10 Best WHOO Skincare Reviews

Best WHOO Skincare Reviews

If you have recently come across many WHOO Skincare reviews, you might have thought about whether the products from this brand will suit you. Also, you might wonder whether there are any specific products identified as the best products from this brand. Yes, based on our reviews, some products are identified as the best WHOO Skincare products. But, before getting into the review of the top products from WHOO, you might be thinking about what makes products from this brand special. Let us gather some information here:

What Makes WHOO Products Special?

The best WHOO brand is called History of WHOO. The brand is dedicated to helping modern oriental women get to know the secret and powerful formulas that were used by royal women. The History of WHOO is focused on bringing together modern science with powerful oriental medicines. In turn, the brand is able to create luxurious skincare products. Above all, products from this brand aim at bringing users incredibly bright, clear and soft skin.

WHOO makes use of premium ingredients that are traditionally reserved for royal women. The brand is popular for making products for oriental skin. Now, the brand brings together the delicate and rare ingredients used by royal women along with its unique and powerful Gongjinbidan complex into each product it makes. Above all, each element is balanced perfectly for healthy and harmonious skin. Also, WHOO gathers the ingredients from the finest sources from around the world.

1. Gongjinhyang Foam Cleanser from WHOO

Of course, every woman expects to achieve the most beautiful appearance. This product is part of our WHOO skincare reviews of the best products because the brand has created this product to help women achieve the attractive appearance that they have been longing for. It works by firming and lifting the skin by bringing anti-wrinkle and anti-aging benefits to the skin.

The unique feature of this product is that it has been created by the brand as a mild foaming cleanser. It has been formulated using oriental medicinal cleansing ingredients for promoting healthy-looking and glowing skin. The ingredients in this product ensure that your skin gets a low-irritant moisturizing effect as the ingredients completely wash off skin residues. To bring a mild cleansing effect, the product creates abundant fine foam bubbles. For effective cleansing, this cleanser uses ingredients like soapnuts, iris and Benincasa.

Many users appreciated the abundant yet gentle foam that this cleanser creates. This feature helps them ensure the best cleansing effect to their skin as claimed by many users.

2. Gongjinhyang Essential Nourishing Emulsion from WHOO

This best WHOO Skincare product is offered as a nourishing emulsion by the brand. It brings moisturizing effects to the skin that lasts longer. Further, it improves skin resilience as well by nourishing it.

For soothing the skin, the product uses Camellia Sinensis leaf extract, biosaccharide gum and panthenol as key ingredients. Further, to fight the damages caused by free radicals, the product uses effective antioxidants like cordyceps Sinensis extracts, Panax ginseng root extract, camellia sinensis extract and Chaenomeles sinensis fruit extract. Along with these ingredients, many skin-identical ingredients make this product effective.

In their review, almost all users claimed that they love everything about this product including its texture, smell and overall performance.

3. Gongjinhyang Essential Moisturizing Balancer from WHOO

This best WHOO product aims at improving skin elasticity. It improves skin elasticity by providing the skin with abundant hydration. This product is offered by the brand as a replenishing formula to make sure that the ingredients are effectively absorbed by the skin to bring a moist and soft complexion.

This balancer is enriched with herbal ingredients from Korea. They together help with combating the signs of aging and particularly they are effective against wrinkles. Further, to fight the damages caused by free radicals, the product uses antioxidant ingredients like Panax Ginseng Root Extract, Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract, Cordyceps Sinensis Extract and Chaenomeles Sinensis Fruit Extract. Further, ingredients that soothe the skin in this product are Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract and Panthenol.

In their review, many users expressed their satisfaction over this product claiming that it made their skin soft and supple. Also, many recommended this product to those struggling with rough and dry skin to soften the skin such that they can achieve  a youthful appearance.

4. Cream Cleanser Gongjinhyang from WHOO

This cream cleanser helps with the removal of makeup besides retaining healthy moisture content in the skin. This product is special because it carries a soft and moisturizing texture along with melted granules. Further, the moisturizer is offered in a user-friendly container ensures easy access to the cleanser.

From our WHOO Skincare reviews of this product, we found that this cleanser has been formulated by the brand with oriental medicinal cleansing ingredients. They help with gently getting rid of makeup residues just in a single go.

Many users of this cleanser are highly happy with the effective cleansing results they are able to achieve with this product. Further, many stated that they were able to get rid of makeup residues completely every night with this product. They also stated that as their skin is free of chemicals in makeup products, their skin always looks and feels fresh with this product.

5. Radiant Cheongidan Rejuvenating Balancer from WHOO

This product is offered by the brand as a premium total care solution to address different skin concerns. This balancer has been designed to give a gleaming radiance to the skin from deep within. It brings a bright, glowing, moisturizing and nourishing complexion to the skin. It provides complete anti-aging care to the skin.

To restore glow, this best WHOO Skincare product has been made using powdered deer antlers for restoring the skin glow. To regain the lost firmness due to age, the product uses wild ginseng as another ingredient. The product uses the Hwa Hyun formula to help users achieve skin radiance. Apart from wild ginseng extract, the product has 26 other Korean herbal ingredients.

