Top 7 Best Ponds Skincare

Top Best Ponds Skincare

Many of us get nostalgic when talking about Pond’s Skincare. Yes, right from a very young age, many of us have been using the talcum powder and cold cream from this brand. Even, you might have heard your mom talking a lot about the memories that she has developed with the products from this brand. Yes, for more than 150 years now, this brand has been helping people to beautify themselves by offering skincare and beauty products for almost every skin type.

Why Choose Pond’s Skincare Products?

The best Pond’s Skincare products are not just about making people look beautiful. But, the brand believes in feeling beautiful as well. The brand believes in beauty as a forerunner in the life of every woman out there. With her presence in more than 50 countries, the brand understands the skincare and beauty needs of every woman irrespective of nationality and skin type. From our Pond’s review, we found that Pond’s is a name that is synonymous with skincare for nearly a century now.

What are the Best Pond’s Skincare?

Now, after gaining some knowledge about Pond’s Skincare, you might be interested in learning about the top products from this brand. Let us throw some light on the best products from Pond’s:

1. Pond’s Anti-Wrinkle Face Cream

This is the best Pond’s Skincare product for normal, dry and oily skin types. The brand has created this product as an anti-aging remedy with collagen and hydroxy acid. The product aims at helping users achieve firmer looking skin just within a couple of weeks. This dermatologist-tested product does not clog pores.

In this Pond’s Review, you should know about the ingredients in this product, isn’t it? Pond’s has formulated this product with Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs) and collagen. These ingredients help with bringing down the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. So, they play a major role in making skin firmer and looking young. The AHAs also help with gentle skin exfoliation. Further, the Lactic acid in this product helps with treating age spots, hyperpigmentation and other factors that lead to an uneven and dull complexion.

When talking to many users of this product, we found that in addition to treating wrinkles, it helps with wrinkle prevention as well. Many users also expressed that this product perfectly suits all body parts apart from the face.

2. Pond’s Crema S Nourishing Moisturization Cream

Pond’s Skincare has created this product to suit dry to very dry skin besides being suitable for sensitive and oily skin. For added softness, this product helps with nourishing dry skin. As this product is free of any fragrance, individuals with sensitive skin can also benefit from this product. Also, it won’t clog pores as it is non-comedogenic. It helps with providing skin nourishment for 24 hours. This is a face moisturizer that has been formulated by Pond’s with nutrients and botanical extracts.

Grapefruit extract used as the key ingredient in this product helps with its cleansing, antiseptic and antibacterial properties. So, it helps not just for skin cleansing but even for addressing acne and scars. The seaweed extract in this product is packed with minerals and vitamins that are helpful to the skin. They play a major role in bringing down skin sensitivity besides softening and soothing the skin. As the cells in the seaweed are very much similar to the cells in the human skin, it safeguards and maintains the natural skin balance and protects against skin irritation.

Many users have expressed that this product effectively moisturizes the skin without creating a greasy sensation. Also, many users stated that this is a must-have product in every home.

3. Pond’s Cold Cream Cleanser

The purpose of this product is not just to bring a cleansing effect but also to moisturize the skin. Further, this is the best Pond’s Skincare makeup cleansing cream. This unisex product is hypoallergenic and so it has been created by Pond’s mainly for individuals with sensitive skin. Further, it is non-comedogenic and has been dermatologist tested to suit sensitive skin type. The product infuses the skin with essential moisture, thereby leaving it smooth and soft.

The Sodium Laureth Sulfate used as an ingredient brings the foaming effect to this cleanser to help with the gentle removal of the skin impurities. Water used as the key ingredient takes care of the skin moisture, while the cocamide used in this product helps it to achieve the consistency of cream for easy application. Tocopheryl Acetate in this product, which is nothing but Vitamin E safeguards the skin with its antioxidant properties.

Many users stated that this is a very good gift that a person with sensitive skin gives to his/her face. Many also stated that this product effectively protects their skin from dehydration.

