Light Makeups – How to Get That Natural Glowing Look?

Light Makeups – How To Get That Natural Glowing Look

Makeup is perhaps the best venture you can bet on for your everyday look. They make your face look so incredible, regardless of the defects you might have on the face. That is the power of makeup! 

You ever wondered how your favourite celebrity crush has such a dashing natural look. You got all worked up thinking of how difficult it could be. Well, you don’t need to worry about that any longer because this article is made for you. This article will show you some simple ways to get it going, and in the end, you will feel so confident in applying makeup on your face by yourself. Let’s dive in!

How to Apply Makeup for Beginners?

Learning about makeup is one thing. Likewise, learning to apply it on the face is another. Here are the steps in applying a “light” makeup to your face if you are just starting!

1. Prepare Your Skin

This should go without saying that preparation is key to whatever you do. So also is your face skin. Before you start applying makeup on your face, you have to get your face cleaned. You can clean the face using a cleanser to remove sweaty particles and dirt off your face. After which, you use a sheer moisturizer all over your face. Your moisturizer could double up as a primer as well. Primer is like applying paint over a wall; it allows the makeup to latch properly on your face. 

Furthermore, you need to prepare the under eyes with some rich and hydrating products. This step is very important because it forms the building block for all other steps that follow. 

2. Use A Colour Correct

The next step is to use color correct. The idea behind using a color correction is to even out your tone. In most cases, the regions of the eyes do have a darker tone compared to the face. Therefore, you need to get this step right. To do this, apply a concealer with a brush around the regions where you have a darker tone. After applying the concealer, use a makeup towel to wipe off any excess product from your face.

3. Apply Your Foundation

The next thing is your foundation. There are a lot of foundations in the market right now. You just have to know the right and perfect one for your skin tone. As a beginner, you might have difficulty shopping for the right foundation that works perfectly for your skin tone. However, you don’t need to worry. As a pro tip, you need to figure out what your goal for your skin is. Whether you want to have oil-free looking skin, a glowing look, a tad lighter look, or just a natural finish, these will allow you to choose well. Now, once you have gotten the right foundation, apply it all over your face but do not overdo it to prevent looking heavy. When you apply your foundation, it should match with your neck as well. This prevents you from having multiple facial colours even after finishing making up.

Now, slowly and gently blend with a beauty-blend all over your face by tapping on your face. Doing this allows the foundation to sit properly on your face and to have a natural look

4. Apply the Concealer

While people can skip the previous step, especially when they have clear skin and all, you do not want to ignore this particular step for any reason. Using a concealer is a must, even if you have clear skin. You don’t use a concealer all over your face just like a foundation. All you need to do is to figure out the areas of your face where you have darker shades like dark circles, spots, and blemishes. Then apply the concealer to this region evenly. As a pro tip, a liquid concealer gives off the most natural look if you want that perfect natural appearance. Now, blend appropriately in a circular motion with your beauty blend to remove excess products from the face. This step will prepare you for the next step.

5. Highlight the Key Regions of the Face

You might have wondered how your celebrity crush has their brightened and pop look. Well, here is the trick to it. They use a highlighter! Therefore, if you want to have that pop look, get your highlighter as well. Before you start to use the highlighter, you need to figure out the key regions of your face that you just want to pop. It could be your browbone, forehead, some regions below your eyes, the bridge of your nose, your chin, and so on. Use the appropriate products to highlight these regions with a brush, then blend everything to have a smooth and more natural appearance.

6. Set Your Face

This step is very crucial, as well. It involves the use of powder. For that everyday look you want, you need a brush to gently put the powder in around those regions you highlighted in the previous step. Also, apply the powder to regions where you added foundation and concealer. This step makes you have a more natural look.

7. Address the Eyebrows

Eyebrows do have a mind of their own. They could be very short, very thin, very thick, or extremely thick (bushy). Whatever the case may be, you need to shape your eyebrows to the perfect natural shape you have. It could be round or angled. After doing this, use a simple brush to brush the hair. Then use an eyebrow pencil, often some shade lighter than the hair, to fill in the gaps that might have been created during the shaping and plucking of hairs to make you look more natural. Also, get a brow gel that can be used on your eyebrows

8. Use a Powder Contour

Now back to the face, get your powder contour ready. A contour gives your face a certain dimension such that you can use it to hide your double chin if you have. Depending on how contoured you want to be, go for shades that are about two shades darker than your natural skin tone. Now, focus on areas you want to contour and apply in a circular motion to have a smooth edge. Then blend all-around to obtain a natural finish.

9. Use an Illuminator

In case you are wondering what an illuminator is. Well, the illuminator allows some regions of your face to glow. Once you have contoured your face, you can easily see where the light falls on your face. This is where you should apply the illuminator. Make a C-shape around this region to create an illusion of what you want – a radiant natural look. Often, the bridge of the nose, the tip of the nose, and the inner corner of your tear duct are normally illuminated.

10. Apply the Blush

For a lighter appearance, stay away from the regions where you highlighted to prevent a heavy look. Apply the blush to the corner below your pupil in a circular motion for even edges and then blend it in.

11. Use An Eyeshadow and Eyeliner

If your eyes get oily, you can use an eyeshadow primer as a base at first. Now, find the regions where your eyelid crease and apply the eyeshadow and then blend it in using a brush. Also, apply another layer of the same shade of the eyeshadow on the lower part of your eyelid. Doing this will allow you to have a darken smoky eye. Blend the lines close as you can to the lash line and inner rim of the eyes.

For the eyeliner, hold your eyes and tend to write along the lines of your lashes from the middle to the outer eye corner. Use a brush to blend up the eyeliner.

12. Curl Your Lashes

A little curl can enhance your natural lashes. You do this by using an eyelash curler and then add lash mascara along with it.

13. Use a Lipstick or Lipliner                  

Your look wouldn’t be complete without a lipstick to match your look. Have your lips moisturized and cleaned, then use a lip liner to line your lips. Apart from outlining the lips, we recommend that you fill your lower lip with a lip liner to make it lasts longer. After this, use your lipstick to match the liner. As a pro tip, you can use a concealer around the lips to make it pop out for a more natural feel. 


You can now prepare yourself for the day, looking all naturally got up with the thirteen steps outlined in this article. Get the right product for the right function to use. You can visit a local cosmetic store to get them. Also, do well to make use of all the tips given to have a naturally perfect look. We are sure that you wouldn’t need to visit a salon for this light DIY. Stay beautiful!

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