15 Best Eau Thermale Avene Skincare

Best Eau Thermale Avene Skincare

Are you interested in trying Avene Skincare products? What motivated you to try products from this brand? It might be the thought of one of your friends, who tried one of the best products from this brand or many products. But, before you try any best Avene product, it would be a good idea to understand what makes products from Avene special. Let us find out here:

What Makes Eau Thermale Avene Products Special?

From our Avene reviews, we found that almost all products from this brand encompass Eau Thermale Avene Spring Water. This active, powerful, and pure water from this brand brings three proven actions to your skin. They are softening, anti-irritant and soothing. The effectiveness of this key ingredient in many products from this brand has been demonstrated through more than 150 clinical studies.

Further, from our Avene Skincare reviews, we found that this water has been made using a unique mineral and organic composition to bring the best benefits to the skin. Above all, this ingredient can provide soothing skincare to all members of your family even though it is has been created to address the issues faced by sensitive, irritated, allergic, hypersensitive and sensitive skin.

The Avene Thermal Water has been created understanding that skin irritations following a superficial dermatological treatment, after sunburn or just after the removal of makeup, all sensitive skin needs soothing care. To provide this care, this spray has been created by the brand. So, Eau Thermale Avene has included this water as a key ingredient in most of its products.

1. Thermal Spring Water Calming Facial Mist Spray from Eau Thermale Avene

This Avene Skincare product has been created mainly for softening and soothing sensitive skin. It helps to bring down skin sensitivity and it provides antioxidant protection to the skin to fight free radical damages.

Avene thermal spring water is the key ingredient in this product with different mineral and biological properties. It helps with softening the skin composition and reduces pH levels. Also, it aids with restoring natural barrier besides maintaining the natural balance of the skin. It has been derived from unique microflora and aqua dolomiae. They survive only in extremely pure and deep Avene water to nourish the skin by addressing irritation.

In their review, many users call this product to be magical fairy juice for its effectiveness in addressing skin irritation and itchiness. Many claimed that it feels so good on the skin.

2. RetrinAL 0.1 Intensive Cream from Avene

This best Avene product aims at bringing down the signs of skin aging. Also, it aims at rejuvenating and brightening the skin. It has been created for mature, normal and dry skin types. This product has been created as a peptide formula with anti-oxidant protection to the skin. It helps with addressing deep furrows in the skin.

The brand has formulated this product with retinaldehyde for smoothening the appearance of deep wrinkles. It helps with brightening and renewing the skin. The intensive care it provides to the skin helps to bring down deep lines and wrinkles to help achieve a youthful and radiant complexion. Pre-tocopheryl in this product is a form of photo-stable vitamin E, which provides powerful antioxidant protection to the skin.

When talking about the effectiveness of this product, many users expressed that it is an awesome product that brings many positive effects to their skin.

3. Tolérance Extrême Cream from Avene

This product is part of our Avene reviews of the best products because it helps with rebalancing, respecting and reconnecting not just the skin but also its physiology. To ensure the optimal fusion with the skin, this cream has been created with a non-greasy and rich texture. It rebalances and respects the natural microbiome of the skin. This product suits a wide range of needs of sensitive skin with minimal ingredients.

To achieve a physio-compatible formula, this product uses Avene thermal spring water as the key ingredient. It also uses physiological humectants to retain skin moisture. Above all, it also uses glycerol to preserve the natural barrier of the skin besides ensuring proper hydration maintenance. To retain water, glycerin is also part of this product.

In their review, many users call this the best skin care product for hyper-reactive skin. Many stated that it always helps their skin whenever they have rashes. Even, many users call this product to be the only moisturizer that provides the best and ideal level of hydration to the skin.

4. Cleanance Soap-Free Cleanser for Acne-Prone Skin from Avene

Our Avene Skincare reviews of the best products from this brand encompass this product because the brand has created this soap-free cleanser mainly to help oily and blemish-prone skin. Above all, it is free of paraben and non-comedogenic, thereby making it safe for sensitive skin. Without stripping the skin, it helps with the elimination of impurities from the skin.

To bring down excess oil from the skin, this biodegradable product has been formulated by the brand with a plant-based ingredient also called silymarin. For soothing irritation, it uses gluconate, while for reducing excess oil monolaurin is also part of this product. Further, Avene Thermal spring water helps with soothing and calming the skin after cleansing.

Many users of this product stated that this product is the best choice for individuals struggling with cystic acne. Further, many expressed that this product was recommended to them by their dermatologist and it works great for skin cleansing without making the skin dry.

5. Gentle Toning Lotion from Avene

This alcohol-free toner has been created by Eau Thermale Avene has a bi-phase toner. This oil-free toner brings gentle toning benefits to the skin. It is unscented and so it suits normal, dry, and sensitive skin. Besides bringing the best skin toning benefits, it safeguards the skin from external aggressors.

This toner has been made using softening silicates that help with gentle toning. Thermal water is the key ingredient in this product that helps with maintaining physiological pH, thereby preventing skin dryness. The natural silicates used in this product create a protective film on the skin.

