What Are the Steps to the Perfect Makeup for Men?

What Are the Steps to the Perfect Makeup for Men

Makeup for men remains a subject that is strongly debated and which divides opinion. For some people, the idea that boys can take care of themselves and beautify their appearance shakes up established codes and challenges archaic ideas about manhood.

However, makeup is an effective way to become handsome. Regardless of the transformation, you only need to know that makeup can effectively enhance your image. In this article, we’ll tell you the basics of male cosmetics, their applications, and the steps needed.

What Is Makeup?

Makeup is the use of cosmetics and tools to modify a person’s appearance, improve the “shape”, “color” and “quality” of the face, and add beauty and charm.

What Are the Steps to Complete Makeup for Boys?

A complete makeup look generally involves going through these ten steps:

Step1: Skincare

Skincare is a basic cleansing step. Skincare routine for boys involves washing the face regularly including after exercise with a facial cleanser and lukewarm water.

If you experience razor bumps, ingrown hair, or razor burn, use a single or double blade razor. Moisturize daily, check the skin regularly for new spots which may be the first signs of acne, or skin cancer, which if detected early, can be highly treatable.

Step2: Sun Protection

Applying sun protection alone is considered a part because it is really important! If you don’t do a good job of sun protection, everything will be in vain.

It should be noted that the follow-up operation can only be performed after the sunscreen is dry and this takes 3 to 5 minutes after the sunscreen is applied. After applying sunscreen, you can start the real makeup part.

Step3: Base Makeup

Applying base makeup is the first step of formal makeup! The main function is to even out your skin tone, cover some small blemishes, and make your skin look cleaner.

There are two main types of makeup products

A. Makeup primer

The makeup primer is a functional auxiliary product. The products are mainly divided into the following four types.

  • Moisturizing type: This is a primer with moisturizing ingredients. It is more suitable for dry skin and can make the follow-up makeup more compliant. If the skincare is in place in the early stage, this step can be omitted.
  • Touch-up type: These are colored makeup primers. It can modify uneven skin color, dullness, and redness. Green makeup primer can modify reddish skin. Purple can modify yellowish and dull skin.
  • Pore modification type: This is a silicone-based makeup primer. It can modify the pores and make the pores visually smaller. Be careful not to overdose or use on the whole face! Make-up must be removed carefully! Otherwise, it will clog the pores.
  • Oil control type: These are makeup primers with oil control factors. Apply it to the oil-prone areas to control the oil and make the makeup long-lasting.

B. Foundation

Many people have a little misunderstanding about the function of liquid foundation. Its main function is to even out skin tone, not to whiten you. It is mainly divided into the following six types, you only need to choose one according to your skin type.

  • Liquid foundation: The most common is liquid foundation. It has low oil content and has many shades. It is suitable for normal, combination, and oily skin. Similar products include BB cream, but the durability of BB cream is not as good as a liquid foundation. It’s easy for dulling and taking off makeup.
  • Foundation cream: The oil content is relatively high and thick. The texture is moisturizing and suitable for dry skin.
  • Foundation strip: It contains less oil and has better coverage than a liquid foundation. It looks thick and heavy, but it is smooth and thin. It can be used on any skin.
  • Gouache: With light and moisturizing texture, they make weak concealment and are suitable for people who have fewer facial blemishes and only need a uniform skin tone.
  • Mousse foundation: This has moderate hiding power and a silky texture. It’s not easy to store. It’s suitable for blemished oily skin.
  • Pressed powder: It has weak concealing power and is generally used for oil absorption, makeup, and makeup setting. If you have already used other foundations, you don’t need to use other powder to set your makeup. It is suitable for oily skin and combination skin.

Step4: Concealer

Although the base makeup can help you cover some of the blemishes, there are some obvious blemishes such as dark circles, acne marks, and pigment spots, which require professional concealer products to support. It is not a necessary step, you can choose according to the actual situation.

