Do You Have to Use A Complete Set of Skincare Products?

Do You Have to Use A Complete Set of Skincare Products

There are many skin-conscious beauts and those who are looking to sport and keep their dreamy complexion and healthy epidermis.

However, with this goal in mind, when it comes to the use of skincare products, several questions remain begging for answers.  Some of these are related to whether to stick to or vary the brand and types of skincare sets used.

In this article, we’ll tell you what beauticians think about these topical questions and the cases in which you should be loyal to the same sets or brands, and when to combine the products in the sets.

Why Is It Advisable to Stay Loyal to A Set?

Well, to many beauty specialists, being loyal to a brand can help you avoid skin allergies.

Also, using a set of products from a brand’s product line ensures you wouldn’t have to overuse a single ingredient, according to Dr. Patricia Wexler, a professional dermatologist from Wexler Dermatology, New York.

If you have a single skin problem and a particular serum has been recommended for you, you can also choose to use the other products in the same set.

It also helps you to save time on researching skincare brands of all sizes. You already know what’s best for your skin.

So, the decision-making is fairly easy and straightforward.

Why Is It Better to Switch Your Beauty Products Up A Few Times?

Everyone’s skin is different, and the skin problems they encounter will be different. Often, a set of skincare products can solve a single problem. In this way, many other skin problems cannot be effectively improved.

If you have other skin concerns, choose different care products according to the needs of the skin.

Many often think – and research has proven – that staying loyal to a brand may help you avoid the negative reactions of your skin to incompatible products.

This is usually especially possible when you’re not choosing the right type of products for the type of skin.

However, there is a caveat!

After using the same brand and the same series of products for a long time, the skin will become accustomed to it. Even when you increase the dosage, the skin may not remain as radiant as when you started using the products.

Why would you want to stick to a regimen when there are hundreds of great ones on the market for your skin type?

It’s better to switch up beauty care products according to your body’s natural changes and the varying seasonal changes, according to Dr. Wexler. For example, if your skin changes from oily to dry, if you develop acne, you may have to change to a befitting set of skincare products.

However, there is another caveat!

There is an important tip to switching your beauty care products too frequently. You have to give each new product around 20 to 30 days trial period to enable it to work and show visible results as the average skin cell turnover is 28 days, explains Dr. Wexler.

Also, for skincare products that are frequently used, it is best not to mix and match more than three brands of products.

Which Skin Types Need Skincare Products From the Same Brand Or Set?

Babies with severe acne-prone skin should never choose skincare products randomly. They should be made to see a dermatologist who will recommend the right set. These skincare sets must only be changed when such dermatologists request so.

Babies with these skin conditions usually choose anti-inflammatory, anti-acne, astringent, and oil-control skincare products.

The same is applicable for babies with severely sensitive skin. Try to use a complete set of skincare products, which can reduce the probability of allergies and will not bring any burden to the skin.

Because the normal skin surface pH is about 5.0 to 7.0. The surface is often weakly acidic. The pH of healthy oriental skin should be between 4.5 to 6.5.

Only in the normal pH range, that is, weakly acidic, can the skin be in the best state of absorbing nutrients.

This can also lead to a conclusion. For skincare products of the same brand, the pH value of each product should be the same or similar.

This is why it is recommended to use skincare products of the same brand to form a complete set of use. For people with unstable skin, a mild set of products is the most reliable.

Listening and reacting to your skin is always the best solution. Only the skin’s conditions can determine your choice.

For example, some skins are oil-friendly and like skincare products with oils, but some skins react as soon as they touch oils.

Concerning the skin and its way of reactions, choosing the right product is the right thing. You should understand what kinds of nutrients your skin needs, and then choose the best skincare products.

What Are the Things to Consider When Switching And Combining Skincare Products?

Below are some of the things you should put into consideration when combining products from different brands to form a beauty care set:

1. Skincare Products with Similar Effects Are Not Suitable For Mixing and Matching

It doesn’t matter which brand the products with similar effects belong to. The nutrients and working principles will not be similar.

However, due to the limited absorption capacity of the skin, mixing products with the same or similar efficacies is likely to lead to superimposition of functions, excessive nutrition, and even skin rejection.

2. Mixing and Using Various Skincare Products Isn’t Advisable For Sensitive Skins

The barrier function of sensitive skin is relatively weak, and it may become red and allergic when encountering some irritating ingredients. If two unsuitable ingredients interact, it may irritate sensitive muscles.

For people with sensitive skin to avoid the risks of mixing and matching, unless you really have a good understanding of skincare products, it is not recommended to try to mix and match.

3. Only Use Combined Products That Are Suitable For Your Skin Type and Age

Some anti-wrinkle skincare products will add hormone ingredients to prevent skin aging, which is more suitable for people with mature skin.

However, it will have little positive effect and irritate the skin of young people who have normal hormone secretion, sometimes even causing skin lesions.

Also, with the deep hydrating gel products, the moisture content is higher, and it may feel very refreshing and comfortable when you first apply it. But because the moisture in the middle is easy to vaporize, it is more ideal for dry skins that need more nutrition.

Although the above types of products may be the flagship products of a certain brand, they will get twice the result with half the effort when combined with other products.

Due to the similarity of product compositions, the effects of the products, after combination, may be weakened and/or offset by each of the products.

4. Multifunctional Skincare Products Will Burden Your Skin

There are too many advertisements of skincare products claiming that they can solve various skin problems. They are advertised as all-round, all-purpose, or multi-effect products.

Please remember one thing: multi-effect skincare products can cause damage to the skin to be maximized. When purchasing skincare products, you can choose products with different categories and different effects according to your needs.

These can be deep cleansing products for cleansing, essences for whitening, and creams for moisturizing. This way, different sets of products can also solve multiple skin problems.

Also, pay attention to the effect of mixing and matching. If you have sensitive skin, acne skin, and other skin types, don’t choose products that are too functional such as whitening.

What Are the Precautions for Choosing Skincare Products?

While choosing a set of cosmetic products or a single product, below are some precautions you should always put into consideration:

1. Test for Allergens

When buying skincare products you have not used before, try to conduct a skin prick test. People who have allergies have to be extra vigilant.

2. Stop Immediately Following Discomforts

If you experience skin discomfort, stop using the skincare products immediately so as to prevent further damages or irritation to your damaged skin.

3. People with Cosmetic Dermatitis Need to Beware

People with cosmetic dermatitis should also pay attention to using sun protection, eating more foods rich in vitamin C, and ensure adequate sleep. Take vitamins when necessary to help repair damaged skin.

4. Choose the Right Products

Correctly choose suitable and safe skincare products, and control the amount of use. Too much or too frequent use can easily clog pores and may also cause cosmetic dermatitis. If you feel any discomfort after use, stop using all types immediately.


Some people who have used a certain brand of skincare products for a long time find out that their skin has improved significantly than when they started using them. But after a long time, there will be no effect, and skincare fatigue may appear.

Changing the brand frequently (after a few months or after each change of season) can stop skincare fatigue. Because the new brand can add new nutrients to the skin, it will help the skin flex its moisturizing and bright side.

Making a switch or combining products from different brands is especially necessary when you have other skin problems. However, you may also consult your dermatologist whenever you feel like mixing a set.

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