Top 10 Best Diet Kits

Diet Kits

Diet kits are a combination of ready-to-eat supplements, shakes, or meals that contribute to a weight-loss diet plan. The diet kits are available for various periods; the most popular ones accommodate meals worth one week. The meals and supplements are portioned accordingly for the user to consume conveniently.

Diet kits provide a well-thought-out plan to carry out any diet. You need not worry about procuring healthy food items during the diet. As the meals in diet kits are all ready-to-eat, you can also save significant meal preparation time.

1. Nutrisystem 7-Day Diet Kit

This diet kit comes with multiple ready-to-eat items throughout the week. It has a total of 28 meals which include shakes, snacks, etc. All the meals and beverages are portioned to ensure weight loss within seven days. It also comes with a one-week diet plan.

Each meal packet has labels with appropriate intake timings and nutritional value in each serving. It is beneficial in keeping up with the diet plan. You also get access to Nutrisystem’s official diet companion mobile application. The application has all the tips, techniques, and recipes for better weight management. The supplementary shakes are all of chocolate fudge flavor.


  • No artificial sweeteners
  • No preservatives or additives
  • Variety meals
  • Snacks are also available
  • Prebiotic or protein shakes


  • No FDA approval

2. WonderSlim One Week Diet Kit

This diet kit contains a total of 35 meals. You get 21 weight loss-aiding meal replacement shakes, seven lunches, and seven snacks. The kit also includes a seven-day diet chart, which is helpful in the process. The calorie count of each of the meals is on the package for convenience.

Although almost all the products are vegetarian-friendly, except a serving of chicken noodle soup. The diet provides a core plan of 1000-1500 calories daily. You can lose up to 2 pounds in one week using the kit. The shakes and snacks are quite tasty. But the soup does not seem to be up to the mark regarding flavor and texture.


  • 7-day, 14-day, and 28-day kits are available
  • Well-portioned meals and shakes
  • You can lose more weight if coupled with exercise
  • Mostly vegetarian-friendly


  • The soup is disappointing
  • No FDA approval

3. ProLon Five-Day Fasting Kit

This diet kit contains snack bars, soups, drinks, supplements, meals, and teas. The kit works so that it gives you lesser-calorie food with each passing day. The process is quite similar to fasting. This kit is a bit exhausting as there is relatively minimal food involved. But the results are pretty impressive. A visible change in belly fat occurs within three months.

But you cannot continue this diet for more than a week, as you get tired and weak during the diet. You have to follow this diet plan for a week every month, and after three months, you will notice visible changes in your body weight.


  • Plant-based diet plan
  • Imitates fasting
  • Designed by 14 global universities
  • Can lose up to 6 pounds after three months
  • Gluten-free
  • Reduces cravings and supports fat-focused weight loss


  • A bit too expensive
  • Results will be minimum if not continued for a long-term
  • Low-calorie intake can cause weakness

4. RelaxSlim Complete Diet Kit

This diet kit primarily contains weight loss supplements. It includes cleansing supplements, probiotics, immunity supplements, shakes, anti-stress drinks, etc. The shakes come in vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry flavors. The anti-stress drink with strawberry & lime flavor is the highlight of the kit.

It comes with a NaturalSlim Program Guide containing information and diet tips. You can also join the NaturalSlim program for better guidance. The program will provide you with a certified metabolism consultant who will help you through the dieting process. You can also avail yourself the free appointments with the metabolism experts in the program for a clearer picture of the effective weight loss methods.


  • Improves metabolism
  • Have access to the NaturalSlim personal program
  • Natural detox supplements are present
  • Complete weight loss kit
  • Gets a 50 USD worth gift certificate for achieving your weight loss goal


  • No FDA approval

5. LeanForm24 Complete Diet Kit

This diet kit contains weight loss-aiding supplements in capsule form. It includes three supplements: a metabolism booster, body toner, and body cleanser. Each supplement contains 90 soft gel capsules you must compliment with nutritional meals.

You can see visible changes in body weight after two to three weeks of using the kit. There will also be a positive change in hair and teeth health.


  • Helps in targeted weight loss
  • Improves sleep quality
  • Four-way reduction of body fat
  • It contains essential fatty acids


  • No ready-to-eat meals involved
  • No FDA approval

6. PROTIFIT High Protein Diet Kit

This is a high-protein diet kit that is suitable for beginners. It keeps up with a seven-day diet plan and has 43 products. The products include 21 meal replacements, 14 snack bars, seven lunches, and one multivitamin.

