15 Best NYX Cosmetics Reviews

Best NYX Cosmetics Reviews

NYX Cosmetics holds the pride of being one drugstore makeup brand that has been a staple for any person with more interest in beauty. Above all, the brand makes it possible on a budget for many years now. Many professional makeup artists and beauty vloggers and bloggers rave about the innovative products from this brand. But, why choose this brand for your cosmetic needs will be your question. Here is the answer:

Why Choose NYX Cosmetics Products?

The best NYX Cosmetics products are not tested on animals. Not only the products but also the ingredients are not tested on animals. The brand believes and follows compassion for living beings. So, the brand has got certification from PETA as cruelty-free. So, you can expect cruelty-free products from NYX Cosmetics.

In this NYX Cosmetics review, you should also know that the brand is particular about making vegan products. The products from NYX are not animal-derived as they do not contain any animal-derived by-products or ingredients. The brand believes in showing makeup looks that can actually be achieved for all irrespective of your origin. It means that you can get the product that you need from this brand and you need not have to choose one from what it offers.

What Are the Best NYX Cosmetics?

Now, you know that you can find the best NYX Cosmetics products that fit your skin. But, you will be interested in learning about the best NYX cosmetics products that this brand offers. To help you we have posted NYX Cosmetics reviews of the top 15 products:

1. Pack of 3 Lip Butter Gloss from NYX

Are you a lip gloss fan? If so, this butter gloss is going to be the best NYX cosmetics product for you. The silky smooth and buttery soft formula delivers sheer to medium coverage to your lips. In other words, you can feel it melt onto your lips. In turn, they turn supple and soft.

The unique feature of this pack is that you can get three different shades of this product in a single pack. Above all, the brand has created this gloss in 26 different shades. Further, it has been created as a feather-proof and never-sticky formula by NYX. You have the option to either wear this gloss alone or you can combine it with your favorite lipstick.

Many users of this lips gloss pack are happy with how the shades have turned their lips. Many are happy that it is not too light or dark and so they love all shades.

2. Makeup Jumbo Eye Pencil from NYX

This product is part of our NYX Cosmetics reviews of the best products because this eye pencil is a multi-tasker. Yes, you can use it as eyeliner and also as an eye shadow. Its creamy texture makes it glide on without any effort. It does not fade, tug or pull. Above all, the brand offers this eye pencil in 16 vivid shades.

The unique feature of this eye pencil is that it has been formulated with mineral powder and oil. So, it blends on with ease.

In their review, many users expressed their happiness for this product as it creates a dramatic eye look. Many stated that it provides good coverage and so they like it.

3. Slim Lip Pencil from NYX Cosmetics

This professional makeup slim lip pencil comes in a wide range of dashing shades. It has been created as a long-wearing and buttery soft lip pencil formula and it goes on with ease and resists bleeding in lips due to chapping.

The unique feature of this lip pencil identified as one of the best NYX Cosmetics products is that you can glide it on for an instant pump to your pout. Also, you can use it in combination with glosses and lipsticks from NYX for an added punch.

Many users in their reviews claim that these liners are absolutely amazing. Many claim that the colors last long and are very much pigmented.

4. Epic Ink Liner Professional Makeup from NYX

This waterproof liquid liner for eyes features a supple and slender felt brush tip. Besides being intensely pigmented, this ink liner has been created by the brand as a waterproof eyeliner pen. The product aims at helping you achieve seamless and precise black liquid lines without any effort.

The unique feature of this liner part of our NYX Cosmetics reviews is that it creates every stroke to be unbelievably fluid. Also, it helps with achieving a defined finish. Further, you can control the thickness of the lines that this pen creates by pressing it down.

In their review, many users expressed that they are able to achieve fine natural lines or bold and broad lines with this liner. Many stated that they love this liner because they are able to have complete control over the application of this eyeliner.

5. Matte Finish Makeup Setting Spray from NYX

This product is a must-have lightweight makeup setting spray. The good thing about this spray is that it creates a great-looking shine-free matte finish. The purpose of this product is to make sure that your makeup stays all day long.

The unique feature of this product is that the brand has created this spray as a long-lasting and lightweight formula. Also, to address acne and related issues, this product has been infused with niacinamide.

In their review, many users stated that this is one of the best NYX cosmetics products as it works great to help their makeup stay the entire day. Also, many users recommended that it is better to use before applying mascara.

6. Marshmallow Smoothing Primer from NYX

Do you wish to achieve a marshmallow effect in your makeup? If so, this product can help. This product has been created by NYX as a 10-in-1 multitasking primer. IT smoothes, softens, extends your makeup wear for up to 16 hours, blurs lines, reduces texture, events tone, hydrates, soothes, keeps makeup fresh and adds a soft-focus finish to your makeup.

The unique feature of this primer is that it does not use any silicones. Also, its soft-whipped texture makes it dry down entirely transparent. In turn, it makes itself suitable for all skin tones. Further, it has been infused with smoothening marshmallow root extract as well.

Many users of this primer, in their NYX Cosmetics review, stated that they have finally found a primer that works. Also, many love the sweet smell of this product and its soft texture.

7. Ultimate Shadow Palette from NYX Cosmetics

This product has been named the Ultimate Shadow palette as this is one of the best NYX Cosmetics products. This palette is a pro-level palette that is packed with 16 high-performance eye-shadows. The shadows are available in this pack in 7 impressive color combinations.

