Top 10 Best Face Moisturizers For Pregnancy Expert Reviews

Top Best Face Moisturizers For Pregnancy

Many women feel that they should look for the best face moisturizer for pregnancy only during the winter season as this season is harsh on the skin. But, the thing to remember here is that it is important to use a moisturizer in all seasons.

Are you one of those expectant mothers wondering about whether it is essential to use a face moisturizer for pregnancy? If so, you are in the right place. As you are pregnant, you will have to maintain a consistent skincare routine. Otherwise, there is a higher chance of your skin turning out to be sensitive and prone to itching.

What to Consider When Selecting a Pregnancy-Safe Face Moisturizer?

Similar to regular women, you should consider your skin type when it comes to selecting a moisturizer. Above all, you should be highly careful about the ingredients in the product. Some moisturizing ingredients like hyaluronic acid are safe for carrying moms. But, some are not safe. So, it is important to consider the ingredients. To help you with the selection of the best pregnancy-safe moisturizer, we have shortlisted the best options available for pregnant women:

1. Rose Deep Hydration Face Cream from Fresh

Suitable for normal and dry skin types, this face moisturizer for pregnancy brings the essential moisture for your skin with rose water as the key ingredient.

Apart from rose water, this product encompasses time-release hydro patches. They help with forming a protective moisture veil in the skin of carrying moms. In addition to helping skin to attract, this product even helps with retaining the moisture in the skin of carrying moms safely. Plum seed oil in this product is yet another safe ingredient that helps with hydrating the skin to maintain a healthy-looking glow.

Many carrying moms, who have tried this product have stated that it is a deeply-hydrating and lightweight facial cream that they use regularly.

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2. Skin Moisturizer from Jurlique

This best face moisturizer for pregnancy has been created by Jurlique to suit sensitive skin. This has been created as a rich moisturizing cream with efficient calendula extract for deeply hydrating and also comforting sensitive skin. The product helps with intense hydration besides softening, soothing and clarifying the skin.

The product provides intense hydration for comforting sensitive skin. Calendula extract used in this product helps with its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties to soothing eczema and healing wounds.

Also, many pregnant women, who have tried this product have stated that it helps to calm their skin after exposure to harsh elements.

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3. Multi-Active Skin Wrinkle Correction Cream from Clarins

This pregnancy safe moisturizer from Clarins suits matured skin. With its richness in antioxidants, it brings safe skincare benefits to carrying moms. It helps with fighting the effects of daytime stress.

The product encompasses encapsulated teasel extract. The purpose of this ingredient is to safely deliver targeted revitalizing to the skin of carrying moms. Also, it includes myrothamnus that helps with visibly toning, smoothing, and de-stressing the skin. Many moms have stated that this light cream is friendly to their skin.

Many pregnant women, who have tried this product have stated that it helps them to visibly bring down fine lines besides boosting skin radiance.

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4. Double Repair Toleriane Face Moisturizer from La Roche-Posay

This product pointed as the best pregnancy-safe moisturizer by many carrying moms from La Roche-Posay suits sensitive skin. This product encompasses niacinamide as the key ingredient. Although the FDA has not approved this ingredient to be in the pregnancy-safe category, many dermatologists agree that this ingredient in skin care products is safe in carrying moms.

The FDA has assigned category C for glycerin, which is another safe ingredient in this product for pregnant women. Also, ceramides used in this product are always recommended for carrying moms for skin moisture.

All these ingredients make this product a face moisturizer for pregnancy. To make it further safe, it is free of fragrance and it has a lightweight and creamy texture as claimed by many carrying moms, who have tried this product.

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5. Enrich Lotion – II from FANCL

Suitable for all skin types including sensitive and mature skin, this product is the best face moisturizer for pregnancy because it has been formulated with collagen, which is naturally present in the human body. Further, the concentrated essential nutrients in this product permit deep hydration besides combating signs of aging.

This product follows a double approach to the skin’s collagen. One of these approaches is bundling and reinforcing collagen for improving firmness and elasticity, while the other is the regeneration of damaged collagen for maintaining smoothness.

