Top 8 Best SK-II Skincare

Top Best SK II Skincare

SK-II Skincare is a popular name in the skincare domain, as you know. The uniqueness associated with the products from this brand is that most products contain a special ingredient called PITERA. This special ingredient in the best SK-II Skincare products has been derived from a special strain of yeast that contains more than 50 micro-nutrients.

What is Special About PITERA?

From our SK-II skincare review, we found that this ingredient present in most products from this brand brings a dramatic change in the skin. The ingredient helps with achieving long-lasting hydration and relieves wrinkles, fine lines, and dark spots. In turn, they can make the skin crystal-clear, youthful and soft. A wide range of products is offered by this brand including creams, serums, essence, cleansers, masks, and lotions. All these products are for meeting different skincare needs.

What are the Best SK-II Skincare?

As you look to buy the best SK-II skincare product, we have reviewed the top 8 products from this brand here. You can choose one of these based on the skincare benefits you look for and on the basis of your skin type:

1. Facial Treatment SK-II Clear Lotion

Suitable for all skin types, the purpose of this product is to tighten pores and it helps with getting rid of additional impurities. It creates a healthy environment for the skin. Also, it provides a base for any skincare regimen to help users achieve younger-looking and radiant skin.

To improve the appearance of the skin of users, SK-II Skincare product uses PITERA and Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA). These ingredients help with correcting the uneven skin tone as well. They help with the removal of stubborn impurities from the skin to bring out the best radiance. The PITERA helps with conditioning the natural functions of the skin with its richness in 50 micro-nutrients like organic amino acids, minerals and vitamins.

Many users have expressed that this product has been a life-changer for their problematic skin. Even, some users in their SK-II review of this product stated that their skin turned bouncy, smooth and radiance because of this skincare remedy.

2. R.N.A Power Eye Cream from SK-II

SK-II Skincare has created this product to help users achieve brighter and bigger eyes. In turn, they can get a youthful look. It visibly plumps up and restores the youthful smoothness of the eye area. SK-II has packed this product with conditioning ingredients in an easily-absorbable and silky texture to moisturize skin. It improves skin suppleness to address age-related fine lines and wrinkles.

The product has been made using the nourishing complex of PITERA along with yeast and hydrolyzed soy extracts. The purpose of these ingredients is to make the skin radiant and firm from within. The Alfalfa extract used in this product is rich in minerals and vitamins. This is why this ingredient is combined with White lupin seed in eye care products from SK-II. Chlorella Extract is another ingredient in this product that functions as a skin-conditioning agent. It has been extracted from freshwater algae to bring down the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines that show up as a result of dryness.

Many users call this product a holy grail for those looking for ways to address wrinkles and fine lines around the eyes.

3. New Age Essence from SK-II RNA

The purpose of this product that belongs to the RNA lineup of products from SK-II is to make the skin smooth and tinged with a fresh morning glow. Just within the use of the entire content of this product pack, it will be possible for users to experience a reduction in wrinkles and pores. The product aims at bringing a new level of confidence in the minds of users that their skin will look the best for the next 15 years. The brand has created this product to suit individuals with normal, dry and combination skin types. Even, it suits individuals with skin irritation and redness.

The R.N.A Power Architect Complex along with the nourishing Pitera complex in this product helps with making the skin firm and radiant. The product contains the SK-II-registered ingredient of Glyco-Repair is rich in plant-sourced phytonutrients. It helps with boosting the natural processes of the skin that are slowed by different factors. Examples of factors include aging and environmental stress.

Many users call this product, the best SK-II product because it never fails to help them with improving skin radiance.

4. Facial Treatment Cleansing Oil from SK-II

In this SK-II review of this product, you should know that this product is offered by the brand as a two-in-one makeup remover and cleanser. It helps with clearing the pores and even to get rid of mascara, makeup and sunscreen completely from the skin. It reveals the skin radiance by getting rid of impurities from the skin for a brighter and clearer complexion. Even, by thoroughly cleansing the skin, it improves the skin texture.

