How Do You Make Delicate Skin Firm?

How Do You Make Delicate Skin Firm

Many people struggle with sensitive skin today. You may have tried almost everything you can think of to help you with your delicate skin but nothing seems to work. If it was a dry skin issue, it would have been a lot easier to handle but sensitive skin requires more attention.

The problem people with delicate skin encounter is that their skin is likely to bruise easily. The nerves are sensitive and when they get breakouts, it leaves the most unpleasant looking spots on the skin. If you have sensitive skin, you will also be limited to the choice of skin care products because of the tendency to get irritation and even damaged skin. In this article, we will show you how you can manage your delicate skin and even make it firmer.

What Safety Tips Will Protect Your Delicate Skin?

Here are simple tips that can help protect your sensitive skin from acne and other skin related issues:

Stay Away From the Sun

If you have delicate skin, the sun won’t be friendly on your body. It is not enough to put on sunscreen like others with different skin types. Your delicate skin is very sensitive to the harsh sun and it could damage it. The effects of the sun on your skin could even cause it to age prematurely. It is good if you find a good sunscreen to keep you protected anytime you have to step out. Your choice should preferably contain ingredients like zinc oxide or titanium oxide to get maximum protection from the ultraviolet rays. If possible, it would be best if you avoid being exposed to the sun anytime between 10 am and 3 pm. Also, remember to keep your skin cool because heat also can irritate sensitive skin.

Drink Lots of Water

Dry skin can also cause problems for delicate skin types because it makes it even thinner. It is better to drink enough water to keep your skin healthy all day long. People with delicate skin should drink at least 32 ounces of water every day. Drinking water will keep your skin hydrated and prevent it from thinning.

Stay off Detergents and Astringents

A lot of people feel detergent cleansers and astringents will deeply clean your skin but the reality of it is quite different. These harsh chemicals instead break down the useful fats that are responsible for building your skin cells’ strong barrier. If you want to feel clean, you should use fragrance and detergent-free cleansers only which are recommended for people with delicate skin. Also, avoid using laundry detergents, dishwashing soaps, or even hair soap which are harsh and will irritate your skin. If you will be using any other soaps for your laundry or dishes, find a milder product that won’t harm your skin.

Keep Skin Cool

We mentioned earlier how heat causes irritation and damages delicate skin. You will need to keep yourself constantly cool during the summer. If you have sensitive skin, you should have cool baths instead of running a hot bath. You should also invest in a cooling mist or be around an air-conditioner to stay cool. Also, have a water bottle with you to help you stay cool.

Use Moisturizer and Oils

Your skin will need more fats for moisturizers to be healthy. Moisturizers and oils help create a firmer bond between your cells making them less susceptible to irritation. You can use coconut oil because it is light and will be good for your entire body. If you have oily skin, coconut oil may not be the right choice but instead, go for a silicon-based moisturizer. Make sure it is labeled non-oily or written as light moisturizers.

Have a Healthy Diet

What you eat reflects on your skin. Your diet should be rich in fruits and vegetables every day. This type of food gives your skin all the antioxidants it needs to become firm or tough.  Your body needs enough minerals and vitamins which are found in healthy foods to make your skin youthful. It will also aid in boosting collagen production to toughen up your skin. Other important meals to add to your diet are oats, green tea, and food containing less sugar. These anti-inflammatory diets also help to keep your skin firm and since delicate skin is prone to irritation, it will reduce your risk of inflammation.

Avoid or Manage Stress

The hustle and bustle of everyday life make it easy for people to get stressed. As someone with sensitive skin, you should avoid stress as much as possible. De-stressing is one way to keep your skin healthy. If you can focus on meditation, or even watching movies would help keep you from feeling stressed out. It will heal you mentally and physically which in turn will help improve your delicate skin.

Do You Need Firming Creams For Your Delicate Skin?

Many brands promise how they have creams that can lift or firm up the skin. Not all of them are genuine but it doesn’t mean that some products don’t work.  It is just that many are poorly formulated and don’t have the necessary ingredients to deliver on their promise. The truth is even the best firming creams do not give the results most people expect especially when compared to cosmetic procedures like cosmetic surgery,  lasers, and dermal fillers. It is better to know this, so you don’t waste money on products that don’t work.

What makes the skin voice or feel plumper is Elastin. The elastin serves as a key component that holds the collagen and other elements in the body like fats, muscles, cartilage, etc.  When there is a problem with the elastin, it causes the skin to sag or gets old prematurely. The skin becomes delicate or sensitive especially when in contact with excess sun exposure.

Sun has a damaging effect on elastin and even age begins to degrade the body’s elastin. Skin firming or tightening creams contain film-forming agents. This ingredient works by creating a film on your skin to make it feel firmer or tighter. The effects are usually temporary and you won’t notice any changes, it will also give you the feel of something holding you tight.

How Do You Correct Delicate Skin And Make It Firm?

Now that it is established that firming creams are a complete waste of money, you should know that even medical procedures can’t help your skin develop more elastin. If you are thinking of a way to make your delicate skin firmer, the best way to get results is by following these steps:

Build More Collagen

The key to getting firmer skin is by working on giving your body more collagen. Collagen will help lift your skin and it contains skin-repairing agents. It is recommended that you go for products that contain potent antioxidants and skin rejuvenating ingredients to help your skin produce more collagen.

Get a Sunscreen Spf 30 Or Higher

As mentioned earlier, sensitive skin is prone to irritation or damage under the sun. You will need protection from the sun with the help of sunscreen. Apply it on your neck and face every day.

Use an Exfoliant

You will need this exfoliant every day to help your skin. You should get an Exfoliant that contains either salicylic acid or glycolic acid. According to research, these ingredients have properties that have proven to aid the production of collagen and also help in firming the skin. You should use either of these ingredients and not both because they do the same thing.

Apply Vitamin A or Retinol

Retinol can be applied topically to improve your skin’s elasticity. It has been proven in recent research that Retinol can help the body produce more elastin. It is also a very good ingredient for creating more collagen for the skin. It would help to apply retinol on your body every night before going to bed.  If you want an alternative, you can opt for the plant-derived skincare agent, Bakuchinol. This ingredient contains anti-aging properties and helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles or fine lines on your skin.

Opt For Medical Procedures

If you are looking for fast options, procedures like lasers and similar light therapies like Ulthera or Fraxel have proven to give great results. These medical procedures will help your skin become firm and also lift the skin. It gives a much better result than firming creams or doing facials. However, the cost of these procedures is quite high and you will need to save up for months to undergo the procedure.


If you try the natural methods mentioned above, and it doesn’t seem to work, cosmetic surgery is usually the last option. The problem with facelifts is the complete change it gives your appearance but the results are usually the best. Now that you know everything you need about your delicate skin and how you can improve it, you can start by following the healthy skin care routine mentioned in this article.

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