How Can You Remove Makeup on Oily Skin?

How Can You Remove Makeup on Oily Skin

If you have oily skin, you might find it difficult to remove makeup without causing more problems. However, several tips can help you to remove makeup on your oily skin. We provide nine tips to help you and discuss the difference between a cleansing oil and cleansing water.

What Are the Tips to Remove Makeup on Oily Skin?

If you want to have beautiful skin, you must remove makeup from your skin before going to bed. Here are some of the best tips that will help you to remove makeup even if you have oily skin.

1. Keep Makeup Wipes Handy

One tip is to have makeup remover wipes close by. With just a few swipes, you can remove foundation, concealer, and eye shadow.

When choosing wipes, opt for those that don’t contain alcohol. Alcohol-based options are likely to dry out your skin.

If you have a problem with completing your skincare routine every night, then these wipes are just what you need. Keep a pack by your bed, and you can use it right before you are about to sleep.

2. Clean With Micellar Water

We talk more about this type of cleanser later in this article. What you should know is that this type of cleanser serves well. With this method, you can remove makeup on your oily skin. Also, it does more than just removing makeup because it can also help to hydrate your skin.

After using the micellar water, you could follow up with a normal cleanser. If you don’t want to use wipes to remove your makeup, this is another good option. You can use micellar water by saturating a cotton pad with it and wiping it across your face until everything is clean.

3. Use Cleansing Oil

We will also talk about cleansing oil later in this post. You should keep in mind that cleansing oils are great if you wear a lot of makeup. It can help to remove stubborn makeup with minimal fuss. If you suffer from dry skin, you will likely find it very useful as a makeup remover.

After removing makeup with the oil, you can use a facial cleanser to reduce the oily complexion that will likely result.

4. Use a Toner

After using the cleansing water or cleansing oil, you care for your skin by using a toner afterward. It is quick and will help you to remove stubborn makeup that your regular cleanser might have skipped.

To use it, simply saturate a cotton pad with the toner and wipe it across your skin gently. We recommend that you stay away from products that will dry your face. Look for options that will help to lock the moisture in.

5. Wash the Makeup Away

If you have oily skin, another tip that can help you is to wash your skin to remove contaminants and the makeup. Apart from your ritual removing makeup, it also helps to remove other forms of pollution. Remember that your activities throughout the day bring you in contact with pollution.

Therefore, before you sleep, remove the makeup and pollutants from your skin by using a high-quality facial cleanser.

6. Don’t Forget Your Hairline

When using a makeup remover, many people make the mistake of not caring for the hairline. However, if you think about it, you most likely applied makeup to your hairline. It, therefore, stands to reason that you use the makeup remover over that area as well.

Although the roots of your hair might become a bit wet, your skin will thank you. It will look clean and fresh all the time.

7. Clean the Eye Area Properly

Apart from the hairline, people tend to gloss over when using a makeup remover is the skin around the eyes. Eye makeup is often the most difficult makeup to remove. No wonder, then, that there are dedicated removers for the eye area.

Check out the cleanser you have to determine whether it does a good job of removing the makeup around the eyes. Douse a cotton pad with your remover of choice, apply it over your closed lids, and remove the makeup cleanly.

8. Remove Lip Color

If you used lipstick or lip color, the chances are that it might have worn out before you go to sleep. Therefore, it is very easy to overlook the lips when using your makeup remover. However, don’t forget the lips.

You can still use certain products to remove the residual makeup. Now, you have to be careful with what you use on your lips.

One of the best things that you can use for the lips is micellar water. You could also use a mild exfoliator to clean the lips.

9. Use a Cotton Swab

Despite your best efforts to clean the makeup, sometimes you might still end up with some makeup in certain areas of your face. One of the best makeup removal tips is to use a cotton swab to attack specific areas that are hard to reach. Dip the cotton swab in the cleanser of your choice or the makeup remover and use it to clean off the area.

10. Don’t Forget To Moisturize

Regardless of the cleanser that you use, you have to always keep your skin moisturized afterward. So after using the makeup remover and washing your skin, use a good quality moisturizer to lock in the moisture in your skin.

What Is the Difference Between Cleansing Oil And Cleansing Water?

Ever since you had your first breakout, you have always kept in mind that having a good skincare routine matters a lot. If you overdo it, it might leave your skin dry and sensitive. And if you aren’t careful, it might even cause your skin to make more oil, thus leaving your skin feeling greasy.

One of the most important parts of any routine is cleansing. There are two main types of cleansers today – cleansing oil and cleansing water. What are they, and which is better for your skin?

Cleansing Water

Cleansing water is also known as a water-based cleanser. When you think about these, you should think about products like hydrating creams. It works to remove particles that lie on the top layer of your skin.

In this type of cleanser, the work is dependent on the surfactant.

These materials are either heavy-duty options or gentle options. Some of the cleansing water products might contain some sulfate which works extensively on the face. While it will help to cleanse your face, it runs the risk of irritating your skin.

If you use cleansing water or water-based cleansers, we recommend that you use micellar water. It is a gentler type of this cleanser.

Micellar water forms a non-lathering emulsion that traps the dirt and other impurities on the skin then gently eliminate them. It does all of this without making your skin feel dry.

Cleansing Oil

The second type of cleanser is the cleansing oil, which is also known as the oil-based cleanser. If you have oily skin, you certainly might feel that it doesn’t make sense to use this type of product on your skin- after all, you are trying to remove excess oil.

However, using oil-based cleansers does not actually increase the amount of skin on your skin. According to dermatologists, the operation principle ensures that it helps you get rid of oil on the skin. These products work by attracting oil.

Keep in mind that sebum and most of your makeup are oil-based; oil cleansers work to break these down and remove the impurities, raising them until you can wipe them off.

One surprising advantage of these oil-based cleansers is that they are very gentle on the skin, even gentler than water-based cleansers.

If you have sensitive skin, these are the best for you because they will leave a natural oil layer on top of your skin.

If you have oily skin and wear heavy makeup, then using cleansing oil can help you clean up nicely after using your makeup.

Which Cleanser Is Best for Your Skin?

The best type of cleanser between the oil-based and water-based cleanser largely depends on the skin type you have.

Water-based cleansers are the best way to clean acne-prone skin. Oil-based cleansers might not help in such a situation. If you have very oily skin, then you should look for water-based cleansers that come with a heavier concentration of surfactants.

If you want to use cleansing water, first wet your skin, then put some of the cleansers on your fingers before transferring it to your face. After applying it, rinse off with water. Then use a non-comedogenic moisturizer to hydrate your skin.

But if you don’t have very oily skin, then it is best to use cleansing oil. Cleansing oi is also great for those with sensitive skin.


If you have oily skin, you might find it somewhat tricky to effectively remove your makeup. However, the tips that we have provided here can help you completely remove the makeup, thus leaving your skin looking fresh and beautiful all day long.

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