5 Easy Ways to Maximize Facial Mask Efficiency

5 Easy Ways to Maximize Facial Mask Efficiency

Modern urban women are always so busy and stressed out. So, everyone wishes to find a product that saves time, effort, money and can also improve the skin efficiently. But there are so many questions regarding the use of facial masks begging for answers. How should you choose? How should you use them? When and why should you use them? In this guide, we’ll tell you everything you need to do to explore the benefits of the various types of facial masks as much as possible.

1. Strictly Observe the Time of Applying the Mask

To be effective, it is recommended to use the mask for 15 to 20 minutes, and the longest time should not exceed 20 minutes. Remember to never time out, especially for patch-type masks.

If you wait for the moisture of the mask to evaporate and do not remove the mask, the mask will absorb the moisture of the skin in turn.

So, the prescribed time must not be exceeded. After removing the mask, apply the essence in the mask bag to your face, and do some lifting massage with your hands to speed up the absorption of the ingredients.

2. Only the Patch Mask Can Be Used in the Bath

Many girls think that when the pores are fully opened during a warm or hot water bath, the effect of applying a layer of the jelly mask will be maximized.

However, this view is wrong. You should only use your mask after shower. Except for patch-type masks that can be used in the bath, other sleeping masks or tear-off masks cannot be used during bath. Water vapor will affect the tightness between the mask and the skin, and the effect will be significantly reduced.

3. Don’t Apply a Facial Mask Every Day

It is best not to apply the mask every day. Even if it is a disposable and gel mask, it should not be used every day.

Applying a mask every day will cause excess nutrition in the skin, making it impossible for the skin to absorb the nutrients in the mask in the best way.

This will affect the effectiveness of the mask. It is best to apply the mask three times a week.

4. Apply Lotion before Applying the Mask

Ensure you apply some lotion before applying the mask. The lotion will have a good drainage effect, and the nutrients in the mask will be continuously injected into the skin.

If the lotion is not applied in advance, the mask will take longer to enter the pores, and it will not be so effective.

You can also directly apply the essence in the mask bag on your face. And then, you can put the mask on the face after you feel moisturized. It saves essence and lotion.

Before using the concentrated essence mask, you can carefully remove the dead skin and facial keratin with exfoliation. During the follow-up maintenance, the skin will be able to absorb more nutrients to the best level.

5. For Dry Skin for Over 30 Minutes

Don’t use the moisturizing mask for more than 30 minutes. Otherwise, this will make the skin moisture be taken away by the mask.

After removing the mask, gently tap the face with your fingers to allow the lotion left on the skin to be fully absorbed. And then, use a moisturizing cream to form a protective film on the face to prevent the loss of nutrients or moisture absorbed when making the mask.

Also, it is easy to overlook the skin around the eyes and lips when using the mask, which is not easy to be entirely covered by the mask. You can use a mild baby cream and an excellent moisturizing lip balm for intensive repair before using the mask.

How to Use Each Type of Face Mask

Next, we’ll see how to use each type of the most famous face masks efficiently.

1. Patch Mask

The patch mask can quickly leave the skin supple and tender. It is the most common and the best mask to use now. Often a mask contains about 25ml of lotion essence. After use, gently massage until the remainder of the face absorbs the lotion. You don’t need to wash it off, and you can carry out follow-up maintenance procedures.

You can decide according to your skin conditions. For oily skin, it is recommended to wash it with water and then apply toner and refreshing lotion or cream. Also, when you peel off the mask, you must go from bottom to top.

2. No-Wash Sleep Mask

This sleeping mask helps the skin lock and moisturize while sleeping, and the skin will be hydrated the next day.

However, as long as the application is uniform enough, too much of it will cause the skin to be unbearable, dull the skin, and cause poor blood circulation.

If you are worried about rubbing the mask against clothes or pillows, you can use a single layer of cotton pad to press to remove the excess gently.

You should note that the sleep mask is only used for a certain period and does not need to be washed instead of not being washed.

The mask applied before going to bed should be cleaned within 6 to 8 hours so as not to prevent normal breathing and metabolism of the skin. So after a night, you should wash your face before applying daily moisturizing products.

Note: If you have sensitive or oily skin, it is best not to use a sleep mask. Overnight masks may cause skin acne. Overnight mask is long-lasting moisturizing. Oily sister paper can choose some refreshing and moisturizing sleep mask.

3. Jelly Mask

Jelly masks are generally called wash masks. This mask will feel a little sticky on the face when it dries, which is very uncomfortable. So, you still have to wash it.

Also, most of the liquid masks are gel-type, which can repair your skin at night. For this smear-type mask to have the best effect, it must be applied in a thick layer to be effective.

It is not recommended to use a jelly mask in autumn and winter. At this time, the skin needs a bit of temperature to promote the absorption of nutrients by the skin.

4. Tear-Off Masks

Tear-off masks are generally the most used to remove blackheads. To maximize its effectiveness, you have to clean your face. After cleaning before making the mask, steam the face with hot water, or apply a hot towel to the nose before using it.

This can open the pores so that the fat and blackheads deep in the pores can be better removed. This mask must be washed off. After washing, use a pore-shrinking toner.

Some Common Problems While Applying Facial Masks

Wrong use of facial masks will not only lead to inefficiency of the skincare solution but also some other problems which may leave you worried. Below are some of the most common issues encountered by those who misuse facial masks and how to turn the situations around.

Facial Swelling after Getting Up in the Morning

Even high-profile celebrities are deeply troubled by facial swelling. The most effective measure that can be taken to deal with the swelling is to repair the face with an ice mask.

Put the mask in the refrigerator to lower its temperature, take it out in the morning, and put it on your face for 15 minutes.

It should be noted that when the mask is refrigerated, it must be placed flat in the refrigerator. It must not be placed vertically. Otherwise, the essence in the mask will flow to one place, and its distribution will be uneven.

Also, before using the mask, you can wash your face with warm water to expand the pores, which is more effective for absorbing the essence of the facial skin.

Pigmentation and Stains

A simple mask can also have such a magical effect. All you have to do is cut the mask into small pieces and store them in an empty cosmetic bottle in the refrigerator.

After washing your face every day, take a piece of it and apply it to the spot where the spots are concentrated for a while, and then use whitening products to have a better whitening effect, dilute marks and make pigmentation.

Skin Getting Poorer Due to Overuse and No Sleep Time

Busy work will make the skin condition worse, coupled with the frequent need for makeup. These will make the skin rough and dull.

At this time, you can use two different facial masks for maintenance in the morning and evening. After washing your face every morning, take advantage of the breakfast time.

Use it as a moisturizing and hydrating mask to make the subsequent makeup easier. Before going to bed at night, use a repair mask to improve skin elasticity.


Skincare takes time. And the time put into the efforts must produce visible results. This is why experts believe that the most important thing is to examine the efficacy.

You don’t have to apply the mask as much as possible. You should use it three times a week in maximum so the skin can breathe and have time to absorb the mask’s essence and nutrients. At the same time, you must also master the best time to apply the mask.

Overall, the sheet mask can perform multiple functions better than the moisturizing smear mask. This is because the design principle of the sheet mask is to use the film as the point of contact with the skin. The film can add a variety of nutrients and functional skincare essences to the skin. These essences have their skincare effects, and naturally, they can effectively improve a variety of problems.

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