Top 10 Best Calamus Supplements Reviews and Buying Guide

Calamus Supplements

“Calamus supplements” – Are you new to this phrase? These are dietary supplements as you might have judged. They are  made from the dried and powdered root of the Acorus calamus plant. Calamus has been used in traditional medicine for centuries, particularly in Ayurvedic medicine. It is being used for its ability to bring many potential health benefits.

The potential benefits of calamus supplements include improving digestion and reducing inflammation. Even, they are known for relieving stress and anxiety. Also, these supplements are known for their ability to improve memory and focus and support liver health. Before you buy this supplement, you will be interested in knowing about the top options available in the market. Here is a review of the top 10 options available.

1. 200 Grams pf Bixa Botanical Calamus Root Powder

These calamus supplements are offered in the form of powder. The purpose of this supplement is to support stomach spasm relaxation. Also, this supplement intends to support healthy respiratory functions.

Not only for internal consumption but also you can use these supplements for external applications. The purpose of the external application is to support healthy hair growth and scalp. This supplement is free of gluten, GMO-ingredients and they are vegan-friendly.


  • Supports stomach spasm relaxation
  • Relieves indigestion and acidity
  • Supports healthy respiratory functions
  • Usable externally for hair growth and scalp health
  • Lab tested for quality


  • The powder is very clumpy

2. 227 Gram Acorus Calamus Root Powder from MB Herbals

These calamus supplements are also offered in the form of powder. This supplement has been made without the addition of any preservatives or additives. This powder is non-GMO and free of gluten.

This powder has been made to help support memory and cognitive functions. Also, it intends to function as a mood stabilizer to address stress and tension faced in daily life.


  • Supports cognitive functions and memory
  • Gluten-free supplement without any preservatives
  • Non-GMO Calamus powder
  • Made with 100% Acorus calamus root
  • Helps to combat stress in daily life


  • The dosage recommended on the label is too much

3. Lobelia and Calamus Combination Powder from TerraVita

These calamus supplements, as the name implies include Lobelia as well. Both these herbs can bring benefits individually. Together, they can bring better benefits. This is the intention of this supplement offered in the form of powder by TerraVitta.

Calamus in this supplement can address liver, kidney, metabolic and respiratory disorders. Also, you can expect it to address gastrointestinal and neurological disorders. Lobelia is known for its effectiveness against asthma, bronchitis and whooping cough.


  • Made with calamus and lobelia as an effective combo
  • This supplement has been made using the finest, most potent and purest ingredients
  • Made following the highest elements of quality control
  • Certified by individual laboratories for potency and purity
  • Addresses neurological, gastrointestinal, respiratory and metabolic disorders


  • Some people might face difficulty with consuming supplements in powder form with water

4. Dried Ginger + Acorus Calamus Whole Root Como Pack from Yogi’s Gift

Rather than calling this product as calamus supplements, you can call it calamus root. The reason is that with this pack, you will get a 16 oz pack of calamus root. Also, you will get ginger root sliced with this pack.

You can take the calamus root by boiling it in water for a healthy drink. The purpose of this root is to induce good sleep. You can use the ginger root powder that you will get with this pack to add flavor to any of your dishes. It will address digestive issues and morning sickness.


  • Comes as a combo with calamus root and ginger root
  • You will get real calamus root with this pack
  • You can use the calamus root to make a healthy tea that will induce good sleep
  • The ginger root that you will get with this pack can aid with improving digestive health
  • Non-GMO product


  • Some might not like the taste of calamus tea

5.  Calamus Root + Vetiver Root Whole Root Bundle from Yogi’s Gift

These calamus supplements are also different from other products. Yes, you will get actual calamus root that you can use to make tea. Its purpose is to help you achieve muscle relaxation. Also, it might help with improving the quality of sleep.

The vetiver root part of this bundle can also be used to make tea. This herb is popular for its cooling properties. You can also use it as a flavoring ingredient in your dishes.


  • You will get both calamus root and vetiver root with this bundle
  • Calamus root made with the roots part of this pack will help induce better sleep
  • The vetiver root part of this pack can add flavor to your dishes.
  • The vetiver root can also help with addressing bad breath, ulcers and painful urination
  • Calamus root in this pack will help with addressing skin and stomach ailments
  • Comes as whole roots without the addition of any preservatives


  • Some might not like the flavor of calamus or vetiver tea

6. Pack of 2 Calamus Root Liquid Extract from TerraVita

These calamus supplements are offered in the form of liquid. You will get two bottles of 30 ml each with this pack. This liquid is meant for addressing upset stomachs. Also, it is known for its effectiveness in calming nerves.