The unique feature of this palette is that each set features a combination of complementary and velvety-rich colors in eye-catching finishes that range from metallic, shimmers and satins.  You can take any of these shades from day to night with different color combinations. You can bring out the ultimate you as claimed by NYX Cosmetics.

In their review, many users expressed that their eyes simply pop with this eye shadow collection. Many users are happy that they are able to choose from different choices of shadows offered by this palette that helps with getting different finishes to complete their looks.

8. Makeup Studio Perfect Primer from NYX

If you plan for a photoshoot or just plan to take some selfies, this primer will help. Yes, you can prep your complexion with this primer. From our NYX Cosmetics reviews, we found that this product comes in three different shades. Irrespective of the shade you choose, you can expect this formula to create a smooth surface for applying makeup. The green and lavender shades can even help you correct your natural skin color.

The unique feature of this primer is that the brand has created it as a silky formula and it creates a smooth matte surface for foundation. Also, it prolongs the time your makeup stays on your face.  The primer is easy to apply and you can create a smooth matte finish using it before you apply your makeup.

Many users of this primer have stated that the clear shade of this primer helps with covering large pores and fine lines. Those with yellow undertones stated that the lavender shade helps to brighten their skin. Also, the users of green shade have stated that it helps with eliminating redness in their skin.

9. Beauty Beam Metallic Glitter from NYX

Do you wish to make your makeup skills shine? If so, you can try out this Professional Makeup Metallic Glitter from NYX. These are loose glitters and they are offered by NYX in extreme metallic shades.

Irrespective of the shade you choose like sandy gold or deep bronze, you can make your body art shine truly. Each shade of metallic glitter has been inspired by a precious metal shade. This product is one of the best NYX Cosmetics products because you can get these metal shades with an electric edge.

Many users stated that they love this product as it is easy to apply to the eyes. When they tried on their eyes, many users stated that it came out great. Many feel that the super shiny look it creates is very impressive. It looks great when pictures are taken with or without flash as claimed by many users after applying these glitters.

10. Highlight & Contour Pro Palette from NYX Cosmetics

Do you need a palette that will help you define your facial features? Then, you will love this product for sure. You can do it like a pro with the shades in this palette. Each set of this product encompasses a set of contouring and highlighting shades. They will help you emphasize the favorite features on your face.

The unique feature of this palette is that it will let you layer, define and even blend your best facial features. This feature makes this product one of the best in our NYX Cosmetics reviews.

Many users are happy with the looks they are able to create with the shades in this palette.

11. Pore Filler Blurring Primer from NYX Cosmetics

The good thing about this primer is that it is free of talc and oil. It takes the responsibility of reducing the appearance of pores. It also kills shine and prepares your complexion. In turn, you can get the base for the smooth application of makeup. If you have oily skin, you can achieve matte makeup looks with this blurring primer.

The unique feature of this primer is that it has been created as a silky and sleek formula ideal for applying before you apply your skin foundations, bronzers, powders or concealers. This primer will help you enjoy prolonged makeup wear. It has been infused with smoothing agents to make your skin soft.

In their review, many users call this the best NYX Cosmetics product because this life-changing makeup product takes years off their skin by reducing visible skin pores.

12. Brow Glue from NYX Cosmetics

This product holds the pride of being the first brow styler from NYX. It can hold for 16 hours with its glue-like texture to continue to style your brows for longer.

The unique feature of this brow glue is that it dries down non-sticky even though it has glue in its name. It is flake-resistant and it is transparent as well. It creates a natural finish to your brows besides being easy and quick to apply.

Many users in their NYX Cosmetics review of this product expressed their thanks to this product stating that they are able to achieve great-looking brows.

13. Soft Matte Lip Cream from NYX Cosmetics

Be it matte colors that will help you make your statements or nude-based shades, this Soft Matte Lip Cream can deliver a burst of creamy color, thereby being identified as one of the best NYX Cosmetics products.

It is delightfully creamy, lightweight and durable and it has been scented sweetly to refresh your senses.

In their review, many users stated that this lip cream helps them enjoy matte lips that are always soft and never dry.

14. Honey Dew Me Up Primer from NYX Cosmetics

This primer helps with neutralizing redness in your skin. Even, it can hydrate your skin, while it can help with the creation of a luminous look with its light-reflective gold flecks. These factors make this product a part of our NYX Cosmetics reviews of the best product.

In addition to acting as a primer, the unique feature of this product is that it can nourish and can hydrate your skin. Even, it can treat skin concerns related to aging, hydration and redness. This primer has honey as one of the key ingredients with antiseptic properties, while hyaluronic acid takes care of skin hydration. For soothing the skin, it has rose and lavender. Even, collagen is present to fight signs of aging.

In their review, many users stated that when used rightly, this product is a holy grail for the skin.

15. HD Studio Finishing Powder from NYX Cosmetics

This product is offered as a loose finishing powder. It can absorb oil and can provide the right base for makeup. It can also be worn alone for a hazy non-glossy finish.

The unique feature of this finishing powder is that this best NYX Cosmetics product has been created by the brand as a completely unadulterated mineral silica powder. Further, it offers ultra-sheer coverage. The powder texture of this product goes on impartial, thereby working on different tones of skin.

In their review, many users recommend using this finishing powder after makeup. But, they recommend using a little as a little powder is enough for the entire face.

Final Verdict

From the above NYX Cosmetics reviews of the top products, you might wonder which product to choose. Here are some choices:

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