle makeup on your face when preparing for an event? You would love to replace that thick foundation with a BB cream if your answer is yes. 

It is quite easy to apply and you do not need any special brush. Your fingers are enough to spread the cream evenly across the face. This cream melts perfectly and covers the entire face without forming a thick layer. 

Some makeup artists apply it before foundation if the client needs better coverage. It hides blemishes and creates smooth-looking skin. 

3. No sign of skin imperfections

It will be your top priority to conceal blemishes if you got acne-prone skin. The BB cream does this job quite effectively. You can target blemishes with the minerals present in your cream to treat them. 

The lighter texture of BB cream allows you to maintain the natural elasticity of the skin. It will hide marks and scars on your skin and you can apply other makeup products to enhance your beauty. 

A typical BB cream may contain numerous ingredients. It will moisturize your skin to eliminate the need for a moisturizer. It will offer an even tone to your face to make you look more attractive. You won’t need a bulky foundation after applying this cream. 

4. It can hide your age

Do you want to look young and charming? Switch to skincare products that make your skin fresh and plump. If you want to hide fine lines and wrinkles and look younger, apply the BB cream. 

This cream instantly hides ageing signs that make you look like an old lady. This cream offers even texture and tone to your skin. You won’t need cakey makeup to regain younger appeal because the BB cream will hide wrinkles, fine lines, large size pores, and it will make your skin soft. Try it if you want instant results! 

How to Choose the Right BB Cream?

Many people end up with an ordinary foundation when they go to buy a BB cream. It is a foundation, but it got several other benefits. You have to assess some important factors before buying a BB cream to get the best product available for your skin.  

1. Does it offer ample coverage?

People choose BB creams to get the best coverage without applying too much cream on the face. It is lighter and that’s the key reason users like it. Many brands claim that a coin size amount of their product is enough to cover your entire face. Is that true?

Do not fall for the marketing gimmick of a brand. Check some genuine reviews online to assess how effectively the chosen product covers. Will one layer be enough to get the desired effect or you will have to apply multiple layers?

Your face will be wrapped in cakey layers of BB cream if it doesn’t provide the right coverage. Therefore, it’s important to ensure that the cream provides the coverage you are looking for. 

2. Can it protect your skin from the sun’s UV radiation?

It is quite risky to move out in the sunlight without sunscreen lotion. You may probably avoid sunscreen if you are wearing makeup for an outdoor function. Since BB creams are popular for protecting the skin from UV radiation, you can try them. 

Do not blindly pick any BB cream available on the shelf! Check its SPF factor before buying it. The cream should have SPF 15 or higher otherwise it will not offer any protection. SPF 15 assures that you can spend some time in the sunlight without experiencing skin problems. 

It’s the best BB cream for daytime use if it got SPF 30. This cream will allow you to spend hours outdoor and it will block up to 97% of UV rays. Thus, your skin will not get dull and it won’t tan due to prolonged sunlight exposure. 

3. Can you find the right shade according to your skin tone? 

Many users regret buying a BB cream because its shade doesn’t match their skin tone. Do not make the same mistake because the shade matters a lot! Every person is different and every individual got a different skin tone. You won’t find a miracle BB cream that goes well with every skin tone! 

As you know, cosmetic shops provide foundations in many different shades. The same rule applies to choosing the BB cream. Check the label and pick the right shade if you know what type of foundation goes well with your skin tone. 

If you have no idea about what shade is perfect for your skin tone, choose a shade that blends perfectly with your skin tone. The goal is to improve your appearance without altering your skin tone. The BB cream can do that if its shade matches your skin tone. 

So, calmly assess each available shade and then place the order. Thus, you will get a cream that won’t make your facial skin appear different from the rest of the body. 

4. Is it formulated for your skin type?

It is not wise to buy BB cream without considering your skin type. That cream might not be formulated to nourish your skin. In fact, it can cause more skin problems than you are already facing. 

Brands formulate skincare products differently to nourish different types of skin. Pay attention to the following points to pick the right BB cream according to your skin type!

  • Choose a top-quality product with a matte finish if you got oily skin. Its oil-free formula won’t make your face shine weirdly. This BB cream will control oil production in your skin and your face will appear much cleaner. There will be no grease on your face at all! 
  • You have to pick an oil-free BB cream if you got acne-prone skin. Suppose you choose oil-based cream, it may block the pores and you may soon develop new pimples. So, avoid oil-based creams to treat your acne-prone skin. 
  • Your BB cream should have a perfect moisturizing formula if you got dry skin. It must hydrate your skin while concealing blemishes and skin perfection. It should make the skin more elastic and plump for plumpness and fresh appeal. 

5. Is it effective against ageing signs?

Nobody wants to look old. Everyone wants to maintain that young-like appeal forever. It is impossible to evade ageing, but you can certainly slow down the appearance of ageing signs. 

Wrinkles, fine lines, grey hair, all these are signs that you are getting old. These signs get more visible after the 30s. Can a BB cream hide ageing signs? Yes, it can hide and it can help you get rid of those ugly wrinkles. 

Many BB creams are known for their anti-ageing benefits. They contain ingredients that hydrate skin, increase cell turnover, and boost collagen production. A BB cream with proper coverage can easily conceal fine lines, wrinkles, and nourish your skin to make it look fuller and younger. 

6. Look for the following ingredients to find the best BB cream

People mostly prefer cosmetic products produced by a reputable brand. It’s good because reputable brands clearly feature key ingredients on product packaging along with necessary cautions. 

If you are trying a new brand and want to ensure it offers the best BB cream formula, look for the following ingredients. 

  • Antioxidants: Vitamins and other antioxidants are quite essential for skincare. You will find antioxidants in all the top-rated BB creams. They fight free radicals, which are responsible for ugly skin blemishes and various other skin problems.
  • Mineral SPF: Look for titanium dioxide and zinc oxide in the BB cream. These ingredients increase the cream’s SPF and make it work as a sunscreen lotion. You can avoid this point if you don’t need sun protection! 
  • Moisturizer: Will you use BB cream to hydrate your skin? It should contain glycerin, hyaluronic acid, ceramides, and panthenol if your answer is yes! These ingredients draw moisture from your skin’s deep layers and lock it to maintain a soft texture of the skin! 
  • Skin firming agents: Look for a BB cream with hydrolyzed collagen and peptides if you want to reduce ageing signs and look younger! 
  • Brighteners: Try a BB cream containing licorice root and niacinamide if you want to gain a brighter tone! 


When you choose BB Cream, it is better to opt for the one with SPF Protection if you plan to use it during the daytime. Also, check whether it can meet your specific skincare needs. Here are our choices for different skin types:

These best BB Creams have many positive reviews from real users to whom we talked. So, you can confidently choose them!

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