Step5: Eyebrows

It is recommended that makeup beginners try eyebrow trimming and modification.

There are mainly four types of eyebrow modification products:

  • Eyebrow pencil: There are cut-out and push-out automatic eyebrow pencils. They are suitable for contouring the shape of the eyebrows, and mostly used for contouring the eyebrow tail
  • Eyebrow powder: It can fill the gap between the eyebrows and help modify the shape of the eyebrows. It is suitable for the modification of the brows and eyebrows with natural effect.
  • Eyebrow gel: This can be used to quickly shape the contour of the eyebrows, deepen the color of the eyebrows, and create a three-dimensional eyebrow, but it is not easy to use.
  • Eyebrow cream: This is mainly used to adjust the eyebrow color and is suitable for use after dyeing.

Step6: Eye Makeup

Most boys don’t need eye makeup, but if you want more touch-ups, you can try styling your eyes, such as adding eyeliner or putting on a double eyelid.

There are very few boys wearing eye makeup in daily life. The products used for the eyes are mainly the following four categories:

Eye shadow

  • Liquid eye shadow: These have stronger adhesion.
  • Mashed potato eyeshadow: These have a special touch, delicate color, but are not easy to store
  • Powdery eyeshadow: It is the most common type of eyeshadow. Novices can start with a three-color palette or a two-color palette.
  • Eyeshadow pen: These can easily outline details. They are applied to the eyelids and under the eyes for a darker complexion there.


  • Eyeliners are more durable, suitable for painting the end of the eye, and not suitable for novices to buy.
  • The glue eyeliner pen is easy to use, but some products are easy to smudge. They are suitable for drawing inner eyeliner.


  • Slender type: The brush head is sparse, and generally has fibers that have a lengthening effect.
  • Thick type: The brush head is denser, which can thicken the eyelashes and make them look thicker.
  • Primer type: This helps create a full and bold look.

Step7: Contouring

The function of contouring is to make the face more three-dimensional. You can use cosmetics to enhance, define, or sculpt out the masculinity of your face or parts of the body such as the chests.

Step8: Lip Makeup

Boys use less lipstick, but most of them still use lip balm. Develop a good habit of lip care and you’d feel comfortable when kissing.

Lip makeup products are mainly divided into the following three categories. Not only can you learn by yourself, but also prepare a little surprise for your girlfriend.

  • Lip balm: The main function of the lip balm is to provide a barrier for the lips to lock in moisture. Some of them contain vitamin A and E antioxidants, as well as SPF sun protection. Boys usually use lipstick.
  • Solid lipstick: Divided into two types: matte and moisturizing, it is not easy to store at high temperature  
  • Liquid lipstick: Divided into matte and moisturizing types, they are easy to store.

Step9: Set Your Makeup

This involves using a spray or powder to keep the makeup in place. Setting your makeup can make your makeup more natural and longer-lasting. Try not to omit this step, otherwise, the makeup on your face will take you back to your original shape before you go out.

Step10: Makeup Remover

Generally, makeup products or waterproof sunscreens are recommended to remove makeup, so that certain ingredients in the product can prevent the pores from clogging up. There are several types of makeup removers.

  • Makeup remover gel: This dissolves make-up on dry hands and face and is suitable for oily skin. You can use it to remove light base makeup and sunscreen
  • Makeup remover cream: This is suitable for dissolving relatively mild makeup.
  • Makeup remover lotion: The makeup lotion is suitable for dry skin. You can use it to remove light makeup and sunscreen
  • Eye and lip makeup remover: You can shake this up and use it with a cotton pad to remove eye makeup and lip makeup.

Final Thoughts

Makeup for boys has always been a very controversial issue. However, it’s because many of these detractors don’t understand the function of makeup.

Many male celebrities wear makeup and they are well accepted by fans. This is proof that men can shake up their masculine features to become more handsome. And the steps introduced in this article will help you look handsomely different.

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