Many expecting mothers, who have tried this product have stated that it revitalizes their skin and keeps it plump and soft.

6. Sulwhasoo Ginseng Concentrated Renewing Cream

In general, carrying moms are recommended to keep away from ginseng for internal consumption. But, this product uses ginseng as a key ingredient for external application. This is why this product is a pregnancy safe moisturizer. This traditional Korean herbal cream helps with restructuring the skin from deep within. It helps carrying moms get the benefit of elimination of signs of aging in their skin.

Many expecting mothers, who have tried this product have stated that they are simply obsessed with this moisturizing cream. This anti-aging remedy suits all skin types.

7. Revitalizing Essential Jinyulhyang Emulsion from Whoo

The History of Whoo Brand has created this product to suit mature skin type. Many women have stated this product to be the best pregnancy-safe moisturizer as it functions as a lotion to balance oil and moisture content in the skin.

Apart from helping with minimizing pores, this product helps with anti-wrinkle effect, lifting, firming and revitalizing benefits to the skin. The product is safe for carrying moms because in addition to glycerin it uses many plant extracts to bring the best skincare benefits.

Many carrying moms have stated that this product helped with energizing their skin. Even, some have stated that by removing the tiredness from the face, this product brings a refreshing look every time they use it.

8. Daily Face Moisturizer Cream for Sensitive Skin from Burt’s Bees

This fragrance-free product has been created by Burt’s Bees to suit sensitive skin. With safe ingredients, it turns out to be the best face moisturizer for pregnancy as well. This product helps with the creation of a more hydrated and luminous complexion.

To make it safe for carrying moms, the product uses aloe vera and rice extracts. The product encompasses 98.9% natural ingredients. It provides hydration without clogging the pores and makes the skin look healthy at all times.

Many pregnant women, who have tried this product have stated that this product gently leaves the skin very smooth and it works great for sensitive skin.

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9. Vitamin C Moisturizer from InstaNatural

Citrus fruits and other Vitamin C-rich products are always safe to use in carrying moms. So, this pregnancy safe moisturizer from InstaNatural encompasses vitamin C as the key ingredient along with organic jojoba oil and hyaluronic acid.

It fights wrinkles, acne, dark spots and hyperpigmentation. Suitable for all skin types, the product uses other safe ingredients like sunflower seed oil, hyaluronic acid, niacinamide to fight acne and other skin blemishes and to provide healthy hydration.

Many carrying moms, who have tried this product have stated that besides providing hydration to their skin, this product helped with the removal of blemishes and always brings out the best complexion.

10. Regenerist Ultra-Rich Face Moisturizer from Olay

This best pregnancy-safe moisturizer from Olay has been created with Vitamin B3+ peptides. It helps with visibly renewing the skin. The product has a thick and creamy texture to instantly hydrate and to firm the skin visibly.

Olay has designed this formula to feel creamy and rich and melt into the skin. It means that users will not feel greasy residue as created by many skin moisturizers. This is something highly important to consider for carrying moms, who frequently get out for their day-to-day tasks. Those staying indoors need not have to of course worry.

To make sure that the best hydration becomes possible, the ingredients in this product have been carefully included to provide 24-hour hydration.

Many pregnant women, who have tried this moisturizer have stated that their face has never felt plumpy and smooth ever earlier. They were able to achieve this much softness only after using this moisturizer from Olay.

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Benefits of Face Moisturizer for Pregnancy

A face moisturizer hydrates your skin and prepares it to cope with pollutants, cold wind, and other threats. This post reveals some amazing benefits of face moisturizer for pregnancy. You will also learn how to pick the best product for pregnancy. 

Are face moisturizers formulated differently for pregnant women? Yes, brands carefully pick ingredients when producing pregnancy-safe skincare products. They remove all the harsh ingredients to ensure the product does not hurt the user’s skin. 

A pregnancy-safe moisturizer is way more effective than a regular one! This product adapts to the changes your skin experiences. It delivers nourishment your skin demands to maintain its natural glow and texture. 

The following benefits reveal how essential face moisturizer for pregnancy is! 

