How Can Computer Users Care for Their Skin?

How Can Computer Users Care for Their Skin

We live in the Internet age. Computers and mobile phones are no longer new to us. Many times, these devices are usually a few inches away from our eyes and faces. However, we’re largely unaware of the skin damages caused by radiation from these devices.

Face care is not as effective as facing the real cause of the problem. However, it is still necessary to do enough face care to deal with the powerful electromagnetic radiation. In this post, we’ll see how you can protect your skin from computer radiation.

What Are The Damages Caused By Computers To The Skin?

Some damages done to the skin caused by computers are dry skin and yellowing of the skin, spots, fine lines or wrinkles around the eyes, and severe dark circles.

Computers have powerful radiation sources. These include the keyboards, computer screens, mobile phones, and heat vents.

Also, the computer radiation is magnetic. It will accumulate some dust, unclean air, etc. Then these can affect the quality of the skin itself and increase the skin’s degree of aging.

There is still no preventive measure or alternative to light-emitting tools to work with. It’s a complicated phenomenon to solve. This is especially true for professionals in fields involving constant use of the computer and radiation-emitting digital devices.

Authoritative experts believe that mental stress can lead to disorders of the endocrine system and long-lasting psychosomatic dysfunction.

These radiation sources directly affect our bodies and the stability of the endocrine system. As a result, the skin metabolism is irregular.

These result in dry and loose skin, loss of luster, and a morbid complexion. Consequently, the phenomenon accelerates skin aging and impedes skin fitness.

The blood circulation of the skin is not related to biological functions such as secretion and excretion. It is controlled and regulated by the autonomic nerves. And autonomic nerves are governed by the central nervous system of the brain.

Therefore, human mental activity can affect the color of facial skin and is closely related to skin diseases.

Based on the above, we can conclude that we should try our best to arrange some time to relax our mind. You can go to the club for leisure sports, take a break for music therapy, or use the exclusion method to relax, which is great for the skin.

In addition to getting rid of this mentally, you also need to work hard on skincare. It is necessary to maintain the skin in different ways according to the skin’s condition each day. It is best to use products that can repair the skin.

Artificially help the skin, add moisture to the skin, drink a lot of water every day, and treat dry skin problems. Peeling, temporary small fine lines, and skin redness and sensitivity can all be solved by moisturizing.

What Are The Ways To Protect The Skin From Computer Radiation?

Some of the easy solutions available are explained below:

1. Thorough Cleansing

After several minutes of surfing the Internet, the first task is to clean the skin. Use warm water and cleansing liquid to cleanse the face thoroughly.

Wash away all the dust and dirt adsorbed by static electricity, and apply mild skincare products.

Over time, it can reduce damage and moisturize skin. This can be a small move and a significant effect for men and women who work, educate, or entertain themselves online.

Note: If you usually stay in front of the computer screens for several hours non-stop, you can take a break at intervals to do these cleanups.

2. Maintaining Bright Eyes

Prolonged exposure to the blue radiation from the screen can result in red and swollen eyes, dark circles, and looking haggard. It’s not advisable to surf for long hours without taking a break. If not necessary, don’t stay up late into the night on the Internet.

If otherwise, you can prepare a bottle of eye drops in case of emergency. After surfing the Internet, you can apply cucumber slices, potato slices, or frozen milk, or herbal tea.

The method: You can slice cucumber or potato, apply on the eyelids, and close your eyes for a few minutes. You can also soak the eyes with cold milk herbal tea with gauze to compress the eyes. This can relieve eye fatigue and nourish the skin around the eyes.

3. Watch Your Nutrition

Good nutrition is essential for people who often use the Internet. Vitamin B group is very beneficial to mental workers.

If you sleep late and the quality of sleep is not excellent, you should eat more animal liver, fresh fruits, and vegetables, which are rich in the vitamin B group.

Also, meat, fish, dairy products increase memory. Chocolate, wheat, noodles, seafood, and dried fruits can enhance the coordination of the nervous system.

You can also drink some wolfberry juice and carrot juice from time to time. These have significant effects on healthy eyesight and skincare.