The brand has formulated this product with skin-conditioning ingredients and PITERA to bring out crystal clear radiance to the skin. The product holds the pride of being an award-winning cleanser. The conditioning ingredient in this product is apple seed extract. In addition to being rich in vitamins, it is also known for its antioxidant properties. The moringa seeds that are part of this product help with deep skin cleansing.

Many users in their review stated that this product effectively emulsifies the skin and pulls out makeup completely. Also, some users stated that when they use this product, they feel as if they are breaking down all grime and makeup underneath the surface of the skin.

5. Gentle Cleanser Facial Treatment from SK-II

This SK-II Skincare product is offered by the brand as a foaming facial cleanser. Its purpose is to help with the gentle removal of skin impurities. In turn, users can expect silky soft skin. To bring out the skin radiance, it gently exfoliates the dead skin surface cells and impurities. In turn, it conditions the skin surface for a smooth finish. Further, it helps with the absorption of skincare ingredients in the following skin care regimen.

Pitera is the key ingredient in this product. It has been derived by SK-II from yeast fermentation. As it looks like the natural moisturizing factors of the skin, it helps with improving the natural functions of the skin. White willow extract is yet another ingredient in this product. It contains salicylic acid that helps with treating acne. Also, this ingredient helps with balancing the sebum levels and gentle skin exfoliation.

Many users have expressed that this product works great for their skin. Even, many stated that they love this product due to its effectiveness.

6. Facial Treatment SK-II Mask

Suitable for dry skin, this product is offered by the brand as a cult-favorite sheet. It helps with achieving crystal clear skin. This mask helps with soaking the skin in the power of PITERA. It helps with intense skin hydration and it has been packed with an exceptional concentration of this ingredient. This face mask takes the skin of the users to the next level of crystal clarity. It helps users indulge in instant hydration. This pack contains 10 masks.

This best SK-II product has been formulated by the brand with an exceptionally high concentration of PITERA. This is the signature natural ingredient that conditions the natural functions of the skin with more than 50 nutrient-rich organic acids, amino acids, minerals and vitamins.

Many users of this product expressed that this pack contains a great set of 10 masks. Also, some users expressed that it works wonders to brighten and maintain the delicate skin.

7. Men Moisturizing Cream from SK-II

In this SK-II review, we have included this product as one of the best products from this brand. The reason is that this product created for men functions as a refreshing cleanser. It aids in the removal of impurities on the surface of the skin to help users achieve a smooth and clean complexion.

SK-II has formulated this product with the signature PITERA and other ingredients that condition the skin. In turn, men can achieve clear skin irrespective of their skin type. This ingredient helps men achieve a brighter glow and smoother skin texture.

Many men, who have tried this product, have stated that they are very much impressed with the performance of this product. Also, many stated that this product is very much gentle on their face.

8. Facial Treatment Essence from SK-II

SK-II Skincare has created this product as an iconic essence with more than 90% PITERA. This product has been serving the rough skin of men for more than 3 decades now. The product has been created by the brand to transform all five dimensions of the skin. In turn, men can achieve spotless wrinkle-free skin. Also, the texture of their skin will become more improved and refined with attractively elevated radiance.

PITERA is the key ingredient in this product with richness in organic acids, amino acids, minerals and vitamins to condition the natural functions of the skin.

Many partners of men, who have tried this product, have stated how impressive their husbands’ skin turned with the help of this great product from SK-II.


In this SK-II review, we should appreciate the key ingredient PITERA used in many products from this brand. In addition to preventing skin surface damage, it improves the natural barrier of the skin besides retaining the natural skin functions. It can bring many other benefits as well. As you look for the best product from this brand, here we have shortlisted a few products further:

Let SK-II Skincare be with you in your skincare regimen to bring out the best in you.

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