1. It reduces the risk of skin issues

The skin changes during pregnancy might seem a bit frustrating. Increasing hormone levels will take a toll on your skin condition. You have to be well-prepared to cope with those changes. 

The best face moisturizer for pregnancy ensures the skin maintains its balance. It won’t let your skin get too dry or oily. The moisturizer delivers hydrating ingredients frequently to prevent your skin from being too sensitive. 

The moisturizing cream may contain a negligible amount of skin-friendly exfoliants that will keep pores clear. Thus, the risk of acne also reduces!  

2. It can treat blemishes

Most expectant mothers experience the acne problem in the first and second trimesters of pregnancy. Increased levels of Androgen hormones are responsible for this issue. These hormones trigger excess sebum production in sebaceous glands. As a result, women experience acne and blemishes. 

If you are moisturizing your skin regularly from the beginning, you can manage sebum production in glands. It is much easier to even out new and existing blemishes with the right moisturizer. Top-rated products benefit users with all skin tones. So, no additional treatment is required. 

3. It keeps you young

You will gain extra weight during pregnancy. It will affect the natural shape of your body and that’s a price every woman pays to nurture a healthy baby. Unfortunately, it can also trigger some unwanted changes. The appearance of wrinkles and fine lines is one of those changes. 

You cannot try a regular anti-ageing cream if you are an expectant or breastfeeding mother. You have to switch to a safer skincare routine. Antioxidant-rich moisturizers meet your needs! These products do not cause any birth defect while keeping your skin firm and young. 

4. It can fade melasma 

It is called melasma when you get dark-brown patches on your cheeks, forehead, lips, and nose. Being one of the most common skin issues during pregnancy, melasma can compromise your natural charm. 

Changes in hormone levels and exposure to UV light are two main causes of this skin issue. Many women opt for in-office treatment. They frequently visit a dermatologist’s clinic to cure this skin issue as soon as possible. 

If that’s not an option for you, you can pick the best face moisturizer for pregnancy! The moisturizing lotion will hydrate your skin and deliver the best remedy to restore the natural tone of your skin. 

5. Glowing skin

Ordinary face creams and moisturizers do not contain ingredients that offer a prolonged glow. It gets quite easy to recognize products that are not quite effective during pregnancy. You have to switch to a more potent formula to avoid the dull and saggy texture of the skin. 

The best face moisturizer for pregnancy feeds everything the skin demands to maintain its glow. This post offers the best guide to identifying the right product. So, buy it and use it to get glowing skin. 

How to Pick the Right Face Moisturizer for Pregnancy?

When searching for a face moisturizer for pregnancy, assess the following factors. This assessment will help you in avoiding products that may damage your skin! 

1. Pick the right product according to your skin type

It is a basic rule of picking the finest product for your facial skin. Your skin might be different from other people’s skin. It can be dry, oily, acne-prone, combination, or sensitive! The following tips will help you shortlist a perfect product according to your skin type. 

  • Face moisturizer for dry skin

Does your skin feels dull, dry, and itchy? You are not the only expectant mother experiencing this change. It troubles millions of pregnant women during the first trimester of the pregnancy period. Health experts consider it a normal change that occurred due to increased hormone levels. 

However, it can be troubling and the facial skin may seem inflamed and itchy most of the day. You have to apply a thick and hydrating face moisturizer to soothe dry skin. Look for ingredients, such as cocoa butter, hyaluronic acid, shea butter, glycerin, coconut oil, and mango butter. 

Those hydrating ingredients will quickly boost moisture levels in your skin. It will feel softer, plump, and fade dark spots as well! 

  • Face moisturizer for sensitive skin

If your skin has become sensitive, you are already experiencing symptoms. Regular skincare products can trigger issues, such as dry patches, inflammation, red spots, rashes, and intense inflammation. It is time to pick a 100% organic face moisturizer to soothe irritating spots and nourish the skin. 

Look for a product with hydrating ingredients. Besides, it should offer a blend of aloe vera extract, chamomile extract, and some soothing essential oils. Steer clear of chemicals, preservatives, fragrances, and phthalates! 