The majority of the meals are diet puddings or shakes. It also comes with a seven-day meal plan to guide you. The calories in each meal are optimized accordingly in the labels on the package.


  • Gluten-free
  • Keto-friendly products
  • Suitable for diabetic patients
  • High protein content


  • No FDA approval

7. Herbalife Weight Loss Diet Kit

This diet kit majorly contains supplements and shakes. The kit has meal replacement shakes, multivitamin capsules, protein bars, prebiotic & probiotic supplements, etc. It also includes herbal tea for detoxing and weight loss.

The product is ideal for short-term usage. You can see visible changes in body weight after two to three weeks of use. But long-term usage is not recommended as only a few studies are available on its long-term effects.


  • Improves metabolism
  • Convenient capsule and powder form
  • Low-calorie content
  • Multiple flavors available


  • Not suitable for long-term usage
  • No FDA approval

8. Yes You Can All-In-One Diet Kit

It also has a travel-friendly shaker bottle and a printed workout and nutrition guide.

This all-in-one diet kit contains drink mixes, meal replacement shakes, snacks, supplements, and many more. The meal replacement shakes are vanilla and coffee flavored.


  • Contains zero cholesterol
  • High iron content
  • Plant-based
  • Aloe vera drink to boost immunity


  • No Vitamin D is present

9. 310 Nutrition All-In-One Starter Diet Kit

This all-in-one diet kit solely contains meal replacement shakes. It has a total of nine shake packets that are of three flavors. The flavors are vanilla crème, chocolate bliss, and caramel sundae.

You also get a shaker cup with the kit. Although it is not ideal for long-term diet plans, it fetches excellent results in one to two weeks.


  • Rich with fiber
  • Vegan-friendly
  • Low carbohydrate content
  • Added 26 essential minerals and vitamins


  • Does not feel full for a reasonable time
  • No FDA approval

10. Skinny Jane 30-Day Diet Kit

This weight loss diet kit is specifically for women. It contains a chocolate-flavored shake and a couple of capsule supplements. This kit is available in multiple other flavors too.

It is to use for thirty days. You can notice a visible change in mood swings, sleep quality, etc., and significant weight loss.


  • Fastens metabolism
  • Targeted weight reduction
  • Suppresses cravings
  • Only 90 calories per serving


  • No FDA approval

How to Choose the Best Diet Kit?

Some things that are important while purchasing diet kits are as follows.

Nutritional Content

Rather than having several convenient meals, having nutritional meals as part of the diet kits is crucial. Balancing macronutrients is inevitable for human health; thus, nutritional information on each meal or beverage of the diet kits should be available quickly. Nutritional information helps you keep up with your diet plan and daily calorie budget.

Ease of preparation

Convenience or ease of preparing meals is vital for diet kits. Almost all the diet kits are available in ready-to-eat containers, which you only have to heat up for a while. Otherwise, you will have to spend much more time prepping and cooking the meals and shakes.

Kit Type

Diet kits can be of different types. They can have ready-to-eat meals or dietary supplements in pills or powder form to complement their regular meals. Ready-to-eat meals save significant time and effort and act as convenient meal replacements. But supplementary pills would need you to cook separate meals to consume with the pills, which is quite time-consuming.

Serving Size/ Leftovers

Serving size means the quantity of food portioned in each meal of a diet kit. The serving size is according to the net calorie count of a single day. Diet kits also follow a standard portioning system so that individuals can appropriately serve as required. If the diet kits have a larger serving size, the package better be resealable for easy storage of the leftovers.

Duration/ Number of Servings

The number of servings or the diet duration of the diet kits varies widely. Numerous diet kits are available for seven days, fourteen days, and one month. The seven days one is the most popular one. You can either choose to use the diet kits continuously or else occasionally. There are diet kits that mimic fasting, which are supposed to have only once a month. Except for such kits, the others are suitable for continuous usage.


Diet kits are carefully curated combinations of diet meals, shakes, snacks, and supplements that aid in weight loss. They are gaining popularity globally for the sheer convenience they offer. Among the numerous diet kits available, the Nutrisystem 7-Day Diet Kit is the best for its variety of meal options, beginner-friendly seven-day kit, balanced macronutrient content, and complimentary mobile application.

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