Top 10 Best Chamomile Herbal Supplement Reviews and Buying Guide

Chamomile Herbal

Chamomile herbal is a type of herbal supplement that is derived from the flowers of the chamomile plant. This plant belongs to the Asteraceae family. The two most commonly used types of chamomile are German chamomile (Matricaria chamomilla) and Roman chamomile (Chamaemelum nobile).

Chamomile supplements are typically available in various forms. Examples include teas, capsules, tablets, tinctures, and topical creams. They are often used for their potential calming and relaxing effects. Also, they are known for their anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

Chamomile is traditionally used for a variety of health issues. Examples include digestive problems, anxiety, insomnia, skin irritations, and menstrual cramps. You are here to know about the top 10 chamomile herbal supplements in the market. Here is a review of the top 10 options:

1. 20 Chamomile Herbal Tea Bags from Happy Belly

These Chamomile herbal tea bags are from Amazon’s own brand Happy Belly. This brand was previously called Solimo. You might have heard this name earlier.

With this pack of herbal supplements, you will get 20 chamomile tea bags. You can take this refreshing tea either as hot tea or cold tea as per your preference. These tea bags are made as a delicious combination of carefully chosen and fresh-pressed tea leaves along with chamomile.


  • Comes as easy-to-make tea bags
  • You can make either hot or iced tea with these tea bags
  • Made with carefully chosen and fresh-pressed chamomile and tea leaves
  • With this pack, you will get 20 tea bags
  • Relaxes your mind for a good night’s sleep


  • The tea bags are plastic

2. Yellow & Blue Tea from Harney & Sons Store

This chamomile herbal tea pack encompasses 20 counts of chamomile and lavender tea combined. You will get four such boxes with this pack.

The chamomile part of this tea pack will help with inducing good sleep. Lavender is known for its ability to bring down stress levels. It is known for its property to improve immune system functions. Cornflower is also part of this tea pack. It is known for its ability to address water retention.


  • Tea packs free of caffeine
  • You will get four boxes with this pack with each containing 20 tea bags
  • Made with cornflowers, lavender, and chamomile
  • Helps you make relaxing tea every time you feel stressed
  • The best pre-bedtime tea


  • Needs two bags to make tasty tea and one is not enough

3. Lights Out Natural Sleep Aid from Key Nutrients

This is not just a chamomile herbal product. The reason is that this pack encompasses other ingredients. Examples include melatonin and valerian root to function as a natural sleep aid. So, it will help individuals with sleep disturbances.

This non-habit-forming sleep supplement pack has 60 sleeping pills. This product has been made with all-natural and non-GMO ingredients. As the name of this product rightly denotes Lights Out is meant for inducing a good night’s sleep.


  • Made with chamomile and other relaxing herbal ingredients
  • Functions as a non-habit-forming sleep supplement
  • Will make you wake up fresh the next morning
  • The ingredients in this product were third-party tested
  • Non-GMO Product


  • Many users complained about the bad odor of these pills

4. Organic Caffeine-Free Pack of 3 Chamomile Teas from Equal Exchange

With these chamomile herbal tea packs, you will get 20 tea bags per pack. You will get three such packs with this product.

These tea bags are made using organic chamomile. Also, these tea bags were made by consuming herbs from local farmers. The ginger flavor in this tea makes them tasty.


  • Each pack of this product encompasses 20 tea bags
  • You will get three such packs with this product
  • Organic chamomile has been used to make these tea bags
  • The ginger part of these tea bags give added flavor to your tea
  • You can make caffeine-free chamomile teas with these tea bags


  • This product is a bit expensive

5. Pack of 3 Chamomile Tea from Tadin

These chamomile herbal tea packs are non-GMO and caffeine-free. They bring relaxing and anti-inflammatory effects besides providing stomach pain relief. You will get three packs of tea with this product.

You can expect a relaxing effect from these tea packs. They intend to comfort you. These allergen-free tea packs have been made with 100% natural chamomile flowers.


  • You will get three packs of chamomile tea with this product
  • Each pack contains 24 caffeine-free chamomile tea bags
  • The purpose of these tea bags is to comfort and relax you
  • These tea bags are made 100% natural
  • They do not contain any allergens


  • Many users have complained that they got only one pack instead of three.

6. 100 Chamomile Tea Bags from Manzanilla

This pack encompasses 100 chamomile herbal tea bags. These Chamomile tea bags can help you get relaxing sleep every night when you take the tea before going to bed every day.

Many users of this tea are satisfied with the great flavor of these tea bags. Many also have shared that for sweetening the tea, they use honey, which helps them get anti-bacterial benefits as well.



