What Are the Proper Techniques to Apply Skincare Products?

What Are the Proper Techniques to Apply Skincare Products

A person’s skincare routine should always vary according to skin type and specific needs. However, there is a correct order and techniques to apply your beauty formulas. We wonder if you are doing it right. This is why in this post, we will tell you the right and wrong ways to apply your skincare products. The skincare order and techniques recommended in the article will ensure you get the best results.

Below, we’ll show you how to apply the various skincare products. We’ll tell you what the right and wrong techniques are.

How Do You Apply Toner On Your Face?

Wrong Technique

Directly patting the toner on your face with your hands. If your hands are not clean, it will affect the effect.

Right Technique

The proper technique involves patting gently with a cotton pad or soft gauze pad. First, soak the cotton pad with toner, then pat the face and neck. This will wipe away residues that cause skin aging and make the skin cleaner.

How Do You Apply Eye Cream?

Wrong Technique

Pushing the eye cream horizontally. This way, it is easy to damage the eye skin due to friction. It will also increase the chance of fine lines appearing on the eye.

Right Technique

The correct method of applying eye cream should be to squeeze a small amount of it on the finger pad of the ring finger and then gently pressing it on the eye skin.

From the outer corner of the eye to the inner corner of the eye, apply the eye cream to the skin of the eye area with a tapping technique, like playing the piano.

This will help the absorption of the eye cream, promote blood circulation in the skin, and eliminate dark circles. However, it should be noted that the intensity of the tap must be small and light.

How Do You Wipe Your Essence?

Wrong Technique

The wrong technique involves applying the essence directly to the face and then to the whole face in a circular motion. This method is not suitable for creams containing active ingredients or essences.

Right Technique

Put an appropriate amount of the essence on the palm. Divide the entire face into three areas: forehead, cheeks, and chin. And then apply it all over the face making a facial lymphatic drainage massage from the central axis of the nose to both sides.

Gently pull the essence away with the palm of your hand in the above direction. You can also make proper massage to increase absorption and promote circulation.

How Do You Rub Skin Cream?

Wrong Technique

The wrong technique is applying on a large area and rubbing the cream very hard.

Right Technique

If you want the skin to absorb products rich in moisturizing ingredients better, follow the direction in which the pores open. Pushing from the bottom to the top is very effective.

First, apply the cream on the chin, cheeks, forehead, and tip of the nose. Then slowly move upward from the chin in a circular motion, through the nose, to the forehead.

Then spread the cream on the cheeks, upward from the corners of the mouth. For soothing scent products, this method allows the sensitive nose to enjoy the fragrant soothing first.

How Do You Apply Your Foundation?

Wrong Technique

The wrong technique is pushing the foundation to all sides, away from the center of the face. It will not cover the pores entirely, and the foundation will become thicker.

Right Technique

Because the pores are opened downward, applying foundation from top to bottom can better cover the pores. Squeeze the foundation on the back of your hand, and then apply the foundation to the face.

Spread evenly on the forehead and tip of the nose from top to bottom; below the cheekbones, spread down to the cheeks; spread on the chin from top to bottom.

How Do You Apply Spray Mist?

Wrong Technique

The wrong technique involves spraying on the face indiscriminately. This will not allow the facial skin to absorb the moisturizer very well.

Right Technique

Spray 11 to 12 inches away from the face. Slightly tilt your head to absorb as much moisture as possible. Apply the second pressure by pressing with both hands to promote absorption.

If there is still a small amount of water remaining on the face that has not been absorbed, use a paper towel to dry it gently. Otherwise, the spray evaporation will take away a part of the moisture inside the skin, resulting in more hydrating and drier.

What Is The Order Of Use Of Basic Skincare Products?

The first step concerns preparatory works before basic skincare. First, you have to recognize your skin type.

Our skin types are divided into many types. The most common skin types are divided into two categories: dry skin and oily skin.

Of course, most people have mixed skin, which means that the face is dry. Also, there are sensitive skins. This kind of skin has a thin upper layer which is prone to redness or skin allergies.

Below are the correct order for using your skincare products.

1. Choose a Facial Cleanser

The first step of skincare is to clean and wash your face. It is fundamental and critical. Take an appropriate amount of facial cleanser in the palm of your hand each time. Add an appropriate amount of warm water to knead the rich lather.

Apply to all parts of the face. Massage the face, chin, forehead, sides of the nose, and other parts in a circular motion from bottom to top. This doesn’t have to exceed one minute and must be done once in the morning and evening.

2. Use a Toner

Use the toner to pat the face immediately after washing your face with the facial cleanser. It will help the skin to absorb and avoid dry and tight skin.

Gently pat your face with the toner with the use of a cotton pad and apply wet compresses. Do this once in the morning and evening.

3. Essence + Eye Cream

Generally, after using an eye cream with water, young girls can choose hydrating and moisturizing eye cream. For women over 30, they can select anti-aging and wrinkle-removing products.

Only by mastering the correct use of eye cream can the production of fat particles be prevented. The next step for wrinkle removal is to wipe the essence product. Normal skin does not need to use the essence every day.

4. Lotion/Cream

Emulsion or cream that has the effect of moisturizing and water-locking can help strengthen the skin’s ability to lock water. You can apply it to all parts of the face. Then slowly spread it out evenly and massage properly to promote skin absorption. As for the choice of lotion or cream, you have to decide according to your skin type.

5. Isolation Lotion/Sunscreen

Isolation lotion can protect the skin and reduce the damage of ultraviolet rays to the skin. Office workers who face the computer every day can choose a radiation protection cream product, and sunscreen is also essential. Good sun protection skin care is essential in the four seasons.

6. Exfoliating Care

The interval and frequency of exfoliation should be determined according to the skin type. Sensitive skin and dry skin should be exfoliated once a month.

Avoid exfoliating products with scrub particles to prevent them from damaging the thinner part of the skin. Exfoliation is best carried out regularly. No skin needs to be exfoliated frequently.

Note: Although exfoliation can promote skin renewal and effectively prevent problems such as large pores and blockage, it can damage the skin to a certain extent.

7. Correct Use of Facial Mask

A facial mask is a very effective skincare product with many effects. There are whitening masks, moisturizing masks, anti-aging masks, etc. Generally, the moisturizing mask can be applied 2-3 times a week, and the whitening mask is sufficient once a week. Please don’t use it too frequently, so as not to cause acne breeding.

What’s The Order Of Using Skincare Products After Washing Your Face At Night?

The order of skincare at night is the same as in the morning. But in the dry season, there will be an extra step at the end, which is to apply lipstick.

Before going to bed at night, it is recommended to apply lipstick to keep the lips moisturized.


  • Some special skincare products have a watery texture, but they should be used after the lotion. For details, please read the instructions carefully.
  • When you’ve just woken up in the morning, note that the skin’s blood circulation is not smooth enough at this time. It is recommended to massage the face while rubbing the lotion. This not only enhances the absorption effect but also makes the complexion better.

Final Words

We’ve seen the right and wrong techniques of applying your skincare products. We’ve also shown you the correct sequence to applying the products. The skincare products can involve skincare essentials like facial cleanser, lotion, eye cream, lotion/cream, essence, isolation lotion, sunscreen, and foundation CC cream. Exfoliating products and facial mask products are optional.

In addition to the correct skincare sequence, the skincare products you choose must be suitable for your skin type.

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