10 Actions That Can Damage Your Skin

10 Actions That Can Damage Your Skin

Everyone desires to have beautiful, smooth skin, especially on the face. To that end, many products abound in the market, and there are several tips on how best to care for the skin. However, did you know that you do some things that can destroy or damage your skin?

In this post, we will consider some of these actions.

What Actions Can Damage Your Skin?

Here are some of the actions that might damage your skin. We also provide solutions that can help you to stop these actions.

1. Touching Your Acne

Regardless of how much you care for your skin, the chances are that you will still have breakouts. When these occur, there is something that you do that might cause more damage than good. What is that? Touching your acne.

Your hands touch so many things, and this leads to contamination. If you touch your face and the acne with these same hands, you will simply transfer the bacteria to the acne. Therefore, avoid touching your face.

Also, it is common advice to pop your pimples when they are ‘ripe.’ However, that is terrible advice in most cases. Squeezing your pimples only causes the spot to redden and results in inflammation. If you are not careful, this can also lead to acne scars on the face.

While the pimples are unsightly, they are often there for a couple of days before they disappear. However, popping them can make them infected and ensure that the scar remains there for a month or even longer.

2. Pulling Out Pimples

This is similar to popping the pimples. However, in this case, it will involve trying to pull out the impurity by excessive cleansing. Many feel that the appearance of pimples is indicative of dirt in the pores, and to remove the dirt, the pimples have to be thoroughly cleansed and even pulled if possible.

No wonder then that tear-off masks abound on the market. However, while these are effective in general, they are not suitable for use in acne removal. If you use these masks on the face with pimples, the result is often inflammation, redness, and sensitivity of the area. This can cause your pores to enlarge and cause sagging of the skin.

If your pimples are not red yet nor inflamed, then it is better to use a soothing and calming mask to help the acne move off quicker. After applying this, the best thing is to wait for the pimples to disappear.

3. Squeezing the Eyebrows and Eyes

When talking or making expressions, your eyebrows, eyes, and other parts of the face are in constant movement. Squeezing parts of the face often, perhaps whenever you talk, can have a long-term impact on the skin. It pulls the skin repeatedly, and you might find your face full of wrinkles and fine lines.

However, Asian women do not really suffer from this because there are few that have such exaggerated expressions. Regardless of where you come from, controlling your facial expressions is one way that you can ensure that you have reduced wrinkles and lines on your face.

4. Moving the Face with the Hands

This action might occur when reading, sleeping or doing some other action that involves propping the face with the hands. If this is a repeated occurrence, then you will have some effects on the skin. For example, it might cause wrinkles.

When holding the cheek, for example, the palm of the hand on the face might pull on the skin and cause wrinkles. One worrying thing about this is that once it is in place, it is often difficult to get rid of the lines and wrinkles. If you have wrinkles from this action, it might be difficult and more expensive for you to eliminate them.

5. Overuse of Facial Masks

Facial masks are excellent when used correctly. When using the facial mask, though, it is important to use it correctly. Also, using it too frequently can lead to several problems. It might cause the skin to become dry, allergic, and look older.

If you want to use a facial mask, it is strongly recommended that you consider the instructions provided on the packaging. You must also not use it past the time recommended by the manufacturer. Most masks should not exceed fifteen minutes on the face.

If it exceeds that time, the mask will start working in reverse. Instead of perhaps hydrating the skin, it might reverse the absorption of water and make the skin dry. It might also absorb nutrients and oil, thus triggering allergies on the skin.

Also, many people make the mistake of assuming that the mask can serve as the only skincare routine that is needed. Thus, they might only use the mask while ignoring other skincare products.

6. Using DIY Solutions

The proliferation of the internet has made it possible to source information about almost anything – including DIY skincare solutions. There are several recipes available, and people use these.

Many believe in the efficacy of products like yogurt, honey, and fruits as masks. However, while these are good in some cases, many do not use them correctly.

If these aren’t cleaned properly before use, it can cause more skin problems than solutions. Also, these are not regulated solutions. Therefore, it is hard to know stuff like the concentration that is required and the amount to be applied on the skin.

There have been instances where a DIY solution resulted in more problems for the user. Therefore, if you don’t know how to use DIY solutions, then it is recommended that you avoid using these solutions. The best bet remains products that have been tested, measured, and come with clear instructions for usage.

7. Contaminated Skin Products

Another action that can cause problems is using contaminated products. This contamination might even be from you.

For example, if your skin care product is in a jar, you might scoop it out by hand. Doing this with unclean hands can move the bacteria from your hands to the jar. Therefore, the product will deteriorate in quality, and this will affect the efficacy of the product.

Another way that the product might be contaminated is by leaving it open in the air after using it. If this happens, then it can cause your skin to deteriorate.

So the bottom line is that you should try to avoid direct contact with the product with your hands. If you must use your hands, then it is wise to disinfect them before you put them in the container. Also, you must ensure that the products are tightly packaged.

8. Chewing With One Side of the Mouth

There are several odd reasons why you might be seeing lines and wrinkles in your face. For example, if someone chews with one side of the mouth often, this can cause a distortion in appearance and the skin.

This action can cause the facial muscles of that part of the face to be stronger than the other facial muscles. Over time, it can cause a different appearance of both sides of the face.

9. Excess Exposure to the Sun

The sun is essential to life on the earth, but it is not exactly good for the skin. In fact, few things damage the skin as much as exposure to the sun. UV radiation from the sun breaks down the elasticity of the skin and eliminates important collagen. Once the skin lacks elasticity and collagen, then you will begin to observe problems like wrinkles, aging, or spots.

Furthermore, excessive exposure to the sun can cause skin cancer. What can you do to reduce the effect? Well, wearing sunscreen is a vital way of protecting yourself from excessive exposure to the sun. Also, you should wear protective clothing like long-sleeved shirts and hats. And it certainly doesn’t hurt to stay in the shade.

10. Your Diet

Another action, one that you probably have in mind, is having a poor diet. Poor, unhealthy diets can cause serious problems for your skin. Therefore, you need to make sure that you are eating correctly. You should eat foods that are rich in vitamins because these nutrients enhance the skin’s appearance and can even help to slow aging.

Also important is staying hydrated. If the skin is not properly hydrated, it will look dry and flaky. By drinking copious amounts of water every day, you will ensure that your skin is getting all the nutrients that it requires.

And of course, you must check some of your habits. Smoking and heavy alcohol consumption can cause problems for your skin. Your skin will not get the nutrients that it needs.


We bet you want to have great skin. However, getting great skin is easier said than done. You need to have a good routine and avoid actions that can result in damage to the skin. Ensure that you avoid the actions that we have listed above. With the right skincare steps and skincare methods, you can ensure that you have great skin.

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