In their review, many users stated that they love this toner a lot. The reason they put forth for this claim is that it perfectly works for their sensitive skin. Also, many loved the fact that this cream has a scent but it is undetectable and produces only a whiff of it. Many stated that this cream does not create a heavy feel of cream but leaves the skin to feel moisturized and dewy.

6. Micellar Lotion Cleansing Water from Avene Skincare

The unique thing about this cleanser is that this product has been created by the brand as a no-rinse cleansing lotion. It aids with the removal of makeup and impurities from the skin. This cleansing water suits normal and sensitive skin types.

Avene Skincare has created this cleanser only with a minimum number of ingredients. This makes this cleanser unique and special as many cleansers in the market contain many unknown ingredients. The two key ingredients in this product are Micellar water and thermal water. When thermal water brings soothing and softening effects to the skin, Micellar water promotes skin hydration. Above all, it helps with the removal of excess oil and makeup from the skin, thereby it is added as a part of this product. It keeps the skin clear as well.

In their review, many users have expressed that this cleansing water has a pleasant smell. Many stated that it is not oily and sticky like other cleansing solutions out there. Many stated that apart from cleansing, it also tones their skin.

7. XeraCalm A.D Ultra-Rich Cleansing Bar from Avene

This product has been created as an ultra-rich cleansing bar. Its purpose is to calm and soothe itching sensations. Also, it safeguards the skin from the drying effects of water in some places. This bar helps with soothing skin that is moderately dry and even it helps individuals with severely dry skin that has caused itching and atopic dermatitis. This product is recommended for dry skin that is prone to itching.

This product is part of our Avene Skincare reviews of the best products because the brand has formulated this bar with minimum ingredients. However, the ingredients used are essential for keeping the skin hydrated and maintaining a healthy balance of the microbiome. The product uses patented I-Modulia, which the brand has derived from Avene Thermal Spring Water. The role of this powerful complex is to calm irritation and itching sensation. Even, it aids with maintaining a healthy microbiome balance to support the natural defense system of the skin. Evening primrose oil is part of this product due to its richness in ceramides and omega-6 fatty acids to provide the skin with exceptional hydration and to restore the protective barrier of the skin. The Avene thermal spring water in this product calms, softens and soothes the skin.

In their review, almost all users stated that they experienced a reduction in skin dryness within a week of using this cleansing bar. Also, many stated that within 5 days of usage, their skin itchiness has disappeared.

8. XeraCalm A.D. Liquid Replenishing Cream from Avene

This product targets not only the cause but also the source of itching. It works by sealing in the moisture. The moisture sealing happens because of the non-greasy, velvety and rich texture of this cream. This cream provides soothing skin care for eczema. For this purpose, the product has been approved by the National Eczema Association. It has got this approval for its tolerance and efficiency in calming and nourishing dry and itchy skin that is prone to eczema. The product comes in a bottle that has a patented exclusive airless pump. In turn, the cream remains entirely safe and sterile for the entire period of usage. Above all, to keep it safe for itchy skin, the product does not contain any fragrance, dyes, parabens and preservatives.

This product is part of our Avene reviews of the top products from this brand because it has been formulated with the least ingredients. Above all, the ingredients in this product are essential not just for hydrating but also for maintaining a healthy balance of skin microbiome. The product uses patented I-Modulia that aids with maintaining a well-balanced microbiome. Further, it supports the natural defense system of the skin to make sure that the skin remains healthy and normal.

In their review, many users with compromised skin stated that the itching in their skin disappeared completely just within 5 days of using this cream. They expressed their gratitude to Avene for the creation of such a wonderful product for itch relief that brings many other benefits to the skin.

9. Cicalfate+ Restorative Protective Cream for wound care from Avene

Avene found that a recent study on the microbiome, a community of microorganisms revealed that there is a correlation between them and skin health. Not just the skin health, they are known to strengthen and restore skin barrier as well. So, the brand has created this product with microorganisms that have been clinically proven to aid with skin restoration. This cream helps with faster healing of skin and takes quick action to soothe the skin after the superficial aggressions it is subjected to daily.

This best Avene product has been made as a Cicalfate and restorative protective cream and it is powered by ingredients that can restore postbiotic restoration. The microbes in this product will help with skin healing. With its richness in proteins, it helps with skin restoration, while preserving the natural barrier of the skin. It has been created with copper and zinc sulfate complex that not only promotes but also maintains a healthy healing environment. In turn, this product helps with optimal skin recovery. Again, this product contains Avene Thermal Spring water that has been proven clinically to calm, soften and soothe the skin.

Many users appreciated the impressive improvement it brings to their skin. Many stated that this product is temperature-sensitive and when stored rightly, it even treats eczema. Many recommended this product to those with compromised skin to get the best relief from all skin-related illnesses.

10. PhysioLift EYES from Avene

This product for eyes from Avene aims at filling wrinkles and it also helps with tightening and making the skin smooth. It helps with visibly bringing down dark circles and puffiness around the eyes. This product has been created for normal, combination and mature skin types.