  • A single pack contains 100 chamomile tea bags
  • You can expect a relaxing night’s sleep by taking this tea every night
  • As you will get flower flakes with this pack, you can expect a better flavor
  • Many users have experienced an improvement in their digestive health
  • Provides stress relief



  • Some users have expressed that the tea has a lesser flavor

7. Pack of 3 Chamomile Anise Tea from Tadin

Not only chamomile herbal but this pack of three tea bags includes anise as a key ingredient. When chamomile can provide a relaxing effect, anise can help with stomach pain relief. Each pack contains 24 tea bags, thereby making a total of 72 tea bags.

These tea bags can address digestive issues. Even, it might help with treating colic disease in kids. It can even help with gas and nausea relief due to its anti-inflammatory effects.



  • You can make both hot and cold teas with the tea bags in this pack.
  • You will get 72 tea bags in total
  • These tea bags are made with chamomile and anise
  • You can expect relief from digestive issues
  • Provides stress relief



  • Many users have expressed that this tea has a bland taste

8. Chamomile Tea from Messmer

This pack of Chamomile herbal tea contains 25 tea bags. These bags are made with loose leaves of chamomile.

With these tea bags, you can make both hot and cold chamomile tea as you desire.



  • Calms mood
  • Induces good sleep
  • Relieves stress
  • Some users have experienced cold relief due to this tea
  • Many users have experienced that their stomach has become light after they started using this tea



  • Some users have expressed that they do not get any chamomile taste from this pack of tea.

9. Chamomile Tea Powder from White Label Premium Herbs

This chamomile herbal pack contains 4oz of chamomile powder. To make sure that customers get only fresh tea packs, the manufacturer gets an inventory of chamomile flowers bi-weekly only.

This powder has been hand packed in an air-tight pouch to retain freshness. In addition to using this powder to make chamomile tea, you can use the powder as a topping to your favorite dishes.


  • With this pack, you will get freshly packed chamomile powder
  • Premium tea with freshness
  • Offered in the form of powder
  • You can use this chamomile powder to make tea and also as an addition to other dishes
  • Makes rich yellow chamomile tea every time



  • The powder is not dissolving well in water

10. Alcohol-Free Chamomile Tincture from Secrets of the Tribe

This chamomile herbal product is different from the other products we reviewed here. Yes, it is neither a tea nor a capsule. But, this product is offered in the form of tincture. As it is a tincture, you need not have to worry about the presence of alcohol. The reason is that this product has been made as an alcohol-free chamomile tincture.

The purpose of this product is to bring calming and soothing effects to your mind. Also, this tincture intends to improve your digestive health.



  • Offered in the form of alcohol-free tincture
  • Comes with calming and soothing properties
  • Improves your digestive health
  • Quickly absorbed
  • Easy to swallow



  • Many users have expressed that this tincture is very sweet to consume

How to Choose the Best Chamomile Herbal Product?

1. Know about the Interactions

Before you buy chamomile herbal products, it is better to be aware of the possible interactions. If you are taking sleeping pills or anti-depressants that make you sleep, you should not take chamomile. The reason is that chamomile can make you drowsy and sleepy. When you take it with sleep pills, you can get more drowsiness.

2. Which Form to Select?

When you search for chamomile herbal products, you will come across chamomile teas in large numbers. But, some might not like the flavor of chamomile tea. In this case, you should look for some other form like a capsule or tincture.

3. Free of Caffeine

Some people wish to avoid caffeinated drinks. If so, you should look for chamomile herbal tea without caffeine. Taking caffeinated chamomile tea can worsen the health of some individuals allergic to caffeine. So, before you buy do not think that chamomile tea does not contain caffeine. Look for this information on the label before you buy.

4. Consider Buying Flowers

When you intend to buy chamomile herbal products, you can also consider buying dried flowers. You need not have to think that you can find only chamomile tea bags when you intend to drink this tea. You can also find dried flowers in the market. You can boil these flowers and can make the tea yourself.

5. Do you have Pollen Allergies?

You should talk to your doctor before you buy chamomile herbal products if you have pollen allergies. The reason is that these products are made with chamomile flowers as the key ingredients. So, as you are allergic to pollen, it might cause some side effects in you.


Among the chamomile herbal products that we reviewed here, we feel that the Alcohol-free Chamomile Tincture from Secrets of Tribe is the best product. The reason is that this product is offered in the form of an alcohol-free tincture. So, it is easy to take even for those with difficulty in bearing the flavor and taste of chamomile tea. Also, some users feel that this product is too sweet. It is possible to reduce the sweetness by adding only one or two drops of this tincture to a lot of water for easy consumption.

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