Top 15 Best Toners for Men – Reviews and Buying Guide

Top Best Toner For Men Reviews and Buying Guide

A toner is a non-sticky and lighter formula that keeps your skin healthy and glowing. Suitable for all skin types, toners have occupied its humble place among the beauty routine of both men and women. A toner for men is generally formulated with exclusive ingredients, keeping in mind the texture of the skin. However, using a toner has lots of benefits some of which are listed below:

  • Takes care for your pores.
  • Good for keeping skin smooth and supple.
  • Reduces blemishes and wrinkles.
  • Fades away scars with time.
  • Reduces environmental skin damage.

The best toner for men is the perfect product to start off the first thing in the morning. You will feel the freshness instantly! If you are interested in purchasing a good facial toner, here are some top recommendations for you.

#1 SK II Facial Treatment Essence

For tackling major skin issues like acne, pits, etc, for men, the SK II facial treatment essence is just the right product you need today. It perfectly blends with all skin textures and leaves your skin smooth. Formulated with active ingredients, you will notice an even glow once you start applying it on a daily basis. Just take a small portion of this liquid and rub it between your fingers. Now apply the essence until absorbed fully. This is one of the top recommendations for men looking for an ideal skincare product.

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#2 Lab Series Age Rescue Plus Face Lotion

For looking younger, the Lab series facial lotion is the ultimate hack to adopt today. Suitable for all men, this toner is in the form of a light lotion that keeps your skin looking healthy and youthful. Just a small drop and your skin are replenished with nature’s best ingredients. Men suffering from acne scars, and other aging issues can immediately try out this lotion.

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#3 Clinique for Men Exfoliating Tonic

The Clinique exfoliating tonic is a great addition to the beauty regimen of men having dry skin. The exfoliating properties are great for removing dead cells. Apart from that, this tonic nourishes your skin from within and minimizes pores too. It also reduces sebum and oil production and keeps your skin healthy. Men can apply this tonic immediately after shaving!

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#4 Shiseido Men Moisturizing Emulsion for Men

One of the best toner for men, the Shiseido Moisturizing emulsion brings super comfort with its anti-aging properties. The creamy texture is good for men with very dry skin. This toner can fight away dryness and keeps your skin supple. The ingredients further protect your skin from external damage without letting your face go greasy. Apply a small amount daily for better results.

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#5 Biotherm Homme Aquapower

For an instant boost of hydration, the Biotherm Homme Aquapower toner is the perfect product to start off with. The incredibly light formula dissolves smoothly onto your skin, without clogging your pores. Consisting of essential vitamins and minerals, this toner for men is a must-buy if you want your skin to be super soft and moisturized.

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#6 Korean Cosmetics, Iope Men Bio Essence Intensive Conditioning EX

With the blend of active Korean beauty ingredients, this bio conditioning toner calms your skin and reduces all kinds of damage. For an intensive skincare routine for men, this toner instantly blends onto your skin without drying out too much. The light texture skins deep into your pores and reduces fine lines. Applying this toner in the morning and before going to bed will bring enormous results.

#7 Kiehl’s Facial Fuel Energizing Tonic for Men

The Facial fuel tonic from Kiehl’s is best for men looking for hydration. The rich texture keeps your skin moist and supple. It is best to use this tonic right after shaving due to its anti-bacterial, anti-aging properties. Its lighter formula makes it a mandatory product in your beauty routine.

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#8 Lab Series Rescue Water Lotion

To restore lost skin moisture and maintain PH balance, the Lab series Rescue Water lotion is an ideal product applicable to men. Meant for daily use, this lotion dissolves onto your skin and gets rid of dirt and oil for a supple glow. The hydration formula of this lotion is one of its kinds with ingredients that will instantly transform your dull skin. Recommended for men with all skin types, this toner can also be applied directly for shaving for better results.

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#9 Albion Skin Conditioner Essential

The Albion skin conditioner essential is a must-have product for men looking forward to reducing external skin damage. It ideally corrects blemishes, reduces pore size, and gives you a healthy glow. The milky texture gives extra nourishment to dry skin. If you are suffering from acne and pits, this toner will gradually reduce the scars and size of your pimples. Use it daily to catch up with the miracle of this product.

#10 A.H.C Homme Only For Men Foam Cleanser Toner And Lotion Set

The A.H.C full toner set is a great cleansing cum nourishing kit that is applicable to men with all skin types. You can start off your day by washing your face and applying this toner for smooth and nourishing skin. This full set is best for a deep cleansing routine. If you are someone who loves to take care of his skin, you must ideally purchase this whole kit to see the difference. The ingredients in the toner will moisturize and brighten up your skin.