4. Pond’s Pure White Deep Cleansing Facial Foam

Individuals with acne-prone skin will greatly benefit from this product as per our Pond’s review. By addressing acne, this product aims at bringing up glowing skin. It works by detoxifying hidden pollution residues from your skin. Pond’s has created this product as an improved formula to help individuals struggling with acne. It lifts dirt and dust lying deep inside the layers of the skin to bring up glowing skin. It is unique as it purifies the areas of the skin that the regular cleansers cannot get into.

Black activated charcoal is the key ingredient in this product. This ingredient is known for its ability to absorb and lift away black impurities and dirt from the skin surface. Even, it works deep within the pores to bring out clear skin. Further, Japanese green tea in this product helps with getting rid of free radicals. In turn, the skin gets healthier and youthful glow.

Many users recommended this product for women with acne-prone skin during our Pond’s review of this product. The reason they state for this is that it is unscented and it cleanses the skin effectively to bring out its radiance. Even, some users stated that it actually suits all skin types and helps to achieve a natural glow.

5. Pond’s Makeup Remover Cleansing Balm

This product is a unisex cleansing balm suitable for dry skin from Pond’s Skincare. This makeup remover has been created by this brand in the form of a balm. The purpose of this product is to dissolve all traces of makeup and also impurities. It does not stop with this function. It also moisturizes the skin to improve its texture. When applied, the balm gets the form of silky oil. In turn, users can experience smooth and easy makeup removing experience. Without harsh skin rubbing, it helps with makeup removal including the makeup in the eyes. Further, it infuses the skin with moisture to improve its radiance, glow and softness.

Ethylhexyl palmitate is one of the key ingredients in this product. It helps with keeping the skin elastic and smooth by averting water loss from the top layers of the skin. Mineral oil is yet another active ingredient in this product. It helps with preventing the moisture from escaping from the skin. In turn, it will be possible to get healthy and soft skin even during dry climatic conditions outside. Cetyl ethyl hexanoate helps improve the conditions caused by excessive skin dryness.

Many users call this to be the best Pond’s skincare product as it effectively cleanses the skin out of impurities. Many users also feel that this is a great silkiest cream that suits even the delicate eye area.

6. Pond’s Moisture Clean Towelettes

This hypoallergenic product suits sensitive skin type. This pack encompasses 28 counts of exfoliating renewal towels. Its purpose is to help users with the effective removal of makeup. It leaves the skin soft and smooth as well. It means that with this product makeup removal becomes possible without hurting the skin. Even, the product suits individuals wearing contact lens.

The product uses orange peel oil as the key ingredient. When topically applied, this oil is known to address acne. Lemon oil in this product helps with brightening and even rejuvenating the dull skin. It is known for its detoxifying, astringent and antiseptic properties as well. Cucumber extract helps the skin by protecting it from free radical damage. Even, it helps with reducing skin irritation and inflammation besides reducing the irritation caused by the sunburn.

From our Pond’s review of this product, we found that many users of this product stated that their skin feels moisturized and rejuvenated with these towels. Also, many users expressed that this product functions as a great exfoliating face cloth.

7. Pond’s Dry Skin Cream

This dry skin cream from Pond’s Skincare has been created to treat dry skin. The brand has created this product as hypoallergenic and it will not clog pores. For these reasons, this product suits even individuals with sensitive skin. With the deep hydration it provides, dry skin will become pampered and soft.

Isopropyl Palmitate is the key ingredient in this product that is known for its moisturizing properties. It also helps with binding moisture to the skin. Further, it functions as an emollient. It means that it helps the cream to spread smoothly. Petrolatum is another ingredient that helps with healing minor burns and scrapes in the skin. Even, it brings moisturization benefits to the skin.

Many users stated that this is the first-ever dry skin treatment that works great. Even, many users call it the best face cream.


You need the best Pond’s Skincare product, isn’t it? You can choose one of the 7 products that we reviewed above. Do you need more? Here, we have further shortlisted a few of them:

So, based on your skin type, you can read Pond’s review for each of these products above and can choose one!

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