Top 10 Best Chlorophyll Herbal Supplements Reviews

Chlorophyll Herbal Supplements

Chlorophyll herbal supplements have been taking over the health world by storm for their immense impacts on healthy skin. These are made from the green pigment of plants called chlorophyll and are claimed to be the best remedy for many human health issues. Chlorophyll herbal supplements are available in various forms, like capsules, liquid drops, creams, etc.

Chlorophyll herbal supplements are in widespread use for their assistance in treating skin conditions, digestion, weight loss, energy supply, and many more. Regularly consuming chlorophyll supplements boosts the overall health of the human body. The phytonutrients present in chlorophyll are responsible for all these health benefits associated with it. They are also rich in antioxidants.

1. Benevolent Nourishment Chlorophyll Herbal Supplement Liquid

This chlorophyll herbal supplement is flavored. It has a refreshing peppermint flavor to it, which completely eliminates any aftertaste for the supplement. It comes in a convenient liquid drop form. You must mix about 15 drops of the supplement with any drink you choose for effective consumption.

Within three to four weeks of regular consumption, visible changes like clear and glowing skin start exhibiting. You will also notice a positive change in your metabolism and digestive cycle.  


  • 118 servings are available per bottle
  • Flavored
  • It comes with a convenient dropper
  • Gluten-free
  • Contains copper


  • Not allergy-friendly
  • Contains vegetable glycerin

2. MaryRuth Organic Chlorophyll Herbal Supplement

This chlorophyll herbal supplement provides the best assistance in weight loss. You must consume about three pumps of these liquid drops daily to start losing weight within four weeks. 

The supplement has a refreshing mint flavor, which helps you handle the aversion of consuming it every day. You can also notice a positive change in your energy levels within two weeks of consumption. It comes with a convenient dropper.


  • Water-soluble chlorophyllin ensures easy absorption
  • Non-GMO ingredients
  • Nightshade free
  • Minimal ingredients
  • It comes with a dropper


  • Relatively less content
  • Only a single flavor option is available

3. NOW Liquid Chlorophyll Supplement

This chlorophyll herbal supplement comes in a liquid extract form. It is highly concentrated and ideal for direct consumption. There is a refreshing mint flavor to the supplement.

The positive results in digestive health and skin health start getting visible within three to four weeks. It also freshens your breath significantly. You only have to consume one teaspoon of the product per day.


  • GMP certification
  • Gluten-free
  • Vegetarian-friendly
  • 90 servings per bottle
  • Third-party lab tested


  • Contains vegetable glycerin

4. Nature’s Way Liquid Chlorophyll Herbal Supplement

This chlorophyll herbal supplement is the tastiest supplement among the ones reviewed. It has a refreshing mint flavor that does not overpower or numb the palette. It provides an immediate cooling sensation inside while consuming.

It prominently helps reduce the odors of the digestive tract and promotes general digestive health. You will experience a healthy digestive cycle within a week of its regular consumption. 


  • It contains healthy amounts of copper
  • Unflavored option available
  • Fresh minty flavor
  • Relatively tastier supplement


  • Only a single-flavor option
  • Relatively larger serving size

5. Horjoy Affordable Chlorophyll Herbal Supplement

This chlorophyll herbal supplement comes in a liquid drop form. You will experience a shoot in energy levels after its regular consumption. It has a mild mint flavor and comes with a convenient dropper.

The bottle is compact and sleek, making it highly travel-friendly. A downside of this product is its high dosage. You have to consume 15 drops of it for optimum results. But using the dropper to fetch exactly 15 drops can be a bit difficult; thus, the chances are high for overdosage.


  • It comes in a two-ounce bottle
  • 120 servings per bottle
  • MCT oil for additional benefits
  • It comes with a convenient dropper
  • It uses natural mint extraction for flavoring


  • Contains vegetable glycerin
  • No other flavored or unflavored options are available

6. E2H Earth to Humans Chlorophyll Liquid Drops Supplement

This chlorophyll herbal supplement is available in two flavors: natural and peppermint. It comes in a liquid drop form and has a convenient dropper. It provides multiple health benefits once you consume the product consistently.

You will notice a significant improvement in your energy levels within two weeks of consumption. The overall digestive health also improves along with an improvement in liver functions.


  • No artificial flavors or colors
  • Vegan-certified
  • Gluten-free
  • PBA free
  • Non-GMO ingredients


  • No FDA approval

7. Alpha Flow Liquid Chlorophyll Supplement

This chlorophyll herbal supplement comes in a convenient drop form. A dropper also accompanies the supplement. The effects are almost instant, thanks to its quick absorption formula.

You can feel elevated energy levels right after consuming the product. It effectively controls body odors within one to two weeks of regular consumption. It works well when consumed with plain water in the morning. You can detoxify the body if you consume this chlorophyll water on an empty stomach every morning.