The product uses innovative patch technology that helps with binding the targeted eye area to aid with filling wrinkles and to smoothen and tightens the skin. Also, this technology used in the production of this Eau Thermale Avene product makes sure that dark circles and puffiness reduce visibly. For powerful antioxidant protection, this product is enriched with Pre-tocopheryl and to make sure that users can achieve a fresh-looking and smooth complexion, the product uses micro-pearlescent. To even skin tone, the product uses hesperidin methyl chalcone. For reducing puffiness and dark circles, Dextran Sulfate is part of this product. To immediately soothe and visibly plump the skin, the product uses hyaluronic acid as one of the ingredients.

In their review, many users call this product to be a facelift in a bottle. Many stated that by addressing wrinkles and tiredness in their eye area, this product improved their overall looks. Many expressed their gratitude to Avene for creating such a wonderful eye cream.

11. Skin Recovery Cream from Avene

This skin recovery cream aids with not only hydrating but also restoring the skin’s barrier within 48 hours of usage. Also, it calms and soothes the skin by addressing hyperactivity. The cream has been created mainly for allergic, intolerant and reactive skin. It calms the skin just within 30 seconds and soothes different types of discomfort in the skin including tightness, burning and tingling sensation.

The soothe the skin this product uses Avene Thermal Water as the key ingredient. To keep the skin hydrated, it uses glycerin as part of this product. Also, the D-Sensinose in this product is a postbiotic, which addresses different types of skin discomforts.

In their Avene Skincare review of this product, many users are happy that this cream made their skin soft and smooth. Also, many stated that it quickly and even instantly addressed skin irritation and redness.

12. Ultra Nourishing Face Moisturizer from Avene Skincare

This cream with a nourishing texture helps not only to nourish the skin but also helps with replenishing the skin and restores its glow. It re-energizes the skin with its richness in antioxidants by fighting free radical damages. Apart from preventing moisture loss from the skin, this moisturizer replenishes skin lipids to keep it healthy.

Red fruit extract in this product replenishes the skin with its richness in lipids and vitamins. For powerful antioxidant protection, the product uses pre-tocopheryl, which is a precursor of vitamin E.

Almost all users of this best Avene product expressed that this cream has made their skin protected and replenished. Many stated that this product has made their skin appear glowing, soft and revitalized.

13. Hydrance Rich Hydrating Cream from Avene

This product aims at providing soothing relief to the skin that lasts longer. It brings luminosity, suppleness and comfort to the skin the entire day. It aids dry skin to restore its hydrolipidic barrier. Also, it aids the skin to maintain its moisture balance. With a month of usage, this hydrating cream aims at providing the skin with 4 times more hydration. Not only for dry skin, it suits sensitive and normal skin types as well.

The product provides time-released hydration to the skin because of its richness in cohederm. It is nothing but the ideal lipidic trio that aims at restoring and binding hydration to the skin for improving comfort and elasticity. Further, it ensures the prevention of water loss happens rightly to the skin. The Avene thermal spring water in this product aids with the restoration of a more cohesive skin barrier and it also helps with replenishing the natural micro-reservoirs in the skin. Shea butter is also part of this product to nourish and moisturize the skin.

Avene reviews of this product from many users claim that this product helped them get the right relief from flaky skin. Also, many stated that it comes in handy even when they are on a trip.

14. Soothing Eye Contour Cream from Avene

This product, as you can judge from the name, helps with relieving under-eye puffiness. Also, it keeps the eye area moisturized to prevent wrinkles and fine lines. This product has been approved by the National Eczema Association for its tolerance and efficiency in soothing dry skin prone to atopic dermatitis and itching. Even, it has been approved as safe to use during oncology treatment by the American Contact Dermatitis Society.

Dextran Sulfate and chamomile in this product carried decongesting properties. They help with soothing the skin and bringing down under-eye puffiness. The product also uses patented Pre-tocopheryl, which is a photostable form of vitamin E. It carries antioxidant properties to protect the skin from free radical damages. Hyaluronic acid takes care of hydration while Avene thermal sprint water softens and soothes the eye contour.

In their Avene Skincare reviews of this product, many users expressed that this cream brings the best remedy for flaky skin. Also, many stated that they are able to get relief within hours.

15. Melt-in Balm from Avene Skincare

This rich velvety balm helps with intensely nourishing and moisturizing the skin round-the-clock. Further, the creamy texture of this balm helps it to be absorbed into the skin quickly.

This balm uses an Oleo-soothing complex that encompasses plant-based oils along with soothing Avene thermal spring water. Safflower oil in this product with its richness in omega-9 acid and vitamin E provides antioxidant benefits to the skin. Also, these ingredients jointly leave the skin protected and radiant.

In their Eau Thermale Avene review of this product, many people stated that there is no better skin balm than this. Also, many appreciated the nice scent of this balm.


If you are concerned about your sensitive skin and are looking for the best products for your skin, you can consider Avene Thermal Skincare products. But, from these top 15 products, you might wonder which ones to choose. Here are some of our choices:

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