4 Ways to Hydrate Your Skin with Moisturizing Spray

4 Ways to Hydrate Your Skin with Moisturizing Spray

The moisturizing spray, also called hydrating mist or face mist, can be used in the summer, winter, and spring for moisturizing and suppling the skin. It can be used for oil control and moisturizing, as a toner in the morning and evening after cleansing. It can regulate the physiological functions of the skin for a long time, improve the dehydration of the skin, and keep the skin in its best condition. Some hot spring moisturizing sprays can also relieve skin sensitivity, itching, and act as antibacterial. But do you know how to use the skin care product?

When and How Do You Use the Moisturizing Spray?

A moisturizing spray can help us alleviate the skin’s “hunger and thirst” for moisture in various environments. Many people can’t do without a moisturizing spray! But how much do you know about moisturizing spray? Are you using it the right way? Do you know the situations when they can be used?

Below are some applications for moisturizing sprays and how you can use them correctly.

1. As a Toner

The hydrating mist can be used as a toner in the morning and evening after cleansing. It improves physiological functions, the dehydration of the skin and keeps the skin in excellent condition.


After cleansing in the morning and evening, raise your head slightly, spray the moisturizing spray evenly on the face at a distance of 15-20cm. After spraying, please wait for the skin to absorb it freely. After about 20 seconds, use a cotton pad or paper towel to wipe off the excess water gently. Then apply skincare products such as essence, eye cream, lotion, or face cream.

2. When the Skin Is Dry/Oily

In an air-conditioned room, when the skin feels dry, when sweating, or with oily skin in summer, you can use a moisturizing spray to moisturize the skin and adjust the balance of water and oil during these situations.


When the skin is dry or oily, tilt your head up slightly. Spray the moisturizer evenly on the face at a distance of 15~20cm. After spraying, please wait for the skin to absorb it freely. After about 20 seconds, use a cotton pad or paper towel to wipe the excess water gently..

3. When the Skin Is Peeling/Itching

If the skin condition is very unstable, dry, peeling, sensitive, and/or itching, use a moisturizing spray combined with a compressed paper film to moisturize the skin. At the same time, it can soothe and calm the skin and quickly stabilize the skin.


After cleansing at night, put a compressed paper film into a small clean container. Press the water into the small container with moisturizing spray. After the paper film is full of water, unfold the paper film, apply it to the face, and caress. Take it off after 5~10 minutes.

4. Before and After Makeup/Skincare

You can use a face mist for touch-ups before makeup. It will make the makeup more docile and perfect. The moisturizing spray can also be used after makeup.

Using moisturizing spray after applying makeup will not cause makeup problems but will play a good role in setting makeup and retaining skin moisture. Not all moisturizing sprays have this effect, however. Girls should choose moisturizing sprays with very dense and tiny water droplets. Otherwise, it will smear and take off makeup!


Fold up a paper towel to gently cover the eye makeup. Tilt your head slightly, spray evenly on the face at a distance of 15~20cm, and wait for the skin to absorb it freely after spraying. After about 20 seconds, use a cotton pad or paper towel to absorb excess water.

How Should I Choose a Moisturizing Spray?

Many beauty enthusiasts blindly follow the trend of choosing hot spring moisturizing sprays with higher mineral content. However, these types of sprays have no protective effect on the skin.

First of all, moisturizing sprays with higher mineral content will evaporate faster. After all evaporates, it starts to absorb moisture from the inside of the skin, which will make the skin even dryer.

Secondly, the minerals contained in different hot spring water are also different. And if it is misused, it is easy to cause great damage to the skin. Therefore, when choosing any type of moisturizing spray, you must confirm before it can be used to avoid skin irritation.

To make the right purchase of face mist, girls should remember that a moisturizing spray with good performance can moisturize the skin while also achieving a calming and soothing effect.

Therefore, you may wish to spray on the back of your hand before buying. Give it a try, and if the skin feels soothing and calming instantly, you can buy it.

Also, you can pick it up and smell it. It is best not to buy it if it smells salty. The more salt, the greater the irritation to the skin.

Frequently As ed Questions about the Use of Moisturizing Sprays

Below are some of the most asked questions by users of moisturizing sprays and the right answers:

1. Does Facial Spray Need to Be Selected According to Different Skin Types?

Of course, it would be better if you can choose the spray according to your skin type! The moisturizing spray is a facial spray that can keep the skin hydrated and help fight environmental pollution, dirty air, and electromagnetic radiation. It is suitable for use in the office.

For sensitive skin, it is best to choose facial sprays with calming, moisturizing, and soothing effects. These can be soothing sprays containing natural rose and chamomile ingredients. Hot spring water-type sprays are also soothing, enhances skin immunity, and have repair effects.

2. Can All Face Mists Be Sprayed Directly on the Face?

Many girls spray the mist against their face thinking the skin can better absorb the spray this way. But in fact, not all sprays can be sprayed directly on the face. We recommend keeping the spray away from your face at a distance of 15 to 20 cm.

Only the nozzle sprays with mist-like sunscreen liquid are suitable for spraying directly on the face. If the nozzle sprays large drops of spray, you can only spray on your hands and then on your face.

3. Does the Moisturizing Spray Need to Be Wiped Dry?

If it is a general moisturizing spray, you don’t need to wipe it. Just pat it to help it absorb. If you are using hot spring water spray, dry it with a paper towel after about 20 seconds. Otherwise, it will take away the moisture on the face and make the skin dry. Because hot spring water is generally hypotonic and cannot be entirely absorbed by the skin, the residual water on the face will accelerate the loss of skin moisture.

4. Will Using Moisturizing Spray Clog My Pores after Isolation?

No! The moisturizing spray can not only moisturize the skin anytime and anywhere. It can also regulate the skin’s water and oil balance, relieve skin pressure, resist allergies, and increase its natural protective function.

5. Can I Use the Moisturizing Spray after Makeup?

The purpose of using moisturizing spray after makeup is to set makeup and increase skin moisture. However, when choosing a moisturizing spray, select the one that sprays small and dense water drops, which should be 10-15 cm away from the face, and spray evenly. Also, you can spray a little bit before removing makeup to relieve the irritation when removing makeup.

6. Does the Face Mist Moisturize More When Used Frequently?

It would be best if you only used the moisturizing spray twice a day, in the morning and evening. You can, however, use it more frequently if the air around you feels dryer. The moisturizing spray is very convenient to carry about and use. We recommend that you try to use the spray when the skin is relatively dry or choose to spray it in the air to increase the humidity of the air. Can achieve the purpose of moisturizing.

7. Can Moisturizing Spray Replace Other Skincare Routines?

This is wrong! The spray can only instantly replenish moisture when the skin is temporarily dehydrated. It has an immediate hydrating effect and a quick evaporation effect. It’s better to go through the normal procedure by using the cleaner-toner-essence-lotion.

However, a bottle of moisturizing spray can be used to moisturize all dry parts of the body. The neck and hands are all areas that are prone to dryness. When using a moisturizing spray, you can spray the neck and hands to keep every inch of your skin moisturized!


Spring is here, and the skin may seem to be particularly radiant. However, many beautiful faces are still troubled by the dryness of winter. For this purpose, the moisturizing spray can come in handy.

Although you may apply various moisturizing products before going out, the skin will dry out very quickly without the spray. The smart girl will try to have a bottle of moisturizing spray in her bag to moisturize the skin at intervals.

The correct way to use it should be to spray the moisturizing spray on the face and then gently massage to rub out the dirt and oil on the skin surface, rub it outwards instead of pressing it in.

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