  • Enhanced absorption
  • Maximum efficiency
  • Non-GMO ingredients
  • Supports general immunity
  • Boost energy


  • Only ideal for adults
  • No FDA approval

8. Nature’s Sunshine Liquid Chlorophyll Supplement

This chlorophyll herbal supplement is available in an easy-to-consume drop form. You must consume a teaspoon of the supplement daily for maximum results.

The positive results include improved immunity, a boost in energy levels, etc. The product has a refreshing mint flavor too.


  • Neutralizes body odors
  • Thirty servings per container
  • Compact and travel-friendly bottle
  • It contains sodium and copper for additional health benefits
  • Available in an extra strong mint flavor too


  • Contains flavoring agents

9. Super Natural Goods Liquid Chlorophyll Supplement

This sugar-free liquid chlorophyll herbal supplement sports a vegetarian formula. It comes with a dropper, and you have to consume two dropper worth of supplements for the best results.

It freshens breath almost instantly. The natural antioxidant content in this supplement provides general wellness to the body and promotes detoxification.


  • Non-GMO ingredients
  • Natural formula
  • Maximum absorption
  • Promotes RBC quality
  • Improves gut health


  • No FDA approval

10. Trace Minerals Research Chlorophyll Supplement

This chlorophyll herbal supplement comes in a liquid drop form. It comes with a convenient dropper for easy consumption. It is possible to dilute the supplement in beverages of your choice.

This supplement’s highlight is its anti-inflammatory properties. It improves energy levels and significantly reduces inflammation within just a couple of weeks of regular consumption.


  • Vegan
  • Gluten-free
  • Non-GMO ingredients
  • Incorporated magnesium
  • Minimal ingredients


  • No flavor options are available
  • Relatively pricier

How to Choose the Best Chlorophyll Herbal Supplement?

You can choose the best chlorophyll herbal supplement by paying attention to the following factors.

Form of Chlorophyll Supplement

Chlorophyll herbal supplements are available as tablets, liquids, drops, powders, etc. The liquid supplement has pure chlorophyll extract from plants and vegetables. But as it is believed that the pure extract struggles with easy absorption, a derivative of chlorophyll called chlorophyllin is also used in liquid supplements. Chlorophyll tablets offer convenience and mostly contain chlorophyllin. Chlorophyll drops are a super-concentrated form of liquid chlorophyll extract. These drops enable you to mix a couple of them in the beverage you choose for easy consumption.

Chlorophyllin Content

Unlike chlorophyll supplement powders, the liquids and drops often use a derivative of chlorophyll called chlorophyllin. It is a water-soluble, semi-synthetic form of chlorophyll. It has a minor copper content to ensure faster absorption to the human body. But the intake of too much copper content can cause potential health threats. Copper toxicity can cause issues like discoloration of urine, diarrhea, photosensitization, etc.; thus, the copper content in each serving of the supplement should be paid enough attention to.

Supplement Base

Chlorophyll herbal supplements can have their base as water, glycerin, or vegetable oils. They ensure that the ingredients are properly mixed and are in a consistency suitable for easy consumption. Although water is a universal base, glycerin and vegetable oils could cause allergic reactions in some consumers. Vegetable or essential oils are primarily present in flavored chlorophyll herbal supplements. Going for supplements with minimal ingredients and a water base is always advisable to prevent potential allergies.

Flavor Options

Chlorophyll herbal supplements are available in both unflavored and flavored options. While unflavored ones contain pure chlorophyll extract, the flavored ones have the presence of several essential oils. Unflavored ones can always have a herbal aftertaste, which many people find difficult. But they won’t cause any side effects or allergies. Regarding flavored ones, it would be convenient for the consumers and could also lead to a consistent supplement intake. But the presence of essential oils may cause allergic reactions in many.

Magnesium Content

Magnesium is often present in chlorophyll herbal supplements for additional health benefits. It further helps move and store oxygen in the body cells. It also nourishes the body with vital nutrients. Unlike copper, magnesium does not pose the risk of toxicity and, thus, is ideal to have within the supplement.


Chlorophyll herbal supplements are bestsellers in the dietary supplement section for their incredible benefits in skin care, gut health maintenance, digestive health, impact on reducing inflammations, boosting antioxidant content, and many more. They are available in various forms like tablets, liquids, powders, drops, etc. Our review team compared and contrasted the bestselling products from the section based on their performance, efficiency, etc., and compiled a concise list with the Benevolent Nourishment Chlorophyll Herbal Supplement Liquid at the top. It is undoubtedly the top product in the section due to its refreshing flavor, easy absorption formula, countless health benefits, and absence of additives or fillers.

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