Tips on Increasing Skincare Penetration

Tips on Increasing Skincare Penetration

Have you ever wondered why even after strictly following your skincare routine, your skin still doesn’t look right? The problem could be because the skincare products that you used did not properly sink into your skin. In this post, we will discuss skincare penetration, why there might be a problem with skincare penetration, and tips that can help you enhance the penetration of products into your skin.

How Can You Increase Skincare Penetration?

In this section, we will consider some useful tips that many dermatologists recommend that can help you to increase the penetration of your skincare products into your skin.

1. Apply Products to Just-Washed Skin

One of the most effective ways of ensuring that the products you use reach into the skin and work properly is by using them on skin that has just been washed. Damp skin works very similarly to a sponge – it simply absorbs all that you apply to it.

So, if you are experiencing difficulties with your products, this can be a good solution. The absorption will occur for almost all products, including retinoids.

However, the exception to this is mineral-based sunscreen. The sunscreen is not absorbed on the skin and will just sit on the skin’s surface to reflect the UV radiation from the skin. When applied on damp skin, the sunscreen might appear chalky.

Apart from that, though, almost every other product will be absorbed by your skin.

Also, after you apply makeup, you should use a hydrating spray on the face. Use the hydrating spray 20″ from the face and spray it 2 to 3 times.

2. Follow the Right Order

To get the best out of your skincare regime, it is important that you go in the right order. The first thing to do is to cleanse your face when you wake. This is vital because it will remove the sweat or dirt from your pillowcase or sheets overnight. Also, by cleansing the skin first, you give it a fresh foundation to build on. You can cleanse the skin with water using a cotton pad drenched in water or use your regular cleanser. As you use it, ensure that you move in long, circular strokes.

After cleansing the skin, you should follow up by gently patting the water away with a clean towel. Patting is important because it does not drag the skin, which might cause damage.

After cleansing the skin, then apply your skincare products. If you use a serum, this is the right time to use it. After using the serum, wait for some minutes for that to sink in. Then use your eye cream. It is important that you use the eye cream above the serum because it is heavier in consistency. Therefore, this will help it to be absorbed.

The next thing to do is to apply your moisturizer to the skin. The moisturizer is the heaviest product you will use, so it is important that it comes last. When applied, it works to lock in the products underneath, thus making it impossible for the skin not to absorb it.

If you use sunscreen, then you should also use that on the moisturizer. Sunscreen is really important for your skin as it helps to keep harmful radiation away.

Another thing that you should keep in mind is the order of using products if you are using them for different skin issues. If you have two products for different problems, it is recommended that you apply one to the skin in the morning and the other at night. That way, you will get the complete benefit from the two products.

3. Always Exfoliate

Exfoliation is super important, even if you don’t currently have any skin problems. Removing the dead skin cells that buildup on the highest layer of the skin is so important if you want your skin care products to penetrate. The dead cells are covering the real skin that requires the beneficial product; therefore, you certainly have to remove that barrier.

With this blockade out of the way, the creams and other skincare products that you use will reach the live, healthy skin and get to work.

There are several exfoliating products on the market, and you should make sure to choose one that comes with components that will help to deliver nutrients to the skin. For better results, look for exfoliators that can be used daily. That way, you don’t have to worry about any dead skin cells every day.

4. Steam Your Face

If your skin is humid, it will drink up more skincare products, and these will work even faster. Have you ever wondered why aestheticians usually steam the face before they start a facial for you? That is simply because the steam will open up your skin and make it more receptive to the products that are applied.

So, you can get yourself a home steamer. If you don’t want to buy that, you have water in a large bowl and cover your face over the bowl. When you often steam every week, you will see a difference in skin penetration.

Apart from that, you could also wash your face with lukewarm water. It will help to increase the temperature of your skin and cause the blood vessels and pores to open up. With these opened pores, there is a higher degree of absorption by the skin.

5. Use a Dermaroller

You might not have heard about this before, but it has been proven to be quite an effective means of making your skin absorb more products. This product is a long handheld tool that has a cylindrical head with tiny needles fitted on it.

As you might have guessed, it is rolled on your skin or the face. It is also known as micro needling. With the device, you roll over the skin to create small injuries on the surface of the skin and making your skin create a higher level of collagen.

Several studies have shown that these products help with absorption. Since it might cause minor injuries, it is recommended that you receive the service from a professional. You could also get one to use for yourself.

6. Always Pat the Face

This is one of the best pieces of advice that you can receive on how to increase the absorption rate of your skin. Always pat your skin dry and never rub it. If you rub your products in, this might drastically reduce the efficiency.

To get the most from your beauty products, dispense some of the product onto your hands, then trace it on your skin. This massage and pat method will help your skin to absorb more products, and it helps to drain excess fluid from the face.

7. Increase the Volume Applied

If you save the products that you use only for the spots on the skin where you discover issues, then you might be contributing to your predicament.

It sounds obvious, but a lot of people still make this mistake. Applying the product to just a part of the face will not increase absorption. Instead, applying it all over the face will increase absorption as the skin will draw up a greater number of ingredients.

While you want to increase the volume that is applied, you want to be careful not to apply too much or pile on the products. If you apply all the products in one go, the skin will not be able to absorb the products.

Therefore, each skin care step should be done carefully and patiently. Gently pat the products into the skin to multiply the effect of the product.

In addition, while you don’t want to rush the products, you also should not take too much time before applying the product. For example, after applying a serum and thickener, you should not wait too long before you add a moisturizer because it will help to lock in the moisture and make the products work better.

Thus, leave the product for 2 minutes after each step, then apply the next layer. This gives the skin time to breathe and absorb the product.

8. Increase Hydration

A consideration of the tips for skincare on the internet reveals that many dermatologists recommend that you drink plenty of water. Well, if you want to increase penetration of the products, then this advice comes in useful once again. The skin is like a flower – if you don’t water it, don’t expect it to thrive. Therefore, while your skincare products might be the best on the market, they will not work properly if the skin is not properly hydrated.

Therefore, drink enough water every day. When you drink morning every morning, and before you sleep, you will internally lubricate the skin and make it improve penetration.


Many people have a problem with the skin’s inability to absorb the products that are applied. We have provided 8 of the best tips that can aid with skin care penetration. Consider these tips and apply them to your routine. You will see the good results in no time.

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