If you care about your appearance, abandon carbonated drinks and drink carrot juice or other fresh juices instead.

Scientific investigations have found that people who like to drink tea are less exposed to radiation damage, have a lower incidence of blood diseases, and have a lower mortality rate caused by computer radiation.

Tea contains anti-computer radiation substances. These have a significant protective effect on the human body’s hematopoietic function and can effectively prevent the harm of computer radiation.

4. Pay Attention to Skin Whitening

You should pay attention to skin whitening and the maintenance of the basement membrane of the skin.  

The basement membrane is responsible for the transmission and communication tasks of the two layers of the epidermis and dermal cells. This is of greater significance to the maintenance of the skin.

Softening and tensioning creams, rejuvenating serum, and anti-wrinkle serum can help with this. Specifically, Shiseido’s Revitalizing Care Series and Estee Lauder’s Crystal Whitening Series can improve skin tone.

These products not only use effective whitening ingredients and technology. More importantly, their new understanding of skin whitening is not limited to inhibiting the production of melanin. But they use a three-pronged approach to prevention, repair, and whitening. The skin will be white, clear, moisturized, bright, and fair.

Note: The objective of skin whitening isn’t to bleach the skin. There are skin whiteners like Korean skin whitening products which don’t contain bleaching agents.

5. Do Gymnastics Often

If you surf the Internet for a long time, you may feel dizzy, stiff fingers, sore back, and even lower edema and varicose veins.

Therefore, you should do gymnastics to maintain vigorous energy. These involve lying on the bed before going to bed, relaxing the whole body, putting the head under the edge of the bed and alleviating the lack of blood and oxygen supply from the back of the brain. You can raise your feet and lie flat.

On the bed or sofa, reduce the edema of the feet and help the blood return to prevent varicose veins of the lower limbs. You can do this by stretching the waist from time to time during the Internet process.

Stretch the muscles and bones or recline on the chair. You can do finger shaking exercises. This is the easiest way to relax your fingers completely.

How Do You Protect The Eyes From Radiation?

Long-term computer work not only makes the eyes look sore. It also sometimes makes the eyes feel blurred, and you may not see clearly.  

The eye skin problems are dark circles, increased fine lines on the eyes, and eye bags. These problems are a headache, but how can we prevent and solve these problems?

Eye Care

Eye massages can improve blood circulation and help eliminate dark circles. However, do not use excessive force. Otherwise, it will cause the eye muscles to sag.

Use eye care gels containing chamomile, green tea, and cucumber ingredients. You can use an eye mask once a week.

Eye bags are indeed detrimental to your overall facial appearance. Once formed, it isn’t easy to eliminate them.

Don’t ignore this kind of swelling or puffiness. In the end, it accumulates into serious eye bags, which can only be solved by surgery.

Long-term computer work often causes excessive eye fatigue, and blood vessel dilation will swell the eye muscles.

You can close your eyes and apply a cotton pad to the eyes with frozen aloe vera juice and lie still. In a few minutes, the swelling can be improved.

Wearing Goggles and Setting Your Screen Display 

You can use a set of anti-radiation blue light computer glasses. At best, this will protect your vision from computer radiation. What will be left is skincare.

If your monitor is relatively new, it should support an 85Hz refresh rate so that the displayed image will not flicker, jitter, or be unclear.

The resolution is usually 1024*768, the recommended value for a 17″ display. If you are doing text work and your eyesight is not good, you can adjust it to 800*600; if you do Cad graphics, 1024*768 is the best.


Computer radiation from the screen generates static electricity, which is the easiest to absorb dust. Getting exposed to this for a long time is more likely to cause spots and wrinkles.

Therefore, you may wish to apply skincare lotion and a layer of light powder before going online to increase skin resistance slightly. You should use anti-computer radiation cream.

For dry skin caused by computer radiation, you can also improve the skin condition by supplementing nutrition. Also, there are anti-radiation goggles you can purchase and use.

Finally, if it’s not necessary, for serious or professional reasons, you shouldn’t spend hours transfixed in front of a digital device.

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