Top 10 Best Alfalfa Herbal Supplements Reviews and Buying Guide

Alfalfa herbal supplements

Alfalfa herbal supplements are dietary supplements made from the leaves and sometimes the seeds of the alfalfa plant. This plant is a member of the legume family. It is being used for centuries in traditional medicine as a remedy for a variety of ailments.

Alfalfa herbal supplements are available in various forms. Examples include capsules, tablets, powders, and liquid extracts. They are often marketed as a source of vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients, including vitamins A, C, and K, calcium, potassium, and iron. Are you wondering whether are not to go for these supplements? You can get many health benefits like healthy digestion and low cholesterol levels with them. Also, these supplements are known for bringing down inflammation. They will help with improving immunity and supporting healthy blood sugar levels.

1. Alfalfa 650 mg Green Superfoods from Now

This pack contains 500 alfalfa herbal supplements in the form of tablets. It is a rich source of vitamin K. It has a naturally balanced nutritional content and is rich in minerals and chlorophyll.

You can take three tablets from this pack three times a day. As these tablets are non-GMO and Vegan, you can take them confidently if you are allergic to genetically-modified foods. It is free of soy and dairy.


  • The green superfood with abundant in minerals, vitamins, and chlorophyll
  • Has a balanced nutritional content naturally
  • Delivers natural nutrient profile found in Genuine Whole Foods
  • Effective against arthritis pain
  • Comes with NPA A-Rated GMP Certification


  • The tablets are hard to swallow

2. 90 Non-GMO Organic Alfalfa Capsules from Oregon’s Wild Harvest

These alfalfa herbal supplements are naturally rich in nutrients. They are good sources of vitamins, minerals, and chlorophyll. These supplements are made without any stearates/excipients, colors, and artificial flavors.

These supplements are verified Non-GMO by a third-party independent lab. Also, they are manufactured in the USA as powerhouses of nutrients.


  • Works great as a mild diuretic
  • Rich in minerals, vitamins, and chlorophyll
  • Effectively relieves the discomfort caused by arthritis
  • Made using pure alfalfa plant roots
  • Gluten-free


  • Carries a horrible alfalfa taste

3. 1000 mg Alfalfa Leaf Tablets from Nature’s Life

Each tablet in this pack of alfalfa herbal supplements contains 1000 mg of alfalfa leaf. This super-green food is packed with many crucial and naturally-occurring minerals and vitamins. For joint support, these supplements are intended to provide essential nutrients.

These tablets are lab-verified for non-GMO and meet GMP standards. It is suitable for vegetarians. It supports not only joint health but also overall health and wellness.


  • Rich in antioxidants
  • Rich in naturally-occurring vitamins and minerals
  • Lab-verified Non-GMO Tablets
  • Helps with improving joint health and overall health
  • Each tablet contains 1000 mg of alfalfa leaf


  • It can be harmful when you go overdose

4. Organic Alfalfa Powder 1LB USDA Certified from Nutricost

These gluten-free alfalfa herbal supplements are 100% non-GMO, organic and USDA-Certified. This powder is produced in a GMP-compliant Facility. It is suitable for those following a vegetarian diet.

This product is free of soy and so if you are allergic to soy, you can confidently choose this product. This product is third-party tested in an ISO-Accredited laboratory. The container contains one LB of organic alfalfa powder.


  • USDA-Certified Alfalfa powder
  • Comes with a serving scoop to easily know the right serving
  • This powder has been third-party tested in ISO-Accredited laboratories
  • Gluten-free, non-GMO, soy-free, vegetarian, and organic product
  • Has a fresh, sweet, and fragrant taste


  • The powder form might not be convenient for some people

5. Alfalfa Leaf 860 mg Veg Capsules for Children from Solaray

These alfalfa herbal supplements contain naturally occurring vitamins K, E, D, and C. Also, they contain some percentage of chlorophyll and B vitamins. It supports healthy digestion, kidney function, and blood function in kids.

Further, these capsules are known to support cardiovascular health. It is lab-verified, vegan, and non-GMO. For purity and potency, it has been verified in a third-party lab.


  • Nutrient-rich herbal supplements
  • Healthy for the cardiovascular system
  • Improves digestion, kidney, and blood functions
  • Relieves joint stiffness and pain even in adults
  • Lab-verified for non-presence of pesticides, microbes, and heavy metals


  • Tastes like grass

6. Alcohol-Free Alfalfa Herb Extract from Nature’s Answer

These alfalfa herbal supplements are super-concentrated with 2000 mg in a single serving. It is free of alcohol and it is offered in the form of drops without `any tincture. These extracts are 10 times more potent as compared to tinctures.

This supplement is rich in crucial minerals, vitamins, and calcium. This one-fluid ounce supports energy levels and immunity health and helps with detoxification.