This supplement is offered as a GMP-Certified quality product. The recommended size of the serving is 20-30 drops in a small amount of water 3-4 times a day.


  • Offered in liquid form and so it is easy to take
  • Calms the nerves
  • Addresses upset stomach
  • Made with the highest level of quality control
  • The highest possible standards are certified by independent laboratories


  • When taken in large quantities, it might lead to vomiting

7. Wild Stone 250 Grams of Dried Chinese Herbal Calamus Root from CHNLML

These calamus supplements are offered in the form of calamus roots. You can use the roots in this pack to make healthy calamus tea.

This green food does not contain any additives. Comes with the assurance of healthy food.


  • You can make healthy calamus drink with this product
  • Comes without any expiration date as it is a natural product
  • Green food contains no additives
  • Ease of use
  • Trustworthy product


  • Some might not like the taste of calamus tea

8. Calamus Tincture from Amazing Botanicals

These calamus supplements are offered in the form of tincture. You will get 15000 mg of tincture with this pack. It has been made to promote relaxation, digestion and combat respiratory congestion.

This product comes with a precise combination of safe natural ingredients. The ingredients are added after scientific research and studies. Each ml of this tincture contains 500 mg of calamus. It is an effective, natural and safe remedy. By supporting your digestive health, this product will help with improving your overall health.


  • Combats respiratory congestion
  • Supports digestive health
  • Supports relaxation
  • Made as an advanced formula with natural ingredients
  • Each ml of this tincture contains 500 mg of fresh calamus herb


  • Some users might not like the strong flavor of the tincture

9. Calamus Powder from Herbsforever

You will find some calamus supplements with the name Vacha supplements. The reason is that Vacha is the other name of this herb. This product encompasses Vacha powder. This brain care herb helps with improving memory and soothing nerves. You can use it both for internal consumption and external application.

This product is vegan, organic and non-GMO. It supports not only mental but also physical health. It might also help address other issues like sluggishness of the liver, gas trouble and loss of appetite. Even, it has been made to improve digestive fire.


  • USDA organic Vacha powder
  • Gluten-free and non-GMO
  • Aids with maintaining a healthy state of mind
  • Supports mind and physical support to fight tension and daily stress
  • Double-potency herbal Vacha powder


  • Some might not feel comfortable using Vacha in powder-form

10. Calamus Herb Powder Capsules from Vadik Herbs

These calamus supplements are offered by Vadik Herbs, which is a trusted brand since 1971. This box encompasses 100 vegicaps made with organic vacha root powder.

This product is organic and non-GMO. You can use it for addressing gastrointestinal problem like inflammation in the stomach lining. Also, it will address intestinal gas, loss of appetite and upset stomach.


  • Improves blood circulation
  • Alleviates swelling
  • Relieves inflammation and pain
  • Functions as a brain tonic and improves memory
  • Made using sustainable, non-GMO and organic ingredients


  • It might take time to see results for some people

How To Choose The Best Calamus Supplements?

Do you take Sedative Medications?

In case, you are taking medicines that aid sleep, you should talk to your doctor before you choose any calamus supplements. The reason is that this herb might cause drowsiness and sleepiness. So, taking it along with sleep medications might cause too much sleepiness.

Are you on Medications for High BP?

Even in this case, you should be cautious when talking about calamus supplements. The reason is that these supplements are known to be effective in reducing high blood pressure. So, when taken together, there are chances of your BP getting too much low. So, talk to your doctor before you try these supplements.

Know the Right Form

You will find calamus supplements in different forms. For instance, some packs encompass actual calamus roots. But, some are offered in form of tincture or liquid. Also, you can find the calamus in the form of capsules. So, decide on the form that will be comfortable for you to consume and accordingly select one.

Know How Long to Use

Experts recommend that calamus supplements should not be taken for more than 5-6 weeks. So, when you are shortlisting a supplement, make sure that the pack lasts only for this long. When you use this herb for longer, there are chances of some ill effects occuring.

Are you Planning to Use it Externally?

Also, are you planning to use calamus supplements for external applications? In this case, you should be particular about buying a product that you can use both internally and externally. For instance, this supplement comes in the form of a powder that can be consumed internally by mixing it with water. Also, you can mix the powder with water and can apply it externally.


From the calamus supplements we have reviewed here, we feel that 200 Grams of Bixa Botanical Calamus Root Powder is the best. This powder can be used both internally and externally. It has been made to relieve indigestion and stomach spasms. Also, this product is gluten-free and comes without any non-GMO ingredients to help you get effective results.

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