Many users of this product call it to be the best toner ever. Many feel that they have finally found a great product for their skin as it makes their skin glowy. Many stated that it rejuvenates the skin without feeling sticky.

6. Soo Super Gongjinhyang Hydrating Cream from WHOO

This product with an attractive container helps with effective skin moisturization. It has been created to help individuals struggling with dry skin by the brand. This product has been created as an ultimate solution for anti-aging care.

This product has been made as to the best WHOO product as it encompasses three original ingredients. They are meant for circulation care, moisture supply and clear oxygen supply to the skin. Of course, many ingredients have been used by the brand under these three categories to ensure the best results for users. The ingredients are carefully added to control the circulation of blood and theskin’s energy. Examples of ingredients under this category include wild asparagus root, Siberian ginseng, cornel dogwood, wild thyme, angelica gigas and deer antler. For supplying moisture, the product uses liriope, white Poria cocos, Rehmannia and ginseng. For providing the skin with clear oxygen, aloe extract, wilfordii root and Siberian ginseng are key ingredients.

In their review, many users expressed their love for this moisturizer and also many appreciated the smell of this skin hydrating remedy. Many stated that as the  name of this product denotes it is so soothing for the skin.

7. Jinyul Jinyulhyang Intensive Revitalizing Cream from WHOO

This cream has been created mainly to help users regain healthy and bright skin. This deeply nourishing cream helps with making the skin healthy. This nourishing and moisturizing cream helps with achieving radiant and glowing skin. It works by delivering essential nutrients deep into the skin.

To address the yin and yang imbalance that occurs in women during menopause, this cream uses red ginseng as the key ingredient. The good thing about this moisturizer is that it has a 100% natural Turkish rose fragrance to bring a soothing sensation to users. The traditional herbal complex uses JungGiBoYulDan that helps with replenishing essential body fluid. With ingredients that target the changes that happen during menopause, this product has been designed mainly to address the skin concerns during this stage in the life of every woman.

In their WHOO Skincare reviews, many women are highly happy about how their skin turned even though they are getting through the tough the menopause period. The normal skin changes that take place during menopause are rightly handled by this product as claimed by many users.

8. Essential Revitalizing Jinyulhyang Emulsion

This lotion has been created for revitalizing mature skin. It energizes mature skin by bringing about an oil balance and hydrating the skin. It works by controlling water and oil balance in the skin. It is absorbed by the skin quickly without creating a sticky feel. It brings essence-like nourishment and moisturizing effects to the skin.

Wild red ginseng is one of the essential ingredients in this product. This ingredient brings about a balance in the imbalance of yin and yan energy that happens during menopause stage in the life of every woman. Ginsenoside Rh1 in this ingredient has a similar structure to female hormones. It works by reacting with estrogen receptors for the creation of a similar effect. As against other types of ginseng, this substance is present in red wild ginseng. It has an excellent collagen synthesis ability.

Many women call this the best WHOO Skincare product as they love not just the Turkish rose fragrance but also the fact that just two or three drops cover the entire face and neck.

9. Essential Jinyulhyang Cleansing Oil from WHOO

This oil is offered as a highly moisturizing and low-irritant moisturizing cleansing water that helps with convenient and easy cleansing. It brings a mild peeling effect to the skin. The good thing about this cleanser is that it keeps the skin hydrated even after cleansing. It helps with getting rid of makeup residue and skin wastes at the same time.

The unique feature of this gel oil emulsion is that the formula maximizes the convenience of getting rid of makeup. The product uses a traditional herbal ingredient complex. For instance, the product uses JungGiBoYulDan, HongHwaGiDan and GaMiSoYoSan. The first of these three ingredients help with replenishing essential fluids to the dry skin. The second is a complex red-colored medicinal ingredient that has been designed mainly to handle menopause effects on the skin. The third is the reinterpretation of the secret formula that the royal women use to handle menopause-related skin issues in women.

This best WHOO product satisfied many users, who claim that this is a good quality oil cleanser. Many users are happy that it is just attractive not only in looks but also in its effects on the skin.

10. Radiant Cheongidan Rejuvenating Emulsion

This emulsion is part of our WHOO Skincare reviews of the best products because it provides the skin with the nutrition of essence and keeps the skin smooth and moist. It carries a forward glow from the bottom of the skin to make you feel refreshed. It brings firming, lifting, anti-wrinkle, anti-aging and elasticity benefits to the skin.

For gleaming radiance from within the skin, the product uses hwahyun formula. The product is powered by deer antlers to help restore skin glow. Further, the wild ginseng in this product helps with regaining skin firmness.

In their review, many users expressed that this emulsion helped their skin get silky and luscious. Most users are highly happy with the performance of this emulsion.


When it comes to the best WHOO Skincare products, they undoubtedly carry luxury as the brand uses formula used by royal women of those days. Now, you would be interested in choosing the best WHOO product from these top 10 products. To help you, here are some choices we would like to suggest:

  • For luxurious cleansing: Essential Jinyulhyang Cleansing Oil from WHOO
  • To revitalize skin: Jinyul Jinyulhyang Intensive Revitalizing Cream from WHOO
  • For balancing hydration: Gongjinhyang Essential Moisturizing Balancer from WHOO.

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