  • High concentration of 2000 mg alfalfa herb extract
  • Rich in protein and a rich source of minerals and vitamins
  • From each 2 ml serving of this supplement, you will get 2000 mg of potent alfalfa leaf extract
  • Offered as an extract and not tincture to make it potent
  • Made using an exclusive extraction process


  • It has a strong flavor and is hard to take

7. 500 Counts of Alfalfa Tablets from Herbal Hills

You can take two of these alfalfa herbal supplements two times a day to maintain good health. It is recommended to be taken on an empty stomach for the best results. Also, it is recommended to be taken with warm water for better results.

The super-green food is rich in chlorophyll, vitamins, and minerals. It is an excellent source of vitamin K. Helps with improving milk supply in feeding moms.


  • Rich in chlorophyll, minerals, and vitamins
  • Excellent source of vitamin A to improve skin and eye health
  • Natural green food for overall health and wellness
  • Contains vitamin C, potassium, sodium, and calcium for better health
  • Made as a Genuine Whole Food


  • Might cause diarrhea in feeding moms or their babies

8. Natural Alfalfa Nutritional Wellness Formula from Puritan’s Pride

These alfalfa herbal supplements are made using the highest quality ingredients in the market. With its minerals and vitamin supplements, Puritan’s Pride has more than 4 decades of experience. The brand has served more than 19 million customers with its supplements and vitamins.

These supplements support healthy immune system function and promote overall well-being. This product weighs 650 mg and it is a 10-grain formula.


  • This product has been made with the highest-quality ingredients
  • It promotes healthy immune function
  • It supports overall health and wellbeing
  • Vegetarian-friendly tablets
  • Green food contributes to your nutritional wellness


  • Takes time to show results for arthritis pain relief

9. Alfalfa Herbal Supplement to Help Revitalize and Rejuvenate from Swanson

With these alfalfa herbal supplements, you can get complete revitalizing and rejuvenating benefits. These supplements are made using organic Alfalfa for promoting energy levels. This pack has 360 alfalfa tablets with each carrying 500 mg of alfalfa.

These supplements are made as green food formulas and are friendly to vegetarians. These tablets are packed with chlorophyll, vitamins, and minerals to bring you the best health benefits.


  • These supplements are from a brand that has more than 50 years of delivering science-backed health products across the world.
  • Provides the best vitality and energy support to improve your health
  • Vegetarian-friendly tablets
  • Packed with chlorophyll, vitamins, and minerals
  • Made in GMP-Certified Facility


  • For some people, this product causes lip sores

10. 90 Vegetarian Gluten-Free Organic Alfalfa Tablets from Brieofood

These alfalfa herbal supplements are organic certified. They are certified by One Cert International. With these supplements, you will get 750 mg of alfalfa per tablet.

These supplements are free of artificial additives, lactose, sugar, yeast, shellfish, fish, eggs, soy, nuts, dairy/milk products, wheat, and gluten. So, if you are allergic to these foods, you can confidently opt for these supplements. These supplements are made in an FDA-registered and GMP-compliant facility.


  • These supplements are certified USDA products
  • It is free of preservatives, chemicals, sulfites, dioxide, and stearates
  • It helps to reduce water retention in your body
  • Free of additives, lactose, and sugar
  • Made in an FDA-registered and GMP-certified facility


  • It is not easy to swallow these supplements

How to Choose the Best Alfalfa Herbal Supplements?

1. Consider Part of the Alfalfa Plant

Alfalfa herbal supplements are made from different parts of the alfalfa plants. But, one part is more effective as compared to the other. For instance, alfalfa supplements made from the root of the plant will be more effective as compared to those made from the leaves. So, check for this information before you shortlist.

2. Usage Instructions

When buying Alfalfa herbal supplements in the form of powder, you should check whether the pack has usage instructions. Some can be consumed only with water. But, you can consume some powder by adding them as toppings on your salads and other foods. So, before you shortlist, look for how to use the instructions on the label.

3. Allergies and sensitivities

Do you have any allergies or sensitivities to certain ingredients? If so, before you buy any alfalfa herbal supplements, you should check the label for potential allergens, fillers, or additives.

4. Purpose of Purchase

Some alfalfa herbal supplements promise energy boost as the key purpose. On the other hand, some promising improvements in digestive health. Also, you will come across some supplements that promise immune support. So, before you buy, decide on the purchase of your intention to use these supplements. In turn, you can shortlist only those products that can meet your purpose.

5. Consider the Diet Type

Not all alfalfa herbal supplements are gluten-free. In the same way, not all are suitable for those following a vegan diet. So, if you are particular about any such thing as Paleo-friendly, Keto-friend, Vegan, or vegetarian, it is better to look for this information before you shortlist.


Alfalfa herbal supplements are naturally low-calorie and nutrient-dense. So, they are healthy when you choose them from a proven brand. From the supplements that we reviewed here, we feel that the Alfalfa 650 mg Green Superfoods from Now is the best. The reason is that this product comes with NPA A-Grade GMP certification. So, you can stay assured that these supplements will be safe for your health and wellness.

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