#11 Innisfree Green Tea Seed Intensive Hydrating Toner

The Innisfree green tea toner is a current hit among men looking for a good toner for daily use. The presence of green tea extracts maintains the PH level of your skin and reverses signs of aging. Using the green tea toner daily will reduce puffiness, redness, and give your skin a natural glow. It comes with superb cleansing properties and gives you a refreshed feeling every time you use it.

#12 COSME DECORTE Vita De Reve Herbal Vitalizing Lotion

The Cosme Decorte Vitalizing lotion is one such toner for men that contain all herbal ingredients like wild thyme, rosemary, sage extracts, etc. This toner comes with anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that nourish your skin from within. Ideal for all men skin types, the toner deeply penetrates deep onto your skin to produce desired results. Just take a small amount of the liquid and apply it with circular motions onto your skin. Let it absorb. Use it daily for incredible results.

#13 Kiehl’s Herbal Extract Alcohol-free Toner

The Kiehl’s Herbal Extract Toner is one of the best alcohol-free toners meant for men‘s daily use. The core ingredient of this toner is calendula. This flower comes with its own magical properties that reduce all kinds of skin-damaging problems. It is ideal for men to use this toner twice daily for best results. Since this toner is free from alcohol, men with sensitive skin won’t have an issue using it.

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#14 Mamonde Men Recharging Toner Revitalizing Facial Treatment

With extracts of caffeine, dandelion, as well as Vitamin E, the Mamonde men recharging toner is just the exact treatment you need if your skin is too dull and dry. With an intensive moisture restoration technology, this toner perfectly blends onto your skin and energizes you every morning. The toner isn’t greasy at all. However, you should use this toner in the morning and at night for good results. For removing dead skin cells and uplifting your skin texture, this toner is suitable under all conditions.

#15 Brickell Men’s Balancing Toner For Men

For men, maintaining PH balance is extremely crucial. No product seems suitable for this action other than the Brickell Men’s balancing toner. Its unique spray bottle makes it easy to use every day. Containing cucumber extracts, peppermint, and witch hazel, this toner is good for reducing wrinkles and unclogs your pores. This toner lets your skin breathe so that it can heal naturally. Its hydrating capacity is great and won’t leave your skin too oily. You can follow up with a moisturizer to lock in the beautiful essence of the toner for the best results.

Why Do Men Need a Face Toner?

face toner for men

A toner is a multi-purpose skincare product that men should also use. Consider it a tonic for your skin, which is applied right after cleansing the face. Continue reading to reveal toner’s benefits and how to pick the best toner for men. 

Every man should use a toner because it offers the following benefits:

1. It will improve your skin’s pH balance

Face cleansers are quite useful. They help us remove dirt, dead skin cells, and many other pollutants. However, these face cleansing products can also leave your skin dry and itchy. Do you feel the skin gets dehydrated after cleansing? Do you feel skin inflammation after cleansing your face? 

These issues are occurring due to substances affecting the natural pH balance of your skin. Your skin’s pH balance should be 5.5 and the best toner can help you maintain that. You can resist inflammation-causing bacteria much better if you can maintain the required pH level. 

Apply the toner right after cleansing your face. Let it dry and then apply the moisturizing cream. Thus, your skin’s pH balance will never go down and you won’t experience skin inflammation or irritation. 

2. Toner is great protection against skin breakouts 

There are numerous tiny pores in your skin which release sweat and oil. These pores get clogged over time. Dirt or pollutants get mixed with sebum and clog skin pores. This condition leads to skin breakouts. Your face will appear quite weird if there are too many skin breakouts. 

The face toner can remove excess oil from your skin. It won’t let sebum or pollutants clog your pores. Cleanse your face thoroughly to get rid of dead skin cells and then use the toner. It will block all the pollutants and keep your skin healthy. 

3. It tightens pores

Skin pores enlarge due to excessive sebum production in the skin. These pores start appearing like tiny dells on the skin. It should be your top priority to tighten up those enlarged pores as soon as possible. Germs and pollutants will enter your skin and cause some serious issues if you don’t try a reliable cure. 

The face toner is known for pore tightening. Use this skin care product daily to shrink all skin pores. Your face will appear much smoother and cleaner within a few weeks! 

4. Face toner hydrates your skin quickly

Your skin seeks moisture right after cleansing. It will dry quickly if you do not moisturize right after exfoliation and cleansing. Get a face toner and apply it right after washing your face. The toner will hydrate your skin cells and then the skin will feel more elastic and plumper.  

This benefit has drawn thousands of men to this product, which got dehydrated skin. It works better than moisturizers and provides instant results. Therefore, the number of men using face toner has increased quite rapidly. 

5. It is essential for a younger appearance

Do you want to look young? Your skin must get rid of free radicals and gain more hydration for a plumper appearance. Besides, the skin should gain ingredients to boost collagen production. Go for a toner formulated to provide anti-ageing benefits. It will gradually reduce fine lines and wrinkles from your face. 