  • Face moisturizer for oily skin

When searching for a face moisturizer for oily and acne-prone skin, prefer a water-based formula. Do not buy retinoid products for anti-ageing benefits! Those products are known to cause birth defects due to high concentrations of retinol. 

You should try a product with a very low concentration of salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, glycolic acid, and other non-comedogenic ingredients. Gentle exfoliation will help you clear clogged pores. Hydrating and acne bacteria-killing ingredients will get into your skin. Thus, you will have a clean and clear face with no more acne! 

  • Face moisturizer for combination skin

If the skin feels oily in the T-zone and the rest of the face feels dry, you got combination skin. Prefer a hydrating face moisturizer with non-comedogenic ingredients. It will moisturize your skin to control excess oil production. As a result, you will have even-looking skin and powerful ingredients will remove blemishes within a few weeks. 

2. Pick a fragrance-free face moisturizer

Do brands add fragrances to face moisturizers? Yes, they add certain chemicals to make the product smell better than the competitor brand. It is a common tactic to draw more buyers, but those fragrances are harmful to pregnant women and users with dry and sensitive skin! 

Are fragrance-free products really what they claim to be? No, face moisturizers can have an appealing or somewhat weird smell due to the blend of their ingredients. Organic products with all-natural ingredients may smell a bit weird, but they are perfect to nourish the skin during pregnancy. 

Some unscented products also contain fragrances. Brands use special chemicals to neutralize the unpleasant smell of to product. When a user with sensitive skin tries unscented moisturizer, it triggers allergic reactions. Those allergic reactions can range from mild inflammations to bumpy red patches. Therefore, you must pick a top-rated fragrance-free face moisturizer to avoid allergic reactions! 

3. Does it offer protection against UVA and UVB rays?

You might be wondering why to seek sun protection in a face moisturizer while I got the sunscreen. You may not need to apply that sunscreen if your moisturizer is good enough to block up to 97% UVA and UVB rays. 

Protection against sunlight is extremely important when you are pregnant. Sun exposure can increase free radicals in your skin, trigger ageing signs, and also trigger chronic health issues. When you have a face moisturizer with SPF15 or higher, it can effectively guard your skin against sunlight. 

A face moisturizer with broad-spectrum protection can block both UVA and UVB rays. Its main ingredients should be titanium dioxide and zinc oxide. These non-comedogenic sunscreen ingredients can protect your facial skin for hours in intense sunlight. 

4. Should you try a hypoallergenic face moisturizer?

Even though your skin is normal now, it might become sensitive as the hormone levels increase. You cannot apply an ordinary face moisturizer during that time. Your skin will demand a hypoallergenic skincare product to prevent allergic reactions.

A hypoallergenic face moisturizer does not contain anything that may trigger allergic reactions! Don’t trust the product label blindly because poor-quality products may still have preservatives. You should look for a clinically-tested product with top ratings from genuine users. Your dermatologist may also recommend a sensitive skin-friendly moisturizer to prevent allergies. 

5. Does the moisturizer offer anti-ageing benefits?

Retinol-containing face moisturizers are not for pregnant women. Retinoids may cause birth complications and therefore health experts prohibit such anti-aging products in pregnancy! You should look for an antioxidant-rich face moisturizer. 

This product will eliminate free radicals to increase collagen in your skin. Besides, natural retinol alternatives will increase the firmness and elasticity of your skin. You can prevent premature aging and look much younger if you got the right face moisturizer for pregnancy.  


Now, you know that skin moisturization is highly important not just during pregnancy but also at any stage of life. When you are pregnant, you need to be highly careful about selecting the best face moisturizer for pregnancy. So, we have shortlisted the top 10 options above. But, what if you want us to further shortlist the best options. We have even done it for you here:

Oily Skin: Vitamin C Moisturizer from InstaNatural

Dry Skin: Rose Deep Hydration Face Cream from Fresh

Combination Skin: Enrich Lotion – II from FANCL

Mature Skin: Revitalizing Essential Jinyulhyang Emulsion

You can choose one of the above four based on your skincare needs. You will start feeling how soft and hydrated your skin turns with one of these products!

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