How Can You Care for Mixed Skin Type the Right Way?

How Can You Care for Mixed Skin Type the Right Way

If you have heard about the different skin types, you may be wondering which type you have? The truth is your skin type changes as you grow. Younger people tend to have a more normal skin type than older ones. Also, other factors like how hydrated your skin is and its elasticity determine what skin type you have.

Even though you have oily, dry, normal, mixed, or sensitive skin, in this article we will be looking at how you can care for a mixed skin type.

How Do You Know You Have A Mixed Skin Type?

People with mixed skin usually have a combination of both oily, dry, and normal skin. Some parts of their body may be dry, some oily like the nose and forehead. Many people fall in this category and because of the different skin types, each part of their body will need separate care. The different skin types on your body will need different attention and care methods.

People with mixed skin types are likely to have the following characteristics:

  • Shiny skin
  • Dry body parts
  • Blackheads
  • Pores that seem larger than normal
  • Almost invisible pores in some parts.
  • Dull skin and rough complexion
  • Less elastic skin
  • Red patches

What Are the Must-Have Skincare Products for Mixed Skin Type?

If you have noticed that you have body parts that are dry, oily, or normal in certain places, then you have mixed skin. You will need a good skin care regimen to help you maintain healthy skin. The skincare routines you will need for oily skin are very different from how you will treat the dry areas. If you use the wrong product, it could leave you with excess oil or even completely dry out your skin making it scaly or flaky. Here are some tested and proven ways to help you maintain comfortable and healthy skin.

Use a Gentle Cleanser

You will need a skin care product that is specifically designed for your skin type. This is particularly true for people with mixed skin. You can apply a gentle cleanser in the morning and at night before going to bed. The work of the cleanser is to get rid of the excess oils and accumulated dirt on your skin.

It is recommended that you use a cleanser that is gel-based or creamy but also make sure you use a product that won’t cause you irritation or damage your skin. The cleanser you use should be one specifically designed for people with mixed skin types. Also, make sure you choose a product that won’t over-dry your skin.

Before you retire to bed, always make sure you remove every makeup applied to your face. You can either use a makeup wipe or a liquid cleanser. This will help free your pores and prevent them from clogging up. It will also keep your skin fresh and your complexion looking bright everyday

Use a Toner

Another important way to care for your mixed skin type is by using a good toner. Toners help regulate your skin’s pH levels. People with mixed skin types should use toners that are made to hydrate the skin and reduce the excess oil on it as well. Most toners have been made for mostly mixed skin types and they help to even your complexion while at the same time keeping it fresh by reducing excess residue. There are different brands of toners but only use the right product if you have mixed skin.

Apply Moisturizers

Even if you have mixed skin, it doesn’t mean that you don’t need a moisturizer. Every type of skin needs moisturizers that help to hydrate the skin. You should use oil-free moisturizers so they won’t increase the amount of oil on your skin. The moisturizer helps to refine your pores and is a good primer that serves as a base for your foundation or makeup.  Always apply your moisturizers every day to maintain healthy and hydrated skin.

Protect Skin with SPF

You should not skip on an SPF if you have a mixed skin type. Sunscreens are a necessity for everyday use and all skin types. It helps to protect your skin against the harsh ultraviolet rays of the sun. Even when you think the weather is cloudy, there are still UV rays around. People with mixed skin types are to use SPF that is lightweight and non-greasy. Sunscreen is a very important component in your skincare regimen and should be applied every day.

What Skin Care Tips Are Important for Mixed Skin Care?

There are many ways you can care for your skin but if you have a mixed skin type, you will need a proper skin care routine. In these few steps, we will show you how you can effectively care for your skin.

Avoid Using Harsh Soaps

For someone with mixed skin, you should bear in mind that your skin combination needs special attention. Some soaps contain ingredients that are harsh and will remove moisture from your skin. It could end up causing your body to produce excess oil. Harsh soaps also cause skin irritation and will end up causing more harm to your skin.

Get Blotting Papers

It is always good to carry blotting papers in your purse every day. You will need it to wipe the oil on your face. The blotting paper absorbs excess oil without tampering with your makeup. This is the best way to reduce the oil on your face without irritation.

Exfoliate Regularly Not All The Time

It is good to exfoliate every once in a while to help keep your skin fresh. Exfoliation removes dead cells from your skin’s surface and also makes it feel smooth to touch. Your face will become bright and will feel good. However, it is important not to do exfoliation every time. The frequency will be determined by your skin’s needs. If you make it a regular habit of exfoliation, it can cause skin irritation and will also cause your skin to produce excess oil.  It is recommended that people with mixed skin types exfoliate at least two to three times every week depending on their skin’s tolerance.

Multi-Mask to Focus on Different Facial Parts

One thing about mixed skin is that you can multi-mask. This type of facial treatment allows you to make a unique mask for different parts of your face. For instance, you can apply an oil-absorbing clay mask on your cheeks and make customize your mask for other parts of your face with a different skin type.

Don’t Touch Your Face

A common mistake many people make is using their hands on their faces. You put your hands on surfaces and this makes germs attach themselves to this part. When you place your hands on your face, you end up carrying those germs on your face. Avoid putting your hands on your face to prevent irritation or damage to your skin. Also, keep your hands away from your eyes or pick on your nose.

Use Oil-free Makeup

It is good to use makeup that is oil-free if you have mixed skin. All the foundations, primers, and concealers have to be oil-free. There are some make good brands that won’t cause excess oil on your skin. If you apply the wrong type of makeup, it can cause skin blemishes and irritation on your face. Find out which product is comfortable on your skin and only use mild products on your face.

Wash Your Face

It is wrong to sleep with makeup on your face. This is because it causes clogging and blocks your pores. You will end up dealing with skin blemishes and blackheads as a result. Always make sure you clean your face at least twice a day, in the morning and night. You should not wash your face more than two times to avoid the issue of excess oil.

Avoid Stress

Take time to relax and avoid any stressful activity. Stress can affect your skin type. Physical and mental stress takes its toll on your skin and causes hormonal imbalance. It will cause breakouts and you would have to deal with pimples. If you don’t rest, it would only get worse.

Drink Enough Water

Water is good for the body and will help give healthy skin. It hydrates the skin making your complexion brighter. When you don’t drink enough water, it makes your skin look dry and dull. Make it a habit to drink a lot of water to maintain healthy skin.


It is always good to have a skin care routine to help maintain your skin. If you have mixed skin, use only mild skincare products so you don’t develop irritation. Also, moisture regularly to keep your skin comfortable and hydrated. Pay attention to all the parts of your skin whether dry or oily and make sure it gets all it needs to be balanced. Having the right skin care routine will help improve your skin’s complexion and prevent skin issues in the long run. Hopefully, this article has covered everything you need to know to keep your mixed skin type healthy.

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