You might wonder that you are still young and don’t need an anti-ageing product. Try it to maintain that younger appearance for decades if you like how you look now! 

How to Pick the Right Face Toner for Men?

Consider the following things before buying a face toner for men. These tips will lead you to the best product available for your skin. 

1. Determine which toner is right for your skin

Do not make the mistake of buying a toner that does not blend properly with your skin. It may cause skin damage and feel pretty uncomfortable. Find out which face toner is ideal for your skin type and then try it! 

  • Toner for dry skin

The skin fails to retain moisture and gets drier as you get older. Millions of men got this issue and they use ordinary skincare products to address this issue. Hormonal imbalances and the use of certain chemicals can lead to this condition. 

It should be tough to find a toner for men that immediately moisturizes the skin and maintains its softness for hours. Your target should be toners that do not contain alcohol and provide a blend of skin moisturizing ingredients.  

You can also discover some toners that act as a remedy for dry skin. Check the label, read all the ingredients, and pick a toner formulated to nourish dry skin. 

  • Toner for oily skin

Does your hanky look dirty and greasy whenever you wipe your face? It is excess sebum blended with dirt and pollutants that create a grease-like substance on your face. Men with oily skin face this issue a lot. It can also lead to skin breakouts and pimples issues. 

You need exfoliating ingredients that can draw out excess oil and toxins from skin pores. An alcohol-based toner will be the right choice if you are not sensitive to this ingredient. Alcohol-based ingredients and acid compounds will help you control oil production in your skin.  

Patch test the alcohol-based toner before you apply it to your face. If you don’t experience adverse reactions, try the product daily.

  • Toner for sensitive skin

You already know what problems a wrong product can cause if you got sensitive skin. Users with severe acne issues should not risk more skin damage! A wrong face toner will make it worse and you will need the dermatologist’s help to recover! 

Be extra careful and picky whenever looking for a face toner for men. Say no to products containing alcohol because it is not for you! Choose a formula featuring aloe vera gel and other soothing ingredients. 

Recognize ingredients that hurt your skin the most and avoid them to have healthy and rejuvenated skin. 

  • Toner for normal skin

Men do not seem too worried about skincare products when they got normal skin. Even though you got too many options in toners, avoid products that may make your skin dry and itchy. 

You should always look for a formula that can improve your skin tone, hide blemishes, provide hydration, and make you look more handsome. Invest your money in high-quality products to get smooth and healthy-looking skin. 

2. Does the toner help you meet your skincare goals?

Have you thought about what a toner will do to your skin? What are your goals with this skincare product? What sort of effects you are expecting after applying the face toner? Ask these questions to yourself and answers will help you shortlist top products available in the market. 

Face toners have the potential to reduce oil production. They can help you maintain clean and healthy-looking skin. Face toners can thoroughly cleanse your skin, open clogged pores, and deliver key ingredients to skin cells.  

This product is never going to replace your face cleanser, but it will help you maintain cleaner and glowing skin every day. Choose a face cleansing toner if you want to gain glowing skin after each wash. 

Face toners also contain ingredients that slow down the ageing process. If there are too many fine lines and wrinkles on your face, try an anti-ageing toner. Decide what benefits you seek the most and then narrow down the best products for the job! 

3. Do you have issues with fragrances?

Not every man is comfortable with fragrant skincare products. Some like those aromas to feel happy and positive. Are you one of those men? You should search for a face toner with a pleasing aroma if your answer is yes. Beware of products containing artificial fragrances because they may cause severe skin reactions! 

If you want a normal face toner with no fragrance, you got so many good options. Check products that do not contain fragrant ingredients. Or, go for a toner that contains citrus-based scents to feel fresh. 

The fragrance is not a concerning factor for many users. Most buyers do not pay attention to how the skincare product smells because they are worried about other factors. Such users often end up with products containing artificial fragrances. Skin problems occur and then they realize that they chose the wrong face toner for men! 

You won’t like to be that man, so consider this factor when buying a toner. Choose a product with natural fragrances to ensure it won’t hurt your skin! 

4. Invest your bucks in a top-quality product

You have probably assessed your skincare needs. You are just one step away from picking the best face toner for men. Look for product ratings and reviews. Make it your prime objective to buy a top-quality face toner! This product will deliver all the advantages claimed by the brand. 

You will probably stick to the same product for years once it delivers every benefit you desire. So, assess all the key factors, shortlist top-rated products, and then pick a face toner that meets all the requirements of your skin. 


Using the best men’s toner comes with its own set of benefits. Now that you are fully aware of it, it is time to purchase one for a youthful glow. Toners help in nourishing and brightening up your skin for a better looking you. Using a toner every day will gradually bring long-term results that will keep your skin healthy!

Here are some of the best-recommended products according to some skin issues:

You can check all the features of the toner before you purchase one. Start applying the toner and receive its true benefits!

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